: Does the system think I'm toxic if i type anime related japanese curses at people for fun?
If you don't know what the words are... just don't. I've seen this happen many times before, and it never ended well for anybody.
: seems kinda like a 'rant' section post to me
No, this is a behavior problem in the community that needs to be punished and punished HARD. Riot's too motherfucking goddamn soft for this god-forsaken community and needs to purge it to within an inch of its life if it's going to be salvaged.
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: This just in: Local goldie barely learns what Diamond+ players have been explaining all along.
Except I've been explaining this and posting dozens of threads about it for the past five years.
Blaxonec (EUNE)
: I agree with you mate. I saw your rank - gold. In gold elo players are chasing kills. Like no brain chasing kills. And after they got a kill they get back to lane to farm (not to take dragon, turret, herald, baron, inhib). I had such tilting games where we were so much ahead but the team refused to end the game because they want to be so fed .... so so fed that they feel it like a bot game. The intersting thing about this elo is that the team behind is playing to survive and by that they do some objectives when they can. That leads them to victory. Just by typing that I got some really bad memories from that elo. Platinium 2+ is better for sure. Currently playing at Diamond 4. I had just 1 game (1 of all in thi elo) when we got baron and our jungler just went directly at our jungle and farmed instead of getting inhibs/towers .... yep we lost that game. As support player I always try to set up the team by telling them what to do. Like EVERYTIME I set up an invade from the lobby. Guess what, people in gold just dont listen , they do whatever they want which leads to very very bad invades. Like you ping him with danger to NOT GO there... well its his karma to go in there. In Plat 2+ and Diamond 4 when i say we invade.... folks are really invading. They are like a mini soldiers right there. I love it. Hate it that rank will reset and gonna go through all that again.
The thing is, everyone says every rank above their current one doesn't do it... but they all fucking do it. The entire fucking community fucking does it, going all the way up to and beyond the professional teams in the world tournament. In any other sport, that sort of mentality is beaten out of you miles before you even catch a fleeting glimpse of bush league status on the horizon.
: I agree, but its not as easy as you make it sound.. When a team steam rolls their lanes, those "objectives" become nearly impossible to take, because that collective enemy team can 1 shot half your team even when half of them are in side lanes. The damage creep and damage output in the game is excessively high. The only way, ONLY way a winning team loses is if they throw in a big way.. for over a year now, not seen a single game where the winning started losing and lost because the enemy team did everything right.. They only lost because they threw in a big way.
I very nearly won a game earlier because I focused on pushing lanes, even though I lost my lane because the enemy just kept flash ult ignite dumping me under the tower. Even camping my lane, as an entire team, because I guess they thought I was the person who murdered their entire extended family or something. I just focused on building as much attack speed and damage as possible, focused on pushing back the lanes if they got anywhere close to any of our turrets, and while my team dealt with them, shoved the lanes as hard as possible and took out what turrets I could before they would inevitably hunt me down to try and flash ult ignite dump me again. I managed to take out one and a half entire lanes, including an inhibitor, before I hit the dead end and we lost from attrition. Part of being able to successfully... anything, is having variety in the team. I've used the term overspecialization before, which means focusing on one thing so exclusively that you end up sucking at basically everything else. It's unavoidable on a champion-by-champion basis to specialize in one role, even if you do have some control over what a champion can do via builds, but when entire teams focus on doing one thing, and that thing ends up being the exact same thing, or they have the exact same attack patterns or movements or damage types, that's dangerous and not in the way that favors them. If you have a team of Zed, Yasuo, Talon, Vayne, and Pyke (and this isn't a contrived scenario; this exact lineup comes up a lot), then you have an overspecialized team that has nothing to fall back on once trying to nuke down the enemy team stops working, and the situations in which that doesn't work is vast. More so if the enemy is paying attention.
arowin242 (EUW)
: 'objectives win games, kills are but a means to an end.' flashy plays are nice and all, but they can always horribly backfire and end up losing you the game. they are simply not worth the risk in my opinion the best player are the best, because they how how to turn something like a CS or EXP advantage into an objective advantage and snowball further from there. this is why herald is so important, why mountain drake (used) to be important. hell, this is why _inting sion_ worked. ZZ'rot portal? same idea. kills are nice, they can be fun. but unless you translate that advantage that you (might) have gotten from it into an objective based one, It will NOT have mattered. That's all.
I made another thread elsewhere about how stupid theatrics get you killed. I've seen it happen to the enemy team, I've seen it happen to my team. More importantly, a good player knows how to play when behind, and it's not just conceding all objectives and towers to the enemy without contest. It's not spamming the surrender button until the Nexus explodes and it's not attempting to just constantly teamfight and hoping you'd win while screwing over your own team to get the kills and conceding every objective to the enemy team. I'm always running through plans and countermeasures to take an objective or press an advantage while I see people declare victory way, WAY too soon and either retire to the jungle, the fountain, or flap their mastery dick over the enemy corpse. Sooner than the [2003 Mission Accomplished Speech](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_Accomplished_speech) soon.
