: God dammit, eyes. It always happens!
Nevermind that the circle hitbox is invisible 99% of gameplay! You're at fault!
Askarth (EUW)
: CC is not a real-men legit fighting tool. The reason is, guys in smack-down can grab metallic chairs and face crush them to the opponent, but the opponent can immediately reply to this attack. Say, with CC, the opponent does not have a chance to do any single thing against it, unless he buys a QSS that has a huge CD in any kind of consecutive skirmishes, so basically leaves one with pants on the air while the rest of buds do their thing. Now tell me, in which world men fought incapacitating opponents for 3 seconds, 5 seconds, whatever?
Knights in Medieval combat relied on simply knocking the opponent down and attempting to beat them while they were down after. That was mostly the case of armor simply being too good though back then (swords didn't do jack shit to it), and well, we all know armor in League is basically useless...
Ah, but what you're failing to see is how the 1 pixel of Ez's ulti touched one pixel of the larger-than-wukong circular unit hitbox around wukong!
: > [{quoted}](name=Babydactyl,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hOhrXdA1,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2019-06-30T02:10:23.958+0000) > > The thing is, Shaco had almost 2 items plus tiamat and boots. Morde had not even one item and boots. Shaco was also 6-0, and morde was 0-6. It's ridiculous that a fed shaco can't kill someone who is practically inting. Ye but what assassin do u think woulda won that fight? I dont thonk many would.
{{champion:84}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}}
: My time is now. There really isn't anything specific here other than the fact that it's one of those balance levers to keep him in the jungle. His rotations with camps consistently take multiple Q's early game, and along with the jungle item in general backing him up in Mana, you'll never really find Kayn short in mana when it comes to his main form of jungle clear. However, and I've found this way more noticeable later in the game, constant action on the map and in lanes, frequently leaves me with very little mana on hand, especially when my only time for regen is when I'm actively using that mana to jungle clear. I kinda hoard the Blue Buff to myself sometimes, just because how much i need to be everywhere in situations like that.
What this guy said. High mana costs combined with high regen allow a champion to have shorter skirmishing periods, but to be able to recover from them after. It's definitely something that helps jungle clears too. If he had low mana costs and low regen, he'd be able to fight more continuously, but once he's out - he's out for a while. High costs with high regen is somewhat characteristic for assassins, since they operate in a short burst window.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Apex,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eA7I1yNf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-15T05:47:46.490+0000) > > Yes. > AP Jhin > Max e > Stack e mines on top of each other. > W the morde who walks over said trap. > Instant kill. ur kidding? or not that sounds like some AP shaco aka heavy situational stuff.
It's definitely not a build I recommend but AP Jhin traps do some hilariously massive damage. But then again so do full build AD Jhin AAs sooooooooo...
: What's the point of adding such weak AP ratios to QIYANA kit?
Barso55 (NA)
: True damage executes are too strong and need to be toned down
ChoGath is meant to chunk with his ult. Darius only gets huge damage if he has a bunch of stacks on target. Garen is... Garen, like really. He's not that amazing of a champion. PYKE is however, basically criminal. He has a resetting true damage EXECUTE that has a threshold about the same as Cho's, in AoE form, that can be held onto for 20 seconds after usage. On top of this, unlike the others on this list, this fucker is extremely mobile AND has stealth. If you think Darius' reset mechanic is nutty, take a look at Pyke's in comparison sometime.
: How do you think new Mordekaiser will do against other top lane juggernauts?
I actually think he'll do well vs Darius, since he'll be fine with his passive and shield Garen will however destroy him with the silence+spin Trundle would prob be a skill match-up Think he wins vs Nasus (until late, anyways) Yorick beats him out due to harass potential Urgot would prob be a skill matchup too. Illaoi LOSES HARD because she can't seem to use her tentacles/spirits in the Death Realm. Idk about Mundo and Aatrox because of their regenerative natures.
: Because their first item is generally health-heavy, while tanks go a more armor-based route. Just because they're getting more health doesn't mean they're tankier than you, though.
*Laughs in armor-neutralizing items/runes* They still think resistances are stats.
: How can a Vietnamese guy reduce ping in NA server?`
Aside from totally not clicking that link, here's what I'll say: No program will noticably increase your speed, particularly internationally. Were it at least somewhat more local, you could maybe get a 10-50 ping difference, but realistically you're not going to get very far.
