: Inb4 his R counts as an ult
If Udyr's R would count as an ult, then he'd have +30% movement speed forever at the cost of 1 point in useless Phoenix. Count me in! (but we know Riot's not going to allow that cuz that would be too much fun)
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Jaspers (EUW)
: Minions, it's nearly always minions. You should be at like 200 minimum at 30 minutes. 100-120 at 20.
Yes, and all the linked images show this: a Darius with high kills and low farm. Riot wants to discourage ARAM-style play and encourage "team work," by which they apparently mean farming the heck out of your lane. Trust me-- once you get ahead, spend a few minutes pushing out minion waves to get your cs count up. Then you'll get an S.
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Nhifu (NA)
: Why waste my time auto-filling or playing secondary?
It's not just about you waiting longer to get into a game. It's about the fact that if nobody will play supp, there will not be any games for you to wait for. The current system is much better. You queue for your role, and sometimes you get a different role. You take it like a man (or woman!), enjoy playing something other than Yasuo for one game, and move on. Then everyone gets to have nice short queue times. Worth.
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NexonKim (NA)
: Why can rengar have no cooldown on his jump as long as he touches a bush
Note to self: don't stand next to bush if Rengar is in it, because he will probably jump on my face. Wow-- I think I just figured this out! :D
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: Why should I even play Kindred when Graves exists
I read this and think "I should start playing Graves," not "wahahh Graves is too stronk."
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Quepha (NA)
: I think Riot doesn't really want to give discounts to people with completed/virtually completed collections because they know at that point it's a trivial task to keep up with their rate of champion releases and they already had a lot of complaints about those types of players having mountains of IP with nothing to spend it on. To them it probably feels like shooting themselves in the foot to give a bigger discount to players complaining about having too much currency than to newer players who don't even have half the cast yet.
That's dumb. Instead of punishing players who DO want to enjoy the benefits of PLAYING HARD FOR YEARS, buying champs, and earning champs, by getting a little deal to get across the finish line-- why don't they make some essence sinks? Like skins that cost like 100k blue essence or whatever?
: Honestly, dating someone just because they look good is really fukin lame
> [{quoted}](name=Akali is SO HOT,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4nKUVnQh,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-29T06:18:01.318+0000) > > Like why don't people consider other important qualities like whether or not they're rich? You forgot "has a hot friend," "has a hot sister," or the super-super OP "has a hot single mom"!
: i get 17 fps and your fussing about 100? btw its more than likely ms thats cuasing lag.
Yep. 100+ FPS is pointless for two reasons: 1) The human eye can't really notice changes at that speed. 2) Your display almost for sure runs 60 or 70 Hz.
md litey (NA)
: Fps drops with new client
Lag and FPS aren't really related, unless it is something about your internet causing the lag. Lag is usually caused by packet loss or a stalled-out connection. FPS drops are usually caused by extra processing-- shinier effects on new champs, something else going on with your computer, etc.
: I'm glad to hear you got it working by launching from the admin shortcut! If you want to access the *Legacy Client*, you can simply click the button to access it (for now): https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/215576628/Launch-Legacy-Client.jpg Let me know if you have any other questions.
My question is this: NA server was down so I switched to Oceania. Then I got this old "restored this installation" message again, which I solved last time by redownloading and reinstalling the whole darned game. In the past, the legacy client worked. Now that there's no legacy client, I cannot run the game. I do not want to keep reinstalling it. And by the way this is NOT NOT NOT a connectivity issue. I was playing fine on NA today on the new client, I was playing fine before on the legacy client in all regions. It's the new client. Yes, it bloody is. Don't tell me to start doing tracert, replacing my router etc. etc. because every other game and program still works normally. ALSO: launching the admin client gave me brief hope, but then it spawned the new client, which still did not have the "Play" button available.
Laz1973 (NA)
: "Play" button is grayed out-- cannot begin a game.
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: or when your on one until your in series, where you bot lane feeds when you go mid, and your adc goes ap draven when you lock in sion support (2 different games)
1) win win win win --> promos as Hecarim 2) "I autofilled support, but I'm playing jungle or I feed." -guy takes teemo + smite and follows you from camp to camp while your adc just cries under the turret for 20 minutes.
: Take your main, switch their Q with their R.
Udyr Main (yeah yeah I know!) Hecarim 2nd-- lose the mostly-useless Q-spam and convert it to repeatable teamfight CC hell? Well, now I'm a Hecarim main! Ponnnnnyyyyyyy gets an obvious 10-- ban or lose, every game, guaranteed!