Dynikus (NA)
: >It's about objectives. You've unlocked the secret to victory, my friend. League is and pretty much always has been primarily a macro game.
That's the fucked part, though. It isn't a secret. Most of the community just... forgot it when they decided to focus exclusively on becoming the killfastest killfast of Killfastia.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lost R,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Op8uT0TW,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-14T22:15:52.167+0000) > > It isn't about which team fed more. It isn't about who didn't group for a teamfight. It's about objectives. Stopped reading there actually. If you feed the {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} for example, the game is 100% over. All the teamplay or objectives won't matter anymore.
And you are probably falling into the same trap of "I just need to burst harder than them and I'll win.", and never think to have any kind of crowd control or tank up against them, OR you expect to just 1v9 the entire enemy team, and that's your one and only tactic for all situations.
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: Cannabis as a Performance Enhancing Drug
Someone I queued up with said he needed to go do something. I wait, getting wrapped up in my personal projects, and half an hour later, the guy turns his mic back on and tells me that he was so high, he didn't realize that we weren't even in a game and had just been sitting in the lobby for the past half-hour. I removed him from my contacts list immediately after that. I honestly wouldn't know whether or not it's a PED, given that everyone I meet brags about how high they are just to make themselves sound cool (though they end up sounding like they don't realize they had shat themselves at least seven times), and testing it myself would be pointless since I'm almost immune to most things.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: He was an anti-mage champ. Before his moronic rework
I miss some of Galio's old skills. Bulwark was a giant plate of self-healing cheese, and I liked being able to give a crowd a speed boost. But this is better. I love getting the kill with Galio's massive prehensile fist.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Galio is a tank antimage
Except the whole idea is he closes the gap with mages with Justice Punch, taunts them, and they hit him like a wet noodle with their basic attacks while he dunks them up to their necks into the ground with Colossal Smash. Yeah, he can build armor and be your generic tanky bruiser, but his damage reduction and Colossal Smash scale with Magic Resistance. There are a lot of mages who fold like Superman on laundry day the instant they get into melee. Those are the people he's meant to squish. And there's nothing like taking a full Vel'Koz barrage to the face and have it not even scratch the paint.
: The League of Legends community has a reading problem
I have caused more than a few players over the years to scream in a combination of terror and anger until they started puking blood over me using proper spelling and punctuation, and many more times than that have been permabanned for how bad they tilted over it.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Riot's hidden Gold mine - Untapped
Galio's ult? What about Galio's passive?
paehko (NA)
: You do realize that on the players perspective, today might be the only day they have available time to be online on league to rank up before season ends. Its been a whole 10 years and as a huge company with huge earnings it really says a lot when Riot is unable to figure out their client problems for a decade. As of the moment due to log-in traffic I am unable to go into the game. No problem for me, but if problems like this continue to persist for the next 20 years, its a really big headache to not only me but most players.
Again, sometimes shit happens, and you're mad if you think a player would be able to just crunch their way to gold or whatever in one day, because that's what you're implying.
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: The best solution is to become a masochist and learn to love this kind of behaviour.
Or grow a pair, become a sadist, and learn to stop playing second banana to a spoiled little fuck knuckle of an ADC. If they can't learn to keep up with a support, then they don't deserve to be an ADC.
: Pantheon Mains... who do you struggle to play against?
No one. With the kind of shit I regularly have to deal with as a support, playing Pantheon feels like I'm cheating.
: You can not get a token on the game you hit Mastery 5 with if I recall correctly. It has happened to me once as well.
I believe it happened with me before... but that was a year and a half ago. When I did it recently, it didn't, either.
86400 (NA)
: You got lucky, just accept it.
It's amazing how much people in this god-forsaken community will move the goalposts of what counts as a victory in order to make themselves feel better about any losses they incur. "The enemy team didn't win, they're just playing as broken-ass champions." "That ADC didn't win; he just got lucky." "That support didn't win; supports are freeloading %%%%%%%%%%s that can't play a REAL role." "That tank didn't win; tanks are inherently broken." "That mage didn't win; Rito favors mages because of LCS play." And so on and so on.
86400 (NA)
: I saw a QTpie vid yesterday where he was laughing at BT as a first item because it's an awful choice.
It stops being funny when the opponent you're laughing at and mocking suddenly feeds you a combo platter of crow and your own ass.
5050BS (NA)
: Its called bad coding and champ favoritism
Right, because Riot has shown nothing but favoritism towards Braum.
musixxal (EUW)
: animation cancelling?