: Okay but is that really worth giving him so much damage? There are strait up mages and MP bruiser like Rumble and Singed that have less going for them
Because he's a JUGGERNAUT. This is the same class of champions as {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:83}} - All of which HURT LIKE HELL when they actually get in range. Your comparisons are bad too, Singed is a wonky split-pusher with extreme movespeed and a VERY discouraging trail for chasing, and Rumble's damage and cooldowns are ridiculous compared to Cho's - As well as Rumble's engage range, his ult is massive.
: I wish more champions had a CTRL + 5 Feature
: If my champions theme is to 1v5, would it be fair to give me 1 shot burst, sustained damage, sustain, mobility and 25% tenacity per enemy that out numbers me? Because that was old irelia and her theme of "equal battle", and that was toxic.
No one said it wasn't toxic. Even Riot agreed she was toxic. Rakan however, is not toxic at all, and while flashy - Isn't overpowered.
: HOW IS THIS NOT AN S. Seriously Riot
A reminder! A surprisingly strong factor in getting an S is vision score! If you're not placing and killing wards, you probably won't get an S. Your vision score is compared to all tiers of players for that champion.
: I think it was pretty clear they were saying that overly-mobile champions are un-fun to deal with _as well as_ point-and-click CC, not that those champions have point-and-click CC.
Personally I don't think Rakan is a good example though - Is he mobile? Yes. But it totally fits his theme of showing off, and at the very least he's not going to one-shot your entire team in 2 seconds like a Yi.
Pika Fox (NA)
: They removed them because they greatly deterred from the experience and were negative all around.
: How do I get my {{item:3075}} to reduce {{champion:8}} `s healing :c (don't tell me to pick a specific champion that has a taunt)
Vlad habitually auto-attacks targets during his attack patterns anyways, particularly early game. You WILL actually proc this against him, believe it or not.
: Tips for playing Teemo?
Don't. I'm serious. He's really bad in this meta. They've got a lot of changes coming to him as well, so I'd wait to see how those work for him. All in all, Teemo's struggling, and doesn't bring too much to a team other than some objective control. IF you're going to play him - CDR and shrooms. If you're not shrooming up objectives, you're basically a weak ADC that happens to do magic damage.
nelogis (EUW)
: Do those look like buffs to you?
I don't see how a bunch of cast time removals, doubled damage output on Q (if single target), and a straight up AS buff aren't... Well, buffs.
Comentários de Rioters
: > [{quoted}](name=Corrector1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ii0fQd7k,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-05-08T03:15:40.902+0000) > > That sejanni didn't deserve baron though she got destroyed/outplayed. Why does the game reward dumb plays such as this. I hope you won this game. OP is seju o o f
Regardless, I think even OP would agree they didn't properly steal it - This is very strange that it's allowed.
: why talon's parkour needs to be changed
'Short cooldown' What??? 160 seconds is short??? I mean yeah it goes down with levels, but it's still 60 lategame, which is ultimate-level CD typically.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Malpercio,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6jJRbZPX,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-03-18T09:08:17.597+0000) > > In addition to Yenn's comments on Jax being able to attack and use his abilities; Jax also reduces almost all other forms of damage (Anything qualifying as AoE) by 40% with his counterstrike. Zed Shurikens, Lucian Ult, Kayn Q and W, ChoGath's -everything- besides ult, Etc. Anything that's not single-target point and click will basically have damage reduced. > > It is NOT limited to just auto-attacks. 25%
Muh bad, wrong number - But point still stands. Goes WAY beyond auto-attacks, particularly since this stacks with his innate defenses (which are high thanks to his FREE STATS BUNDLE ULTI). Honestly a way to tone him would simply be trim the fat, much like the nerfs to Irelia.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Malpercio,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6jJRbZPX,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-03-18T09:08:17.597+0000) > > In addition to Yenn's comments on Jax being able to attack and use his abilities; Jax also reduces almost all other forms of damage (Anything qualifying as AoE) by 40% with his counterstrike. Zed Shurikens, Lucian Ult, Kayn Q and W, ChoGath's -everything- besides ult, Etc. Anything that's not single-target point and click will basically have damage reduced. > > It is NOT limited to just auto-attacks. Lucian ult is a single target ability that just hits multiple times. One bullet hits up to one target is what i mean. I believe its the same as reworked leblanc - she would get the full 15% healing from gunblade off her q if she ws and qs a wave.
