: Bots in bot games
Just do what I do: Check the number of bots when you're in champ select. If it's 3 or more, roll a 1v9 champ like Darius and revel in how absolutely broken you get from all the shutdown bonuses. https://i.imgur.com/x70JhkL.jpg
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Hotarµ (NA)
: Bots n' Things
So I was doing some bot games to get used to the new items and dragons and such, and had a bot in my first game. "No big deal, there's usually one or two when you're doing a bot game." Second game: two bots. Third game: four bots. I think it's just something about right after a season change or patch, but it really brings out a ton of bots. [The REAL 9v1](https://i.imgur.com/Ez7plVQ.jpg) Edit: Pointing out that I picked Darius because of his 1v5 faceroll potential. The new naming scheme of the bots seems to be some irl name followed by a few random letters, like "JacobEsg" or "TimothyLva", with ghost/heal (probably because low level). They then buy boots first item and stand at inner turret until something gets near and then they follow that (minions, champs). I figured it out after 2 games, so at least I realized what I was getting into. Unfortunately, I couldn't /remake. On the plus side: I dragged out the game to 45 minutes so i could get 4 dragons (after I thought about it).
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: Every energy champ already has a refund mechanic. They don't need any more regen since it regens at 10/sec.
Have to proc your refund mechanic to make it worth, and it would bring more variety to play. Plus, 10/sec isn't really that much with some of the costs (180 for Shen taunt).
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: Train and Troll with Tristana and Trundle Skin Bundles
I could've sworn that when Karma, Trundle and Sejuani had their big reworks their traditional skins were to be solely for those who owned the champion beforehand and would never go on sale even as legacy ..? Maybe I just misinterpreted the way they put it.
: Patch 5.10 notes
Could this W change mean the return of jungle Karma? Awwwwww yiss. I used to love Karma before her rework because she worked in literally any position besides adc (though I guess technically it could work) as an unkillable kite/bait monster. For those complaining that ulted W is "only" as good as Morgana's Q, don't forget that it also heals Karma for a % of her missing health, which means she's still amazing for both causing and receiving dives. The damage on ulted E wasn't really the main reason to do it either, it was more for the aoe speed up and shield on initiate. I just wish RITO would bring back Karma's stacking of ult charges even if it's just back up to 2. Those were the best days. And yes, I DID main Karma back before the rework and I WAS pissed that she changed from a well rounded champ to a generic mage, but she's been getting better.
: Brighter than the power of love, it’s Star Guardian Lux
Tuxedo Mask {{champion:98}} when? It'd be perfect! Just make him throw a rose for his Q or when he ults someone and maybe yells some flavor text when you /joke when {{champion:99}} is around like "Get it together, meatball head!"
: Speak for yourself, not all of us are insecure over a skin in a video game.
I'm a grown-ass man and I decided to buy this the second I heard about it.
: it isnt useless once u hit level 30... its useless once u get all of the champions and 20 fully custom rune pages which takes about 3 years probably more(this is if you dont by champions with rp)
I have all champions, 20 rune pages and almost all runes even including ones related to energy (been playing for quite a while), have spent hundreds of dollars on skins because I think they're worth it, but believe that this should be related to mastery. Similar to the "skins get wins" mentality, having a chroma pack would then have an intimidation factor that tends to get lost when a skin has been on sale X times. Higher mastery = more chromas unlocked and grade them on mastery level for further impact. Especially so when that champion is "flavor of the month" For example, I tend to like playing champions that don't get much play (any champ that's been remade? I probably mained it for a while) and try to make them work and aside from Traditional Karma/Trundle it'd be kinda nice to enter a battle with a champ that I main who only recently got popular (like abusive synergy with a new item or w/e) and people go "ugh another Galio, why does every nub think they can just pick up a strong champ and .... OH CRAP IS THAT A RED COMMANDO GALIO?! ffffffffffff"
Boswick (NA)
: Big thank you to the Riot Balance Team.
