: > [{quoted}](name=Kushnood ,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=2c1IJxT4,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-07-13T20:03:53.419+0000) > > Hey everyone, just to clarify the emote caused some weird technical problems so we had to exclude it from the bundle. All of the items will be going away at the end of the campaign with only the DS Cho skin coming back as a loot exclusive. can you clarify some more? does that mean it's removed due to tech issues and you'll receive it anyway when purchasing that bundle or what?
Emotes and skins are actually redeemed by two different systems so we can't bundle them together at this time. We're working to combine the systems into one, but it's not quite there yet :(
: Support local nonprofits with Dark Star Cho’Gath
Hey everyone, just to clarify the emote caused some weird technical problems so we had to exclude it from the bundle. All of the items will be going away at the end of the campaign with only the DS Cho skin coming back as a loot exclusive.
: This Makes me Beyond Happy, to See Riot Helping those that need it. It kinda pulls on my feels {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} makes me wanna cry because People out there are getting help. I'm such a loser lol.
It's cool, I teared up a little bit too. It's amazing what you guys did!
: Can you point to any third-party evaluations of these charities' effectiveness? They all seem like good causes but I've had no luck tracking down any independent verification of how well they're translating dollars into progress on their respective missions.
Hey there! Since two of the nonprofits are actually based in the UK, it's a bit hard to find a single verification site to compare all three nonprofits. To your point though, we take this issue _very_ seriously and actually spent months reviewing each org's financial statements (3 years worth), confirming their program outputs, as well as creating specific budgets and project plans for how they spend to plan the funds (including salary, program expenses, and the like). We chose these three orgs because we strongly believed we can create great outcomes and we will have full transparency into how the funds are actually put to use (which we plan to share back with you all). All of the orgs have publically posted their financial statements, so you can easily pull up the docs and see how / where they spend their funding if you're a total financial geek like me...
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: Wish these charities were on an independent review site so I could see which ones behave morally; but all three seem to dodge the evaluation process.
We actually performed our own in-house vetting when we were narrowing down our list of possible partners: looking over at least 3 years financial records, program evaluation, and ultimately reviewing their proposed project plan / budget for what they'd do with the prize pool. From our viewpoint, they're all pretty solid and we're extremely confident that the money we raise will go to the people who need it most!
: I doubt I'll want to, but is it possible to change our vote before voting closes if we so wish?
Unfortunately not, so look it all over before casting your vote (just like IRL). However, if you vote and then level up in honors before the end of the campaign, your new vote will be multiplied by the latest honors you've gotten.
: I live in the Ark-La-Tex and the area could really use some help. We are in serious need of blood donations and I think it would be really cool if you could find some way to do some kind of LoL blood drive that would reward players for giving blood for hurricane relief (around here most of the blood is being sent to the Houston area where they really need it but I don't know if other areas are doing the same). LifeShare has done something similar for organizatons in the past so I'm sure there's a way you could work together. It wouldn't need to be a big reward like a skin, though that would be badass, but a ward skin or even just an IP boost would help encourage players to donate who otherwise wouldn't even think about it which could really help the area to recover and would take some stress off of other relief organizations that are currently trying to balance helping Harvey victims with preparing for Jose and his friends to hit the East Coast. You guys have such a huge audience that you could really do some good if you encouraged more community service, and it'd get you some good publicity; I don't know of any game that is encouraging players to give and you could get people donating by the hundred thousands I'm sure. I know this would be isolated to the NA but I'm sure other regions have similar situations they could use help with so one charity ward skin could potentially do a lot worldwide.
You bring up a good point and disaster relief is pretty timely of a topic when there are still lots of people displaced and in need of help. We shared this story on the subreddit a little while ago which shares our [approach to funding disaster relief](https://www.riotgames.com/articles/20160420/2308/supporting-emergency-disaster-relief). Thought it'd be helpful to share here as well. After the earthquake in Nepal a few years ago there was a LOT of discussions internally about whether we should run a global fundraiser for more disaster aid. However, there were other multiple tragedies in that year which didn't grab headlines and many other people were suffering. The questions of which disasters should we support, and how much, and where, and when were pretty hard to answer. The solution we came up with was to partner with the org, International Medical Corps, and forward fund our disaster relief each year. Rather than being reactionary and providing our relief aid multiple weeks after the tragedy, we actually cut IMC a big check at the top of the year. As bad things happen, we "release" the funds which get to the site almost within 24 hours to help people get back on their feet and rebuild communities. We rely on our partner to raise issues that have a major tragedy to people around the world no matter what is in the headlines. We've already released a lot of funding for these latest storms. Unfortunately, this campaign took many months of preparation and planning and we were unable to anticipate the devastation that many storms would bring around this time. But, for anyone who is interested in helping out as well, there are a lot of great organizations out there that could really use your support. Beware of scams and check major (reputable) news sites for some well-vetted nonprofits.
: You mentioned a cut is being donated, how much approximately of the proceeds from the skin sales are being donated? Out of curiosity, I do think this is a great idea.
We're matching the 25% that players raise for the World's prize pool to create a charity pool of the same size.
