dalphy08 (NA)
: Offensive Lucian Skin
What in the actual fuck did I just read??? 1. Wrong board... Rants is this way ------------------> 2. This may actually be a worse troll then your earlier thread about female supports 3. You really need to learn how to troll better. Your really bad at it. overall troll score: 0/10 - Comments: Try Fucking harder next time.
Kumori86 (NA)
: GG riot thanks
Please for the love of god, STOP FEEDING TROLLS! The above has been internet 101 since dial-up. All you are doing by responding is encouraging the troll to continue trolling. That makes you just as bad as the troll. The Trolls main purpose is to get a reaction out of someone. You ignore them and eventually they just get bored and go away. TLDR; STOP FEEDING THE FUCKING TROLLS!
Shmyx (EUW)
: Peculiar game: Who would you report here if any?
You report Riven for Verbal Abuse, negative attitude, and possibly hate speech for her flame. You report Sona for Intentional feeding and negative attitude for her trolling and giving up. Both players behavior in this case is completely unacceptable and will likely result in both getting slapped with suspensions.
Rosaría (NA)
: Riot deleting post?
Did we really need thread #298765400 posted about this? The author of the thread deleted it. Neither RIOT nor the volunteer team deleted it.
KKJason (OCE)
: Deserve the ban?
> [{quoted}](name=KKJason,realm=OCE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1R2Ziuai,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-11T03:05:02.302+0000) > Game 1 > Pre-Game > KKJason: hey > KKJason: f.a.g.s > Post-Game > KKJason: thx for carry f.a.g.g.o.t.s You used 2 separate zero tolerance words in your logs. Yeah stuff like this skips the chat restrictions and escalates you to a 2 week suspension. You also had a lot of run of the mill toxicity in your chat as well. I would be very careful in chat, because even mild negativity or toxicity will be enough to tip you over the penalty volcano. TLDR; Homophobic bullshit is not cool and will get you banned.
: Banned for botting?
Did you create this account, or did you buy it, or did someone give it to you? Reason I ask is that on the day that account seems to be created which was on 11/9/2018 you apparently played 17 games. That does seem a little suspicious to me. Its not impossible that you did play those games, but on no other day on your match history do you even come close to this many games played. If this is a shared account and was given to you, please note that account buying and or sharing is against the rules as well and can lead to an immediate 2 week suspension or permaban. But as to your question the best way to contest this would be with a support ticket as no one on the boards have access to the information needed to help you.
: I left a game while server maintenance
Generally when this happens and it is for server maintenance, you will get a loss forgiven and no LP penalties. You will not get a leaverbuster penalty either.
: like https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/ZycwT4MX-perms-banned-without-a-chat-restriction-warning-or-a-14-day-ban
Your proof is a thread that is most likely either a shield ban, or a billing related suspension and has nothing to do with the accusations you are making in your OP
: ***
Please don't do what this poster suggests. It will only result in you getting punished
: i can tell these people are clearly trolls themselves.. ruining a ranked game because u wanna troll should be bannable.. its ranked for a reason to achieve higher goals an in this game you cant do that at all if your luck is bad with the match making. Why shouldnt i tell them to kill themselves if theyre wasting my time? if you go to work and someone is disruptive and you call them a %%%% who gets fired and who doesnt? legit most dumb report system ever. theres a mute button for a reason so why ban for bad language towards people who deserve it?
Probably both employees get fired as most work places now a days have a zero tolerance policy of 1 strike and your out for hate speech. If you don't believe me go to work tomorrow and call someone that for whatever reason and see how fast your cleaning out your desk and being escorted out. Want to go out to a bar or restaurant or movies with that attitude and you start throwing hate speech around and see how quickly you get ejected. Hell look at the governor of Virginia who is about to lose his job for hate speech and racism that was in the past. Words do have meaning and there is consequences for them if you step over the line. You keyboard warrior trolls really need to get with the times here.
: Dodge Queue should be debatable
You know, there wouldn't be a current meta if people didn't try off meta stuff. If everyone played according to the meta every time no exceptions the meta would be the exact same as it was in season 1.
: Trolls. Fix this real fast so annoying..
My question is why flame "trolls" at all. There is 2 scenarios that can happen if you do. 1. They actually are trolling. By definition trolls act the way they do to get a reaction. The more outrageous a reaction the better. Your flame back is just going to validate what they are doing and they are just going to feed and flame harder. Not only are you making the game a worse environment for the other 8 people in the game, the troll is going to keep ruining games beyond yours, because he knows he can get a reaction now pissing even more people off. Please for the love of fucking god, DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!!!! 2. They aren't trolling and are just for whatever reason struggling that game, are bad at the game in general, or the matchmaking system bugged out and put a player in a game he has no business being in. If this is the case you are only going to tilt that teammate even more and his play will only worsen instead of get better. So given the above 2 points, what purpose does flaming or responding back to other peoples actions in game actually have other than making the situation much worse then it was? In addition to that your own account can be actioned as well depending on what was said back, how negative it was, and how often it was said.
