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: Honestly they should make a Warmog version that works the same as {{champion:223}} grey health, so if you engage, you're punished for it if you fuck things up The "poor tanks getting kited to death" are allowed to engage 1v5, chunk 80% of your hp, leave with 5% hp and can regen it all in a matter of seconds while you're left with 20% hp and can't do anything to stop this regen. Fucking infuriating to see a {{champion:12}} fucking up his engage, pressing R, walking away and coming back 3 seconds later and doing the same engage at full HP again
You know that's not a bad idea, Tbh I've wanted warmogs off aram for awhile now, and that just might work. it could also scale into late game start at like 40% and scale up to like 80% so there is chance of you still being out poked, but you will still get tanky enough to do things. Like I love the responce of is ziggs or sona fun to play against, you wanna know how much i give a SH!# about playing against them as garen with a snowball? i just get right on their butts, and just go to town. XD like an all poke team sucks, but if you have one or two good engage champs you will stomp a poke comp.
: League is a waste of time, don't let the Mods keep you down and speak your mind
If it's such a waist if time why waist more of your time here complaing about it???
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: league has become so boring to play seeing the same unbalanced things every game:(
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: you're forgetting that there should be an equal chance of getting aram only accounts on my team AND the other team. if i got another two back to back matches against veigar since the time of this post and haven't got him once since, it feels like riot's algorithm needs fixing.
I mean they don't really have the time to hand pick accounts that are specifically made for Aram, I know I have an Aram account. Which yeah may seem scummy, but I got tired of playing udyr, and aatrox on arams. So I'd either say get with the program and make an Aram account, don't play arams anymore, or just don't worry about the pick rate for Aram anymore. Edit: not to mention not everyone's champs they want on arams are considered busted, one of my favorite champs on arams is akali, and if the other team has a decent amount of CC I'm fucked.
: if it was random then there'd be a 50% chance of getting a team with more poke but it really isnt,
Point 2: ARAM-OP Why do some champions, such as {{champion:76}} kitty heal-spears, show up so often in an ARAM game? It's because of that guy. No... over there, the other one. That guy, of course, is the guy with an ARAM-only account. It's an account that he created purely to play ARAM and it only has his favorite champions for the map. If he only has 20 champions, then he's got a 3.33% chance of rolling any given one even if there's no overlap with the free list. (20 + free list = 30, in case you're confused.) But you want Miss Kitty too! ... shame you have every champion, because your odds of getting her is 0.87% So the whole thing is due to something that should be obvious: the fewer champions you have access to, the more likely you are to get the one you want. And that guy with 20 champions hand-picked for ARAM? Yeah, he's got a 2/3 chance of getting one of them. Throw a few of that guy in a game and, voila, team-comp OP.
: if it was random then there'd be a 50% chance of getting a team with more poke but it really isnt,
First, let's simplify the problem. Let's say that there's 100 champions available. Then let's say that, on average, each champion is owned by 30% of players. This is, of course, a gross simplification, but it'll give us a good place to start. With these numbers, each of the ten players owns 30 champions and each champion is owned by 3 players. Of the champions a player owns, each has a 1:30 (3.33%) chance of being selected. Among all three players owning this champion, this chance raises to ~9.67% chance of being selected. Quick aside for those of you screaming that it's actually 10%, because three players makes it 3/30. Nope. Let's say we want {{champion:45}} some tiny evil. Player 1 has a 1/30 chance of getting him. Assuming Player 2 doesn't own the champion Player 1 rolled, he now has a 1/30 chance. Adding their odds together, you'd get 2/30, right? Well, no, because Player 2 only gets the chance if Player 1 didn't roll him already. So Player 2's odds are actually (29/30)*(1/30) = 29/900. Between them, the odds of getting some evil is therefore 59/900. Finally, player three gets his chance and it works the same way: (841/900)*(1/30) = 841/27000. Add his odds in with the total for 1770/27000 + 841/27000 = 2611/27000 = 9.67% Of course, this increases slightly if someone rolls a champion owned by someone after them... but it's a small enough difference that it doesn't really matter. Anyway, this makes sense, since there's 100 champions and 10 players. You'd think any given champion would have about 10% chance, right? Right. ... except now we get to mess up EVERYTHING. We're gonna add in the free list. Again assuming that everyone own 30% of the champions, they each already own 3/10 of the free list. So each one has an extra 7 champions in their pool. This means that any given non-free list champion is even less likely to show up in the game: 7.89%, to be exact. Okay, so more champs makes any given one less likely, that makes sense. But what about the free list? How likely is any given free list champion to show up in a game? 23.97%, that's how likely. That's right, if every one in the game owns 30/100 champions, and only 3/10 of the free list... then each free list champion has a nearly 1/4 chance of being in the game. Conclusion: The free list shows up more often because they are available to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to play them. This is from Checked the math too, just to be sure. So you feeling like it's not random, or it's rigged isn't correct. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: My Client Bugged out during a ranked q, and wouldn't let me lock in.
