: VFX Updates for Annie and Nautilus
Sirhaian, I don't know if you get enough appreciation for your hard work and generous time you put into these projects, but I personally want to thank you so much. I don't play Nautilus, Thresh, Annie or Lux much, but the visual and gameplay clarity you provide for millions upon millions of players is invaluable and so greatly appreciated, even if they don't know who did this!!! You are making this game a better experience for everyone involved, both casual hardcore players and people that tune into the pro scene! The only other update I can think that could use some polishing would be Ashe's arrows, since the hitbox is much larger than the arrow. Other than that, I can't think of any other champions in dire need of visual polishing. Again, thank you so much for making League a better gameplay experience for us, Sirhaian! On a side note, Super Galaxy Annie looks unfinished. Her Q doesn't explode or anything, it just disappears when it reaches its target, and Tibbers' doesn't give off a radiant glow like the other skins do. Is it fair to assume the skin's unfinished? :o
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: Remove the slow completely. Buff the on hit damage from 120 to say 140/150.
Ew, no. This game has enough damage as it is. The slow just needs tweaking, either a decay or make it 40%.
: All it does is give you sett for free. Are you, a support main, ever going to play sett, a toplaner?
Just because someone main supports doesn't mean they wouldn't want a free champion. There's so many reasons to acquire a champion: to trade them, to play them in a role you play secondary, etc.
iSassu (EUW)
: Remove the surrender option for normals.
>I'm here just to have fun We're all here to have fun, but fun is subjective and different for everyone. Just because you're having fun, doesn't mean other people are, and if they're not having fun, obviously they're going to want out. You can't expect people to stick it out for your fun.
: if tank sups are so weak why is {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:53}} so strong?
Blitz isn't a tank though. He's a fighter, an overtuned one at that as well as Naut being overtuned. I rarely ever see Leona though, so I'm not sure what the state of her is. Seen her twice and won against her twice (and lost as her twice, oops).
mati lukas (EUNE)
: I would really like to get my permament ban taken away
>This appeal means a lot to me because i can express my feeling, for example i feel like right now i threw so much time and effort for no reason. I spent more than one thousand hours playing this game because i found something in it and it became my passion. After all having 1 bad day could result in a perma ban for ''flame/toxicity'' eventhough calling names such as r%%%%% or stupid i really feel like its in our everyday life and no one really gets affended. Um, that's really offensive and you could get smacked or worse if you called people such names irl in your everyday life lol. A lot of people get offended, trust me. >U know gow much experience i have playing this game? From being called names about my nationality to being told that my mom is a whore/stripper or whatever or even encountering people hoping death to me, family members, and guess what that didnt result them in a ban. How can typing such things not result into a ban but a bad day for me and say 1 or 2 bad words could have as a result a perm ban on my account. That's really unfortunate that you had to endure such messages, but it doesn't really justify you name-calling other people and ruining their match or day. Just like you, people want to play League and have fun, not endure harassment or negativity. Just like you, they probably had a bad day too, and you made it worse for them. It's really unfortunate, but you have to strive to be a better person and treat others with respect, even if you're not treating you with the same respect. Ignore them, mute them, report and let the system do its thing. Contribute to a positive environment, don't add fuel to the fire of negativity!
: The suspension system is unfair.
There's always more than one game that caused you to be penalized, unless you had one *really* toxic game. I feel like you're not showing us everything.
: Why do all mages have to be burst mages?
Because we're no longer the target audience. Riot caters to the cafe players, specifically China, and so we have to suffer the results of their catering. I wish they'd give China their own set of changes, while allowing the rest of us to enjoy the game how we like to.
: Stormazer is overpowered. Again???
It's the slow. It needs to be nerfed or removed. 75% slow for 0.5s is absurdly powerful. Even 40% would still be good, or if they want to stay with a 75% slow, make it 0.1s slow.
5050BS (NA)
: Sett Face Checks a Bush
Fece checking a bush... Gross lol. I can't wait to see him in action though!
