Neamean (NA)
: Frieza, kidding. Kaguya from naruto. They both work for some higher power but chose to betray them.
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: Ashe the Forgotten Support ADC.
over reaction at its finest
: UnPopular opinion, Tanks still wont be viable in season 10
your right in an unpopular opinion bc its wrong
: How to achieve "Honor level 2" (Question)
As someone who had a ban who dropped to honor 0 and climbed backup to honor 4 i know quite a bit about this. 1) Ill start off by saying literally no one knows EXACTLY riots formula for honor increasing bc if they told us people would exploit it, so anyone who says they do is lying. That being said as far as we know, 2)Honors do help you move up quicker 3) getting honored from your premade teammates however means very little, especailly if they always honor you. 4) This is the main one, if your getting reported in games, even if your getting honored, those reports are setting back your honor progression. And yes even if the report isnt justified the system makes note that your getting reported. Ive seen multiple people play climb through honor levels after a ban much quicker then the rate your goin, and mine was the same. I played for 6 months to get from honor 0 to honor 3! And i played quite a bit. The reason it took me 5 times as long as it should is because i type alot in game, plain and simple. I stopped being toxic but instead would give players advice. The problem was that they would report me out of frustration bc theyre tilted and dont want to hear advice. Once i stopped typing litreally anything but positive stuff like "no worries we got this team!" thats when my honor moved at a much faster rate. So the TLDR: If you want your honor back quicker, Dont type at all or only positive things. Try not to feed to hard so teammates dont give you a dumb invalid report. And you honor level should go up 1 checkpoint about every week at the rate you play. Cant help you with the other stuff, and i cant be bothered to go back and grammatically clean this up xP , hope this helped and goodluck to ya! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Kai Guy (NA)
: How many players do you think will be oblivious on Senna E?
overall fun kit for sure. and i agree and disagree with her e. I agree its not like shroud since she is camo not inviz, its more like pyke w for her and her nearby allies. plus she like you said shes in the center and allies whom are effected you can see where they are so its not as broken as people are saying. However what IS borderline broken about it is the fact that you dont know who is who with multiple allies effected and thats gonna make for a very scary engage. btw..looking forward to my future senna supports whom find a way to miss r shield XD
Akasha Fofo (EUNE)
: About skins
no one remembers you have a border once the game starts anyways lol
: What time do the new High Noon skins release?
Wucsde (EUNE)
: Why i have 10min low priority queque?
its not from a break, you clearly mustve been afk or something in a game b4 your break and you dont remember. Ive taken 6 months off and came back with no problems
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Lapis (OCE)
: What's the easiest role to learn how to farm on?
Practice cs'ing with cait at adc. Her range allows you to stay mostly out of enemy range to focus more on farming, and cait doesnt really use abilities to cs much so its good practice learning how to last hit with her auto attack because itll translate to many other champs. Thats my recommendation
Lapis (OCE)
: It's not possible to get banned for off meta picks, right?
The correct anwser is maybe. Due to the support singed and teemo roam picks riot has taken a certain stance. If you accumulate alot of reports due to off meta picks and you dont communicate to your team b4 the game starts what you plan on doing and if they dont agree with it then you can potentially be banned. Which I find a little dumb but its a grey area for sure.
: >I know there are outliers like the teemo and singed support that actually did get banned, and that worries me teemo and singed support didn't get banned for **playing** teemo and singed support. they got banned because they were playing teemo and singed support to troll their team. riot doesn't care what you play as long as your intention is to win go as karthus adc if that's your thing edit: adding this just for completionism sakes. i once asked a rioter if ultimate bravery is allowed and he said yes. they actively _**do not care**_ what people play as long the intention is to win
The top part actually isnt true the singed and teemo were in fact trying to win
: 3D Models?
Just put on some 3d glasses and presto
: Question about the current Play, Level up, unlock Hero's, etc
Are you talking about the loot page where you click on the chest looking thing in the upper right?
: > [{quoted}](name=PainTrainMrKayn,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VhNA9WVA,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-10-02T21:22:34.891+0000) > > If you could bring a League champion to life, which champion would that be ? And why ? :D Neeko cause cats :)
: I'm sick of the damage and snowball from laners, while Jungle gets short end of the stick
Rightttt its totally your team and not you. Theres a reason a diamond jungler can start a fresh account and climb to diamond with a 90% winrate. Because they play well, so unless you are high diamond plus-there is no reason to blame snowballing laners for your losses.
: Are Riot terrible game developers?
This post is so wrong i just cant lol
Jikker (NA)
: I don't have it either and I have no explanation. Considering I don't like the new login client, I'm not too upset.
Ya its weird that some people have it and some dont but they havent talked about it. Not gonna lie i do think it looks dope tho
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: Support Page and Game Login Screen NEED Dark Mode
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Accenix (NA)
: When will Eternals be released?
Hopefully next wendsday is the best answer
: The main thing they shouldnt have removed is his speed up when going straight. I mean that was very useful getting to and from lanes when needed. Asol is one of my favorite champions and I want him to be powerful the way he should be. He should be able to go toe to toe with mages like Ryze and Brand.
Gotta disagree. Removing the passive speed enabled them to extend his e range and give him move speed on his w. Pre rework sol wasn't punished for bad and frequent roams cuz of that passive. Now that it's gone we got an even faster gank. And movespeed during combat which feels much smoother if you ask me
: Aurelion Sol rework is infuriating and clunky
I completely disagree. I played him plenty b4 rework and now after. Yes sol gets countered by certain assassin matchups but its suppose to be this way bc his roam pressure is so hi. I've have more success on new sol then old cuz hes alot more consistent now and I'm not the only sol player who feels this way. Sounds like you just need to get better and use your stars after an assassin jumps on u instead of b4 , and you should look at your mistakes instead of blaming the changes ;)
: Now this is a funny situation
got you beat dog, i FINALLY just got into the pbe just now after waiting days. Now that im in, tft play button is greyed out for me and i cant click on it to play. HAvent heard of anyone with this problem yet
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: Yuumi Abilities
Naalith (NA)
: Yeah there isn't a portal on this kit which, based on today's teaser, seems pretty important to her character. Then again, we all know how Ryze turned out so maybe it'll be a recall effect and not an actual ability.
actually i think that was bards portal and she was attached to him
: [Board Update] Endgame Week: No Spoilers!
Too bad the biggest spoiler was new champ bein leaked and I was too curious not to look, so excited thooo
Hotarµ (NA)
: "Ohh daddy say morreeee". perma ban him ಠ_ಠ (jk) ____________ Making jokes in response to toxicity is never punishable. Just keep it clean and on the relatively normal-side (I would say your cutoff point should be "daddy say more" or something along those lines) and you'll be 100% fine. Your intentions are also good, which helps :p
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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
As much as id enjoy a new crit system i think it needs a bigger revamp then this. Why not just revert IE now and spend a longer amount of time reworking crit and making sure its balanced on release cuz i guarantee if the changes above go through yall will re-balancing champs for the next 6 months since this looks like a over buff to certain champs and just "ok" on most adc's. Plus This will change game pacing making ie 5000g. tldr: Revert IE now, scrap most of the above ideas, revamp crit completely and spend more time on it, make sure its as balanced as yall can on its release.
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