: > This is not about new players. But yes, it is. Experienced players don't look at indicators anymore, and even if they still do, they have gone beyond the just the intuitive phase and actually learned the quirk of the system. Indicators are definitely a feature for new players. > To me your argument is the same as telling new players their ult costs 105 mana because pressing R at excactly 100 isn't "optimal"; or letting them use an ability 0.25 secs before the cooldown ends. To the contrary, using your R at exactly 100 mana IS optimal. And you can't actually use an ability 0.25 s before the cooldown ends, but you CAN press the input and it will buffer the command for a lot of abilities, so yeah, they kinda do it, indeed. > This is about how everytime people hit something which they think they shouldn't have hit, they complain about the hitboxes or think it's a bug or spaghetti code. It's more the people BEING hit that complain, and they don't complain based on the *indicator*, they complain based on the _**VFX**_. Which is exactly why we have these VFX updates from Sirhaian: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/NA/Riot%20Sirhaian?content_type=discussion
Excuse you, been playing this game since season 2 and I still use the indicators, even/especially for champions I have played for years including lux and morgana. I can't land spells without the indicator because it helps me aim. With the indicator shape the OP is proposing, I think it would help me even more because I would be able to aim accurately. I would feel less frustrated when I miss spells or when enemies land their spells even though it looks like it shouldn't. Currently the spell indicator is misleading and not very helpful but I make do in-spite of it, not because of it.
: Any updates on why chat/friends list keep malfunctioning? Almost my entire play group is having this issue. Groups deleted, unable to recreate, or drag friends into groups.
YEAH good question, why was this not included in the weekly update? I've seen multiple posts and yet no red comments! this is an issue :( >:(
Pyrosan (NA)
: http://prntscr.com/q127mo http://prntscr.com/q127op Just press this and re-filter it, it untoggles randomly sometimes
that didn't fix it for me. my whole list is glitched!
: Folder Glitch
Riot did it again by changing something that didn't need to be fixed and they end up breaking the whole system!
: Username update client prompt on pause
What is the subject heading of the email? I want to know so I can keep an eye out for it.
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: I've put in a request for Riot to delete my account. Just wanted to say goodbye.
I feel the same way! I've been playing so much more Dota 2 instead, I only go back once in a while to play with friends or to play Lux. :/ This game is so snowbally and frustrating. At least in Dota 2 there is a chance of a comeback, and I love that. I hate games being decided in the first 5 minutes because one chanpion got 1 kill and is super fed. Lanes like Zoe and Pyke Re just too much for me to deal with and makes me really frustrated an sad. :(
: Even Commando? That is the best skin in the _game_, baby!
Steel legion is just annoying because I can't see the spells :c also annoying how they took out the "in the name of demacia, i will punish you" quote. Heart broken actually over that
yeulx (NA)
: i remember back when morg jungle was decent due to how her spellvamp interacted with smite i dont remember what the exact changes where that made it not possible tho
When I used to do it, I would use spellvamp runes and get will of the ancients to maximize the health I would get back. But then spellvamp runes were not as attractive and they got rid of will of the ancient, plus the new jungle all influenced me to not jungle morg anymore.
: Personally, I felt like nerfing her was warranted. She has been sitting at a high win rate for a while and she received a substantial amount of lane power from Klepto, Scorch, and Manaflow Band. With that being said, I didn't really like the direction as it made her lane phase even more volatile. She wasn't picked during pro play despite it being an Ardent Censer meta (my opinion is due to her lane phase being unreliable) and I feel like this pushes her even further away. From playtesting the changes, the mana nerfs were quite noticeable in the lane phase, but feels like it goes back to normal once you build Tear.
Wait tear is a thing on sona??????????
: and after the hotfix she's still stronger in jungle, mid, and support compared to last patch.
thank you for making her able to jungle again!! I loved playing her in the jungle but in the new jungle it was so hard/intimidating. This new passive makes it way easier! :D
: Patch 7.24 notes
Does this mean jungle morg will be more viable?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Every game seems one-sided .. no really like EVERY game.
I swear this happens every preseason and this season it seems even worse because of the new rune system. This is exactly why I play dota 2, its way more balanced.
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: This is why players' reports lose value. If you have any suggestions for how to address specific issue, I'm always interested to hear. I have multiple accounts and play League a lot. I also have the ability to check reports against me and am yet to be reported for giving constructive feedback. > At the end of the game i got reported by the player and his friends for "Verbal Abuse" and whether or not the report counted towards a valid report, it still affects me to see a report notification popping up and discourages me from wanting to say / help anyone. We removed that feature about 6 months back since it wasn't very meaningful and actually caused more confusion than anything else. That decision was based upon feedback from players like yourself.
