forknife (EUNE)
: mate i dont think thats how it works, by trolling i mean straight up fucking the game.
We all have to deal with asshats like that. 25% of games are unwinnable due to people like that, just accept it and move on to the next game is all you can do.
forknife (EUNE)
: Just a quick question.
: I restarted my computer and my client is working now {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I tried that, didn't work. Tried the repair tool and reinstalling the game, but I can't even reinstall the game now. Just dropped a ticket about it. :(
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: Favorite Pre-reworked Champ
Pre rework Galio was awesome. His ult was a game changer.
: Client still down for me?
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: Well. To be honest chain CC exists since season 3. It is one of the things that make this game playable. We have so much mobility and so many champs with dashes that you need to stop them with some cc... Imagine a yi that you cannot cc chain him for example. You wont be able to stop him. Similar to damage spells, dash (mobility) spells and shields you need to use strategy and play around the CD of those cc spells. If all 5 champs use their cc on you at once what does that mean? Well it means the rest of your team is free to deal damage and nobody can stop them. Not to say that your team can follow up with cc. Reducing cc in the game will just make this game very frustrating to play and willl make tanks and support essentially even more useless than they are. Edit: there are also many anti - cc tools: - Morgana shield, {{champion:25}} - Sivir shield, {{champion:15}} - Yasuo wall (in some occasion) {{champion:157}} - Cleanse {{summoner:1}} - Banshees {{item:3102}} - Mercurial {{item:3139}} - Edge of night {{item:3814}} - Malzahars passive{{champion:90}} - Shroud of darkness nocturne {{champion:56}} - Regnorak( olaf ult) {{champion:2}} - Alistar unbreakable will {{champion:12}} - Gankplnk's remove scurvy {{champion:41}} - Mikaels crucible's active {{item:3222}} Tenacity also reduces a lot of cc which if a champ has it make cc almost non existent: - unflinching (rune in resolve tree) - mercurial boots {{item:3111}} - legends of tenacity (rune in precision tree) Furthermore most hard CC are skill shots or conditional stuns which can be easily sidestepped.
I think you exposed the main problem: WAY too much mobility in the game now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Teh Song,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FYu1Jqxd,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-29T00:21:22.198+0000) > > The existence of tenacity isn't justification for being against this idea, because when it comes down to it cc abilities last longer than they should both pre and post tenacity. > Like you have to stack tenacity to get cc durations down to what they should have been before the tenacity. You do realise that the longest cc is 2 seconds right? and that you are able to get in theory almost 50 % just from runes right? essentially making the biggest cc last 1 second. also you do realize that on top of that you can buy items to increase the tenacity to further another 30 %?
There are CC in the game that are longer than 2 seconds. Morg bind is 3 seconds for example.
: simple solution and you see it high elo and pro play. they wait til 1 cc spell to wear off then hit another one. so if you are only being hit with one cc at a time the demishing returns wont do anything to fix that and dont need cc immunity there is soo much mobility in the game you kind have have cc, and if you are playing a champ with high mobility and get hit with cc well then you need to die for not dodging the cc
I should have noted that if you are hit with a second or third CC within .5 seconds, it counts as chain. That solves that problem. As for mobility, some CC is undodgeable, leading to the chain. And don't forget all the champs with little to no mobility.
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Jungle doesn't need buffs at all. The problem is there are so many broken/OP champions outside of the jungle. Riot needs to completely stop buffing champions and only nerf at this point until the game is balanced again.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Unless you had most wins at first place and then a few were lower you didn't have a 65% because anything under 1st place is actually counted as a loss even if you gain LP. It's why top chally players have a 30% winrate.
If you have a 50% win rate, you will climb. If it's below 30%, you fall. That's the way it's set up and it's just common sense. Show me ANY challenger player with a 30% winrate.
: His laning phase wasn't amazing, and that's how they should have left it. He's a fucking beast outside the laning phase and any attempts to stop an even going Jax who has completed {{item:3078}} + {{item:3161}} requires sending 3+ people to stop his split push. I am currently sitting at a 90% winrate on Jax on the Singapore server and the only other champ who gives me a similar winrate with such low effort is Tryndamere.
