: TFT LP Loss/Gain
Its Broken Again. I was climbing, and got to gold 1. apparently my MMR is high becuase im being placed in games with plat 1s and even the odd diamond. I demoted coming 6th place in a game with 6 plat players... how is that fair? If im playing against players who are an entire division above me then why do i demote? The next game the mmr didnt change at all, i still had to face 7 plats this time and i got the worst RNG ever and dropped out at 8th. Lost another 44LP. I only gain 44 LP when I come 1st... If I am playing against people a whole division above me I should be gaining way more points for a 1st place and losing far less for a bottom 2. This needs to be fixed.
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: And I only lost 5 Lp for an 8th place last week because I wasn't at zero. It balances out in the long run.
It wouldn't need to balance out if it was just done logically/ the right way. You should have demoted no one in their right mid can argue otherwise. So why would we want to maintain this system...?
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: Riot had the ability to turn things around with preseason
No one seems to point out the ability to balance separately when all pro play is done on Lan private matches. Think like other eSports like COD does in CWL . There are guns, attachments, perks, killstreaks etc that are available in the normal game, but are made unavailable in pro play because they're too strong. Instead riot nerf all that stuff in pro to a point they're so bad that no one outside the most skilled players can even make them viable. And so they never get used in normal play. Balance around normal play to keep the community happy and just ban the OPS from pro play... It's not that hard...
: So are we not gonna address lethality Jayce? (IG v G2)
If Jayce was so broken we would have seen him a long time ago instead of the meta top lanes that were played the entire play in and group stage... The fact that armor counters lethality is the important thing here... You complain that ad, and mages have problems countering these champions and that's by design... They're assassins they are using lethality for the express purpose of blowing up squishes. This is a team game and no single champion should be able to vary their build enough to counter every potential threat from the enemy team. The entire point of the armor vs lethality interaction is that tanks are supposed to be durable enough to survive the lethality assassin threat, cc them and keep them busy while their squishy teammates who are vulnerable to the lethality pump out damage from a safe distance. For the same reason that tanks need carries to kill targets, carries need tanks and supports to help them deal with assassins and assassins need carries to shred the tanks so they can get onto the carries. You're complaining about a single case matchup to categories an entire class of champions and their build path as OP. If lethality is so OP why do we not see zed, talon etc in the meta? Because you literally build zhonyas and they can't hurt you if you have anyone on your team who does anything to help keep them away from you... Assassins have to be rewarded for early aggression and kills because if they aren't they become useless once the enemy gets a couple tank items.
: > [{quoted}](name=reaperteaser,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FrILlWp7,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-02-26T03:18:32.854+0000) > > hes trying to explain that teamates need to compromise, if you and your adc want 2 different things you both need to settle your differences and come together to meet the best of both worlds. just because your stats show that your nunu counter jgl support strategy works doesnt mean your teamates will be happy with the decision. you were banned because you failed to compromise not because of your strat Except the ticket very clearly says I was banned for stealing other people's roles. And you're not asking for a "compromise"- you're asking me to wholly cave into their expectations, at the detriment of the team.
And youre ecpecting the rest of the team to cave to your expectations that youll get to play nunu unconventionally intentionally abandoning your most vulnerable ealry game team member to fend for themselves for the first 15 minutes of the game and probably conceeding first turret. Im sorry as someone who has to put up with support picks losing games because people dont play their role i have no sympathy for you. To anyone saying "its called roaminng" no roaming is being in lane until you have the oppertunity to roam and take advantage of forcing the enmy to back or killing them. This is straight up throwing one of your lanes because you are too selfish to learn anything new. If i saw your paragraph explanatoon for nunu smite support i would ban it out just so i dodnt have to deal with that bullshit. Look i get the promotion of varying strategies but at the end of the day if your team isnt comfortable woth it and you arent able to convince them, you are the one who has to adapt to fit your team, not them. I get that none of this is the listed reason for the ban but honestly that comes down to them just not having a name for what your doing, so they just use their go to phrases.
: Are you Fire or Ice?
Why are there more fire than ice in the skin bundles.. Add Arctic varus and glacial malphite and they're even... Sure its cheaper to compensate, just doesnt make sense...
: Riot Pls: Dynamic queue, sandbox, and League 2016
I have to say the hate that dynamic que is getting here is unreal... Maybe i havent really noticed the problem because im in a lower ELO and it will become more of a priblem as i climb (which im finally doing). But honestly so far this season i find climbing in ranked easier thab in solo/duo, and I Never play with more than one other person in my premade. I dont know if this is because of DQ or if im just impriving my play but i found solo q at low elos to be way more difficult. I have to say though that the lack of self awareness by some people here and in some cases outright hypocrisy astounds me. People saying thungs like "prenade 4's ruin my playing experience because they ignore the solo player on their team and often end up flaming that person, while simultaneously arguing that they play ranked to" get away from people" are not the ones who Riot should be trying to better serve. This attitude is toxic. Think about what saying those things means... The game is not just about individual skill, if you want it to be then find another game. It's a team game and it is about your ability to work with the people who you get matched with. If you "play to get away from people" then you're a bigger part of the problem than premade 4's because chances are you are communicating less with then than they are with you. I'm no stranger to the phenomenon of blaming the solo player for a loss when I'm playing in a premade 4, it happens, for 2 reasons... People don't like to think their party is responsible for the loss and because they don't help the solo player as much as they help eachother. But, the solution is not to say that they can't play ranked together because it's not only on them to communicate with the solo player, the solo player has to communicate with them too. If you don't get along with your team then it on you as much as them. Im honestly shocked that so many higher ELO players still have this distinctly bronze mentality. If the 4+1 team loses tge 4 blames the 1 and the 1 blames the 4... The reality is its everyones fault and if you can't learn to pkay with your teamates no matter the composition then you deserve your losses Get over yoyrself and stop blaming everyone else. Its not Riots fault, so dont expect them to fix it.


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