: login - log out issues
@riot please fix your website here: https://auth.riotgames.com/login#client_id=rso-web-client-prod&login_hint=na&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Flogin.lolesports.com%2Foauth2-callback&response_type=code&scope=openid&state=_brqmyHwB5gJgJEaXGRmMO8eqKw_tCU0qKl6XYPdJJE&ui_locales=en-us it f**kin sucks when you want to watch vod's and live shows for rewards but it keeps kicking you out and forcing you to watch them while not logged in, this is an on going 5 month issue and i've broken 1 keyboard already due to rappidly pounding the esc key to force the page from not loading and f**king me over to re-log in, this is getting to be as bad as politics talk and it's long over due for a change. thank you.
: I am silver 2 trash. Why in the heck am I always against high golds, plats, and sometimes diamond?
I'm in the same boat with normals, currently silver 2, playing against gold 1, and higher, sure gold isn't great, but in the ranking perspective, it's still considered higher and better play style then those of silver, so I agree, MMR needs to be properly adjusted, to match those of the same skill level, even if the player has over 50K games played since season 2, (yeah I know I played a lot, but with age comes slower reflexes, followed with injuries), MMR still needs to be adjusted for norms as it is for ranked. Ezpz.
: login - log out issues
Riot should fix this then instead of ignoring issues that are flagged as a ticket. I'm fine once i spamm the (ESC) key, but i cant select the rewards link, i can how every select the other links such as vods, schedule, ect, but the rewards link just circle jerks me into log out, redirect, log in, 5 seconds of vision on the web page, into another log out, redirect, log in, as followed from the links given, i completed my 3 vods missions, but i wanna complete one of the 2 missions, LCS/LEC, but F***ing riot still dilly dall'in along with other parts of the websites hosted by them rather then checking the importance of tickets. please fix this, stop **** sucking other parts of the website, (i starred out the cus words because i wish to still reply to my posts, and comments as i see them, also I'm currently frustrated that this is going on week 6 and still nothing resolved at all), jesus!
: A little bit late my man, I don't even play this game anymore and this is the first time I've logged into my account on the forums in nearly a month. Coincidentally, you just responded to this month old post several minutes ago, what perfect timing Also I reread your post, I never said that you were playing Riven, you said top lane is an ez win if you pick Fiora into Riven, You shouldn't lose lane to Fiora as Riven, especially with the help of the jungler, Actually since Riven was nerfed in Patch 9.10 maybe Fiora defeats her now, who cares anyway I don't play this game anymore
the matter of the fact is that fiora's passive is already true dmg, let her take conq, thats bonus true dmg from adding ad, let her pop off with an ult, thats healing and dashing every attack and and every 2 seconds, from conq and her ult, since conq allows healing percentage from dmg dealt and gives true dmg at 5 stacks from bonus ad, it turns her into a killing machine for 6 seconds, allowing your hp bar go from full to zero in a blink of an eye, if not a blink then a few blinks, then you're left to watch the grey screen for as long as your death timer shows.
: Conqs's really not that much of an issue though. Fiora usually goes Grasp due to having the true damage in her kit already. The only reason she'd go Conq is for the AD, that's about it.
yeah the bonus ad added into true dmg allowing more true dmg output and getting the heal feedback from the conq, her ult would just increase it, making her a killing machine against tanks such as garen, you may ask why im so strung up on garen? it's because im a garen main, and he is my go to during blind picks or as first pick before the enemy top pick in draft/ranked, and the last time i vs'ed a few fiora's they ran conq, and made me look like a teemo, just a firework every 30 seconds followed with a grey screen for 10 seconds to 60 seconds depending on deaths, and length of game.
: I mean, if Vayne is such an issue with her true damage thats build in, its a clear fucking sign such damage shouldnt exist unless it was a simple flat amount with no scaling whatsoever (Also wish her parry didnt like, stun you for 2 seconds for using cc. Shits kinda annoying when cc is the only thing in your kit that can save you from her bullshit onslaught. She can eat it, but fuck it changing to a stun.)
with Vayne it's understandable, and i respect vayne as i do play her as well as go vs her, but you dont see vayne's with conq and see them stacked at 5 like melee champs (refresh rate) for all of 5 seconds or longer as described in the tool tip for conq.
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: Teemo isn't trash, its just you cant pick him unless the enemy drafts something he can abuse 24/7. Sadly for him Jax and Riven light him up like a firework.
as a garen main, i make teemo's look like a siege minion at 12 mins in, and make him look like a mage minion by 25 mins in, i've been playing since the start of season 2, and every teemo i have faced has been garbage, why you might ask, because i've practiced to learn how to counter those who are a counter to me, teemo and jax being 2 of the many, and teemo is the easier of the 2 i have listed on this reply, jax is another story, i counter him as garen early, but into late, he can counter me, so im still practicing on that. but my post is not about teemo or jax, it's about fiora's passive (true dmg) and running conq (more true dmg at 5 stacks) making garen useless when she drops her ult and spammed lung every 2 seconds stacking that true dmg and healing with her ult and conq.
: Also, your losing lane to Fiora as Riven then ... Also, her problem is more around %max Hp Also, there are way more problematic top laners rn {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:67}} They make Fiora look like the weakest part of the meta
i never said i was riven, i said i was garen vs fiora, the matter of the fact is conq on fiora is 2X more true dmg then fiora's passive alone (true dmg passive) hence making garen useless. please read my post again, and understand the facts.
: Most fioras dont run conq and instead run grasp. Also conq is really bad early. Also fiora doesnt build black cleaver. and every champ you listed beats her except garen.
i dont think you understand my post correctly, as stated conq on fiora can handle garen like garen handles teemo's he us useless vs her because her passive gives true dmg, and at 5 stacks of conq, thats more true dmg, there for garen is useless, please read my post again, and understand that conq with fiora's passive is 2X more powerful then without conq. thank you.
: Conqueror From 10% to 8% on PBE
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/VYzkgXiZ-fiora-needs-a-nerf nerf fiora's passive or conqueror, or both, but either way, something with these to combined needs a nerf, can't go melee vs her, she just shreds.
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: Nerfs 9.8 and a little rant/talk about assassins
lets not forget that they removed a permanent E from cho gath, so no more infinite vorpel spikes, but yet they give urgot a infinite W, so logical, urgot is the new (old cho gath), when will riot realize they just reversed the infinite aoe dmg on 2 champs that are both part of the battle cast, and yet one gets nerfed yet the other gets buffed into being broken.
: Hack which hides your items and CS
when she does camouflage it wont show her items because she is disguised as a team mates champs, so by that it will show the items of her teammates, and cs should show her own, but it's also bugged to show her's or her team mates cs, not sure as i haven't paid much attention to that, either way though, it will show her as zero items when she does camouflage until she uses an ability or takes dmg from an enemy champion.
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