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: Akali's shroud, sholud not be able to go into Mordekaisers ult
Not to mention ANIVIAS FUCKING ULT DOESN'T GO IN EITHER. God this game is programmed so badly
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: Old rune system had a similiar rune, "Dangerous game", tho it healed for 5% of health and mana, not 12% like current triumph.
I remember that one! Definitely had an impact like intended, but still wasn't close to easily tanking an ignite. I think spreading the power over to Mana as well was much healthier for the game.
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: Crashing
Yep. Currently locked in a lobby I can't leave as we speak. Thanks again Riot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Reduce Hourglas cooldown to 60 seconds so we can have some counterplay to Zed as adc
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kanjaki (NA)
: Is league working now?
League hasn't worked since Season 5
: It all makes sense now. Pewdiepie has infiltrated Riot Games to stop T-Series
Not a chance, Tencent would never allow their Eastern allies to lose influence
: The CIA have made a new torture device
: Does lacking dmg on an adc mean you played a bad game?
It definitely doesn't mean you've had a bad game, especially if you have to firstpick ADC! Even if you run something like Lucian (Ranged ult, mobile, attack speed steroid) And they lock something like Malph/Wuk/Annie you're pretty much incapable of teamfighting imo. There have been plenty of matches I've won just by being the squishy target and eating all of those ults for your team. I'd say there's some validity to the feed-to-win strat {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: i know its just bronze 1 but i finally ranked up.
Glad things are trending up for you! I'm reformed toxic that's slowly getting better myself. Just don't let players that say stupid shit get to you and you'll be surprised how much better ranking up gets {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: How to talk like a Yasuo main
Sorry but I think you meant to post this under gameplay as it's a 100% reality
: good morning riot, all yi mains would love if conqueror was reverted it had counterplay(charge time)
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: Recent Surge of Trolls
This game's fucking intolerable in ranked this year to the point I don't even know if I can play it anymore lmfao This bullshit company's punishment system's terrible
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: nah, believe it or not I'm actually a pretty decent person outside of league, I'm thinking about reforming soon
What is with this dumbass mindset of people thinking "You're mean in a video game, you must be a terrible person" legit 12IQ lmfao
: Someone here has never played League of Black Cleavers or the Assassin Rework before.
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: Well - Most holes are graded on Depth and Radius.
I put more emphasis on style with tools used. Spade holes always get me.
: > you're just playing X champ so you can abuse Y keystone most efficiently, there isn't anything more to it than that This is called pigeonholing and precisely what I said adding increasingly mechanically gated power to keystones would do, before we even know what they all were. Simply seeing the design of a few and extending that philosophy to all potential keystones made this obvious... I'm not kidding either, people were just to blinded by excitement of the new to see how utterly terrible this new system was designed.
It was so obvious to me that A: Damage was going to jump severely B: It was going to constrict every champion to a very small pool of viable options Why did anyone ever think this was good lmao
KazKaz (OCE)
: {{champion:55}} Give me my money back.... {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Infernape (EUW)
: And when they do daddy Tencent is going to hit them with a cease and desist notice.
: You think you want that, but you don't. You all have phones, right?
Riot's pretty messed up but I'd be amazed if they fell that far from grace
: Yep just replace his ultimate. Oh, and his E since that’s the exact same. And probably change the passive name since it too is a dead giveaway of his old W honestly though you should probably just change the passive since both Shens had shields on low cooldowns. Oh, and of course change his look so he doesn’t look like Shen. He probably shouldn’t still be a Tanky bruiser either... oh and make sure to change his personality so you couldn’t tell. **THEN** I wouldn’t recognize him, I agree.
>Tanky bruiser Was never a tanky bruiser before this, you found the point {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: 70% is a minor improvement when your math is wrong, yes. And, yes. Why would I care about gameplay in regards to *A GAMEPLAY REWORK*? The thing is literally defined as a gameplay adjustment. Being upset that someone undergoing a gameplay rework **HAS REWORKED GAMEPLAY** is such a wild idea that I think I'm over this thread now.
Passive+Q+Q passive+ W [vs] E and R, glad you used that thinkin-thought brain of yours to call me out on the missing %3.3333 Who would ever want their favorite champion to play similarly after a rework? Aatrox mains are thrilled that he has 0 similarities with the old one. Leaving already? You'll be missed {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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KluPL (NA)
: A team of mine is making a new game based off League of Legends (MOBA)
If you remake a skillset for old Shen I'll personally throw your game $200 and laugh at Riot while doing it
: "This champion looks and sounds exactly like he used to, it must be the same champion" is a shit standard? No wonder you're arguing about minor adjustments, then.