It depends on the champion and the skill. As far as I'm aware, it mostly affects skills that are on-hit. It's a small burst of power by most efficiently managing the timing between your basic attacks and skills, but then Riven's power is extremely dependent on that timing, and it gives her a much larger burst of power because of her passive and the way her skills work.
: Stop cutting your own junglers off of their gold and xp, k?
I'm a support, I don't do that shit; there's more than way too much to do because everyone retires to the jungle for ten minutes after the laning phase ends. Though I'll sometimes help the jungler with a buff or an extra shot if I happen to be passing by.
: What to do when feeling worthless and lost
I don't know. This is why "git gud" is complete shit advice. It's not like you could just go to the "gud" store and "git" a can of "gud". People learn in different ways, and have different speeds and capacities of learning. It ultimately comes down to practice and pattern recognition. Much of the game's learning curve is learning the pattern of enemy movements and actions. As much as it sucks, all champions encourage moving and acting in predictable ways, and if you can see this pattern, the game becomes much easier, even if you're playing a champion you don't understand.
Eedat (NA)
: Honestly this comes across as you trying to brag a lot instead of an actual complaint
When I say everyone came bot lane, I mean that my team did as well. If they didn't, we would not have stood a chance. Still, I find it stupid that people were complaining about a lost game despite us dominating the enemy team, all because I didn't build the exact item they wanted me to build at an exact time.
: I'm losing precision with age, anyone got tips or stories?
I used to have a pinched sciatic nerve that would occasionally cause pain in my right leg (this isn't helped by people's long periods of sitting). When I realized what it was, I started regularly stretching my limbs to relieve the strain on that nerve, and now I don't feel that pain anymore and hopefully it will help stave off sciatica. Also helps fight against arthritis, which, thankfully I don't have. Thankfully I don't have slower reflexes yet, either. It helps that I grew up on and still play old school shooters which really encourage that twitchiness, and my family seems to age slower than average.
: I'm losing precision with age, anyone got tips or stories?
I don't think people know what Boomers are, anymore. The Dissonant Field is getting stronger. This is bad.
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Whiisp (NA)
: OTP's is not as much of a concern as much as having a squad of 3 supports and 2 junglers for example, Obviously if you have 3 OTP's on off roles that's a different beast.
I prefer to be at least proficient with all champions and all roles. The higher your rank is, the less of a luxury you have to be an OTP.
Whiisp (NA)
: As much as Auto fill is a good concept on paper, it ruins too many games [Diamond 2+ (Diamond+)]
King6958 (EUW)
: Finding One Trick
A Yasuo OTP that brags about it? The orderlies are on their way. Don't fight them; you will only make what comes next more painful.
xelaker (NA)
: Thresh keeps guns in his torture realm? No, it's dumb as hell.
Based on the new lore stuff, it looks like Thresh has a lot more things in his lantern than even he realizes.
: Well, to be very clear here. Shouldn't that weapon only be available when she grabs a certain amount of souls within game then? To constantly see her wield it is very bothersome because these weapons are relics of light as to where that cannon is of a dark created by souls.
It's her going away gift from the time she spent in the lantern.
: Even in late game she can be one shotted and is less mobile than most AD Carries....
She's not so different from what she was like pre-rework.
: itemize correctly? There is no correct item thats my fucking point. You build damage you die. .you build health you die.. You build mr and armor you die. This meta is a joke. Do you see anyone Building tank? Anyone at all? No you dont because the game is unbalanced. And taking items like this on an adc is the exact thing you need to do to see that the games not balanced.
Because everyone would rather be the killfastest killfast of Killfastia. Whenever a tank IS in a game, everyone says they're too invincible.
: Can Senna have more heals and shields than damage?
Or you can just not freak out so much over getting kills as a support. Besides, if your ADC falls into despair in the middle of the game, then what? The support has to be able to pick up that slack.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Errr, some teams can't play defensive. They only ever succeed by playing on the offence constantly. So, IDK why you wouldn't mention that. Especially assassin teamcomps need to repeatedly stomp their enemies to succeed. If they try to play defensive they might as well FF and go next
That's exactly the point I've made in countless threads and posts for years, to the point where, for a while, searching for "overspecialization" in google brought up my various threads here on League of Legends about this for the first two pages. And for years, it's been ignored as the entire community continued to focus ever more exclusively on a 1v9 mentality and trying to get all the pentakills ever at the expense of their own team. And, you know, not focusing on objectives. That's the support's job now.
