: Change the automated ban system to a overwatch system like csgo?
> [{quoted}](name=NIKΟ,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=XJyBQEQV,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-23T18:27:39.800+0000) > > people seem to have a problem with the automated ban system banning people unfairly. How many criminals spend years behind bars stating that their crime was justified? This is an analogy of course as I am not calling League trolls criminals, but the analogy does apply here. Those that say the system is unfair are those that are banned by it. No system is perfect, but the ban system in League is highly accurate and there are very, very few undeserved bans. Often times, the same people will have multiple accounts banned when they complain about this. That is just further evidence that the system is doing its job as it is able to find these trolls and ban them even after they create new accounts.
: The issue, separate from the rape and death threats is Riot banning me for pretty much simply saying, "hey this is not okay". Taking action against someone for protesting harassment is considered complicit. I don't know how else to spell this out for you but anyway that was not even my main point. I am talking about it to raise awareness about it because yes there are many people who will stand by Riot, even if Riot essentially shields people who do make such threats and remarks, but there are also people with more of a conscience and moral compass than that. Riot's investigation is private so i know nothing about it, however their action against me for pretty much just protesting what is basically cyber violence is highly problematic and to my understanding pretty much complicit harassment. I don't have enough time to explain this again to you so I hope this clears things. Moreover some of those players have not only hinted personal details about me but also that they are associated with Riot, which I have ample evidence of so the threat isnt' made up at all.
> [{quoted}](name=PaulaSmums,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=hwNpwEEh,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-10-22T01:00:31.426+0000) > > Riot essentially shields people who do make such threats and remarks No, they do not. As I said, the reporting system is designed to take these people down. Sometimes it takes longer than what we would like, but it works quite well. And let's be honest here. These people do not work for Riot, nor do you have evidence that they do. If you really did have this evidence, then you would make sure Riot knew about this personally so that these employees were fired and possibly prosecuted.
: I got banned
Looking at this from a skeptical point of view it definitely looks like your account used scripts and your account is your responsibility. If you have evidence to the contrary, then present it in a support ticket to Riot. Permabans based on behavior are NEVER overturned, but a permaban based on scripting "may" be overturned with proper evidence to the contrary.
: stooping to their level would be inting. flaming is clearly better for the team then inting would be.
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseStoplnting,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1wGqoqQW,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-10-20T01:16:05.633+0000) > > flaming is clearly better for the team That is why your account is banned.
: Are there any humans on the riot appeal team?
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseStoplnting,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1wGqoqQW,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-19T21:48:41.497+0000) > but after having several accounts banned If you have had more than one account banned, then it should be plainly obvious to you that you need to adjust your attitude in the game. Yes, League is a frustrating game at times. Yes, we all deal with trolls and feeders. The point is not stooping to their level, because when you do you become one of the people you talk about hating. Pretty much EVERY troll says that everyone else is the troll.
KingFu (NA)
: even if I inted it was just 1 game, they cant just judge someone or ban someone from just 1 evidence.
> [{quoted}](name=KingFu,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9Qhr4F9U,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-19T08:07:38.032+0000) > > even if I inted it was just 1 game, they cant just judge someone or ban someone from just 1 evidence. They do not ban someone from just one game. You only SHOWED us one game. I know for a fact that intentional feeding bans are rare and most bans are from toxic chat. If you got banned for inting , then you WERE inting. The bot can detect patterns in your deaths from game to game and tell the difference between playing bad and dying continually on purpose.
: "Vision doesn't kill people"
You know, he was actually correct. Vision _doesn't_ kill people. However, his lack of vision does (especially against a jungler that is designed to kill you for being out of position and not having vision).
duvey (NA)
: > how come I still have my account and you don't? Lmao, because you don't even play the game. You've played 12 games in the last month of ARAM and Normals. Really hard to get banned from a game you don't play. What a joke. And if you actually knew how machine learning worked, you know that training an algorithm in isolation of every other person's chat logs means that the machine can never learn contextual clues that differentiate flame from banter, an extremely fine line. But the fact that when your chat logs are shown back to you, you only receive your own, we can reasonably assume that's how Riot is formatting the data set for training. It's for this reason that Riot have not only created a terrible toxicity bot, but they've created one that maliciously targets anyone who types more than 10 lines in a game because it lacks any ability to create a context for the speech and determine whether it's actual flame or just harmless criticism.