: I seriously think we need to have a discussion about enchanters in this game moving forward
I've played Eve a few times (not too many), and I never knew she had mres shred. Weird. As someone who primarily plays Soraka (1.6mil mastery), I don't think Soraka needs too many changes. She's a dedicated healer, that's what she was always designed to be and that's why you'd pick her, from day one until now: heals. There's nothing wrong with that, and she doesn't need to be anymore unique than she already is. I will say though, that I miss the sweet spot of her Q (I took the time and effort to master it) and also the stronger heals you'd get for hitting multiple champions. I miss the mres shred and mres aura too. It'd be neat if Starcall shreds 10% of the target's magic resist and transfers that over to Soraka for the duration of Rejuvenation (the highest if there are multiple targets in the Starcall), and whoever she heals. Make her the enchant support you want to go against heavy magic team comps, while also bringing back the old version of her Starcall and Consecrate passive. But yeah, I do find myself growing bored with League and I was just starting to have fun before preseason hit. I used to enjoy and love supporting, and now I feel pretty helpless and poor most of the time. :\
: There are actual examples of this, but you didn't pick them. {{champion:19}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:27}}{{champion:89}}
I rarely ever see these champions along with Garen and Brand. This is all news to me lol. I play frequently too, Ranked.
: > [{quoted}](name=Krys Star,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EI2BamxX,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-02T21:18:12.287+0000) > > I mean... a champion who does damage equivalent to an adc, and has the utility and power of a support, is pretty broken... Just had a match where the support Senna did 10k more damage than her adc, and did the most damage of both teams, while still providing superb healing and shielding and utility. It's insane. > > She needs to give up one or the other and not have both. She makes no sacrifices compared to other heroes that do. Still no real arguments. If you're going to reply to someone have something actually relevant to the discussion. Like nothing you said here was talked about before. Like senna support doesn't and will never do the same damage as a adc and if you think that fuck off and go play the game. Like adc senna doesn't support as well as support senna does. They build differently. Also I don't think you actually understand what a support is and what a adc is. Like fucking MF support is a thing for years and is pretty good right now. But are you calling MF broken NOPE.
MF Support can't provide healing, root, speed up, camouflage, or other immense utility that Senna can while still providing damage. I gave my arguments, if you choose not to accept them, so be it, that's your call. I'm not here to appease you. >Like senna support doesn't and will never do the same damage as a adc and if you think that fuck off and go play the game. Also, you discredit yourself when you speak in such a manner, and you neither disproved how she doesn't do as much damage as an adc while still performing as a support incredibly well. The numbers don't lie, and her stats prove that very well. Instead of resorting to childish antics, try providing a real and solid argument. Maybe then I'll consider continuing the discussion with you.
: > [{quoted}](name=metroman450,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EI2BamxX,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2020-01-02T14:04:59.666+0000) > > Has perfect utility, great burst, great healing, can be build ap or ad, > Yh this champion is perfectly balanced to your eyes. Wow still no real argument since you have done. Like you're just crying about a champion you probably never seen once. "Has perfect utility, great burst, great healing" none of that is fucking true. She has a root and a heal/shield and you're saying it's good lol, her burst is actually low and not good like wtf why do you think that her kit doesn't burst, her healing is low for a healer sooo not high. Like I can back everything I say up with numbers and just explain how the kit works you can't. Please stop saying champions are op because you refuse to learn.
I mean... a champion who does damage equivalent to an adc, and has the utility and power of a support, is pretty broken... Just had a match where the support Senna did 10k more damage than her adc, and did the most damage of both teams, while still providing superb healing and shielding and utility. It's insane. She needs to give up one or the other and not have both. She makes no sacrifices compared to other heroes that do.
: Yearly refund token
I'd assume when next patch drops (1/10, it seems, going by Preseason's timeline on the client), or possibly the one after that. Hopefully.
: Feels like the end of year was a huge let down this season
Maybe they're hoping we lose interest in the game so they can start promoting their other games.
: Same reason that Katarina lost her ward jump but not Jax or Lee: Because the changes going around the individual champions are meant to make up for it. Kat lost her ward jump because she gained tons of mobility with her daggers. I haven't given the Sylas changes much of a read yet, but he's losing them because they're trying to make his early less good right?
>Kat lost her ward jump because she gained tons of mobility with her daggers. That makes *absolutely no sense* in comparison to Lee Sin and Jax.
