: Aphelios (New Champion) Bio Dropped
Aphelios himself is just an uninteresting Kayn clone, definitely more tolerable since he actually gets defeated. Alune is the real shit, looking forward to her
Fuya (NA)
: {{champion:119}} His story is literally just becoming famous world-wide
Falrein (EUW)
: Is that an actual fear? I don't think they'd go as far as to erase Talon... Again, I know it's probably an irrational fear, the best I can tell you is, it would be ridiculous in that General du Couteau and Talon can exist separately and create different story hooks, and putting them as one would only reduce these potential story hooks!
I can tell you the same for your irrelevancy fear :p She won't deal with npcs always, of course they'll tie her to a plot and other champions of Ionia and maybe other continents. The answer is same as everything. Time and patience! And for my fear, well it's kinda weird still. Swain, Katarina, Cassiopeia, Quinn... Those all got updated without a word of Talon. If his "sisters" and his supposed rival are not gonna speak about him, if not for the man speaking to every Noxian... It's a stupid fear, but it is one. The possibility is there. Also, Talon was never necessary to the disappearance of General, never ever. He always was an unnecessary character. Katarina 2.0 everywhere possible, in-game and in-lore. Seems like a good time to get rid of him once and for all... But I do know they won't. Too big of a change.
Falrein (EUW)
: What are your biggest fears regarding your favourite champions/regions' future?
Talon is now General Du Couteau. Talon itself doesn't exist anymore. Oh also, I'd be just disappointed if they made him into a generic assassin guy but that's not the end of the world.
: More of House Du'Couteau! {{champion:91}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:69}}
Thank you for bringing it up my friend.
rollz3 (NA)
: Realms of Runeterra: a brief book review
Even if you got it early when did you read it? Did you just look at the pictures? Seems fishy man, reaaally fishy FISHY FISHY FISH!
: The worst thing about how Riot develops Lore: Other champions don't evolve with them
Terozu (NA)
: Garens age was confirmed when Lux's comic dropped. It would take me less time to find that than the Reddit post tbh. Lux as of her comic is 19, Garen is 5 years above her. And at the release of Necrits video, Garen was officially 21 himself. Necrits age video was very wrong in a lot of places(Akali is _not_ 22, she's 17/18, 19 if you wanna stretch it). He also called Ekko 16 and Taliyah 22, when he's a year older than her AND she's confirmed as 16(so... many... fucking... times...). If you go back to posts from around the release video you'd see I lambasted it for it's utter inaccuracy.
Taliyah is around 23 in current timelije though. You gotta check your resources bud.
Terozu (NA)
: Bruh, the man isn't old enough to drink. This was confirmed by his writer on Reddit a couple months ago.
Ok now you are mistaking Talon with someone lol, if a rioter mentioned Talon about lore... I would know. Don't ask how :p
Terozu (NA)
: To be fair, his base skin makes him look like he's 40, despite the fact he's below the drinking age.
: Can we please acknowledge Talon in the lore already? You even gave MALPHITE a lore update before him
: In game it's called legion general but image name is the lost general. Also it has a interaction with darius, he says noxus welcomes you back general. So yeah it's most likely katarina's dad
I know... Maybe check the name first, I assume you learned it from Necrit too :(
GreenLore (EUW)
: Yeah it does look like Riot is making it a trend to turn characters from the lore into champions. Anyway I feel like the biggest problem for Du'Couteau is that of his theme. I mean Riot tries to give every champ some unique theme and we already have 2 noxian assassins in the game(both filling different assassin-archetypes), so its gonna be hard for the general to stand out among them thematically without making one of the assassins feel obsolete.
The key is to not make General an assassin. He is told as a great assassin but I always thought of him as the leader kind of champion we lack in the game. Support like if you may say so. He may force teammates to give them buff kind of things, from what I see general is defined by his harsh training and unshakable faith in Noxus.
: Is General Du’Couteau coming soon?
I wouldn't say anything yet. I got baited a lot of times in the past, and won't make random predictions until I see the next roadmap.
: Do I think General Du'Couteau is going to be a champion in League? I think it's very plausible. Would I like him to be? I'd rather he not. I think League needs more stand-out, unique, and impressionable (and not dead) secondary characters. I think having strong secondary characters is important to make the League World feel larger and important. If anybody who's anybody is made a champion, it makes the world feel smaller. Legends of Runeterra has done more to advance League's cast of secondary characters through card art, interactions, and flavor text than League proper and the Universe page has done in YEARS.