You'd be correct in assuming that Lucian Ult is single-target based on what it does... But Riot decided 'fuck logic'. For all intents and purposes, it procs as AoE - This is likely because of potential abuse with DD and GB. You can check this information on the wiki.
: Basic attacks and basic attack enhancers don't make up for "95% of most champions' kits". That being said, I do think something should be done about it. Maybe make it a channeled ability? As in, Jax can't use any auto attacks during the channel, and if he uses his Q (because all of his other abilities are just self-buffs), the E will end prematurely. This means he'll no longer be able to activate his E and then jump on someone with his Q, activating the E again to get an instant stun, and he also won't be able to attack while he has it up. Champions would also be able to cancel it with hard CC. I do believe this is the healthiest solution, and would give it counterplay beyond just "run away".
In addition to Yenn's comments on Jax being able to attack and use his abilities; Jax also reduces almost all other forms of damage (Anything qualifying as AoE) by 40% with his counterstrike. Zed Shurikens, Lucian Ult, Kayn Q and W, ChoGath's -everything- besides ult, Etc. Anything that's not single-target point and click will basically have damage reduced. It is NOT limited to just auto-attacks.
atorelle (NA)
: Please stop saying "Lux is broken/OP", and is easy to dominate lane with.
The only thing I will say is that she often receives seemingly random and unnecessary buffs (IE: Her reset on ulti, when it's already like, a super low CD anyways?). She's never really been underperforming since like, S2. Oh and her hitboxes are fucking psychotic but that's a problem with League as a whole and less-so just her. Certain skins even amplify this problem (Looking at you, Steel Legion)
Yenn (NA)
: How did Kayle's hit box make it past QA?
It's 2019 and Riot still can't hitbox. Like, I wish this was a shitpost, but it's not. Still part of Kayle's shenanigans is her wings aren't part of her hitbox consideration, as far as I can tell. Body-wise, it might be accurate.
SCP 106 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Betty McPetty,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KF0bVpO5,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-17T17:32:22.402+0000) > > Through all the complaints, I've never seen someone bring this up. > > Yasuo has an anti-stupid-player mechanic on his ultimate. If you R someone under tower, it will literally misplace Yasuo to be outside of tower range durring his ultimate. (Unless you're literally standing behind your turret) > > TFW you can't even hide behind turret against Yas lmaooo It's brought up more than sorakas heal to full health from 10% health in an instant garbage :)
Okay but like - That's literally all Soraka gets to do. She's an immobile healer support who is incredibly squishy and barely does any damage. If you're complaining about Soraka in this meta, you've got more issues than just game mechanics.
: No one thinks they have to make an argument. I asked someone why Yasuo needs to be nerfed and I got a reply along the lines of, "A stupid comment deserves a stupid reply."
Well, tbh, Yasuo doesn't need a 'nerf' - He needs a mild rework. IE: Functioning without his double-crit chance, Q functionality (namely spammable resourceless ranged CC in lane), and windwall fixed so it's not a spellshield, doesn't block backwards, and doesn't allow him to just stand inside of it for protection from almost everything besides melee. He's not overpowered in the typical form, he's oppressive if you're not one of the like, 5 champs that do well against him, which is -weird- considering he's supposed to be a lategame hyper carry with a weak early game... Yet you see him all-in almost anyone at level 2-3 with confidence. He has extremely weird powerspikes due to itemization as well, and is notorious for doing extremely poorly in lane and yet still being able to threaten an entire team once he has like two items, meaning a small window to punish him that he is unaffected by. It's a bunch of SMALL things that earn him his 60~% ban rate across almost every server. Just doing numerical changes won't alter how utterly frustrating he is to deal with.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Malpercio,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bEf3xi2r,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-17T20:43:23.454+0000) > > https://slideplayer.com/slide/8447297/26/images/11/Structure+of+Argument+Claim%2FArgument+Reason+Reason+Reason+Evidence.jpg Damn what the hell happend to the "n" in the first reason.
Dunno, didn't make - Typo aside, it's still valid.
: You know, I've seen a few Vayne's not make{{item:3124}}, and without it she's kind of not that great. What if that just remove {{item:3124}}, and {{item:3161}}. Then about 90% of the bs this game would be fixed... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
{{champion:96}} cries as the only item that makes him viable is erased.