: Riot does not care about what you say, about what I say or any player. They just care about selling skins. Maybe they care about what chinese players say.
Sad truth. Communication with players has been becoming less and less throughout the years. Feels like League's balance took a nosedive as soon as Meddler took over as Head Balance. :\
: Is inspiration ever going to get a real 3rd keystone? Cause omni is a joke.
I forgot who, but someone mentioned a while back of making a keystone that gives you a random seed that you can plant anywhere you choose, spawning either: a Blast Cone, Honeyfruits or a Scyrer's Bloom, which would work in the intended nature of Inspiration, and also give supports a better choice if they choose to go down Inspiration. It would create some interesting and dynamic gameplay imo, although the enemy could potentially take advantage of this as well if you plant your seed poorly.
: Dawnbringer Soraka's red make up looks like she is bleeding to death. Even if it's supposed to present the Nightbringer part of her, they could've done a better job, the way they made Dawnbringer-like blue make up fit with Nightbringer Soraka's design. Also the floating pieces on her back are annoying to look at, would preffer if they weren't added. I still find Star Guardian Soraka her best skin.
I actually love the floating wing pieces! They make Soraka feel and look more elegant, but I'm just weird too lol. :D But yeah, I feel like Star Guardian is her best skin in terms of quality. I'm still going to use Dawn/Night though because they're gorgeous too, but I wish they got the same treatment as other legendaries. D:
: Legendary skins are super varied in quality now Some have full 15 minutes of new dialogue, new animations, new effects, and great spawn and backing animations And others have 5 minutes of new lines and only some of the other things
It's sad. I feel like every legendary should be made and held to the same quality/bar. :(
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: True. But was there ever a meta when every jungler was viable? I haven't followed that very closely :/
Season 5 is all I can remember lol. Then Meddler took over and took the game in a different direction. :\
: I might be the only one but I don't dislike the changes TBH. People now have to actually think and plan ahead so that they can contest objectives. They need to pay more attention to the map and timers. Macro play is more important too... People used to just walk around the map doing nothing, picking fights for nothing without thinking about consequences. All the points you made were true before the drag changes. If you had garbage bot/mid, you didn't get drag prio... >Look at daily player numbers in articles from 2014, and look at the same articles for 2018 and on, there are 20 million less daily players than there were 5 years ago. They had much less competition in 2014 than they did in 2018. Within that period, Fortnite and PUBG were released and one can assume that a fair amount of those players switched to those games because it suited them better (not necessarily because LOL got worse) and that some of the new players went straight for those new popular games (games that weren't available in 2014).
Still doesn't change the fact that so many champions are drowned out of jungle by more blatantly overpowered choices.
: Could Bard's W take a bit less time to fully charge?
Should reduce by 1.25s per rank honestly. 10 / 8.75 / 7.50 / 6.25 / 5.00 I don't think it would make him op or anything, since it would still require a charge time to get the full benefit. 5s is still a long time, but 10s is way too long after laning phase.
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
I'm excited for the changes for support items! It feels awful lacking the mana regen. Will the 10% cdr be coming back to the items as well? At least for the third tier? I feel so naked not having that 10% after having it for so many years/seasons. Also, if you don't mind me asking, why is Spellthiefs line getting 50% Mana Regen and Sickle is getting 100% Mana Regen? I would assume it's because of the disparity of mana regen between enchant supports vs Pyke, Thresh etc?
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Bevdog101 (OCE)
: Will Twitch ADC be viable this season?
Any champion is viable if you put in the work and effort. Some require a lot more than other champions, but it's possible. I get to diamond every season (but 7 and 8 which I took a looong break both years, and played Ranked towards the end of the season. Oops!) playing Soraka in 99% of my games, even during Hook Town Central (Blitz, Pyke, Nautilus, Thresh and Leona being much too common picks). Other than Blitz, I made it work most of the time. It's a matter of knowing your own weaknesses and strengths, and your weaknesses and strengths versus certain champions and with certain team compositions. When my team lacks hard cc or engage (which they usually do, cuz people like to selfishly pick their champions instead of considering what the team needs to help earn our victory better), I'll switch it up then, but if I can make it work, I'll go Soraka. Just do you, have fun, and make Twitch work! :)
: We really need 2 ban per game ..
