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: i guess if u suck lol
he's actually right though. currently in the pbe and the gameplay is very underwhelming and winning doesn't really get you anything or make you feel that you actually did anything for playing it. Heavy relies on rng than actual skill so games like these are bound to be very unbalanced and probably short lived.
: IG didn't lose 3-0 at a record breaking pace.
true but they were still the better team going in.
: DL and CoreJJ got focused. It’s like G2 knew they were the weak links. Every advantage G2 GoT was early and in the bot lane. I think it’s a further testament that DL can’t compete internationally when it matters most. G2 exposes him and he was irrelevant the entire series. I feel like the others played well, but Jankos kept getting advantages in the bot and then carried this advantages to the other lanes.
%100 agree with this and their bot lane picks didnt help them either for any of the games.
: G2 is a better team. Thats really all there is to it.
So was IG and look at how that turned out.
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