Around b3 you start noticing that players actually DO get a little better. b4 and b5 is the trolliest human scum, but you can actually play a game at b2 that feels like a game. I mean-- nobody's very good, but at least you're pretty likely to end with 10 players at the end of the game.
: I'm repeatedly griefed for picking Sona
1. Heal teammates 2. Do ridiculous AOE poke damage 3. Make team run fast. 4. Freaking OP AOE stun that wrecks entire enemy team at baron or dragon. Yeah who would want that on their team?
: Congrats! You just hit 30, and you're ready to play ranked! Here's some helpful tips.
Or. . . Play yi, farm farm farm until level 11, and know what "R" and "Q" do. Don't fight anyone, ever, until you see someone with about 20% health. Then ks, ks, ks for the win! OR. . . Play a nice solid support champ, like maybe Sona or Braum, and tell your bot lane you are just starting out in ranked. They will promptly all-in for no reason at all, die a horrible death, and blame you. In short, you will be JUST LIKE EVERY AUTOFILL SUPPORT IN EVERY GAME, EVER. Don't sweat it.
: Autofill loses games in champ select.
It doesn't matter, and here's why: half the time it will be the other team who has the goofball 1-trick player. So as long as YOU'RE never "that guy," your overall results will reflect your own contribution. That's how numbers work. It seems to me about a 1/3 ratio: 1/3 of the time someone on your team will throw hard and there's nothing you can do. 1/3 of the time someone on the other team will throw and you get an easy win. 1/3 of the time both teams will be reasonably balanced, and you and your fantastic play have a chance to change your destiny and pick up some hard-earned LP that someone else might not have been able to pick up. If you are good, you should therefore get a 70% win rate. If you are fantastic, so good you can consistently make up for one or two dummies on your team, then you will be 90% and will be making your "bronze to challenger" video and getting paid. :)
: If you're basically going to require smite to jungle, can you just auto assign it?
Does it really matter? If your jungler isn't aware enough to know he doesn't have his super-duper important spell selected, what are the chances he'll be aware when you need a gank, or when there's a free dragon, or when the enemy jungler is standing on his face? I've done this twice, both because I was distracted watching "bikini" videos during champ select. I was rightfully flamed by my team, reported with a vengeance, and learned my lesson. That's part of the fun of playing LoL! :D
scazzman (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SummonersFowl,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ls5uWrai,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-21T12:09:25.997+0000) > > People would rather not get AFK punishment if they aren't feeding. I'm talking about the people who play with 800+ ping and refuse to do anything about it
People don't know before the game starts that they're going to have 800 ping. They are hopeful: "This time, the Riot servers aren't going to suck, and I'm going to be able to contribute to my team." So they start their game, tell everyone they have a horrible ping, and attempt to contribute, because if they don't they'll get banned. Nobody likes a game to be thrown because someone has garbage ping. However, why blame someone if the problem is beyond their control? Why swear or report someone because the Riot client didn't bother to CHECK THEIR PING before the game started and everyone was committed. That's the thing I can't get: surely the game client knows when someone's ping sucks. So why can't it auto-dump a game where someone has ping over say 300, and force a restart? For sure, the technology is there for this. This should happen before the game starts: "Someone has been kicked from the game due to ping problems/excessive packet loss. Returning to queue." would be better than a nerfed game, especially if ranked.
TL 2014 (NA)
: Starting a Ranked Game
What gives is people keep dodging, and you had the bad luck to get 5 dodgers in a row.
Porocles (NA)
: Thanks for the update! This can happen with a change the settings or stability of your network or even how your ISP reaches the game servers. Run through each step of the [connection issues](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues) guide to help tune things up. Test it out in a custom game and let me know how things go.
Okay, I've gone through the list of connections issues and run netalyzr, which reports 10% packet loss, which is comparable to what I was getting. So it looks like LoL isn't the culprit, unless the client has borked something. tbh I don't really notice lag or packet loss on Youtube or any other site-- it really seems to be only when I'm playing League. I still don't know the problem. But if I can't figure it out, I'm gonna have to abandon the game I think.
Porocles (NA)
: Thanks for the update! This can happen with a change the settings or stability of your network or even how your ISP reaches the game servers. Run through each step of the [connection issues](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues) guide to help tune things up. Test it out in a custom game and let me know how things go.
The problem is that it is intermittent. I'm suspecting it has something to do with network traffic at certain times of the day/week, because it happens at night time often, and morning almost never. But yeah, I'll happily go through the guide and see if things can be improved.