: The strongest counterpick into Pantheon top is Nocturne top. Your passive outheals his poke, which forces Pantheon to use all his spears just to be able to CS. Which means he never gets kills, and never becomes relevant.
{{champion:58}}{{champion:31}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:14}} Also work pretty well.
: Quicksilver Sash/Mercurial should not exist.
{{champion:90}} As long as this champion exists, that item is a NECESSITY. There is nothing 'fair' about Malzahar's kit, as a point-and-click instagib CC is absurdly strong by itself. You don't even need 'poor positioning' for him to potentially wreck you with it. {{champion:72}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:142}} are also some worthwhile examples of why this item exists.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Malpercio,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=i46O4JhE,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-03-14T03:03:18.693+0000) > > KogMaw's rework got reverted, as did Rengar and LeBlanc's. Ah, but they were only reworks in gameplay. Reworks, in the sense of VGU’s, have never been reverted, nor will they likely ever be without extensive work. Not to mentioned some pre-VGUs were binary or unhealthy.
This is true, but for the most part the VGUs have been VERY successful. Most of them were completely necessary (Looking at you, Poppy and Sion). People can whine about the changes, but I've been fine with almost every VGU except Swain's (They went a little -too- different there, and even they admitted that). That being said, I still acknowledge that some changes to Swain were necessary.
Vyniadus (NA)
: Just revert the Vayne buff already
They should have like, given Vayne more MS on her passive and rewarded her more for good condemns. That would be a skill-oriented buff. Instead, they just gave her spammability.
: These kind of threads are entirely pointless. No rework is getitng reverted, doesn't matter how well thought and deep your thread is. If you wanted to preserve what made Kayle's core then you should have written something deep and well thought during the period we knew she was up for a VGU in order to let Riot and other players know about it and have a discussion which the Devs could have used as feedback. I mean, look at MaliciousMetal, he was all over the place when Mordekaiser popped out both as for his speedy rework from CT and after Riot said Morde would need another, more complete one. He made tons of threads explaining what made him, what was sacrificable and what the kind of gameplay ppl expected from the character was. Ofc I'm not asking you to match his... obsession... nor his dedication. But being quite for the whole time and popping out with how you despise it and that they should revert it after the thing is well and done (and even released for a while) it's just pointless. Edit: **You guys can rage-downvote as much as you want, it doesn't change the fact that the chance to give feedback in order to preserve what you liked of a character is BEFORE the VGU lands, not after.**
KogMaw's rework got reverted, as did Rengar and LeBlanc's.
: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Unsung Grandmaster Tier Kayle Top, 71% winrate (New Kayle) https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Azazel%20Aerternum "Bronze 1" Kayle 'Support' 100% winrate (New Kayle) Well, 100% last 11 games straight, 81% factoring in all matches, including two which had AFK / Inters in them (14 in a row if you factor out the two games with AFK / Inters) I put that in quotations, b/c Riot likes to use past ratings as a basis for current ones, and let's just say I'm decidedly not 'Bronze 1'. New Kayle is fine, I just got out of a match with Klepto, where I got a skill orb pre-11, got my ranged at level 10, then got a second orb after that, and got my True Damage + 16 powerspike at level 14.
Tbh that's WAY too RNG to rely on, the powerspike with Klepto you got. That's like, 1/1000 games status there.
: Ah, while I agree, I'm forced to also disagree. The problem is the way they went about it. I've made a post before on this. If they want to keep this changed up kit, they need to increase her early game and downplay the late game spike. Her new heal at least in functionality is a lot better now, since its not actual "single-target" its Her and an ally. The Ultimate is stupid, no joke, but it does encourage you to not use it on yourself... which is what most people did, ha. The new Q is... if it didn't have a wind-up before firing, it would have actually been perfect. As for the way E and exalted work, however, that is a complete joke. Not being ranged until lvl 11 is bad. I miss the old Kayle where her extra range was still considered melee, and could crack Yasuo mains behind their wind-wall, but the late-game that E is just ridiculous. They need to make her early game-play more healthy, or crunch the numbers and make her ranged from the get-go. The rework can make sense, yet it was so poorly implemented. I understand why you hate it, I also understand, this change can be good if they tweaked shit into something not so damn janky.
The old E was considered ranged, but it wasn't a projectile - Therefore Yasuo couldn't block it with windwall. I believe there's a few other cases where this is a thing (Azir? Idk off the top of my head.)
