: > [{quoted}](name=MangoInfinity1,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=0PGlEVl6,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-30T18:37:03.933+0000) > > because fixing a bug that they likely have been working on is equal to removing a small feature that likely not many people used anymore and may have been causing more bugs -_- Because it isn't equal. It's more important to fix the plants.
It's also likely way harder to fix the plants than it is to remove the old cursor. Not like they have some checkbox for "fix plants bug" they can just click on.
Keyru (NA)
: Arcade 2019 Mission List and Dates
These seem like they could take a very very long time to complete if you mainly play arams.
: Learn More: Arcade 2019
Quick question: Is there any way to earn tokens with TFT? I just ask because it will hit live during this event and will have a lot of people playing. Would feel bad to want to play the new mode but know I'm missing out on tokens.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 1 Feedback and Patch Notes
I don't know if it's just because it's a new mode, but the matchmaking needs some refining. We win against golds so it throws us against Diamonds -.- And not just once. This happens regularly.
Palmer771 (EUW)
: Please stop making the king of the hill / ring of fire centre be right on top of a turret. Super unfair to the opposing team in the early game that can determine a match.
Or, as we just had, In their base partly under a turret. That one was fun...
: Tired of Guessing how much damage Kai'sa will do with your crazy build? I made a calculator.
I tend to do 0 damage. And I feel that had more to do with my skill level than my item build. That said, this looks like a pretty nice tool.
Sparkle (NA)
: We'll be monitoring completion rates for building/changing pages in champion select and will make adjustments to timing if necessary. :)
I think you read his question too quickly. He's asking if, in blind pick, you can have time to assess the enemy team and change your runes accordingly. So it's not about having time to finish runes, it's about changing how blind works just a little to make better use of new runes.
Reav3 (NA)
: The goal isn't to nerf zed or even to increase his kill time. The goal with Zed would be to make sure he isn't such a generalist that he crowds out the other more unique assassins.
Well now I'm imagining Zed with thick taped glasses.
: > if anyone at riot were to speak out against how problematic the report system actually is. they would be labled as "supporting toxic players" and probably be fired Give me some ideas on how it could be improved. I'd really love nothing more than to make things perfect, but I understand that is an impossible goal. I feel we've make a lot of positive improvements and still have a lot more we can make. That being said, there may be a lot of things that we haven't thought of and it would be valuable to hear any actionable ideas. > it's a flawed system that does more harm then good and actually increases the likelihood of reoffending Reform rates are actually very good. The vast majority of people never receive any sort of punishment. Those that receive a 10-game chat restriction rarely receive any other type of punishment. This goes on all the way up the escalation schedule (people reform). That is the reason why we issue perma-bans where we do. At that point the likelihood of reform is low. The really tough thing is that the number of people who are unsportsmanlike or 'toxic' (I hate that word) is actually not that high relative to the population. But the likelihood of encountering unsportsmanship is raised because you have 9 other players in each game, and it only takes one bad game from someone to hurt your experience. The majority of the time this is from otherwise well mannered people who are having an off day. PS I also upvoted you, because you posted about something that is important to you, and it seems like you do care.
> Those that receive a 10-game chat restriction never receive any other type of punishment. Really? Or is an "almost" missing in there? (Not trying to be mean, I'm just assuming the second but really impressed if it's the first)
: Patch 6.15 notes
So, may I just say, as someone who is also looking at recent and upcoming WoW changes, THANK YOU for all the context you provide. Even if I don't like some of the changes, at least I know WHY it they were implemented. And that feels so much better than being left in the dark.
Meanie40 (NA)
: Your last sentence is invalid. You could not play ranked with greater than 2 people in a premade until this year.
...they can see your elo for normals you know.
: Strawman arguments or ad hominem attacks probably aren't the best defense to avoid discussion. If you've got a problem with me, please say what it is specifically :3
See, you're a nice and reasonable person. And people here in threads like these just want to be irrational and blame Riot for babying players instead of letting them rage at and curse at and ruin the game for other players. So your behavior is, frankly, unacceptable. At least, I think that's how it goes.
: Just a heads up, if the way youre behaving in this thread is indicative of how you behave in real life, youre going to get your ass kicked.
Yes, polite disagreement is the sign of weakness. Quick, I must flee, he's figured me out!
