: Why did I get banned? I barely use any hate speech at all, never more than twice a game!
I got banned for calling someone a *agg*t when they were clearly homosexual. Make sense of that.
: [GAMEPLAY] Vision bug after reconnecting
This isn't a new bug man, its been then way since launch. I think this is fundamentally the most overlooked, lack of gives 2 **its about the players attitude you can have when it comes to bugs since they haven't addressed this or ever commented on it. This bug can and will tilt the every loving shit out of you during any ranked game. It will never be fixed.
McNàsty (NA)
: Hey. LOCK IN.
How about we remove the requirement to lock in and leave it the way it ways?
: New champion select roundtable
I'm going to make this extremely simple. 5 years you haven't required us to hit the lock in button. 5 years. why now. I can't switch my champ last second anymore. I have to click this button or I dodge? The bad far out weights the good here guys. people are dodging and wondering why. My fault maybe but come on. Remove the lock in requirement. Its really annoying.
: Queue up in new champion select this week!
Please for the love god, remove the lock in requirement. It is really tilting me.


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