Agreed. ALL hyper carries should have bad laning phases, that's the trade off. If you pick a hyper, you should expect to lose lane (unless you are versus another hyper) and just play to scale.
CurS1VE (NA)
: Talk about Staple picks!
Add Ezreal. He's the safest ADC, can farm from range, puts out great damage, and has a global ult.
: Nerfing Azir, a champion that already struggles in lane early against assassins
I've always felt that Azir should be an AD mage. He fits the bill perfectly since his soldiers are attacking with spears. I think it would be great if they converted him this way. That would open up much more item paths for him. Plus it would make him even more unique in the game.
: Can we talk LP gains and losses?
My win rate at one point this season was over 65% and I was only getting 4 more more LP for a win than what I got for a loss. This made me climb so slow. I should have skipped several tiers this year, but haven't had that happen yet.
: These Jax buff are contradictory to his hyper scaling identity.
The Riot balance team shows every patch that they don't actually understand the game at all. Jax is probably one of the top 5 champions for top in the game. He definitely doesn't need a single buff.
: They could at least start with giving his W better base damage since landing it is so much harder due to the removal of flash taunt and the fact that it can be interrupted. This would reward Galio for landing an ability that’s much more difficult to land, up his damage in all roles, and best of all it wouldn’t increase his waveclear since W doesn’t effect minions/monsters. (Reminder: rank 1 W deals 10-30 damage, rank 5 deals 50-150, even fully charged the base damage is incredibly low at all ranks)
Excellent idea
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: That's what I was thinking too, I'm guessing {{champion:84}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:157}} and {{champion:238}} do pretty well into him as well.
Even a good {{champion:58}} can beat him if he uses his dash correctly.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lugg,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rEatbUzv,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-17T22:03:31.364+0000) > > Kayne has plenty of ways to get out with his Q, E, and R. Plus he usually doesn't have to worry about getting out because he one shots whoever he goes on, even if he's behind. R only allows him to dash to an enemy, e has to generally be used in order to get into a fight, and even if he has it up, it’s stupidly limited in combat, q is his main damage source, if he uses it to escape, he has no kill threat and even then. Small dash with a animation lock delay. Also, if you are getting one shot by a kayn who is behind, that says more about you than him.
Kayn's Q has basically no CD and his R gives his E time to get off CD. Plus his R allows him to dodge abilities and he can chose which way to exit (usually to the nearest wall so he can E out there). He's one of the slipperiest champs in the game.
: Why is their even a Master Yi?
Yi needs a rework. He is the most binary champion in the entire game. He's either unbeatable or worthless depending on the team comps.
Fegone (NA)
: Unpopular opinion - NB3
He talked with his ADC before the game and the ADC was fine with the strategy. So he didn't troll in the slightest and definitely shouldn't have been banned. NB3 using connections to get the guy banned should put him under consideration for a perma ban.
: Tahm kench
The Grey health on Tahm and Pyke is way overpowered. It needs to have about half the healing early in game, and scale up with levels in the ability.
: Can we give GLP its hp back and remove the mana please.
Just build Protobelt instead. Problem solved.
intra (NA)
: NB3 is right in every aspect of this drama. Come and try to change my mind.
The Teemo strategy works, that alone completely nullifies NB3's argument and he should be suspended until he publicly apologizes.
: did riot nerf kayle's stats a bit too much ?
Not at all. He's still a God tier champion.
Hocker (NA)
: POLL: If You Had 10 Gemstones Right Now...
I have played thousands of game since the gemstones became available, and I've only gotten ONE. Rito needs to make it where you get one automatically every time you go up ten levels.
: Does Riot actually listen to its playerbase?
Riot only listens to people who have enough backing to hurt their product. They pretty much ignore the other 90%.
: Mordekaiser is OP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's OP only if you allow him to play his game. Take a high mobility ranged champ into him and he's pretty weak.
: Nightblue and Nubrac
The fact that Nubrac is winning games totally nullifies NB3's argument.
