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: anyone else getting massive fps drops
It's been happening to me as well, I usually play at around 50 - 60 fps, but since a few patches ago my fps has dipped down to 20 and lower.
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: In Game freezes
I'm having the same problem as well, I have tried using the hextech repair tool to force repatch the client; which didn't work. I also tried to clean uninstall and reinstall league; that didn't work. I tried doing a full repair on the client and that didn't work. I checked my drivers and they're all up to date so that's not the problem. This problem for me started happening after the Halloween patch dropped. I'm pretty sure that my computer isn't the issue but an in game bug. I hope Riot looks into this soon.
Zibute (EUNE)
: Im depressed. When will dark star thresh will come out?
wÏll (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DatFatRaccoon,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=thpgtOAs,comment-id=001c0000,timestamp=2016-06-02T23:40:01.073+0000) > > Hey there Don! Can I call you Don? > > Sometimes the patch can take that long, but if it's still stuck at 45% you might want to make sure that your Connection is solid. [Follow these steps on our Connection KB]( and see if your network isn't working at 100% right now. Make sure to go through all of them; each one is super important to making sure things are working right. > > Let me know if this doesn't help or if you need help with anything else. :) DW! After two hours, we are now at 47%!!
the patch update is taking a long time for me too. It's been about an hour and i'm at 3%.. whoop whoop ^ ^;
: Given the types of error messages you are getting and where they are appearing (plus your in-game issues), this all seems to point to some sort of strange connection issue between your computer and our servers. It seems that while your computer is able to connect, it isn't able to maintain a stable and consistent connection to our servers. To hopefully resolve this, make sure to complete all of the steps in our [Connection Issues Article]( I know you have tried some of the steps in there already, but make sure to complete every single one of them as they are all crucial in possibly resolving this issue. Reply back and let me know if you are still experiencing issues!
Thank you for replying! c: My client is slow but it seems my laptop is connecting to the servers now. Thanks a lot for the help. ^ w ^ I'll let you guys know if it starts acting up again.
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: High ms on Na server
I have been having this problem too since Saturday. I tried everything but it still stays in between 100-500 ms. I tried repairing the client twice but that did not work. I might try re-installing league of legends.
: @Riot When are the super galaxy skins coming out?
Same. I'm super stoked for the new {{champion:203}} Skin. :D
: [NEW] Having issues Patching 6.10? Click Here!
Since yesterday i've been getting high ping between 100-500 ms when i usually sit at 70ms. I tried everything from restarting my router to repairing the client but nothing worked. :c {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
summin (NA)
: Ping Issues
I'm having the same problem. Since yesterday my ping has been going up and down between 100-500 Ms. I assume it has something to do with it being May long weekend considering i have been having these problems since Saturday. However, ever since the patch 6.10 update, I would keep getting these "unknown error" messages and my client is running slower than it usually is. I'm a Shaw user so idk if it has something to do with that. I tried restarting my router but that didn't work. I tried simply disconnecting the internet through my laptop. Which also didn't work. I'm hoping the issues would be fixed by Tuesday.
Empol217 (NA)
: When we he be officially released?
I'm guessing maybe next week. :)


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