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: @Riot why do you release so many naked male champions?
I know the void characters have male-like voices but assuming they have genders like humans is just foolishness. Also you forgot Anivia{{champion:34}} is naked.
: I HATE this idea that attractiveness has to be there for a purpose
Remember when Riot thought their most sexualized character was Ashe? Her voice lines suggest that they once did.
Jhynx (EUW)
: I just f*ing hate the amount of toxicity i come across
Not sure if you have, but if it bothers you enough, I think it's reasonable to ask other players in the game to also report. Honestly sometimes other people especially the enemy team just don't think to do it. Personally my ranked experience has been pretty good lately but things fluctuate and some people get luckier than others. I know what you mean with no feedback for reporting. I don't report particularly often and even less often do I see any feedback for it. I think it really boils down to how many people in a game report someone so just making sure other people report too and keep fighting the good fight.
Cólma (NA)
: Impossible to climb honor levels.
I think they're just trying to make it more exclusive. Last season it feels like nearly everybody had honor 5 at the half-way point. Personally I'm at the last checkpoint before honor 4. I just try to be really nice to everyone and if I can make a really cool play that benefits a teammate, I try to be selfless as possible.
Y ì (NA)
: Why.
Personally I'll be sad to see it go. My favorite is that camps will flash lvl 7 mastery when they kill you.
Ärchaon (NA)
: What do you guys think is the strongest role in the game?
Seems to me like this is awfully dependent on team comp, but I've had enough games where our adc just couldn't get it together and we were unable to match up late game because of it. just people think adc is bad now because it's more slanted towards the late game with more expensive items.
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: How to deal with a toxic friend
Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21. KJV In other words, you just have to keep countering his toxicity with reason. People often imitate what they're exposed to. So if you remain calm and reasonable down to a fault, there's a chance it rubs off on him. But seriously, why would you play {{champion:17}} ;)
: So I made a song about Kindred
As a musician, and someone who just picked up Kindred, I very much appreciate you bringing this piece into existence.
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