: RIot, Nightblue3 represents a toxic community and you are backing him. He's streaming now unpunished
: Morde vs Kat is a fun matchup.... for Kat.
Morde is pretty weak vs high mobility champions. If you can avoid or get out of his E, he's not much of a threat. His win rate is so high because people pick slow melee tanks and bruisers into him, which is exactly what he's designed to beat.
: Is it hard to climb from Bronze in solo queue?
Iron and Bronze aren't that bad once you know what to do. Silver is much harder because you will face one or two people on the enemy team good enough to snowball and carry if your team feeds.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lugg,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rEatbUzv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-12T22:30:54.511+0000) > > Kayn is very low risk like every other assassin other than Diana. They can jump in, do absurd amounts of damage, and EASILY get out alive if you are skilled at all. They are harder to kill than the damn tanks if they get any lead at all. Tell me. How does kayn get out once he is in? And he does absurd damage because he has a 3 second window to do it. Then he becomes worthless for 8 seconds.
Kayne has plenty of ways to get out with his Q, E, and R. Plus he usually doesn't have to worry about getting out because he one shots whoever he goes on, even if he's behind.
: Morde is far more powerful than Darius now, because Rylai's fully applies and happens to make him 1 item godly: both activates his move speed bonus, AND slows the person he's chasing. Only Hard CC or Master Yi can beat that.
Darius can easily beat him early in lane and snowball before Morde can even get his first item. Plus mobile ranged champions destroy him unless the mess up.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Are we gonna completely ignore the fact he is useless pre transform and your jungler can pretty much bully him to oblivion?
Kayn is actually decent before he transforms and good luck catching him with his mobility
: Please nerf mordekaiser! Just played against him. ULT OP!!!!!!
My first game against him started out pretty rough, but once you learn how he's played, there are plenty of ways to beat him by playing around his CDs. Plus he can be kited in his ult just like outside it.
: Morde 55% wr on day 1 in diamond +
Morde basically ignored by Riot for 8 seasons, all of a sudden he's "one of their favorites". Give me a break. He's a bit overtuned right now, but they will have that fixed in a patch or two. Unlike some of the new champs and reworks that were literally broken OP for 6 months or more.
: New Morde seems kinda overloaded
Overloaded?!!! I don't think that word means what you think it means. Just compare his kit to Gangplank and get back to me.
BboyCico (EUNE)
: Patch 9.12 and destroying Ryze !
I just played Ryze today and I LOVE the changes. He felt so much smoother and I was able to carry pretty easily.
: Update Mordekaiser R against qss and other simliar things
I just love the double standard at Riot. When Zed was being denied by an item, they hotfixed that shit the very next day.
: You do realize kayn is an assassin right? And he is high risk meh reward.
Kayn is very low risk like every other assassin other than Diana. They can jump in, do absurd amounts of damage, and EASILY get out alive if you are skilled at all. They are harder to kill than the damn tanks if they get any lead at all.
: Too much Burst in the game
There's been too much damage in the game for over 3 seasons now. It's literally League of Damage. They could cut damage across the board by 25% and people still would be getting bursted out.
Xavanic (NA)
: first of all, the least conditional dmg of any Juggernaut is darius bleed, he has to hit you once with nearly anything and he gets it, but yeah, it does feel a little ridiculous, i feel what should happen is one of these things 1. Cut passive dmg in half, grant an additional tick of passive dmg on morde AA's 2. Cut in half, but allow morde shield to scale (Rn it stays at 30/15 let it scale to say 60/30 or something) 3. Cut in half, but give morde hyrbid ratios (legit, there is very limited options for manaless ap champs rn) 4. Cut in half, but give morde 2 charges of Q
I think they need to lower his passive damage and move that power into his shield/heal and his W damage since it's a skillshot that can be outplayed.
Moody P (NA)
: Mord passive is too strong and too reliable
Morde has TONS of counterplay. Just don't let him get on you. It's literally no different than facing Darius, except that if Morde misses his pull, you have a HUGE window to abuse him. Half the champions in the game have abilities and passives that proc on 3 hits.
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