Do reports ever increase in value? How do players know that their reports are effective and working, and that they are making correct reports? I want to make sure I am actually reporting toxic behavior, but I feel what is considered toxic behavior can also be very subjective because it can all depend on the perceived tone of the text.
: This isn't a random old suspension. You are just seeing the reform card from your last ban, due to a bug. Contact player support and they will give you more information about you ban if you're uncertain as to why you received it.
But he's actually banned it seems and it says he is banned until 2015... which is last year
Sparkle (NA)
: I just...wut...
Q.Q out of all of them i love Vel'koz's flowers. they just make him so silly and yet somehow intimidating lol
: Like [this?](http://sunnykoda.deviantart.com/art/Mundo-The-Ripper-378358945)
or like this maybe? http://lamierfang.deviantart.com/art/LOL-Rococo-Orianna-332159903
: Samus72, "hand slap"? Back in my day, we called them high-fives!! ;] Hehehe just teasin'~ When I was in HS, my basketball team literally said "good game" as we high-fived the opponents after every game. I wonder if kids say "GG" now instead... *feeling old ((´д`)) It's a different context here of course; yes, a competitive game/sport, but also virtual and with a degree of anonymity, and a lack of tone and body/facial language. "GG" could be the polite handshake or high-five I guess, I understand that sentiment. But sometimes I know there are people who will take it the wrong way [for goodness knows why, but again prolly cuz of the whole lack of tone thing], so I like to mix it up with other equally handshake-y comments, like you Samus72. Some things I've said, in victory or defeat: -- fun match -- duuuuuuuude! :D -- that was freakin intense -- wow that was close -- thanks all! -- plz teach me to (champion) like you T_T -- gonna have (champion) nightmares now -- most fun I've had today But a lot of folks aren't really into typing much. And the real jerks will say more than simply "GG" [eg, "gg ez!!!!!" or "gg losers"], so try not to read too much into them and get worked up over naught <3 PS This thread totally warrants a Dos Equis meme: "I don't always say GG but when I do..."
i think it's also a jerk move to say gg before the game is over, or if someone just got a pentakill and they spam gg or they say hey its 20 mins gg you can surrender now,or after every time they kill someone. There are so many ways people abuse the word gg and take its intention of being a sportsmanlike phrase, and just pervert it and ruin the game for everyone else by being cocky and rude with its use. you would hardly ever see such unsportsman behaviour in basketball, soccer ect. You wait until the end of the game to say good game and hand shake. If you do see that kind of behaviour it's usually frowned upon. It's so easy to say not try to read into it, but sometimes it really hurts. Is it reportable btw? I never experienced that kind of behaviour while playing sports, even in high school, but I guess the online community is a different beast. However, I think that's also part of the reason esports aren't really taken seriously is because of the unsportsmanlike behaviour. People just like to troll, instead of being mature, humble and sportsmanlike in their conduct.
: > [{quoted}](name=The First Lady,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=MU0IoAVQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-12T06:49:27.597+0000) > > which makes this even more confusing because The First Lady is my summoner name so why is it listed as an assist on my own death and underneath heimerdinger?? :/ i died to heimerdinger so this makes no sense at all. Haha its a glitch with Donger, its your turrets ^.^, he killed a turret so when he killed it, it became a true damage hit to make sure it dies.
I wasn't heimerdinger though, the enemy was. I died to heimerdinger ;o
: Why in the hell were you playing with Michelle Obama is the better question.
which makes this even more confusing because The First Lady is my summoner name so why is it listed as an assist on my own death and underneath heimerdinger?? :/ i died to heimerdinger so this makes no sense at all.
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: Hey Luotn, Thank you for the report! This bug affects all skins and base Vel'Koz. We're currently aware of this issue and are investigating.
maybe you can suggest that you disable vel'koz? because this is practically unplayable :C
: Vel'Koz Arclight skin bug discovered
you mean like this?? https://i.gyazo.com/8fb5161edbb2d484ee62649716f4e166.png
: Holy crap new Quinn is so bad, quit this ranger
man on pbe she was so strong and overwhelming XD
: [DEV BLOG] Starting Items in the 2016 Season
I loved buying the blue support item with two healing pots and two mana pots for supports like lux but now i have no idea what to start with. I needed the mana pots because trying to fight other supports, I seem to run out of mana so much quicker compared to a sona or nami, and they also can heal so now they are able to out sustain me and my adc and i have no mana to even shield my adc. I have been playing the pbe and trying to figure out what I can do. I guess i need to try to learn to manage my mana, but sona, soraka, nami other supports heck even vel'koz support always seem to be able to spam more abilities that I can't compete with. I end up playing vel'koz support because of the lower mana costs on his spells. I want to know what I can do to be able to still play lux support in season 6 and in general what can I expect for starting items for support. What are some things I can try? What does riot expect to be the most viable or popular options this season? you don't say anything about support starting items and i would like if you could give some insight into that area. :/ supports have to buy starting items too you know.
Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The First Lady,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=J9LLBvJz,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2015-10-29T21:03:18.105+0000) > > Are comments like GG EZ or ez noobs report-able and punishable? Alone? Probably not. It's unsportsmanlike definitely, but if that's all someone said then they probably wouldn't punished just for saying those lines alone. Together along with other raging/trolling comments, messages and actions though? Definitely yes. To me if they're already trolling/being a jerk then these comments pretty much just seal the deal for their poor behavior in all honesty there, as not only do they not care about being respectful to the other players but they also would rather be unsportsmanlike and give people even more evidence to work with than just leave it at what they already said in the game (or out of the game even).
but if its unsportsmanlike then why not punish it? :c
Keyru (NA)
: Welcome to Player Behavior!
Are comments like GG EZ or ez noobs report-able and punishable?
: Follow up question 'cause I felt similarly when she first came out - Do you think it's just because you've been so used to playing with base particles that this is something that may need some getting used to?
I think that there are a lot of spells with weird hitboxes in general, or hitboxes that aren't very clear. Like when you get hooked by blitzcrank even though the fist was beside you and clearly not hitting you at all, that's the most frustrating. I've had higher elo players say just assume the hitbox is bigger than how spell looks like because the hitbox is bigger for whatever reason or at least it seems that way. In other words, it seems that where the spells end should be the end of the hitbox but there seems to be some space or leeway for that spell to actually connects or not. This probably isn't true, but it certainly feels like it.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, there's some risk of excessive overlap with Zz'Rot Portal. Goal would be to make Ohmwrecker the team siege option, with Zz'Rot aimed more at split pushing. It's possible that'll still be too narrow a space for two items for characters who want tankiness and sieging power though. As far as Zz'Rot itself goes that's an item we're pretty torn on. It's not used much at all, but its stats are already really high and its active's powerful even if used only to throw down the gate mid teamfight for the self speed boost.
Whatever you do, please don't delete zz'rot portal!! I think part of the reason the portal isn't used as often is because lack of education. I didn't even know the item was out when it was added to the shop, and it took me a couple of months to get used to the idea of the item even being an option. Maybe do a series on educating players about items and what they can do and when it's beneficial to buy the item. ZZ 'Rot portal itself is a pretty new unique item in what it does compared to what every other item in the game does, except for maybe Banner is similar but it's been in the game for a while so players may not even be aware of or understand ZZ'rots potential.
: Cent 3 -- she can't heal herself outside of her ultimate and the minor health gain she gets from her starcall. As a result, you KNOW her entire focus is on her allies. Most other supports have some way to keep themselves safe even while supporting their allies. She's extremely vulnerable as a result.
I used to love playing soraka in mid, top lane and even as an adc but now I can only play her as a support. :C league just isn't the same... so much for not fixing the meta
: Someone's gotta help you get challenjour, man.
does gameplay balance include fixing abilities so that they actually work properly? so many times with lux's lasor, i've had issues where the person was right on the reticle but didn;t get damaged. :CCCC
Lyte (NA)
: The phrasing is still up for iteration. It's on the PBE for testing, not for final wording.
> [{quoted}](name=Lyte,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=TnpgJpq7,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-10-16T04:08:27.061+0000) > > The phrasing is still up for iteration. It's on the PBE for testing, not for final wording. i like that there is finally the option of reporting cheating though for third party stuff! I'm going to assume this includes scripting?
Anihaku (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lady Septimus Eh,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=AUrGZaRx,comment-id=00000005,timestamp=2015-10-09T00:36:23.596+0000) > > omggg Blitzcrank could be R2D2 and Orianna can be C3PO and Lissandra could be Queen Amadala since she has that weird head shape XD > > I would loveeee to be a jedi in game, I would actually try a melee champion for once XD .....chosen yi? O.o
but he doesn't have that cool jedi cloak that Yoda and Obi-wan have XD i love the cloak!
: Thanks Dr Cyanide :)
:c something the mobile sight is missing is being able to circle through riot comments in a thread
: The UI change screwed with resolution options in a big way, and Riot refuses to fix it. Best I can say is to set it to render 1080p and up/downsample to your monitor's actual resolution. As for the scoreboard, this is actually a very positive change. We've been asking to have score completely removed for years. It promotes bad play in a huge way. Having Riot accidentally remove the tally from the in-game scoreboard is about the best we can hope for, since Riot would never do anything nice intentionally.
