: Something like the 1/3 of the world's favorite color is blue. So all the people who don't play the quiz just pick blue and logoff for a couple weeks.
My favorite color is red, yet I picked Council cuz that's what my personality test described me as.
: 9.7: Lore Update
Cool updates! Can't wait for Lux comic.{{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Just did a mission (i decided to place 4 control wards instead of doing the fastest snowball ever) and it looks like I got punished for it - the next mission in sequence is literally insulting you for taking the easy path and the reward is 2 BE. If I had known this in the future I woulda played nunu in bots, like wtf is this mission?
If you do the Nunu mission, the next one is losing an AI game with a 5 man premade team. The reward is 2 BE too. https://i.imgur.com/121ahlj.png
: Jhin's worst enemy
As soon as I was introduced to Part 5 when the anime came out, I did make the connection between both characters being gunslingers and having a small connection with the number 4.
: Gods of Runeterra
I was just wondering about Nagakaburos. It is probably the only greater god outside of Mt. Targon and Freljord lore that we know revolves around some religion in Runeterra.
: We want to know what’s best for you! With this first run, universe will have free versions. The paid versions on Comicology will have a TON of extra content. Concept art, character designs, storyboards/thumbs, scripts, glossary of terms, frelordian culture stuff, and possibly even a very long short story. The physical book will include all the extras from comiicology plus possibly even more bonus content. Soooo... It’s really a question of how much u personally want to pay, how long you wanna wait, and how much u care about bonus content etc...
> The paid versions on Comicology will have a TON of extra content. Concept art, character designs, storyboards/thumbs, scripts, glossary of terms, frelordian culture stuff, and possibly even a very long short story. I love buying physical copies and am glad that all of this content will be available with those books too! Any idea which stores will sell these books? I can't wait for May! Please do include bonus content, those are always fun to read and see after finishing up a story. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Learn more: Worlds Season 2018 Event
BRING BACK WORLDS LOOT, I WANT THE WARD SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Official Petition To Create A New Iron League Below Bronze
Bytez (OCE)
: Please make a Shenron Ao Shin skin!!!!!!!!!!
> [{quoted}](name=Bytez,realm=OCE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=6AdWWjpd,comment-id=0064,timestamp=2016-02-18T21:50:14.469+0000) > > Please make a Shenron Ao Shin skin!!!!!!!!!! That's when I play green Charizard in Smash Bros.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Zombie Slayer stickers are here... FOR YOUR BRAINS!!!!
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Show us Illaoi
: Can we just get blood moon kennen already? Pls rito it's been almost 5 years for a Kenny skin
> Can we just get blood moon kennen already? Pls rito it's been almost 5 years for a Kenny skin deadly kennen is better. It's a reference to deadpool
Jaredan (NA)
: A team has been put together to work on all of the bios for current Champs. They are working to add a more in-depth introduction along the lines of those for Miss Fortune, TF, Graves and Gangplank. You will see more examples in the month ahead.
: PROJECT Panorama Splash!
Lies, you guys said no group splash art
: How PROJECT Champs Transcended Humanity
Plural of anime is "anime" Great article too. Make more futuristic robot/armor skins.
: Patch 5.4 notes
{{champion:40}} nerf? how will i run away now?
: The wonder above
Well then, this champion's name is Bard regardless of music or not. The floating villages might refer to Ionia where they know of its tale and other stories across Runeterra. Let's remember Amumu's new lore. Even the Shuriman kids who the old man was telling the story too knew what a Yordle was(Teemo FTW). As everyone pointed out, this will be Bard's face, covered with a mask(99% of the time) Unless you activate an ability?! Also reminds me of Bionicle. Can't wait for more.
: "Nemesis Draft" Q&A with the Play team. 2/17, 10AM - 12PM PST
Which one of you is the Urgot main? Because clearly this game mode has been your dream. But seriously, this game mode isn't as fun as the rest since you have to play 20-30 minutes with a champion that you might not be completely skilled with. What are you guys planning to do about it if you were to re-release it in the future?
: I had a guy who raged because people were bad with champs they never played before.
{{champion:412}} Ah, the sweet tones of misery.
: Music Team Q&A [COMPLETED]
I love music, and everytime a new champion or event is announced, I look forward to the log-in music. I wasn't here for Syndra, but when I heard that music from Youtube, I was amazed. Please tell me you're adding Syndra's login in Volume 2. I also enjoyed Nami and have never heard of Demacia Rising, when was that played?
: ty dfg
{{item:3128}} You can take away our item, but not our spirit! TY DFG!
: Fantasy LCS: Known Issues
I would like to leave the original teams but there is no option for that, when will it be up in case the drafting hasn't started for those?
: are you serious??? 10:00pm Jan 15th?? now is only 10pm Jan 14th you want us to wait another day for your own mistake for putting the fanatsy lcs not ready?? OMFG riot please get your sht together
by 10PM they mean today. CET is in Europe which is already January 15 for them. Know everything before posting your rants. Give them a little more time. I trust them.
: MysterySkin Giveaway/Contest
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Rewards are good, right? I may not be the best example. My ranked games are me giving orders to my teammates on capturing objectives or playing safe, but some of them tell me to shut up. I do get angry, but I don't take it too extreme. I occassionaly swear, but not as much to my teammates. Bad habits. Share mine! :p
: Garen VS Darius | LORE BATTLE!
It will always be a tie for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtAbmHvJlHg
: {{champion:64}} Even I saw that one coming.
: 2014 World Championship sale ending soon
Imp didn't use a skin, better not give him the Twitch skin then xD
: The Black Mist: "Facts, Myths and Theories" BONUS
Mark, some Rioter in Brazil just wrote a post. It definitely looks like Kalista. http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2ki51h/new_champion/
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Attack on Titan Gnar. Give him Survey Corps uniform, then draw him as a giant Gnar-Titan creature. I can only imagine small Gnar with his uniform and blade.
: The Darkin: "Facts, Myths and Theories"
Hey OP, you might not read my comment, I just discovered this and it is pretty awesome. About your theory with the living weapons like Aatrox and Varus, wouldn't Wukong be one of them. I just had a game with a Wukong and I realized that his staff has its own life when Wukong dies. So lore tells us that 3 out of 5 Darkins are known Aatrox, Varus, and Wukong and there are 2 more to yet be revealed. What do you think?
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
Gems and Outrageous are the things that pop into my mind. I bought Taric only to make myself feel OP like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGy5ZJ8cSUE
Udyr (NA)
: eCommerce Q&A
When is the October skin sale list coming up? I also heard that you can refund skins of champions who received VU or rework if you didn't like the change, is this true?
: Gnar is super adorable! How did you make sure that the mini-Gnar and mega-Gnar are thematically linked? Which visual or audio elements did you consciously decide to be present in both forms to make sure people knew both of these creatures are still the same Gnar?
The team wanted to make a champion that had two personalities. A time machine was needed to record the caveman like sounds. After playing countless Garen games it would not shut up yelling Demaglia! So that is what we stuck with. Of course the sounds were tweaked so it would have it's adorable-ness factor

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