I've been wanting this for the past two months now lol. There's just way too many champions that are either incredibly frustrating and anti-fun to play against, or just blatantly overpowered. My heart would be content if I could keep Ekko and Nautilus permbanned.
Yuyiyo (NA)
: Skarner Passive in Alcove?
Even though it'd be a cool change, I think it might be a double-edged sword toward Skarner. It would mean giving the enemy 15g every couple of seconds when they constantly re-capture it, and when they do, it'll reveal anyone in the bushes (unless I'm mistaken? I rarely see Skarner and don't play him at all). It'd be great for him, but it'd also give the enemy invisible power (and his team as well), which may hurt his team's lanes in the long run. :x Imo anyway.
: What's the reasoning behind mages like Cassio/Ryze ?
Cassiopeia has exploitable weaknesses, however. She's a mid ranged mage, and so long ranged champions can stay out of her range and whittle her down until she's low enough to either kill or force her to recall. If she misses her Q, she either has to waste Miasma, or wait another 5 seconds, which you could take advantage of to either poke her or all-in her if you know you can take her out within that time. She's also susceptible to be being dove on by multiple champions and dying quickly unless her team provides her the protection she needs, since she can only melt one enemy at a time and divers can quickly turn and escape her stun when diving. Cassiopeia has her weaknesses, and you can take advantage of them, unlike Ryze who bursts you and melts you faster than you could react. He doesn't need to set himself up with a Q, and he only gets tankier as the game progresses (health *and* armor or MR, unlike Cass who has to build one or the other). Also with the upcoming nerfs to Conqueror, Cassiopeia shouldn't be as oppressive as she is right now. Ryze, on the other hand, is still going to beat you to hell and back even with his upcoming nerf lol.
: Morgana is a very problematic champion
Her ban rate is so high because people want to have fun, and she denies that. She's just unfun to play against as certain champions, not necessarily op, but you can always pick a burst champion like Nautilus who will eat through her shield in one Q and laugh in her face as he continues to CC her or her Black Shielded target to death.
HalexUwU (NA)
: The XP gain changes seem really extreme
Meddler isn't a very bright man. He's the kind of person that likes to throw darts at a board and see which sticks.
Saezio (EUNE)
: When was the last time a DoT effect was introduced to the game?
Riot feels like it's hard to appreciate and get value from HoTs and DoTs, so that's why we don't see too much of those. I think they last touched up on this back when Soraka received her last big set of changes (when Starcall went from a self-burst heal to a HoT).
: Caitlyn Much Needed Change Riot Read!
Your first suggestion wouldn't hurt. Your second suggestion, however... Caitlyn is really strong, has been for a long while now, and she's extremely oppressive in lane when played right, especially with an aggressive support. She doesn't need a buff, even if QoL.
: > [{quoted}](name=STEG0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IEYuJ4Og,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-04T02:34:28.471+0000) > > What lux skin would you like to see? A lux skin cosplaying as lux of course
: Why not ping the wave or type "big wave bot/mid/top" so one of your laners gets the wave? You can already catch the odd wave with no penalty, but if you're getting more than 20 it just means that your team's macro is bad because they can't even assign themselves an income source or you're taking a significant portion of your carry's income
Imagine if your team aced the enemy team, but only the support was left standing, it's late in the game and they're beginning to make a comeback but all their inhibitors are down. The support is going to have to clear more then 20 minions on their own for nearly a minute. You have to look at it from every perspective possible, because there's just too many scenarios to name that can happen where it's up to the support to clear the wave alone, or without his/her team's help. Another example being the support just respawned and the rest of his/her team is pushing in to the enemy's base to try and capitalize on a push. There's just too many possibilities to lay out.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ulanopo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ItwbewMq,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-12-01T00:37:16.224+0000) > Just posting numbers without context doesn't tell us anything. Of course Senna is going to have a high pick/ban rate, she's a brand new champion and this is preseason. I would suggest that Senna's 55% winrate as ADC and her damn near 60% ban rate are probably more closely linked than "bEcAuZe ShE Iz NeW". https://u.gg/lol/tier-list?role=adc And that high of a ban rate is going to effect her pick rate significantly. It is because she out ranges all ADCs minus {{champion:51}} {{champion:22}} the latter of which she starts out on even footing. In short order she'll outrange all ADCs because it is brain dead easy for her to get stacks gaining FOUR stats; AD, Range, Crit, and Lifesteal (after 100% crit). Veigar only gains AP, Nasus gains damage on his Q, and Swain gets more health. How this Senna came to gain 4 different stats across all abilities and Rito walked away feeling intelligent I'll never understand. This champ needs to be dumpstered like {{champion:429}}.
