Homebrew (NA)
: I had a 4 bot teammates the last time I played AI Bots. Just a few days ago. First time I 1v9ed. :D
Do you have a replay of that? I would love to see how the bots fair against itself
: This happens because the bot's homeworld, TT, got tor%%%%'ed so they're moving to SR like rats without a home. I have NEVER seen a normal game with 9 bots though. Can you send link to this match history? If your poll is asking if anyone have ever played with 9 bots in a single game, I'd be interested to see how many have...
I only looked at a coup Match history. This is the closest I found https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/na/3223605341#participant7 Looks like Jingles00 vs Relixpa, and the reset were all bots. I would love to see a replay of that.
Relixpa (NA)
: Bots on team in blind
Oh wow so it is plaguing 5v5 as well. You won't have fun in co-op vs ai either. I have been getting 4 bots against AI and they are running on really poorly written bots.
: You're right about leveling them to sell them. It's been like this for as long as I can remember, and I'm not sure there's a way Riot can end it. I'd just report them when you see them. They always have the name, like you said, and they always take the same summoner spells, heal and ghost iirc.
It's hard for Riot to find them when it's 1 or 2 bots in a game play. But these past few days it should be obvious to find them just by going through profile. 1. Like you said they only have heal and ghost 2. If they have higher percentage of Defeat against beginner bot 3. K/D/A ratio that doesn't make sense i.e. One member with 30+ kill and the rest in the 0 and high death rate count. 4. Unnatural long non-stop game playing. Getting to level 30+ takes a long time when playing against AI but these bot accounts are getting there quickly by playing non-stop. One account I counted the bot played 46 games in one day. I just queue up twice and both times they were all bots. Now I have queue dodging penalty. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Lemexis (EUW)
: Yeah, they are super common in Coop VS AI, it kinda ruins the mode for me. I queue for that when I want a completely stress-free LoL experience with a champ I chose, but these bots are making it frustrating. When it's just one bot in your team its usually ok, the rest can carry, but when you get 2 bots its getting hard, and 3 bots ? I don't get why they make them so bad though. Why do they have to just mindlessly feed ? Couldn't they just hug turrets or something at least ?
Within these past few days I have been getting 4 bots consistently. It's really bad Thanksgiving weekend, because no one is around to ban these bots. I have one bot that's level 33, so that means it been running quite a while The scary thing is I don't think I have encounter the same bot twice, which means they are running from a bot farm some where. Looking over their Match History you can see 5 bots vs AI. That's a lot of 24/7 account leveling. Kind of wish they use the same RIOT AI to run these bots. At least it wouldn't be so bad.
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