Intsoo (NA)
: This issue was identified as an In-Client READ error on certain accounts _**NOT HAVING BORDERS**_ for the previous season. It is an error/bug that treats certain accounts **WITHOUT** borders as a _clean unranked_ account with no previous ranked history. (FYI: Borders & rewards are revoked either by Chat Restrictions / Suspensions for breaking any ToS / or Indefinite Bans) I was able to pin-point and test this theory over multiple different accounts as well as friends to confirm this is one of the possible reasons to why some players are still unable to Duo-Queue or Flex Queue even though you were the same rank tier last season.
ohhhh that's a good point, one of those friends I can't duo with did get not get his border last season.
Porocles (NA)
: Each queue is specific in placements, so if you were Diamond in Flex last season then your Flex partner would need to have been in that range. If they were disqualified then they would be counted as Silver. If they were Diamond in solo but not Flex then they could not queue up with you. Outside of that, the recent issues with making premades should now be resolved.
All my friends are in that range. All 3 of these people are between plat 2 to diamond 5 in both queues last season. Yet I can only duo with one of them. The only person I can duo with can duo with all of the others. We're all unranked in the current season. It feels like the problem lies only between certain accounts
: Still can't duo queue
Before someone thinks I got my ranks wrong my friend and I just played a game together (by coincidence of course) and we're both unranked at the moment. He ended p1 and I ended d5
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