Meritas (EUW)
: This is so 90s fantasy art.
yeah royo/vallejo and julie bell are huuuuge influences for me
: I am in love with these. My only critique is you could have manipulated his hammer into being a hefty set of scales - What libra wouldn't like smacking people with balance?
Hiya! thanks <3 yeah I tried to make taric's weapon some sort of set of scales but it messed up his silhouette and it didn't look that good, but I put the balance thingy on a close up
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: she looks like odyssey sona way too much
indeed while I was working on her I thought this has the same energy as Odyssey Sona hahaha and I'm not mad thats my favorite sona skin
: Looks fucking amazing. Especially her legs and that outfit!
thanks a lot <3
: But why shouldn't it be possible to achieve this with Camille?
I did some exploration with camille and putting her some sort of habit headpiece changed her silhouette a lot, also the color scheme im using for earth signs overlapped with her program skin
: These are always well-made. Great job! Is Aquarius next?! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
thanks! libra is next
: Looks nice, but I think Camille would make more sense here
camille was my second option...but I wanted to play with the "virgin" representation in virgo.
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: > I really wanna live the yu-gi-oh fantasy while playing twisted fate there you go, made the skin 10 times better {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
>:3 ty hahahaha
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: I think the Targonian Aspects already represent celestial bodies and such, and have a star-heavy theme, so I'm not sure how suited they would be for an astrological theme since it overlaps a lot of their standard themes pretty heavily.
indeed I havehit that wall a lot with diana, leona and pantheon XD it overlaps a lot u,u
: > [{quoted}](name=Leu07,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=oUyPwGsd,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-11-06T18:21:58.335+0000) > > :c when I started this concept she had the hair, but I wasn't feeling leona vibes from it, so I gave her a joan of arc wig hahaha and she looked so right i mean i like the design over all but as a closed minded support player I cant see Leona going from long hair to short hair, then again I can't see Soraka with short hair or really any champ with long hair going to short hair, aside from yasuo..... I do so love his og concept, but thats just preference the mane behind her head and head piece is pretty cool though
Yeah the idea with the mane is that in game she look like she have her long hair still
: Love your zodiac skin posts and I'm anticipating for the other signs you haven't done yet. Any thoughts on which champion you have planned for Aquarius?
hi! well for Aquarius I wanna make Illaoi, for her philosophy of keep moving foward. I think that's an Aquarius you have someone in mind?
: libra ? {{champion:412}} cause of the balance being his weapon {{champion:98}} cause he represent balance or {{champion:10}} cause justice
well....I wanted to make Libra Kayle but dunno I think Im going to hit a wall like I did with diana, leona and pantheon where it looks like a vu or "how they should look like" or is not that different from their baseskin. So the other option was Shen but lately my mind have been whispering me T A R I C dunno XD
: Hands down my favourite so far!
thank you so much
: Aquarius Miss Fortune? (Only asking cause I love MF, and I am an Aquarius) :)
I love MF as well...and I'm thinking of making her a scorpio, since the she kinda represent the code I used for it (secrets/sex/power/revenge) but I feel that people are going to be pissed off if I don't make skarner :c so why not both? XD
łnśane (NA)
: Virrrgoooooo !!!!! At least tell me who u have in mind for Virgo!?
Hi hehehe...I have Irelia in my mind for Virgo, the code I used for picking someone base on sign traits in Virgo's case were clean/maiden/perfectionist...and irelia she's a dancer, and dancers for me are quite perfectionist, she also feels maiden and well you need to be clean (gameplay wise) to play a great irelia. who would you like? and why?
: {{sticker:sg-soraka}} where her hair at tho
:c when I started this concept she had the hair, but I wasn't feeling leona vibes from it, so I gave her a joan of arc wig hahaha and she looked so right
: I think it should be more lion focused. I can't see the shield, but if it had a huge lion face on it it would be neat. A large lion head with a mane like the sun etc. Cool skin idea.
hey! thanks.. yeah the shield is a lion face, kinda like the shoulder and knee pads, I really liked the illusion of a lion mane with the headpiece
Xedlord (NA)
: Your Taurus and Gemini links are switched.
thanks! I fixed it
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: Yoo I love this idea so much. Call the skin line High Moon though. I can seriously get behind this idea.
High Moon! I love that name! I think you made that comment in reddit <3
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Terozu (NA)
: Where are her _tits_!? LeB is not flat chested. ~~(also why isnt a gemini concept fishlike at all?)~~ (was thinking of Pisces)
hi! my mind Lb have like a ballet dancer type of body so I went with it.
Manxxom (NA)
: Why does this make me think of something from Bayonetta
that's great I love bayo <3
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Arakadia (NA)
: [I found the artist's twitter. They've got the series there along with some concept sketches. ]( Hope they don't mind me sharing the link.
hahhaa thanks <3 no problem at all
GreenLore (EUW)
: You say you are continuing with the zodiac skins, does that mean that you've made more concepts than this one?Cause I didn't find it in your board-history and would like to see the rest, because this one looks pretty cool. And while I can understand that Alistar is kinda the obvious choice for a taurus skin I'd say it might be actually better this way because there isn't much of a point to give the bull skin to the bull champ.
hi...well....I made aries it was this one....
