: Zac changes coming to PBE for 9.11
Back when before his first rework in 2017 I play A LOT of Zac in the top lane. I loved how he played in top, but the rework really made him unfun to play in that role. The changes to the W don't bother me too much, although I go full tank, it's nice for the ap bruiser Zacs to get some love. After reading some of the comments here I agree that putting in both Ults and Qs much like Pyke Q could be very interesting. Making Zac a champion focused around quick taps or holding down the button to differing abilities. He already has something like that with how he can charge his E, why not go all the way in on that concept and make him stand out that way?
: I mean the point of a % increase is so that you get more of that stat as you buy them an considering tanks aren't supposed to be late game. The whole tree does need some buffs but not for it's late game.
Wait, since when are tanks not supposed to be late game? I know there damage falls off as the game goes on, but isn't that because they get really hard to kill late game? I might be wrong of course, but I find it weird that I feel that tankiest when it's in the laning phase and I barely have any items.
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: I don't agree with all of your suggestions and analysis, but I do agree that mr items are lacking in variety.
That's fine, this is just my view and I just wanted to voice my view on the matter.
: Oh boy.... where to start... First off, even thought I find many things wrong with your analysis, you actually showed you tried to do some research unlike most clueless people preaching “AP OP PLZ BUFF AD”, and that earns you my respect, and thankfulness for the breath of fresh air :D Ok let’s start with your point on flat penetration Your right about how with 3 lethality items compared to two MPen items it doesn’t seem that bad, but what your overlooking is that it’s actually much better than MPen because an AD champion can get all three and still buy a Merc Treads while AP champions are forced to by Sorc Shoes if they want the MPen, or if your Cassiopeia, get stuck with a single flat MPen item because that’s just how smart Riot is when it comes to item designing.... Next is your argument about defensive items Zhonyas is a noob trap, there, I said it, the amount of armor it gives is instantly countered buy a single lethality item, the fact that if you wanna survive against an AD assassin mid in the early game you gotta rush this before your Mana item cripples Mages’ early game, and that active has guaranteed more deaths than prevent them in all ranks including Master, Grand Master and Challenger, because nothing stops an assassin who you think you just negated the burst of his combo with the stasis from just waiting for you to come out of stasis and then oneshot you with a basic ability, auto attack and whatever damage rune they have, this has happened to so many people, including me, when playing against Zed To prove my point, I flipped the table, I am mostly a Mage main, but I got Talon, and played him against Akali, this was my build by late game {{item:3812}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3053}} Around getting Ghostblade I attempted to all in the Akali, and keep in mind I had Dark Harvest instead of electrocute, so my burst was even less than a normal Talon build, I got her low, but she managed to get under Turret and Zhonya’d before my W could prock Dark Harvest on it’s way back, I just sat at the edge of the turret range, once the stasis ended I dived Turret oneshotted her and left like nothing happened Conclusion of this rant : Mages don’t have a none joke Armor option Additionally, AD champion’s Damage is so rampant and high it’s impo for a Mage not to get bursted instantly even if they get all their defensive choices, most of which is just HP while fighters and assassins get lifesteal, Resistances and great passives But yeah, that’s my two cents on the topic, have a nice day :)
I appreciate your view (and pointing out things I overlooked), and I said in the post I know I could be wrong and my perspective is that of a tank and bruiser player. I tend to find myself having a much easier time building against an AD heavy team than an AP heavy team. I also purposely said I wasn't going to talk too much about assassins since I don't play them whatsoever (so I don't feel like I can give an adequate discussion on them), and was talking about Marksmen, who appear to me to have a harder time fitting penetration into their builds when they also need to finish all their crit items. Thanks for taking time to read over my biased rant. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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