Good point, why would you ever care about gameplay? I'd also agree that a complete change of 70% of his moves is a minor adjustment
: Um, what? They changed all of two abilities and his passive which is his old W plus some new things and you say we would "**never know**"? Are you daft? He looks the same to me, and I play him the same now as I did before the rework albeit with some changes such as I'm not mindlessly running at people anymore I'm actually considering my position now. I don't understand how anybody wouldn't know that it's Shen from adjusted gameplay alone.
"They only changed a majority of his kit, why would he play differently?" True, they did give him Shen's graphics. Pretty shit standard to know you're playing the same champion but ok
: Anyone else think celerity is just dumb?
The funny part is even Hecarim doesn't take it anymore. Good job Riot games!
Infernape (EUW)
: Because Riot half arsed it and they KNOW they did because they admitted it didn't hit the mark. He got an update on a greater level than Ezreal yet he still has a minute of VO, visually looks like shit and has little to no particle effects outside of Pulsefire.
I remember them admitting that as well, then saying they weren't going to change or revert it. And my question is _why? Why should I keep playing if you're openly admitting you barely care about the quality of my favorite champion?_
: > Want more rune options? The 3 stat options you have now are sure to be better than the 30 you had Only one i disagree with. Noone ever switched up runes. I've never seen a mixed page of varied rune pages outside of new players who didn't have either the levels or IP to get them. You either took the most viable 5 choices or you were basically trolling. Niché pages were rarely used on the rare occasion you played something very specific like Gp or Singed.
I mixed and matched tons of different rune pages personally. I had a multitude of Shen pages with everything from Magic Pen, Scaling health, CDR, Attack damage and attack speed. Nothing now compares, and I'm not even allowed to pick whether I want Magic or physical damage.
: Shen was never a hyper tank; his only tanky elements previously were a weak self shield and a damage reduction (for himself only) on people he taunted. Let's not throw around "hyper" without having any understanding of what it means. Malphite is a hyper tank, having both large tank steroids and massive AS shred. Cho is a hyper tank, due to health scaling. Alistar is sort of a hyper tank, because you pretty much can't kill him during ultimate. Shen is not, and never was, a hyper tank. He's actually MUCH tankier in his current form then he used to be.
Riot literally classified him as a hypertank along with Rammus and Singed lmao The hypertanks were all melee champs that didn't have scaling MR at the time but were compensated from their kits
: Dragons buffs , mastery and kit changes all account for shorter ttk And lethality is strong and should cost more. Lifesteal was more viable before too. Agreed the forum format could use improvement and the gameplay+ approvals are arbitrary in my experience.
Not to mention Keystones being added alone increasing champ damage by 15-20% This guy trolling?
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: Agreed. Which is precisely why the rates of "inting" and griefing and trolling have gone up so exponentially in recent history. It's simply more fun to watch people lose their shit, than it is to actually invest any concern in an actual match.... The degree of trolling didn't increase, the degree of gameplay satisfaction decreased.
Couldn't agree more. The design of this game was always inherently toxic, but when screwing around becomes more fun than winning you've hit a really bad tipping point.
: ooooh...but the league player base has actually not gone down this year. What your seeing is how people are more likely to complain about negative things instead of praising positive things. Its the same reason people remember negative events more than positive events.
And how exactly can you prove the playerbase hasn't gone down? Riot's never released their actual player number. Only reason to hide that is there's something worth hiding.
mack9112 (NA)
: I think overall riot is really tuning things in to keep most Champs viable. As a jungler I never have has a season with such a diverse jungle meta
Jungle's been the most broken role in the game for over a year, and there's at most 4 viable picks.
Hügö (EUW)
: Riot.
They should release a new game for Irelia and Akali. They could call it "Ping Pong"
Ultrys (NA)
: This drives me insane. Bethesda combat is trash and we all know it. But fantasy and customization is their thing. But you're telling me in skyrim when I finally choose to play a mage I can't craft my own spells and there are like 4 unique spells? Variations of summon, ball, aoe, and trap. Wow lame compared to predecessors. Lame compared to anything. Dont get me started on this giant world with like 3 RNG tile sets feeling so empty it actually felt small in variation. I never understood skyrims critical acclaim. Especially given how trash the AI and combat is.