RetQuetzin was there, and witnessed me not be able to do anything, while in the clients voice.
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MrHaZeYo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MH Remember Me,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vWKAeV8j,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-27T22:27:53.357+0000) > > Not the point, the game felt the same in season 5, a little bit perverted in 6 and unrecognisable at times in 7 & 8. The core of the game has changed. No kidding? The core of the game has changed, I think I said that. The game changes to keep it from feeling the same year in and year out while keeping it the "same". People being able to solo carry in a team game in Season 3 wasn't that fun either. One person shouldn't be able to backpack the game. You adapt to the times or die out, that choice is yours.
> [{quoted}](name=MrHaZeYo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vWKAeV8j,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-28T00:56:18.482+0000) > > No kidding? The core of the game has changed, I think I said that. The game changes to keep it from feeling the same year in and year out while keeping it the "same". > > People being able to solo carry in a team game in Season 3 wasn't that fun either. One person shouldn't be able to backpack the game. > > You adapt to the times or die out, that choice is yours. Agreed.
XinCrin (NA)
: You need to send in a ticket to support. It'll take a a couple days :/ but there is no way around it
Do you by chance know how to do that?
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: Leave buster
You really should send them a support ticket, not post on the forums if you want it to be seen my friend. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
tΙºoºtΙ (EUNE)
: Hextech Mystery Champions are RIGGED!
I mean I've personally opened champs off all prices with my loots. I also asked around with friends on my discord, and they all agree we it seems to be just as random as I feel it is. I think you just have a case of really bad luck my friend. Sorry. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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: i think you were probably thinking about pbe. That's where the loot dropped out and the free champs were free to play
I literally feel so dumb right now. I thought i made this post on pbe. holy crap. Don't mind me. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: In any elo Yasuo is over powered no matter what i will say i wrote this out of anger but I still prove very good points about all the champs i talk. I'm low elo yes I mean very low I did have a account that was only level 30 and then had to make a new one because i lost my account info (new account is only level 28). So all the champs i talk about in this is true, i'm not saying that all slightly good champs are broken but Yas and Syndra are super broken
So Syndra when her ult or e is down, when she is literally open to all attacks? is broken??? Yasuo who they had to buff recently because he was suffering in high elo is broken??????????
: they're not disabled
Lol, It literally said on the notes in the client that it was, now it's open.
dayveeed (NA)
: Loot System [Client]
Holy Crap, no one reads what Riot has to say about shit? they have already said it's disabled because of the influx of new players. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
All i see is someone who is low elo, and thinks champs that are not broken are broken, just cuz they are low elo monsters is that right??????
: loot doesn't work
Does no one read the threads at the top????? They said they are disabled due to high demand with all the new players. all champs are free to play right now because of it.
: Didn't get my M7 Token for getting an S- on vayne
Like DariusDemiurge thought, You have to get S, or S+ to get Mastery 7. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Seraph's embrace visual shield bug
It's happened to me a time or two. XD
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
🎆 💮LilyRyeChu💮 🎆#4693 {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: it's a buff of ez. They mentioned it in the runes q & a
Thank you! Sorry, I was a big fan of ap ez mid, and I can do it again! <3
It's because of all the new players bum rushing buying tons of new champs that the shop is down though. Like they are trying to get it running again. People don't seem to understand that pbe is a much, much smaller server than live, cuz its a small sample of players compared to live. It's sole purpose is to find bugs before the content goes to live.
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: The artists behind League Facebook Stickers
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
My biggest main is {{champion:99}} , though I play a lot of {{champion:412}} , {{champion:35}} , {{champion:107}} ,{{champion:17}} , and {{champion:150}} .


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