Yeah I don't know why people are pissed that tanks are becoming playable again. Tanks are SUPPOSED to be able to soak up the damage a carry does and dish some out (usually more utility than damage). If you're getting crapped on by the enemy tank, try building to counter that (Merc Scimitar, Maw, Banshee, etc.) I see too many ADC building PURELY damage until SUPER late and complaining about getting killed by a tank's chain stun when seriously even a single MR or HP item would have let them survive the initial burst and lifesteal their way back up. tl;dr - git gud
Aerothal (NA)
: Can we have an additional map in the Match History that shows wards placed?
If you want to see ward placement, spectate higher ranked matches and keep an eye out for wards. Also like 50% or more of jungle guides have maps on them with effective places to ward, some being as detailed as ranking by importance or saying what situations to ward where. The actual placing of wards comes down to experience, getting into the habit of placing/clearing wards and developing somewhat of an intuition on where/when to ward in general or against certain champions (warding against a Shaco is different than against a Nunu).
: A tower went down in bot lane. Looks like both of the mid champs are done farming
I'm gonna play devil's advocate here and say that going mid and shoving their outer turret makes bot lane a lot safer for you because the amount of time it takes for an enemy to go from outer mid turret to bot outer turret isnt that much different from the amount of time it takes you to go from bot inner to bot outer and even with wards they still have the advantage in the jungle.
: Point click CC is heavily needed in this gap closer low reliability game.
This is a terrible idea. It would negate channels of some champs entirely like {{champion:9}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:19}} and in your replies to people you claim ADCs rely on ignite barrier AND heal over this (I prefer heal but a lot of times it's more for the speedup than heal), but having a stun also kinda works as an escape, especially considering that a lot of junglers are melee. Making it more effective on melee champions is something they tried with Youmus and BotRK but in the end it didn't work. In the end it provides too much counterplay against a handful of champs (melees and those with channels especially), and some of those champs aren't even really that strong at the moment.
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Anzell (NA)
: Prices are absurd, I could make my own for less than half the price on most of these.
Don't tell anyone I told you this but you could probably get Chinese knockoffs that are better made for cheaper (even after shipping). They do a pretty good job with fake/custom Nendroids.
: Those hoodies are awesome, but they cost a {{champion:26}} bucks.
I expect these kinds of prices at Disneyland, not from RIOT. Either the merch store is 3rd party and charging a premium for the service, or RIOT has gotten more greedy.
: Glad to see Rito enforcing metabreaking
... for once. Bring back old {{champion:43}} and old {{champion:14}} RITO pls!
: OK Riot.. & Every Reader. Instead of giving Stonewall a bad time for his gameplay footage, which is not as bad as some think. Let's think about the impact this has on all players. First, Stonewall is a very capable and skilled player who is more capable than 90% (( and that is being very generous to players)) of Ranked NA. If hes having problems, which are obviously happening, it doesn't matter how much more damage he could of avoided as a pro, 90% of NA players are going to do just as bad or worse. And if you want to look at it as, maybe its just NA who cant handle this, think again. People all over the world are shaking their heads at these mechanics. Even Koreans. And they are Demigods. Now obviously I'm not going to go into how bad NA is, we all know it. But we have to agree that if the rest of the world is troubled with these changes, chances are there is a problem and we shouldn't just brush it off as 'oh that footage wasn't the most pro thing I could have seen' If it were incredibly pro footage would you have a problem? NO. You would think there is no problem because he breezed through it! Instead of trying to ignore the problem, Players. Think about it like this. If you're in Gold I or lower, this probably will effect you badly. ESPECIALLY THE PEOPLE IN BRONZE AND SILVER OR UNRANKED. - You need to actually consider that people are going to find the jungle so undesirable, now that the Jungler is completely alone, very in danger of losing his camps due to enemy invades and unable to even contest them, and if not that, no one will even leash for him in the start because the timers are no longer worth waiting for if you have lane minions to farm. Pre S5 players will lose interest in the position because its difficulty is not what they are used to. New players starting in Season 5 will not be able