: OP to elaborate and introduce you to this person, This is the guy who apparently coded the tribunal system of automated reports/banning/chat restrictions (punishments). Basically what he hasnt mentioned is he created a program to ban people. Now his program isnt very good because he blacked out while writing the program and he currently doesnt even know how the banning tier system reacts to various kinds of punishable offenses. (Request evidence link and I will provide if you care that much) Were you banned for racism or homophobic slurs OP? Because if you were banned for some "off topic" consideration that Riot considers toxic and no other person in the world ( jury hint hint) would consider toxic. I urge you to research the firms which are currently taking Riot on in a class action suit and report your incident to them Riot will do what ever they can to cover their ass.
Op, to elaborate and introduce you to this person, they're someone who feels they should be able to say anything they want to anyone they want, if should anyone find it offensive they just need to "grow up". They got punished for some combination of offensive language and trolling/afking/feeding, but clearly think that such punishments are illegal. They probably had a conversation where they claimed they did nothing wrong and then immediately switched tactics and tried to prove that someone else in one of their games said something rude and THEY didn't get punished, so even though they DID feed/rage/curse, it was totally ok because they weren't the only one. After being punished 3-4 times they spend their time trolling the boards trying to turn people against Riot all because they couldn't keep their vitriol to themselves. They will do whatever they can to shift blame elsewhere.
: "The shift to dynamic queue is about reinforcing League as a team game" It is a team game in the sense you have a team, but not in the sense that the vast majority of players are playing with their friends in ranked. It's crazy that you are trying to pad the hurt-feelings of solo que playerss by offering them meaningless swag. Icons are useless, whereas solo que experience is the CORE of the game for these people. Very few people like the dynamic que change. You are slowly coming to grips with that and we can all see it. Your round-table made it obvious and all these band-aids only insult the people who hang on, hoping for solo que to come back. Ranked is a shadow of its old self. Shame.
Honestly? I think you're just wrong. The majority ARE playing with friends in ranked. Lots of people DO like Dynamic queue. Surrounding yourself only with like minded voices makes you have a very exclusionary view of things.
: are you guys f*king serius?
Just as a heads up...if the way you're behaving in this thread is indicative of how you behave in game...you'll likely receive another punishment.
: or a second jungle, or a trio lane. the possibilities are endless
Second jungle is a no go because of xp changes. Trio lane means opponents get an xp advantage. I mean, sure, they can be tried...but nah they can't.
: It was good, but then all these god damn "not affected by spell card, trap card, and monster effect" cards got released.
Never mattered. My brother just whooped me with a Harpy deck anyway.
: It's not a good idea to not have lower than 4star dragons, else cards like http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/yugioh/images/b/bd/GravityBind-LCJW-EN-C-1E.png/revision/latest?cb=20131013180518 serious fucks you over.
The deck I used was based around that card.
Hòpe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=dArtagnan,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=B6wqH2zn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-06T20:48:24.697+0000) > > There are a lot of different programs that allow you to use custom skins in-game that only you can see. The best piece of advice I can offer is to NOT use these types of programs. As a general rule of thumb, anything that modifies the game experience from Champion Select all the way to the End of Game Stats screen is something that can be punished for. > > I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! Why is Trick2g allowed to do that then on stream o_o
It's not that it is ALWAYS ban worthy, it's something that CAN get you banned. For Trick, this risk may be worth it. He makes a living streaming. Customs skins may literally make him money. He has multiple 30s. Losing an account wouldn't be that big of a deal to him. But for the average player, who may have thousands of hours on their only account, the risk of losing it for just a custom skin is probably not worth it.
: BIG Problem
So, something that can happen to me (and this may not be your problem, you are a bit vague) but there will be an instance of the game open in the background that I can't see preventing me from opening a new one. I need to cntrl-alt-delete and manually close the other instance. Again, my not be your problem, but thought I'd try to help anyway.
Nian (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Drehirth,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8a75KeUR,comment-id=006e,timestamp=2016-04-30T01:54:48.888+0000) > > I actually see this as a big injustice wow.. > > - he leveled his new account on stream > - gets trolled every single game by both teams(but /mutes all when it happens) > - has other streamers get jealous of his popularity shit talk him all day(and yet avoids the drama himself maturely and tells people to stop posting about it on his channel) > > but he gets the ban instead. Why now? He got most popular after he made a hype video about being a better player, but people claim he gets popular off of trolling. People are allowed to shit talk him all day, and yet even despite avoiding the drama he gets banned now? Seriously? > > The self righteous people will claim he's a troll etc and downvote to hell, but this was pretty damn stupid. I won't be playing league until Tyler1 can play so i guess im done...