I have had an account and played on and off regularly since Season 3, typically playing around 200 rift games per year (not counting ARAMS). So yes, I do not play the game super consistently, but I have played at least 2000 games of league and have never even had a chat restriction. The most I have ever received was a warning that I was reported that amounted to nothing. And once again your comment about the algorithm being in isolation shows that you believe toxic behavior is warranted in some circumstances. It is not warranted in ANY circumstances regardless of how toxic the rest of your team is. (And I have had a couple of other accounts as well)
duvey (NA)
: That's not how it works at all. And if it is, that means that anyone I report in-game will be banned instantly by the automated system, since around 75% of all League players have been at least 2-week banned at some point. I have no idea how thin skinned you have to be to defend this as a banning. For real? You need to stay off the internet if valid criticism is going to make you clutch your pearls.
> [{quoted}](name=duvey,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=uGX9Qnt5,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-10-19T20:00:59.680+0000) since around 75% of all League players have been at least 2-week banned at some point. That is silly. The MASS majority of league players have never received a suspension at all. I have never even received a chat restriction. And when you report someone a flag is signaled to the automated system to check your chat logs for that game. Even if everybody reports you it does not change the outcome. The outcome is determined by the decision of the automated system.
duvey (NA)
: If you legitimately believe that anything in this is ban worthy, you are 100% the problem with modern gaming culture and should never play video games with other people ever. You are a toxic cesspool where any valid criticism is met with rage and bawling tears that you just can't bear to hear from your teammates when you're playing the game poorly. Also, I'm a software engineer and I study machine learning, and the worst possible tasks for machine learning to tackle is contextual analysis, where a machine tries to identify the "intent" of a phrase or word. They're bad at it. Horrible. Absolutely dogshit and almost malicious in their intent. It's the reason why bots should never be banning people in any game ever.
You know...I do happen to be a software engineer myself with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering Technology. Not trying to gloat, but you brought up the subject. I understand how machine learning works and it works very, very, well. Reports were initially handled by people and those reports were passed into a machine learning program to determine what is acceptable. They are not malicious in intent unless the designers programmed them that way. If you believe the bot is out to get you, then take it up with Riot. And no, I do not believe that this incident by itself is banworthy. This incident along with all of the preexisting incidents that you are not mentioning however, is banworthy. [Edit] By the way, if I am the one that cannot handle criticism and is crying, then how come I still have my account and you don't?
duvey (NA)
: Permabanned After A Single Game With No Bad Language Or Flame
> [{quoted}](name=duvey,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=uGX9Qnt5,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-19T19:46:36.248+0000) > Don't you dare tell me that Riot's permaban system isn't 100% automated by a robot Their system _is_ ran by a bot. Noone denies this. But, it is a machine learning tool that is exceptionally more accurate than any human ever would be. There was plenty of stuff in your chat that was toxic behavior. Despite the fact that someone else may have started it does not excuse you from retaliating. If you simply mute the trolls and do not retaliate you do not get in trouble. And you know as well as I do that this was not your first offense. You have been warned before and did not learn your lesson. Now that you understand that you will be banned regardless of whether you feel that your teammates deserved to be yelled at, you can start a new account and do it right this time.
: All Girl League of Legends Worlds and Series
I understand where you are coming from, but it sounds quite political. Many comments speaking about girls being treated differently and not given a chance is complete nonsense. The best of the best players are male and that is simply the truth. No political outcry will change that. League is a cross-gender sport, so women are allowed to create pro teams just as men can. If women want to create a pro team, then they have every opportunity to do so. The fact that there is not one has nothing to do with women being held back and has everything to do with the best women at League simply not being as good as the best men (which is mostly due to the fact that the player base is predominately male).
: CyberCrime in League
Think about what you are saying. Really think about it. Do you know how many people throw around immature banter on multiplayer games about rape and violence? Anyway, Riot would have their hands quite full if they tried to make a case out of every player that makes stupid rape jokes. It's disgusting, sure, but do you expect Riot to police all of that? And if they passed this information to the authorities, they would not be taken seriously whatsoever. Instead, they use an automated system that looks at this stuff and does, in fact, ban the players involved. And I highly, highly, HIGHLY, doubt that anyone seriously threatened you. It's doubtful they know where you are from or even know your name.
: Please remove the option to ban your teammate's champion.