to utilize it until they hit 30, undoubtedly leading to their whole leveling period being even more toxic than what its like to have a new player. Remember when you took Taric Mid back in your first game of League? Want to see a new player Die to the Razor-Beaks every few minutes and rage quit every time you go to level a smurf? Team_Builder is going to be ousted, because no game will ever start because nobody will ever say "Lets go and play in the jungle, I'm excited to be treated like dirt for not being able to clear my jungle without going back and losing my blue buff because the enemy ADC and support had 3 whole minutes to take it freely before I could even attempt it.' - I'm a fatalist and I see the worst possible outcome in scenarios. I know this when I write all this out. But if you try to blow it off as I'm overreacting you should look really hard at the people around you in your next match and don't try to tell me you don't see how a person could come to this conclusion. I want Riot to see this and ask themselves, If our Userbase was toxic when the game was fun for every player, how bad are they going to get when a position becomes undesirable? And no, Support was not this kind of Undesirable. NOT BUILDING DAMAGE AND ACTUALLY HELPING YOUR TEAM, 'I DON'T LIKE THIS' says most players, is not the same as I CANT KEEP UP WITH THE OTHER PLAYERS AND MY ABILITY TO EVEN HELP THE TEAM IS GONE 'I DON'T LIKE THIS' If you want to reward the act of team invading the jungle, Fine. Go ahead. But aside from the Invade-capable champions who excel at level 1 jungle invades, you have about 60 champions who are getting the crap end of the stick. Just like 4 out of 5 enjoy the game their playing and the 5th guy is like, why is my job so hard, i should become a professional (Opt.) Laner so I can enjoy the game again. I {{champion:86}} Tee these changes if left unchecked and only slightly modified to still increase the overall difficulty without offering better incentive, Lower ELO (for lack of a better term) players will start to demand Duo top and bot lanes, say screw the jungle, and the overall feel of ranked games will deteriorate into why even bother. Solo Queue is even more pointless.
> I {{champion:86}} Tee these changes if left unchecked and only slightly modified to still increase the overall difficulty without offering better incentive, Lower ELO (for lack of a better term) players will start to demand Duo top and bot lanes, say screw the jungle, and the overall feel of ranked games will deteriorate into why even bother. Solo Queue is even more pointless. You kidding? The new smite-buffs and items will bring so much variety to the jungle I anticipate it will be a more hotly contested position than mid. If you're a tank, start with smite-buff on Gromp for the reflective damage. If you're AS/AD, start with Krug's. If you're a mage maybe get a leash and save smite for red buff for the hp restore? I dunno, someone will probably find a good strategy. And then the items on top of that and even the elixirs? Jungle has never been more appealing to me.
: this is interesting. i had no idea players stuck to the coop vs Ai.
When I first started playing LoL I played with friends and played lots of games while leveling up with them. Hit lvl30 and most of them quit shortly thereafter (jobs, etc. were already taking their toll on our game time but we decided to at least get to 30 together). I started a new account (don't think I'd call it a smurf) because I felt that learning to play by myself would be like playing an entirely new game... The problem was, back then there was a LOT of toxic players and since my friends and I always communicated through talking and not pings/text I fed a lot in my first few games. The deluge of negativity my team shot at me somewhat traumatized me from playing solo ever again (unless it's one of the new game modes where nobody knows what they're doing). This 2nd account has I believe over 2000 bot matches over 3(?) years of playing, and I still have a good time with it (when there isn't a character botting every other match). Some matches are full of skilled players testing out a build or getting their first win and steamroll the game, others have players so new to the game they think Annie/Ahri's autoattacks scale off AP (it's a fireball, right, why would AD change it?). Helping those new players through opening up plays or doing a great job supporting is very fulfilling, and to be honest it's something I've done in every online game I've ever played. Heck, my old Vanilla WoW raiding guild (competitive raiding guild, 2nd in NA to take down C'thun, baby!) used to laugh at me because between raids I'd see people level 25 "LF Healer Gnomeregan" and bring my full T3 druid. :D Wow, this post ended up a lot longer than I thought it would ... umm ... show's over? Gooooodnight everybody! *blows kiss*
: The key is to follow {{champion:86}}'s example. Anytime you get mad, just scream "I WILL NOT FALTER!"