I would have agreed with you but that nobody you speak of is the father of Cassiopeia and Katarina. He trained Talon. Black Rose and Swain themselves actively played part in his disappearance. If Darius' interactions are any indication he respected him too. He is just lost. He will not get some random bullshit like how she was always chosen by the mist or how a random void creature grew on him by chance.
: Hi Lewanor, thank you so much for sharing your ideas and chronicling so much lore and information about a character that clearly means a lot to you. Your body of work is as impressive as it is staggering. As I hope you can appreciate, I don't have enough time to read through every facet of your work here. However, I found your gameplay kit proposal and would like to focus my feedback around that (especially since it's what I do at Riot!). I really liked the emphasis on Talon's bladed cape, which I think is the coolest part about his visual design. I agree that there's a lot we could have done to push that idea further and make his cape more incorporated into his combat pattern. Maybe some of these ideas infringe too much on Irelia's identity, but I think the space is rich enough for two blade masters in one game. :) As for removing his stealth on R and giving him some other tools, I think that change is a bit risky. You caught yourself by admitting that it may be too overloaded, and I agree with you. For an Ultimate, it's usually better to create 1-2 effects with obvious success/failure cases. Talon's current ult succeeds at this because it does the two things he wants most- deal a ton of damage to one isolated target and escape afterwards. By giving him damage reduction and slow reduction, I think he becomes less of an assassin and more of a skirmisher. Still a cool identity, but likely a different one from what Talon is today.
First of all... No, thank you for taking your precious time to read, even if it's just the gameplay part ^^ Yes, my intention was to give Talon an identity around what he stoods out with, his blade cape. Only thing that makes him unique. Not gonna lie, Irelia did play a huge part in it. With all the blade's going out and coming back I think they are pretty similar, just that Talon is an old champion so he's of course not on the level that Irelia is. Well since I'm always more focused on the lore the only reason I tried to give Talon a gameplay update was to make his gameplay canon, like the new champions and rework we have nowadays. Talon's blades coming out and coming back to him, him going invisible instantly... I only wanted to get rid of these without thinking how it'd play out, not sure if I do even now. But I know something, if Talon is to revolve around his cape, it requires a new kit from ground-up, not just some differences. But that's not something I'm capable of D: Thanks again Lutzburg, it really means a lot!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
tamaya (NA)
: Well, I think his costume can be better. However, if you want to say “make his face an anime pretty boy that appears in a dating sim”, I would disagree as one of Talon's fan. I really like his current splash face.
I really could't care less about how Talon's face looks when the other parts of his design are so neglected. As I've spoken in the past while the good-ish parts of his design are just copied from assassins creed, the things they added like armblade and capeblade doesn't get past beyond "rule of cool". I trust team will try to make some sense out of them, and I look forward to it. Also why would you think I'd want that :p His all post release skins are him being an anime protag fucc boi, having that as Talon's canon look would be the last thing I'd want D:
: I dont get it... you are complaying that Vladimir.... looks like.... Vladimir?
We see the flaws of the champions I like. Since Legends of Runeterra and The Wild Rift is great chances to update the champions who won't get redesigns soon of course we'll be sad if nothing gets changed. I understand Blood and hope they change something until release. I hope they'll change somethings with Talon if he gets in one of these projects and not stay the same. It's the missed opportunities that hurts the most, not the "not given" chances.
: I gotta say, I was a bit disappointed with the champions they have chosen to represent Piltover and Zaun as well. We hae Jinx, that's great. Heimerdinger..... not really the first Piltovian coming to my mind, but fine. Token Ezreal.... And the weirdest thing of all: TEEMO?! Why the hell is Teemo in the Piltover deck? It doesn't make sense, they should have left him if they will make a Bandle City deck some day. He doesn't fit in these cities.... There are so many great champions they could have picked, like Urgot, Camille, Caitlyn, Singed.... And got god damn Teemo. ;__;
I think they wanted to show the mushroom deck but Bandle isn't ready yet and Teemo doesn't really fit anywhere so they gave it to Zaun/Pilt
d00mface (EUW)
: Lore Things You Want To See Added In LOR
Talon, Cass, Viktor and Ornn. Talon and Cass because maybe I'll finally get Du Couteaus interacting with each other... Cass finally talking to Katarina for the first time, Katarina talking back. Them finally acknowledging the existence of Talon... Would be awesome. Viktor because I want to see what they can do with GLORIOUS EVOLUTION! Really curious about how they'll implement him as a champion and the cult revolving around him. Ornn because we need that ball of fur in game. Edit: FORGOT ABOUT KALAN. WE NEED KALAN IN LoR!