When you hover a champ in champ select you are making a suggestion that you are going to play that champion. This is not a guarantee as the opposing team may ban it, the opposing team may choose it, a teammate may choose it, you might change your mind due to the team comp, or a number of other reasons. (I personally troll the champ pick sometimes by hovering something stupid like Sona jungle just to be funny). This is merely a suggestion to your teammates and not one they have to abide by.
: Riot money grabbers
> [{quoted}](name=Drunk Master Yi ,realm=EUNE,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=EyKV51sY,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-18T17:50:29.892+0000) > > Riot you, money grabbers, you ate my money Riot did not eat your money. They received the money that you willingly handed them on a game that costs absolutely nothing to play.
BlankOption (EUNE)
: Pretty good pc, but low fps
There _has_ to be something running in the background. WIth a 1050 Ti and an i5 you should be able to run at least 60 fps at max settings. Try loading your task manager and clicking on CPU to sort out what is maxing it out. The only thing you didn't mention is your screen resolution. If you happen to be running a resolution above 1920x1080 that could cause problems as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=FIrst Time Xin,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=kspuRGOW,comment-id=0003000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-07T18:05:58.609+0000) > > I have never known a non-toxic player to have a new account receive the ban {{item:3133}} . And like I can STILL log into that account right now. I'll explain it to you so you can understand it: I do not have the username/password for that old ass account. bye bye
OK bud. How convenient that you do not have the logs. Without evidence to the contrary I think the Plaintiff, that is Riot Inc. wins this case.
: We need to shut riot down sick of these evil scum
> [{quoted}](name=Hide inner Bush,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=BIEJnMoP,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-07T07:05:07.687+0000) > > Not gonna let this go will post every single day till the false ban is removed . {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} THE JOKE'S ON YOU {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}}
: > [{quoted}](name=FIrst Time Xin,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=kspuRGOW,comment-id=00030000000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-07T17:02:40.454+0000) > > If the account is banned, then you can still log into it and see the reasoning why it was banned. Saying you do not have the account just makes us more suspicious that you know you were rightfully banned and do not want to show us the logs. As I said previously, the account was fairly new and was a smurf so I really didn't care if it was banned. I wasn't gonna waste time sending in a ticket for a worthless account. lol
I have never known a non-toxic player to have a new account receive the ban {{item:3133}} . And like I can STILL log into that account right now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Julevi,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=kspuRGOW,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2019-08-07T15:05:51.103+0000) > > Please post the unedited chatlog (screenshots highly recommended) so we can see if you are really telling the truth. You really think I still have that account? LOL
If the account is banned, then you can still log into it and see the reasoning why it was banned. Saying you do not have the account just makes us more suspicious that you know you were rightfully banned and do not want to show us the logs.
: ***
I can keep this up all day. Sometimes I enjoy feeding trolls, especially when their accounts are banned.
: ***
Interesting you only said "good job" and got banned. I have a feeling this kind of talk is what actually got you banned.
: How To Not Get Banned In League
You did not get banned for saying "good job" and you know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it. Algorithms are not perfect, but no Riot algorithm would ban you for saying good job even if your entire team reported you for saying it. You get banned for saying certain words and phrases that are ban-worthy and for being continually reported at a higher percentage than other players. I have a friend who has had 10 (not exaggerating) accounts banned from LoL. He whines about Riot banning everyone and yet I have had exactly 0 accounts banned and I talk in chat all of the time. If you get banned you deserve it.
: idk why you have so much trouble with your adcs. As a support you can practically force them to not suck. Be a better support! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
This is outright silly. This is like saying that when I am jungling and my top lane continually dives the enemy under his turret and inting, that I could have miraculously stopped this from happening by "being a better jungler."
: Agreed. if someone who mains him in any elo, hes pretty broken. Like theres some champs like {{champion:11}} who are more broken in lower elos because people get scared. Im never afraid of yi, as someone who plays {{champion:106}} and {{champion:53}} . Can he 1 v 1 me easily? Yes, but hes balanced in my opinion. He doesnt have any build in slows, his early game gank is weak, no knockups. Its only his late game damage. On the other hand, xin zhao had good clear speed, good damage, attack speed, slows, knockups. Hes just broken as hell.
I agree with this completely. I played a game recently with about all gold and silver players. The enemy team had a bronze 3 xin and he was tearing everyone up. Little skill is involved imo...other than maybe playing him a couple times to understand his abilities. He can trade with just about anyone, can quickly clear his jungle, can easily invade without worry, and is very hard to get away from.

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