Calling it right now, ES6 is going to be Call of Duty with guns. If they strip the game back any farther on the RPG elements that's really all you're left with, but 100% guarantee they're going to do it.
: Thank you, Finally someone who agrees with me that Skyrim is so overrated Honestly I think the Fallout series is better as a whole and has so many more options Like Fallout New Vegas, Obsidian made a masterpiece of the series And Bethesda chose not to learn from it for some reason when making Fallout 4 and 76 Skyrim really isn't that great of a game and it's only popular because of mods, There are hardly any choices, the quests are very linear, the customization is meh, The combat and AI is absolute trash, Honestly all it has are the characters and story which are somewhat decent I wish Bethesda could do something like Obsidian did for Fallout but with Elder scrolls And Fallout too since Bethesda hasn't done anything great with that either
Skyrim is Sleep Simulator 2013 as far as I'm concerned. How do you even call it an RPG when your character is by default great at everything? The only thing that could save Bethesda in my eyes is a Morrowind remake with no content cut from the original. That would at least prove to me they have 2 years left before all they're trying to do is appease their investors.
: That is why you should try Path of Exile xd I started playing it instead of League. In Poe we can actually make any character that we want. Like, you can make a fire mage of ice xd A necromancer (hard to play somehow). A fucking half-mage half-warrior or elemental warrior. You can do so many builds it is crazy actually and they are adding new skills. Last skills were so good that I am using 2 of them in my build. They are actually making my champ more viable, even tho I am garbage at the game.
I've heard a lot of people talking about how great it is actually, might give it a shot some time.
: are you going to deny what he is saying...cause he is saying the truth. and your little "these problems didn't exist" weren't there till they messed with the game...but guess what, those "changes" were made to fix other problems that people like yourself constantly complain about. Its because of how the game is more or less a rock paper scissors game ADC get stronger in a tank meta Assassins get stronger in an ADC meta Tanks get stronger in Assassin meta Same with comps Poke gets stronger in snowball meta Scaling gets stronger in Poke meta Snowball gets stronger in Scaling meta You can't buff or nerf one without indirectly buffing or nerfing another...and just like that the cycle continues All in should be happy Riot does updates every other week instead of once a month+
Considering their compulsive regressive changes to the game are exactly what's making their fan base so unhappy currently? Nah, I'm not exactly thankful.
Raoul (EUW)
: And still, you and all the other people crying here will keep playing, making sure RIOT never changes anything.
I spend the most time critiquing the game in forums and laughing at people, its more fun watching this game's fanbase sperg out than it is playing at this point {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Lux Tizer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Exk12p83,comment-id=0003000000020000,timestamp=2018-11-29T23:27:17.475+0000) > > Then maybe they should let you keep the content you paid for and make a new champion. The delusion and ass hurt. You didn't pay for the champion, that was free (unless you dropped RP like a simian). You paid for a skin for a character and you still have a skin for a character. The rune complaints, lane complaints, and everything else are overblown but understandable, but the "WHERE'S MY REFUND RIOT" is the kind of tantrum throwing that understandably makes a company look and ask themselves if they need to keep around someone that's already fed them ten times what other developers can make off a player. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} tl;dr: choose your battles, you lookin mad petty.
I'm sure I look more petty than someone writing a paragraph to bootlick shitty business practices. Then again you have teacher in your name so you must be extra SMERT. Thanks for stopping by!
: how in gods name was the rune rework bad...originally all you did was stack 3 different stats and then choose one stat to get a major up, which was almost always one color (usually red or blue) was a damage stat...yellow was always a god damn defensive stat....and then a utility stat (either pen or cd) then the quints which just were always a triple stack of Attack speed, ad, ap, or a tank stat. Then you got the masteries which were basically ALWAYS a set path per champ. Also doesn't help that runes cost a shit load of IP just to get decent runes (not to mention rune pages, as you weren't able to change runes in lobby, causing people to never queue up for roles they don't play due to not having a viable rune page unless they invest a shit ton of RP or IP into rune pages...which was a main reason why auto fill sucked originally since you wouldn't have a viable rune page to what you got filled into) Also, how did item paths get lessened...More viable total items with minimal viable item removal causes at least the same amount of paths if not more. Reworks remove content that isn't widely used or viable, and makes them into viable options that normally get tweaked back into balance sooner or later (obvious exception being irelia, but she is falling to a Ryze type situation where she is kinda ass in low elo, but god tier higher up).
Damn I was proven yet again that more options in a video game are a bad thing. You really blasted me out there
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