La Bello (NA)
: so are these VU's ever gonna happen?
It doesn't need to be game. It's already redesigned as you see. There are worse situations champs are in, have a little emphaty.
: The Lost General
Image is dead matey Edit: Also checked, the card you speak of is "Legion General".
: The only thing that's changed is that we're closer/readier to tell this story! My Swain is a little rusty, but what about something like: "No wonder, a man with so many children gave you so many blades."
I love you Inter, I'll be waiting just like the past. And always! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING UP A QUOTE!
: Ask me anything!! (About narrative (for Warwick, Urgot, Swain, Nunu & Willump, and Pantheon (VGUs)))
What quote would Swain have against Talon if he was released today? [Did anything change since this? I hope I'm not being annoying D:](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7vqwkp/were_the_rioters_who_updated_swain_ask_us_anything/dtul2p6/)
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Nylisa (EUW)
: {{champion:91}} ... {{champion:37}} <.<
: If LeBlanc has been manipulating events for centuries, two things going "wrong" is a pretty good track record {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}. Personally, I think what makes the game between Swain and LeBlanc (and all of Noxus really), so interesting is that it has so many levels that only they can see. Is winning really winning? Is losing really losing? What if you have to lose on level 1 to win on level 118? Tldr, ask yourself why LeBlanc doesn't seem to be bothered by this as much as we might be. (I worked on both characters, btw. But not the Mordekaiser update, which we have to assume presents things from his point of view, with LeBlanc's story still to be told...)
And here I wait, waiting to see how Swain will use Katarina and Leblanc manipulate Cassiopeia. Maybe Talon will do something about General
: Would Sylas ever team up with Noxus?
#***Noxian swine, Demacian swine. They'll all end up at the slaughter!***
Jacksin (OCE)
: What's your personal favorite ship?
darkdill (NA)
: Will Lux's bio get changed due to the events of the comic?
"Too much work?" What more do you want? Want them to sacrifice their firstborn to Lux too?
: That HAS to have been either Mecha Sol or Dunkmaster Ivern. There's just no other answer. Or a similarly flopped release a longer time ago.
Since she emphasizes on great, I think it's one of the Papercraft skins.
: Ezreal cinematic
: I never thought about Talon and Ekko but I love the interaction you came up with. Overall this looks amazing.
Since I gave Talon a gang much like Ekko, and Talon's childhood is much version of Ekko's in this take, I wanted him to relate to Ekko. Guide him and not let him become what he doesn't want.
: Hey I know you from Talon Mains community! great post.
: {{item:1036}} **L O N G S W O R D S** {{item:1036}}
: elderwood arhi
Elderwood Ahri is the least problematic skin choice in this whole year. The patch she came with had only her as a mega popular champion. Look at other patches dude, please.
: I love the Sona quote, "The song is almost over. And when the music stops, we all fall down." If Talon is going to be the cringey edgy guy at least have good quotes like this unlike Akali's whiney edginess
That's one of the ones I took from outside! It's from Dishonored. Outsider says it
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
That EoN change seems bad. Really bad. It should stay like how it is now imo
Sent Nudess (EUNE)
: Leauge Of Legends Movie
Genius. Congratulations for your amazing question and idea.
Zahtar (EUW)
: Riot, please give Xin Zhao a horse
: Neither are Garen and Taric, but that doesn't stop you.
Cadence, please stop. He is clearly not qualified to be a human. He does not understand you, he can't because he is completed blinded by his own belief. Stop, you are only hurting yourself. Let him rot in his own view
: Train conductor ornn.
Train Conductor Ornn.
Bultz (NA)
: Can anyone actually confirm that this is a leak?
As a wise man once said *Can't confirm nor deny.*
Falrein (EUW)
: Random idea - The Ionian Wars and their remnants
https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/009/754/180/large/konstantin-turovec-028.jpg?1520713381 *For the Stormwind*, **For The King** and ***FOR THE ALLIANCE!***
Kshaway (NA)
: Can we have an in game event, that directly effects lore?
They did exactly that 8-9 years ago. It just fucks everything up, and those time league lore was just a bunch of headcanons. Now we finally have a dedicated team of writers. Just let people do their work. Big stuff ain't happening in the non-canon game. Those are reserved for either future games or novels kind of stuff.
: Katarina looks like Garen's sister, truely twisted.
: If you are going to continue to release more Little Legends..
It really is bullshit not being able to get the starting legend you want, more bullshit when even with money you still don't get what you want. Let the RNGesus take the wheel and hope for the best
If that happens before the important thing...
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