You really won't be missed.
: Rotating Game Mode update / brain dump
You mentioned you didn't want to necessarily make URF go all random...but what about combining modes and such? You're already about to bring ascension back and it hasn't been that long. So why not all random Ascension, URF, Hexakill etc? Or One for all hexakill TT? Or Nemesis URF?
: I can't wait to play a mana hungry mage and get nothing but earth and air dragons. That's gonna be fun. Are you sure that RNG is the best way to do this?
Blue buff is much better though, so it's not like you have nothing.
: > Zed will be broken. There. I said it. You say that is if he isn't already, when one of the only ways to deal with him is _a hard-counter item_.
So, here's my opinion: Zed is op because he HAS TO BE because QSS exists. Riot doesn't want true hard counters to exist in the game. So if Zed's ult is QSS'd he needs to be able to still have some sort of meaningful impact on the fight (or Zhonyas'd etc.) But imagine this: Because QSS is gone, they make his Q and E do less damage, but his ult explosion scales harder with damage done. Now players have more time to react against him (since he needs to spend more time doing up front damage) but Zed's also get a bigger reward explosion if played well. Everybody wins. And it can't happen as long as QSS exists.
: yeah but the problem with that is it forces a meta shift to be primarily on early game junglers with high 1 v 1 power rather than late game junglers with high team fight. Say your mid lane does help you so its a 2 v 2 but if you're going up against a lee sin as an ammumu there's still a very high chance of you losing that fight, granted they both played perfectly. I can see this to be really powerful initiatives for early game action in pro-play where skill is less of a factor and teammates are very reliable but I think it becomes very punishing for regulars who can't rely on their team mates therefor will be force to a safer early game jungler with fast clear times or high 1 v 1 power.
Your scenario is the exact same as on live. If you're a late game team oriented Jungler against an early game ganker, they should already be up in your face counter jungling you. They would already know your ward jungle timers cuz they either stole them or warded them. If anything this is a buff for the Late game jungler because it let's your team know when things are possibly gonna go down.
: QSS / Mercurial change for 6.9
Zed will be broken. There. I said it. The discussion can continue. Question: Mercurial was just nerfed for being too cost effective. As the active is now nerfed, do you still think it's cost ok, or is now a bit too weak?
: And if my team was actually capable of paying attention, that'd be great.
Sure. Just like I can't play Sej, Amumu or Zac because I can't bank on my teammates following up on my ult. Or Support because I can't trust my ADC. And, well, I shouldn't gank as a jungler because I can't trust my teammates to help either. At some point, the possibility of bad allies can't be the deciding factor.
: As a tank jungler, I don't WANT people fighting for my buffs. That's the thing. I will probably lose that fight.
Counter point: If you know they're going to invade, (and with this system, so will your team), it's easier to punish the invade.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Axes,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Iw38mkWO,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2016-04-19T21:18:44.676+0000) > > We're looking to avoid teams being randomly favored/disfavored with the design of the buffs. > > Your Air Dragon example is actually a really good one for this. You haven't necessarily hit the lottery if Air Dragon spawns and your comp relies on movement speed initiation. You've hit the lottery if you have that comp and you successfully control Air Dragon - if you claim the buff. Out of combat movement speed is great for a team that relies on movement speed initiation, but it's also great for avoiding getting initiated on by that kind of team - if the Air Dragon spawns and the other team gets it, that could be a disaster for you. By picking a movement speed initiation team, you've increased the value of Air Dragon for both teams, not just your own team. > > The other example that we've tossed around a lot is Water Dragon being great for poke comps. That's true; it is, if you can get it. It's also great for fighting against poke comps because of the health regen. By picking a poke comp, you make Water Dragon more valuable to both teams, not just your own team. And this is the problem. Given a certain team comp, a certain element may be highly valuable to both teams, and if that particular dragon spawns at a time convenient for one team, then that team just got lucky. Even if the other team got all other dragons, the valuable dragon could spawn when the other team is set up for it. Hence the RNG concerns.