Laz1973 (NA)
: I haven't run the log reader yet, but I can say I experience the lag on all champs: Hecarim zipping all over God's green Earth after R + E while lagging is a little comical to see, but only the first couple times. I used Udyr as an example because his stance-changing makes it very obvious when there's lag-- the stance graphic won't change until the server sends a signal back. I should add that I'm in Korea right now. I played all last season in Korea, though, and while my ping is always a little high, I'm used to that and I've never had this kind of lag ever before.
Okay, so I had a chance to run the log reader. 15% packet loss. . . so, yeah. The question now is what is suddenly causing the packet loss, given that I've played for a full season without ever getting this kind of lag.
: I'm having the same deal but can't figure out what's going on. But I think that you're onto something. Commands seem to go out to the server but I don't think that they're implemented. I can see them being input (moving commands) on the screen, but nothing changes for me and I can see EVERYTHING else happening in real time and my ping/fps doesn't change whatsoever. Hope someone figures it out soon, dude!
The commands are definitely going out, even though I see nothing on my screen. Once game, I managed to get 8 kills even though I lagged for the last 3 seconds of every single fight! :D
Porocles (NA)
: What you're describing sounds like potential packet loss. Your point on not reliably receiving a signal back is a pretty solid indication (and eloquently said too). Run a [log reader](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209765743-Connection-Troubleshooting-Log-Reader) for that match to really know for sure. I'm also curious if any other champions or game are having issues like this. Let me know what you find.
I haven't run the log reader yet, but I can say I experience the lag on all champs: Hecarim zipping all over God's green Earth after R + E while lagging is a little comical to see, but only the first couple times. I used Udyr as an example because his stance-changing makes it very obvious when there's lag-- the stance graphic won't change until the server sends a signal back. I should add that I'm in Korea right now. I played all last season in Korea, though, and while my ping is always a little high, I'm used to that and I've never had this kind of lag ever before.
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: I agree with all 3. Pretty sure 1 is unintentional, I can't imagine why it would be. 2. Is a good idea because it can't really be abused without someone constantly being leaverbustered 3. Would be good. A lot of people often ask for the ability to rank all 5 roles rather than just 2, but I think that would overcomplicate it..
I think you meant 1, 2 and 3. :D Yeah, I'm trying to think of things that would be fairly easy to execute, not things that would take a big redesign of the UI. I'm guessing #3 would take a lot of programming and would have to be beta-tested for a long time, but #1 and #2 should really be doable in a single patch.
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: Why are people banned for playing singed support ?
This is baloney. The meta should be in place because it's the best and only way to win a game. If someone can win a normal amount of games with a non-meta pick, then so be it-- let them play. Their win rate will affect their position like everyone else, so either you have a fair chance to win with this guy on your team, or you won't have to see him in your league very long. I sometimes play Sion and I do the same thing: go steal a buff (let it kill me), and then run back out with my buff still intact. Sometimes my team troll me "Sion, wtf" etc. But that's because they DO NOT understand. So here's the thing. This guy posts paragraphs before the game explaining what he's trying to do and how. And he wins. Communication? check. Playing to win? Check. Banning this is really just an attempt to corral people into playing the game Riot wants, when they've failed to set up the game to make that necessary. Boo, Riot. That's lame.
Haha I'm one too. My way of playing: play a few solo queue games. Try to do well. See who else does well, or is fun to play with, and make a duo. Keep playing, find another good player, now it's a trio. Eventually collect 5 guys and go on a streak for a few games-- then time for bed. I think the new way will be more fair game-by-game for people trying to climb on their own merit, but I was pretty happy with Dynamic Queue.
z0402581 (NA)
: Just so I have this correct, Flex Queue can hold any number of people (premade 1 to 5), but Solo/Duo can only have 1 or 2? If this is the case, can you add an option for those soloers/duoers that don't care which queue they're in? Kind of like how we have primary/secondary role, but give us the option of choosing between Flex Queue, Solo/Duo Queue, and either. I think if you guys did this, queue times would drop for solo/duo queuers.
: I can think of two possibilities off the top of my head. 1: They lost hope for their own climb, and to feel better about themselves, ruin other peoples' climbs as well. 2: Confirmation bias.
I think trolls want to win, and when they lose, they tilt. When they EXPECT to lose, they tilt more. When they really need to win (i.e. the late climb) but they EXPECT to lose, they are bitter even in champ select, start trolling, and. . . yep, confirmation bias. Or even a self-fulfilling prophecy I guess.
: Quas formerly of Liquid supposedly made it to challenger on 200 ping playing mostly Swain.
That's the ticket. Picking the right champ that doesn't rely too much on reflexes. Don't play, for example, an assassin mid.