Doge2020 (NA)
: In terms of who can or can’t defend a turret. I think most of it boils down to the waveclear capabilities of the champion. Somebody like a renekton or illaoi can defend a turret much easier than a nasus (for example) because the former two can nearly insta clear the wave with Tiamat and their AOE spells. Meanwhile Nasus only has E to clear waves, and that deals nearly no damage if he isn’t full AP or not fully maxed yet. It’s the same for ranged champs, A brand/Anivia can defend a turret much easier than say a Sona or Vayne. (Not using you to specifically talk about you Lost R, using it in context of the reader) If you think that you are going to have to defend your base a lot during the game, then it is a good idea to lock in an ADC/Mage/Fighter or whatever that can clear waves easily. But don’t outright troll lol
It depends on the attackers. As a tank, I will take a nap under the turret if the minion line dies if it means my team can take the turret, even if it means I'm also getting shot by the enemy. Plus, there will only be another minion line in another 30 seconds, so unless you are able to force the attacking champions to disperse, they're just going to resume the siege after an extremely small moment of respite, and that's if they don't do what I do.
: https://static.techspot.com/images2/news/ts3_thumbs/2014/10/doomguy.jpg
> [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MZKkLEhf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-01T03:11:13.312+0000) > > https://static.techspot.com/images2/news/ts3_thumbs/2014/10/doomguy.jpg https://gdaeon.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/bj.gif
Bârd (NA)
: I think we've detracted pretty far from way support itemization was supposed to work.
Well, you know, this is what fucking happens when you force the supports to do every single fucking goddamn thing, including the one thing you have dedicated your entire existence towards.
: It is all important stuff I know. The questions is: What is the condition for winning a match? The game has a specific condition which is the purpose of the game.
Destroying the enemy Nexus or getting the enemy team to succumb to ultimate despair. The former is absolute, don't rely on the latter. What is there to not understand? Or has the community fallen THAT **FUCKING** _**FAR**_?
: True but most people don't go into games thinking they will lose hard and need to play defensive. So you end up having to play with what you have since its not likely they picked a champion capable of doing that.
And that's why I hate first pick. I end up having to counterpick the entire fucking team because everyone wants to be the killfastest killfast of Killfastia and expects everyone else to play second banana to them. Meanwhile I'm over here hoping for an even halfway balanced team so I could continue mastering other champions so I don't fit in the same category as all these Yasuo OTPs and I'm actually versatile and adaptable. 24 Supports is not enough.
: That depends on the enemy. I have lost games before because someone made the other members of my team who were melee's and assassin's play defensively against a poke/siege comp. It does not work if they're ahead since they will just poke you down under your turret then all in and kill you all if you're low health. Same with if you back out to go heal, they will just take the objectives anyway. A better strat I seen in soloQ is to make people buy control wards and ward as many bushes and places as you can then have someone split when the enemies not nearby to draw aggro while you try to make picks like 3v1 until enough of the enemy is dead that they cant stop you from turning it around on them. Essentially force them to separate and divide and conquer. I do agree going in the enemy jg at anytime with out it already being warded or you being ahead is a bad idea. Don't know why people do that one.
Or just pay attention to enemy locations and steal the jungler's shit when they aren't around to do anything about it. > It does not work if they're ahead since they will just poke you down under your turret then all in and kill you all if you're low health. Same with if you back out to go heal, they will just take the objectives anyway. And that's why I say that we need more than assassins and ADCs on the team. An AOE mage like Malzahar, Brand or Vel'Koz can defend a turret. A tank, if they have backup, can defend a turret. Yasuo can, kind of. Vayne can't.
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: What are the conditions for winning a game? (5v5 Normal and Ranked)
Objectives, plain and simple. All the pentakills in the universe doesn't mean shit if you piss away even 50 second death counters flapping your mastery dick at your own allies. More importantly, not allowing the enemy to take any objectives. Defense, and I don't mean defense as an waggling back and forth while they unconditionally take one tower after another without contest. I mean hitting them hard so they back the fuck off. AOE mages are great at defense; assassins and ADCs, especially single target ones, are not. Guess what entire divisions are full of? Oh yeah, there's also diversionary tactics, luring the enemy team to one side of the map so they leave an objective open on the other. There are thousands of elements, situations and tactics to consider that no one ever thinks about. They just bitch about how all the champions are "literally cancer" because their tactical acumen would allow even the minions to run circles around them in a battle of wits until the heat death of the universe.
Quáx (NA)
: As a jungler this is what scares me the most about Senna
Did you forget about Warwick, Rengar and Twisted Fate?
: Sennas kit feels usual and uninspired.
It's not a stealth. You can still see them; they just become unclickable along with their allies. A bane for most ADCs, not so much for Xerath or Vel'Koz.
: Can Riot admit that removing the 20% crit and giving cdr/attack speed to trinity was a mistake?
You'd have a better time trying to argue how they need to put AP back on Sheen. Most of the people building Crit. Chance are generally not building a Sheen item, let alone Triforce, so it's a wasted stat.
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