: When you wanted a gaming chair and looked and saw you have to donate $5000 for it {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
There's a special promotion going on so that anyone who donates until 10/31 is entered into a drawing to win one of those gaming chairs (unsigned). Any level of participation gets you entered into the drawing.
: Question, the page says it's flying us out to Barcelona. Does Riot intend on buying the plane tickets for the winners at their local airports? and will everyone be flown to LA first or are they all just taking different flights from where they live to Barcelona?
Omaze will set up the flights to take you from your home to Barcelona and all expenses paid.
: Hey Kushnood, old friend here (i was perma'd for toxic but reformed). I was wondering, if I were to buy 2 signed worlds gaming chairs, could I get 2 extra entries for my 2 friends that dont have the money for this?
Hey CantStopEver, glad to hear you've reformed and are an upstanding model of virtue and courteous behavior! You can give a gift of a reward for a friend and they'll get entered into the grand prize sweepstakes as well. There's a check box for the gift option right under the "enter now" button
: I am currently unable to receive awards due to past behaviors... does this mean i wouldn't be able to receive the skin/icon? I mean I will still donate regardless because I support this so much... but it would be something i want to know.
As long as you don't have a current ban, you can still get the mystery gifts even if you're restricted from loot
: Does anyone know if getting one of the higher donations also provides the lower tier rewards? There was some implication but it was never explicitly stated as far as I could tell. I am kinda feeling like going overboard and doing the 250 donation but I want to be sure I am going to get the shirt, otherwise I am just getting 2 shirts lol.
The summoner icon is offered for every reward tier, all of the other rewards are independent as a prize
: From what it looks like you are actually donating to all of them. I was gonna donate to MHA specifically but there was no option so I think it just goes to a general pool.
Yup, they all go to a general contribution pool and we share it with the nonprofits equally to fund their projects.
: No you da real MVP
: I gotchu peoples who need help http://i.imgur.com/FPrL3Gw.png Join us :^)
: If we "purchase" the mystery gift, will we also get an icon to go along with it, or are those two completely separate options?
The icon comes with every reward tier! You should be getting an email from Omaze with instructions on how to redeem both
: If we donate do we need to do anything additionally to get the icon or anything else we pledged for? Or will Riot send out a survey/codes for the icons after the campaign is over :O Much love and thank you guys for doing this, it's an awesome campaign for awesome causes!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Omaze will send you an email with instructions on how redeem the icon and you'll need to fill out a quick form so that we can credit your account with the mystery skin (which may take a couple of days to hit)
: Really like this initiative. I will say, though, to be careful about the charities you choose. These are great, but it's easy to choose controversial charities that could be politically decisive. Mostly just a word of caution on that, but great job nonetheless. Looking forward to seeing the results.
Hey FatedTitan, good point and this is definitely something we considered for a long time as we share the same concerns. There were a couple of factors that went into choosing these nonprofits: 1) resonance, is the project and nonprofit something that Riot and players generally care about 2) alignment, how aligned are the nonprofits to our values and our desire to pitch in more than just funding 3) capacity, to your point, the organization's ability to execute on the projects, their financial health and overall history of delivering results.
: nobody else thinks this is a poor substitute for actual philanthropy? i mean, rito has the bank and the social capital to create far more impactful movements or charities, and all they come up with is a children's drawing competition?
This article is actually just about the research we did in order to do more impactful philanthropy in the future. This isn't the end of our actions, but rather the beginning! There's a lot of ways to make an impact and we wanted to understand what was meaningful to players around the world before we started making bigger investments.
: Well, here's my idea. It's based on problems/issues I've had with my own life. Mainly due to success and failure: **Champion:** Hierophant, The Echo of Progress **Passive- Echos:** Upon success or failure, Hierophant leaves behind an echo that can be picked up at any time. Echos of Success improve abilities. Echos of Failure deal massive damage but also grant far larger boosts. **Q- Learn from History:** Hierophant blesses an ally, restoring their morale based on the amount of echoes he's picked up. **W- Experience:** A wall of echos forms, blocking damage in front of Hierophant as he moves forward. The health and thickness of the wall is based on the amount of echos he's picked up. **E- Tell the Tale:** Hierophant shares his tale among allies. For the next few seconds, others will leave behind echos that Hierophant can pick up and improve his own tale. **R- Endless Journey:** Each echo culminates in a single, focused chance. Success or failure, this ability will leave behind double the echos and remain until all allies have gained an echo. In my life, I've often struggled with situations. I often feel like everything I don't care about I succeed at yet everything I am passionate about I stumble and falter. Hierophant speaks to me as a character who constantly improves, hurting itself when remembering the faults it made but moving on despite that. Each echo is a story, whether they're his or anothers, and each story creates a tapestry that makes the next project more spectacular and with higher and higher chances of success.
You hit on something that really struck me as well. I read a book called "Mindset" by Carol Dweck that made me change how I think about raw talent versus someone who continues to grow and learn. Your design is very eloquent and sparks internal reflection, I think it's great!
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: calm palm made me lol
My personal favorite, that hand makes me giggle every time


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