: How high can you get with shitty internet
I have 200 ping. I think it's doable, but only with certain champs. For example, with Udyr, things happen in strategy-time: when to push, when to join team, etc. The actual stance-dance works almost as well at 200 ping as it does at 0. That's my advice-- if you pick champs that don't require laser-sharp reflexes, then your decision making will take priority. So. . . Sion or other tanky tops, Udyr or other bruiser junglers, etc. should still be viable.
: There's more to it than that. Are you new? No offense intended. As metas shift and seasons come and go, champions fall in and out of favor. Not long ago, Kalista was a top tier marksman, and Urgot was a counterpick to mid AD Assassins. Before that, top lane was solely the home of bruiser champions, namely {{champion:58}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:14}}{{champion:36}} and even the occasional {{champion:12}}. No Jayce or tank Ekko. The Marksman meta consisted of {{champion:236}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:429}}. Mid was always {{champion:103}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:25}} (Morgana as a flex, support or mid) Next season, we'll see another shift. Always happens. Perhaps pure tanks like Sion and Shen will become top lane meta, and Alistar and Leona will become bot meta, to counter the reworked Assassins. Just because a champion isn't that valuable now, something might come that indirectly pushes them into the spotlight once more.
No doubt. I started last year, and I remember Kayle jg was considered godly. Now. . . you're never EVER going to see that. . . not ever. I remember seeing Aatroxes make entire teams ragequit once they hit about 30 kills. Now, Aatrox only gets played for a giggle.
: Which server is most skilled?
I'm Canadian but I live in Korea, so I have a Korean server account. So far I've seen bots 3 games in a row, AFK after 1 death, obvious smurfs destroying teams. This is sub-level 30 (I just play on kr server when NA is down or when I feel like practicing my Korean, so I'm only like lvl 20 so far). But I don't remember the beginner games in NA league being anywhere NEAR this unpleasant. I remember enjoying 1-30 a lot as I was getting to know the game. I know a lot of Koreans, and I really don't think there's much skill or attitude difference. If anything, I'd say Koreans are ruder and more trollish at the low levels.
: AFKing is the only way to actually deal with them.
Why are you saying "them" about a group which includes you? The only way to deal with ANYTHING in League is to play your ass off and try to win. Maybe the guy's having a bad day. Maybe he got dumped on last game. Whatever, we all get tilted sometimes. But you going AFK guarantees that nobody can have a chance at an enjoyable game. Shame on you, I hope you get banned.
: What do we do about terrible teammates?
They are part of the environment, like rainy weather. You do your best to plan around them, sometimes you get totally pissed on, you shake it off and move on. At least in ranked, everyone wants to win. If they are trolling, feeding, and toxic, it's probably because they feel discouraged. If they can see that you are trying to win, and you don't put them down if they have a hard time, you will sometimes turn them around to win the game.
: How to deal with toxic teammates?
Mute them, then feed them. Spend time in their lane and help them. Toxic is really just fear and insecurity, and frustration. If you can bolster someone's confidence, this will help them get over their frustration. But don't forget the mute part. If you type back or try to explain yourself, your "teammate" will spend the whole 20 minutes before ff explaining why you suck, why it's not his fault, etc. etc. . . and typing is not farming, and no farm = lose.
: Help Me Get Out OF Bronze(I Want To Get To Silver Or Above)
I just got out of bronze at the very end of my first season-- now s5. I did it by jg-- Udyr Udyr and more Udyr. I think jg is the best way to learn the game-- you have to be aware of all the map, of how each lane is doing. You have to make a lot of decisions. I feel I can now play all other roles much better because I've seen what happens when any role fails, and I have to deal with it as jg. As for the climb, here's how it went for me: 1) Play solo queue 2) Carry a game, and then invite the best player from your team (or the other team) to group 3) Go on a 5-game winning streak with your new friends. 4) NEVER NEVER quit, even if you have a totally lost game. Just don't. Ever. Never ff@20, never blame anyone else. Just keep pinging, keep suggesting good plans, keep looking for picks or a chance to steal a turret while everyone is team fighting. One ace + Baron is always a possibility in bronze, and you can therefore ALWAYS have at least a small chance to win.
Sciela (NA)
: Oh look, another game where I had morons that should not be in ranked!
I've met a lot of people who say "It's always the other guy." But the ranking system works on long-range statistics. If you've played say 100 games, the chance that it really IS "all those other guys," and never you, is practically 0%. Yeah, sometimes your teammates don't do well, and you lose. But for all those glorious wins you remember getting, let me ask you this-- how many of THOSE were because the other team had guys throwing, and feeding you even when you might not really have deserved it? Numbers are real, bro. Believe in them, be patient, and keep improving!
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