: Trolling?
Could be the support has built relic shield for their support item. It executes minions below a certain health level grants kill gold to the closest ally and gives a small amount of regen too. You will most likely see tank supports taking this item. They can go in to last hit a cannon minion and protect the adc from excessive poke damage while the adc gets all the benefits as if they killed the minion themselves. Also on a side note, Don't ask for reports in chat. The system only needs 1 report to review the game and issue punishments. Extra reports on the same player really doesn't do anything, only 1 is needed. Excessively calling out for reports can be a form of harassment and can earn you a punishment if you spam it or do it often. I would be extremely careful about that. Otherwise welcome to the game and enjoy your time on the rift.
: > Whitemamut: yes i can see that trist wants to lose Whitemamut: tbh Whitemamut: and we can easily win this Whitemamut: lul Whitemamut: if i was Whitemamut: a fckin thresh Whitemamut: would it help? SHE DODGED NOTHIN LUL Whitemamut: NOT MY FAULT Whitemamut: LUL > > Whitemamut: lus Whitemamut: if i was trollin i would be takin cs and fckin intin lul Whitemamut: if i pick Whitemamut: somethin off meta Whitemamut: is it TROLLING? Whitemamut: wtf is this game Whitemamut: i dont care what you think mate. Whitemamut: they are flaming me min 0 Whitemamut: and not listenin to anythin i say Whitemamut: just lame Whitemamut: if u saw the chat lul:DD Whitemamut: what Whitemamut: in what way am i a kid trying to get a reaction? u are all perma flaming me the entire game, then u just suicide and flame me more? Whitemamut: way too tilted to play this Whitemamut: ofc im trolling, not taking cs, gettin supp items Whitemamut: for what do u want to report me lul You didn't get a chat restriction for playing Gangplank Support. You got a chat restriction because you spent most of the game arguing with your teammates. It'd be one thing if you tried to assuage their doubts by telling them what you can do as GP Support, but you didn't. You argued about whether or not you were trolling, whether or not it'd make a difference if you played a traditional Support, and so on. Add to that the insults to Tristana (saying that they didn't want to win and that they dodged nothing), and it's pretty clear why this chat restriction was placed.
eh... I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. These logs are at worse borderline. If tribunal was still up this one would be a pardon for me. Granted there is some minor negativity in there, but as a whole I don't know if it equals a punishable case. These logs look like the OP is just responding to people calling him a troll and most of the responses I wouldn't even qualify as even remotely negative. That being said there was a few lines of minor negativity that the IFS probably picked up on.
Shartak (NA)
: It seemed like I was feeding yes, however I wasn't. They were flaming me because their enemy laner and jg kept diving me under tower. I hate that it only shows what I say and not what the enemy says as well. And when some calls you a degenerate downie for dying to the enemy a bunch of times, you react in a similar way as I did.
So that wasn't you that said "All good imma just keep feeding" and "Imma just keep feeding"? Just be careful with chat like that, because if the system picks up any questionable play on your part with chat like those 2 lines in your log it will be an instant 2 week suspension. The feederbuster system tries to look for context on whether feeding is intentional or not. Those 2 gems would have probably flagged you had you been reported for feeding and not negative attitude.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mahrix10,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FxGpAhAH,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2019-02-01T20:43:43.401+0000) > > It's a good thing that banter and trash talk isn't against the rules You just contradicted yourself in the 3rd paragraph. Anyways, the thing is that trash talk and rude banter *leads* and *contributes* to a punishment. And If you're on "thin ice" from a recent 14 day ban, then rude banter and trash talk might lead to a permaban.
How is my paragraph contradictory. I haven't seen anyone get punished taking the occasional playful stab at an enemy laner. What I have seen punished is constant spamming of the trash talk to a point where it crosses the line into harassment. I have also seen banter and trash talk that crosses into zero-tolerance land get punished as well. Now where you are correct is if you just got off a 2 week suspension where any increase in your toxicity score will trigger a perma, yes I would highly discourage it. But minor playful banter or trash talk generally wont trigger a punishment unless its constant or your account is on the thinnest of ice.
: 100%. Banter and trash talk is a part of literally EVERY competitive sport, but riot redefined what "toxic" means so they can just ban people for silly bs, taking away everything they've earned, knowing full well that they're addicted to the game and will come back to spend more money. Business is business my guy, and they're banking on the all SJW snowflakes in the world (and on this board) to back them up wit their tears.
It's a good thing that banter and trash talk isn't against the rules What will get you punished is constant harassment and generally being annoying. Occasional banter and trash talk never got anyone punished, spamming it every 30 seconds gets annoying and people who do that will be punished and dealt with accordingly.