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: Aries for Rakan or Galio. Nami for Pisces Qiyana is a Leo for sure. Her attitute is everything but Leo. Taliyah would be great with Virgo since it's an earth sign. Libra is for Kayle because she is the justice and justice has a balance. Saggitarus for Varus Scorpio for Skarner Aquarius for Janna Capricorn for Orn Taurus for Alistar of course. Gemini for Leblanc or Shaco since they can make clones. Yasuo or Riven or Pyke for Cancer xD Sorry for the last one but i'm a cancer too and i really hate my sign... Serious why our sign have the same name as the disease ? :(.
yeah hahaha that cancer joke never gets old, I'm a cancer too <3 I'm gonna share my list, I'm choosing champions that kinda goes with 2-3 signs traits that I'm picking up my list: Aries - Pantheon - Strength/Power/War Taurus - Taliyah/Allistar/Sivir - Willpower/Money Gemini - Leblanc - Deceive/Knowlegde Cancer - Yuumi/Diana - Protection/Nourishing/Moon Leo - Leona - Sun/Splendor/Leader Virgo - Irelia - Maiden/Clean Libra - Shen/Kayle - Balance/Justice Scorpio - Miss Fortune - Power/Secrets/Revenge/Sex Sagittarius - Hecarim (I'm still effy about that one because hecarim doesnt have the traits of a sagittarius) - FreeSpirit/Joyous Capricorn - Ornn - Grumpy/Hardworker Aquarius - Zoe/Illaoi - Believer/Young forever. Pisces - Xayah & Rakan/Nami/Soraka - Humanitarian/Spirituality
: I disagree, {{champion:516}} Ornn fits Capricorn much better than he does Aries. Really the only thing that makes Aries a better fit is that Ornn is literally a ram, but Capricorn is a goat so it's not that different.
thanks! Ornn is one of the canditates for Capricorn <3
: While I understand your reasoning for Pantheon, I think the most obvious choice for Aries should be Ornn.
hi! yeah Ornn was the first who came to my mind when I started doing the ideas for aries, but he didn't fit the signs traits.
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: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
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: Firing CertainlyT
I think CertainlyT champions breaks the mold and allows Riot create more champion with some of those mechanics...for example yasuo mobility and wall wind...became an open door for Kalista passive...braum wall, shen/poppy shield, etc....and lets be honest new mechanics and such its always a hot mess in league.....I mean when MF was shiny and new she was op...because of her yeah thanks CertainlyT for breaking the mold.....can we just nerf yasuo shield? ty bai.
: Personal belief is that the early game domination of sorcery (primarily comet) and lethality, are a bit overtuned, allowing utility marksman like MF/Jhin/Varus to crowd out other marksman that need to scale up with gold. We're looking at some changes which should start making that less true, and as such I'd expect we start to see a re-emergence of some more variety of bot laners, but we shall see! TBH not sure why you're getting downvoted, it's a reasonable question :/
since when MF is an utility marksman? her only utility is her E (and lets be honest varus e works better and deals more damage)....and thats the only reason she is being abused with comet/aery. for me utility marksman have more ways to deal ashe/varus/jhin.
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: Varus had a bow, his color scheme fit with Aatrox's, and we saw from Kayn/Rhaast's VA that Varus was a darkin. Nobody's voice lines have any indication of Cassiopeia being anything but a cursed serpent lady. We already know that Cass was "transformed by the venom of an ancient Shuriman tomb guardian", both from her short bio and from the 'Descent into the Tomb' video that preceded Azir's release. Turning Cass into a Darkin would require retooling her character on a very core level that, frankly, I doubt Riot would go for.
well, isnt poison a weapon?
: Unlikely. Cassiopeia has no weapon, no voice in her head telling her what to do and the snake part of her does not fit with Aatrox, Rhaast and Varus' color schemes.
Varus did not have either, maybe they will change her lore again, I mean, serpent statue thing, empty chamber? seems like Cassiopeia got cursed with this "sister" darkin and has it in her, like her body changed and everything. I expect some lore changes coming to her, open your mind a little bit yisus.
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: Riot should bring back old pro spectate mode
: Wait, did you just comment the same thing twice?
sorry it was the page, it got buggy and I clicked on "post" again, did not notice. Not the biggest of a deo anyways right?
: Aren't we all tired of two/three items Vaynes, Xayahs etc. bursting people down like assassins?
I hate vayne so bad, I know Ill lose when she is on the enemy team, no matter if she was behind, she gets two item and starts 3 AA kill people, she does not need armor pen cuz of her W and her R and Q makes her hard to catch, may God have mercy on you if she has a Karma, Lulu or Janna supp.
: Aren't we all tired of two/three items Vaynes, Xayahs etc. bursting people down like assassins?
I hate vayne so bad, I know Ill lose when she is on the enemy team, no matter if she was behind, she gets two item and starts 3 AA kill people, she does not need armor pen cuz of her W and her R and Q makes her hard to catch, may God have mercy on you if she has a Karma, Lulu or Janna supp.
: Can you take Cassiopia bot lane?
Idk, she depends hard on having mana to do any damage, against a supp like Janna, Soraka or Sona, she will have a bad time having trades since she is gonna get oom quickly. You really cant trade all the time when you are cass at the lower lvls. Other adc would be better since they naturally have resourceless damage.
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