: Kayle needs to be buffed not nerfed
Q maybe needs a range buff of like 50, it being the same as her AA range makes it useless to catch people really E needs to refund a portion of mana on minion kill so she can actually use it to farm early. It should also not like, break her auto attacks.
: What do you guys think about buffing Aatrox's sweet spot Q damage?
They need to revert the removal of his dash stacking. That was like one of his core mechanics. All the damage nerfs to him have been valid though. He can maybe get some QoL tweaks, but damage buffs are def not necessary.
: (New) Kayle is Disgustingly Broken (And here's why)
Her playrate and winrate currently are very skewed, and varying wildly from site to site as there's not currently enough collected data to draw any conclusions. Some sites had her at like 18% WR for a while. Some are also including data from older Kayle still. As for her 'AoE true damage', it's not usually even a big deal tbh. Unlike Vayne, it's a flat amount, not %HP, and it's usually 100-200 damage at best. Most games don't even last long enough for her to reach that anyways. Her E has absolutely no scaling on it's active, and can actually hit for 0 bonus damage. The ratio on the passive is 0.2 bonus AD and 0.1 AP. Her W heal is a joke unless you go full AP, in which case you're not pumping out the carry DPS. 'Invincible' is a poor term to use for an immobile carry who has no escapes whatsoever and has to shut down her DPS entirely to use her ultimate. Basically, your entire post is hyperbole. There's better and stronger hypercarries. PS: There's other MS boosting abilities that scale with AP too, such as Sona's E.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cloud273,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mG0RPWiL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-13T03:01:07.874+0000) > > No they haven't been reverted. If you check surrenderat20 they're still there. And I'm not complaining. I'm just giving my opinion. He doesn't deserve the nerfs. There are adc's with WAY higher winrates in literally every division. https://imgur.com/a/14OFEMs And yea he totally needs a nerf
Tear needs to not stack with itself, Iceborn Gauntlet needs to be made melee only because Ez literally breaks it every time it's strong. Gutting AP Ez was never the answer and I'm glad they realized that.
: Know any champs that counter Kayle? even if she reaches 16?
Her 16 is simply 'more power' and doesn't really solve her more crippling weaknesses. Prey on her immobility, vulnerability to CC, and that she can't AA during her ulti - Even if she uses it on someone else. Mind you, you can still CC her during her ult even. {{champion:23}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:266}} are all champs I know can just annihilate her.
: Why Does IMMOBILE MANA DRAINING champ Jayce get nerfed but not HYPERMOBILE MANALESS Riven?
Sorry but Jayce is busted too. Not saying anything about Riven, but Jayce is essentially tanky Nidalee with AoE spears that detonate even without contact and self-peel, CC, and continuous DPS. He's been a notorious problem champion and this will likely never change.
: No other champions are breaking the game completely that buy {{item:3161}} We know {{item:3812}} is broken on Riven because she has a spammable shield.
{{champion:58}} would like a word with you.
: They previously didn't. Although back before it became the norm, the only example of a true-damage sure-kill was Cho'gath's R. To ask that champions who rely almost entirely on their execute to have the indicator removed is a bit of a stretch, since it, in every case with an indicator, is giving you completely necessary information for the function of the ability. Yeah, you can still get a kill if you hit someone with Pyke's or Cho's R, but without an indicator you wouldn't know if you're going to get the reset or a stack. Other champions don't have such a thing because they don't have a mechanic that relies on it. Urgot can't even activate his until the target is within the threshold. It is a necessary function of the ability. On the flip-side, if you're to call for removal of that indicator then it's only fair that similar indicators which are detrimental to the user be removed as well. Imagine how much less clarity there would be if you couldn't tell when Jhin was on the fourth shot or Annie had her passive up (though for a long time the only indicator for Annie was a particle effect that her E could easily hide). Or even when Darius had Noxian Might. Such things are in the game for clarity because they display when core mechanics of the abilities are available.
We don't speak of the dark times when Annie could hide her stun. It taught people a very important lesson though: She always has her stun.
: the only error here is asking for kayle buffs lmao. she is already strong af and ppl are still learning her.
She definitely doesn't even remotely come up to the same level as other hyper carries (Vayne, KogMaw, Yi, Trynd, Jax, Etc.)
: buff .... needs ?
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