Or when I'm in the bathroom I follow his example and scream "DEMACIA!"
: Sion Q&A on 9/30
What I want to ask in the Q&A: "Why are you asking for input AFTER the rework, instead of asking the community BEFORE if they agreed with your changes?"
: Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, revealed
Dear Riot, I don't mean to sound like the "toxic" players who are complaining just to complain, and to be honest I doubt anyone will provide a positive comment on this but I want to get this out there. I understand that not only is this your game/property, but *as a customer* I can't help but voice my opinion. This is why probably (almost) every paragraph will begin with "I" for future reference, think of it as "I, your fan and loyal/paying customer." I like this new Sion. He looks interesting to use and might be pretty good at breaking up hold that Renekton and such have on toplane. I think the passive and all the abilities are fine, even if other champs have those abilities they don't have them in that combination which means different playstyles. My main beef is this: why is this a rework and not a new champion? You've done this many times and every time I can't help but feel saddened. I'm going to use Karma as an example of this because she used to be my favorite character until her rework (was tempted to rant on Soraka's rework making her useless in all roles but support, but that's for another day). For those unfamiliar with old Karma she had an offensive Q, a defensive E and a W that could be used as either or both depending on your skill (it made a line between her and a target that sped allies and slowed/damaged enemies). Her ult gave her Q a defensive property (% of missing hp heal in a cone), gave her E an offensive property (AoE damage like it does now but without the AoE shield), or made her w have double effect. A Karma player would have to manage their ult charges (the ult stacked like Zyra's seeds up to 2) and decide which mantra'd ability(ies) to use for a given teamfight. A good Karma player could support all game or start as a solomid/top and stay that way or transition into support. Her skillset was amazing for teamfights later on and she was a master baiter (heh.) This whole mechanic was scrapped for what? To become a generic poke champion with Q being your damage mantra, W your caught out mantra, E your teamfight mantra. She had such an amazing skillset but because she didn't fit the meta she was forced to and she lost so much. I feel the same thing happening with Sion. Long are gone the days of Bloodthirster and 5 Phantom Dancer Sion pentakilling the enemy team while standing on their fountain. Is Sion has been due for a rework? Yes. But to be honest I wouldn't call this a rework. When less than half of a champion's abilities remain and you rewrite lore to this extent it's not a rework, it's a re-envisioning from the ground up or "a new champion with an old name." With this "rework," Garros- I mean Sion - could just as easily be using his fists and lose the ax entirely, which again similar to Karma's and her fans (the ones in her hands, not the people who like her) were part of what gave that character their identity. I truly do appreciate the effort you guys go through with the eSports and marketing, and I know you guys work your asses off on that front, but don't forget that the bulk of your customers are rank-and-file casual baddies like yours truly, and more than winning I want to have fun with my friends in a game that we can share. Now, with all that seriousness out of the way ... inb4 "cry moar tin-foil-tier nub {{item:3070}} " also inb4 "OP can't inb4"
: Gnar Reveal
I'm imagining he'll play like an extreme version of Rumble, with a poke form and an all-in form that you have to manage via gauge. Boomerang instead of Harpoon, Hop instead of Scrap Shield, and Mega Gnar covering the 100heat flamespitter. I'm very much looking forward to experimenting with his mechanics. I'm also curious how he'd work as a jungler.
: Champion and skin sale: 07.29. - 08.01.
Doesn't Sandstorm Katarina have a special taunt or dance or something?
: Make more skins for Jinx/Fiora/Morgana riot!
They need more Frostbut- I mean "Frostblade" skins.
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: what's that taste like?


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