Oh true I didn't think about the score promoting bad play. That's a good point. I saw on the forums a rioter like 11months ago said they were working on Dominion and hadn't forgotten it but i havent seen anything else. Thank you for your help though! I will have to try that
: Hey dudes, Maps team has been completely wrapped up in the SR update for a while now, but we haven't forgotten about you. As soon as things cool off a bit, I'll be devoting time to alt maps again. Looking forward to it!
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: Haha, you never know! Got any good ideas? :3
omggg Blitzcrank could be R2D2 and Orianna can be C3PO and Lissandra could be Queen Amadala since she has that weird head shape XD I would loveeee to be a jedi in game, I would actually try a melee champion for once XD
: Hype! :D
I am so glad Riot finally made a woman's shirt with a female champion on it
: ಠ_ಠ
I don't get why she has wings... it especially makes it hard to read it as vi :/
: Limely and Drevarius on League's social systems
Can we report people who send offensive messages or are harassing us through messages now in client?
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: Hiya! > His evolved ult changes his color from purple to red on base kha'zix, gold to black with tan/brown trim on GOTS and gray to black with red trim on mecha, As long as there is a clear difference between the regular color and evolved ult, changing the colors isn't a big deal in terms of clarity. As you've seen with his other skins, it can absolutely be done. > are there any specific color combinations off the top of your head that wouldn't destroy that immediate "read" on his champion, or is he just off the table for chromas indefinitely? TBH, I kind of want a ladybug Kha'Zix, but it doesn't really fit with who he is, haha. I think Kha'Zix is a good candidate for a chroma. He's insect-like, which opens him up to a wide range of color palettes. As mentioned above, as long as there's a strong differentiation, I don't think it'd prevent him from receiving a chroma.
omg lady bug khazik would be amazing! XDD you guys could do a bug's life inspired skin team. I could also see Rammus being a lady bug or a potato bug actually lol it could be a pretty fun spring theme
Griftrix (NA)
: That's not really a high priority for me personally. I think the benefit is really low here, and it's not as simple as you might think. You may think that a recall animation is like an emote, but it's actually four times more complex. First, there is the casting animation, then there is a channel animation that can have a looping part. Then there is a channel wind down animation, that plays animation length from the end of the channel (this doesn't really work for charge channeling, as you don't know how long it will be charging for). Finally, after the channel is complete, if the spell succeeds, we play the final animation (what you might see at base if you pay attention). Replacing an already existing thing on ARAM (was stubbed to a blank spell) was simple. Adding a new thing for SR doesn't have the same benefits, has bigger potential drawbacks, and is more complex to implement. I did the first one during lunch. So, I'm not saying it won't happen, but I don't think I'll be doing it, and it's probably low or not a priority for others as well. Hope my explanation made sense. (brace for downvotes)
;c i would love this as an option for lux especially on star guardian because I can barely see her recall. the blue light just overpowers the yellow pink colours and i can barley see anything ;c
Vekkna (NA)
: The squishy melees you mentioned have invincibility frames and are generally hard to target even when they are targetable. Same reason Ekko is fucking godawful to play against even if you win. Ahri is strong, but she's never actually invincible. Psychologically that's a huge distinction. Ahri owns you and you think "I could have dodged that charm." Master Yi owns you and you think "there was nothing I could do."
Phreak (NA)
: No, Lulu is fine in either. See: Lulu, Karma, Zyra working in both. Varus, Ezreal, Corki working Mid/Bot. Nautilus working Top/Support. You're injecting your own assumed intent and cherry-picking examples and saying, "Yep, this is a pattern." The issue with Soraka is that consistent self-healing often ends up being extremely problematic, as once you hit enough mana regen to keep the spell up, you no longer have gameplay in the lane. Lulu may not be super common in NA/EU. But she is almost 100% red side ban or blue side first pick in both Korea and China and finally growing in Western popularity. League of Legends is played globally and honestly, the Asian teams just end up being faster at picking up on this. In short: Lulu is overpowered in solo lanes right now. So let's circle back to these changes. Most mid lane and some top lane matchups are magic damage focused. Very few bottom lane matchups are. Her durability is now roughly equal vs physical (plus, hp5, damage blocking via the defensive masteries, potions, and her shield further inflate the value of armor) but definitely weaker vs. magic. Thus, Lulu is weaker in solo lane matchups more than in support matchups. Plus the Spellthief buffs on her.
:/ so soraka can never be in a solo lane again?
: Bard yesssssssss! I would also like to suggest Slumber Party Shyvana where she has pillows in her hands and turns into the Blanket Dragon from Adventure Time. [This one](http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130907040507/adventuretimewithfinnandjake/images/1/15/Blanket_Dragon.png).
that actually would be amazing!
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