She wouldn't be too hard to fix. Get rid of her gaining 10/15/20% of her target's movement speed when auto-attacking them. Remove the AD ratio from her Q's Heal, remove self-heal from her Q, add 20% ratio to her Q's AP ratio. That would be a good start, then they can continue from there. She needs to lose all this extra power she has going for her, but it'll also hurt her supporting, which isn't a problem (at least I don't think it is), so give her some power there to compensate her.
: maybe he's fine but i dont really like my support being a carry and dealing more damage than adc
I mean, sure, Bard might have a lot of high base damage but that's it. He doesn't have carry potential, and he doesn't do a lot of damage per second compared to an actual carry. Not to mention if he commits to doing damage, he's committing to the high possibility of getting blown up too.
: So what? I take 7 kills on average, big deal. I'm actually having fun unlike some of you.
: Bard Support Rework
Bard is fine for the most part. He just needs his Caretaker Shrine to charge faster with each rank, like -1.25s per rank. So it'd be 10 / 8.75 / 7.50 / 6.25 / 5.00 seconds of charging up to its full potential. That's his only real issue, otherwise his kit is great in the right hands.
: Senna needs nerfs
I think her problem is, she's loaded with too much damage on top of the utility she provides as a support. She's a support first and foremost, and Riot needs to shave off some damage from her kit. If she proves to be too weak, then put some power into her supporting prowess. It's bad when Riot didn't want supports playing in other roles effectively, doing damage and providing utility, and yet that's what Senna is doing. Riot keeps going back on their word about too many things lately. Enchanters lacking interaction (Yuumi), especially.
: Honestly. I think riot just don't care about any supports that aren't senna.
You forgot about Pyke, Thresh, Blitzcrank and Nautilus. :L
Moody P (NA)
: Supports should not have gold. If they end up too weak riot should look to buffing their kits to be less dependent on gold because supports should be effective primarily on their base kit
No offense, but that's stupid, illogical thinking. If supports got buffed to be less dependent on gold, imagine what would happen? Just think for a second. Janna, Soraka, Lulu, Pyke, Sona, etc. would be oppressive and too dominant in solo lanes. And then we'll repeat what Riot wanted to prevent before: supports going to solo lanes and doing too much damage while owning the kit they need to support their team's chance of winning. You don't want that. The problem lies in support's income, not in support's kits.
: Mantra Q every 3 seconds?
People are acting like you are always going to get 4 cloud drakes per game. All you're all doing is bringing up worst scenario cases, which yes it can be bad, but how are you going to know you'll get cloud drakes in your match every time, and if you do, how are you going to guarantee that your team ends up getting all four every time and not the enemy team sharing those kills as well? It's a scary thought, yeah, but it's not guaranteed to always occur.
Morrhen (EUW)
: Let's be honest. The best candidate for a winter skin is Ornn. Santa Ornn has been requested so many times. I really liek your idea though! Winder Wonder/Snow Day Cass would be sweet. Also, Jade Fang Cass is really nice looking.
Why not both?! Ornn's ultimate would be so amazing if it was a giant Poro lmao. I think a Grinch-esque Zac skin would be awesome too. Imagine dropping all those poros via your passive and collecting them.
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Dolfro (EUNE)
: Riot is constantly streamlining this game in every fucking aspect.
As long as Meddler is head of balancing, nothing is going to change. Morello strived for equality in all champions as best as he possibly could. Meddler plays favorites and guts champions he doesn't like. He caters to a certain playstyle only (burst), hence why assassins become prominent over and over again and enchanter supports, tanks and mages get the short end of the stick each season. Until Riot opens their eyes and realize they appointed the wrong person for the job, their game is going to stagnate and lose the interest of many players when they begin to lack variety and excitement in their matches.
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