Shartak (NA)
: Chat restricted for being passive aggressive when being flamed
I would love to know how this wasn't escalated to a 2 week suspension or perma ban seeing as you openly admit in chat you were feeding... That being said, That along with your report calling and minor passive aggressiveness to your team got you this chat restriction. You shold be glad that it isn't worse, because you straight up admit your inting in game 1.
: Account hacked by a scripter lead to perma ban
Yet another reason why we need authenticators. Riot, why isn't this a thing yet when everyone else has had them for years now?
: It's because you are supposed to be focusing on you, your gameplay, your behavior, your honor, your punishments. I can't imagine many of us would be happy with Riot if they shared any account-related details with other players. It's truly not our business to know what happens to someone else's account. Say you get in a heated argument with someone at work, and they escalate it to a point where the whole office can hear it. After the managers and HR speak with both of you, they determine that you did nothing wrong and that closes the case for you - you weren't punished or anything. Let's say this other person got a written reprimand in their file - nobody is going to share that with you except that person (if they choose). That's not a perfect comparison, but it's the same idea. We have no right to personal information about other people, even if we were somehow involved with them in a specific incident. It's for the best.
> [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=RYTkfeTQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-29T15:56:59.565+0000) > > It's because you are supposed to be focusing on you, your gameplay, your behavior, your honor, your punishments. > ^ This You can easily tell the system works by the shear amount of posts on this board with people complaining about their punishments.
: ***
Also I would add is that account sellers are the reason that there is so many feeder bots rampaging about in the low levels ruining the experience for new players. Supporting account sellers also supports this type of malicious gameplay as well. Food for thought.
: ***
I would sure love to see your source that claims pro players get unlocked accounts with all the skins.... And I ask you a question, where do you think all these accounts that are "for sale" come from? I would approximate that 9 out of 10 come from compromised accounts from people who fall for free RP scams... Just because "your friend" gets accounts banned for being an ass before the 3rd party app ban waves doesn't make it any less a scam.
: ***
Yeah, sure if you believe that I have some swampland in Florida I'd like to sell you and I hear the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale again...
: > In most professional sports (Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, ect) most teams win by attacking the opposing teams weakest link. Its done all the time. if that were true then more players would be arrested than now cause it is almost required of them to play fairly during a sport, no matter how competitive it gets. yes injuries do happen (like in football) but that is usually on accident. players do not deliberately attack other players. now i am done dancing with you. if you can't show respect for anyone and don't give a fuck about anything except winning, expect allot of ~~losses~~ bad karma in this next season. good day.
You know damn well what I meant, I'm positive you are just trolling at this point. Just incase you aren't trolling, my meaning behind that post is that sports teams strategize their plays around a teams weakest link, ie, an offense going after a corner that has been struggling, running the ball more plays than usual if the opposing teams rush defense isn't good, ect. Obviously I wasn't talking about a physical assault on another player, but I think you knew that...
: smiting a baron from enemy is stealing which is different from killing an AFK player. tell me this, in other sports do you see players tea bagging each other or harassing each during the game? no. that is unsportsmanlike. same goes for killing an AFK player. they want to play but you keep bitch slapping them every time you see them cause they are 7 levels behind. while yes it does help you win it also shows you are an asshole and don't care about respect. but why the fuck would you care? you don't give a fuck about anything except winning and you will do anything to do it, including being an asshole to anyone you see fit.
Uh... no In most professional sports (Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, ect) most teams win by attacking the opposing teams weakest link. Its done all the time. Yes as most people said if it is a laid back normal game that is a different story, but a ranked game is as much competitive as a season or post season sports game and you need to and should grab every advantage you can to win.
: assisting and inting are two different things. your turn.
You do know that assisting enemy team (Disclosing team member positions in all chat, allowing enemy to intentionally free farm as in this case) is every much reportable and punishable as inting right?
: BOTS, BOTS, and a lot of BOTS
If people would stop being lazy there would be no bots, there would be no free rp spam, there would be no compromised accounts, there would be no scripters. The only reason bots exists is there is a demand for fresh level 30 accounts for players that can't be bothered to level to 30 themselves. So the quickest way to end malicious activity in LOL (or any game for that matter) would be to not use the services of these scammers. If demand drops low enough they stop being offered, which means no malicious activity in game. See, we don't need riot to stop bots, we have the power in our hands as the players.
: Tldr: In game moderators. Either Riot employees on non Riot accounts or players at Honor 3+
We had tribunal in the past, but to be honest it was a broken system that allowed too many warnings, and the system was really slow in generating cases. To be completely honest the current automated system does a pretty good job of weeding out the verbal toxic players. Where the current system fails is in regard to gameplay toxic players. (Int feeding, assisting enemy team, trolling using game mechanics, ect.) While the system does pick up feeding bots, and obvious trolls, it doesn't pick up less obvious attempts at trolling or flags an account wrongly that is using a legit game strategy. I'm not sure what the solution is here, but like most everyone on the boards I feel this is an area that is in drastic need of improvement with the current system.


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