This is, I feel, a case less of RNG and more of skill. If a dragon is spawning and you aren't able to contest it...why? What happened that lead to that scenario? Did they catch some of your team off guard? Did they out rotate you? It's not like the buff randomly appears on the map and it's first come first serve. "Convenient time" doesn't really exist in LoL. An easy Dragon is either earned through good play, given through bad play, or contested.
darkdill (NA)
: What happens when you get RNG-screwed by the Dragon spawns? For instance, you have a composition that can't siege, but the majority of dragons are Water Dragons. What happens then? Are you punished by the game saying "you should've picked a better composition"? Or what if you ARE a dedicated siege comp, but no Water Dragons spawn? Punished again by the game? Remember, RNG-screwing and randomness go hand-in-hand.
I imagine the answer is things like "If you can't seige, Regen is still good, especially if you're against seige." "If you are seige, bonus tower damage, bonus champ damage and the like are still really good for you." It's not like each comp NEEDS one SPECIFIC dragon to function. They're all good.
: In general, we don't do balancing for RGM game modes, as their goal isn't to be a 'hyper-competitive battlefield'. We do draw the line in a few extreme cases though, as our goal is to disable no champs ever in RGM modes. **-- When champs can permastun an enemy, we make changes.** And I don't mean that as hyperbole, I mean, the other play _actually_ doesn't get to click any buttons and play the game at all. EG: during dev, Zilean on URF, Brand on OFA, etc. This is simply unacceptable, but rather than disable the champion, we make a slight tweak and you can still enjoy the mode if you love Ryze, or whoever. **-- When the nature of a mode renders champs effectively unplayable, we make changes.** When a champ is _so_ underpowered that they're just not fun to play, it's almost worse than having them disabled. You feel tricked after picking them, finally get into a game, only to discover your favourite champ is the anti-URF. :/ In the case of Bard, we already increased his chime rates last year, but we'll probably bump them along a bit more this year. **Note on RGM champ viability: ** Not all champions are expected to be equally viable in RGM modes. Champions are designed, crafted, and balanced around SR. That is a place where the endless pursuit of balance should take place. In RGM modes there will usually be a few over/under performers, but we keep a close eye on them and you have 6 bans just in case. ^_-
I haven't had a chance to test yet this year (lots of work plus long PBE queue times, plus forgetting for the few I got in), but for point number 2, Shyvana was that last year. Her ult still took the same amount of time to charge up as it does in normals. Is that fixed this year?
Comentários de Rioters
: [DISCUSSION] State of the Season
So, in regards to lane swapping at a pro level. It feels to me like there's a lot more to it than just towers being too weak or other objectives not being worth enough. It seems that the team that initiates the swap has all the advantages, and the only option left for the other team is to do the exact same thing or fall too far behind. Do you think any of the changes mentioned will impact this or do you think more will have to be done later?
: [DISCUSSION] State of the Season
I'm gonna admit I'm a little confused here. Is this some joke about there being no dev blog? Is it just not linked? Is that exclamation point just taunting me? Edit: Ah, there it is.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
Is there really enough play around which type of plant to have out? I'm more than willing to concede to not being a very good Zyra, but it most often feels like I'm focusing on landing my spells, and then just throwing out seeds when I can for extra damage. Or if I hit the seeds with E instead of Q or vice versa...it almost never really matters. The number of times I NEEDED it to be one or the other doesn't feel very high.
: The current Mark/Dash feels like it's in a pretty good place. ARAM's queue health has actually increased since it was introduced. Previously lame-duck champions are now viable picks (which also means lower dodge rates) that you can have a blast on, and it's far from the "100% must pick spell" that first launched. I am all about Udyr on ARAM now. :D
I like Mark/Dash too, but it feels like some champions, who were already decently strong, got a huge boost with it. Is there any data to support this or is it all in my head.
: @ Riot, in regard to the Lulu changes on PBE
You're wrong. Nobody likes LCS solo lane Lulu. No one I know at least.
: From what I read what people say is that the queue is only there 2 times a week. From what I understand the queue is there at all week long but it the gamemode is changed every week. Example: 1st week URF all week 2nd week hexakill all week 3rd week NURF all week and so on... So which one is it? Made a thread but it got buried fast so trying to ask here now.
current planning is that new queue will be available on weekends. So Saturday and Sunday for sure, Friday/part of Friday probably.
: That's quite the run-on sentence you have there. I'm not sure what you're trying to communicate however.
I think...THINK he's saying that he doesn't like having to explain to his teammates why/how he wants to play an off-meta choice. And then something about forgetting masteries. All of which makes him tilt.
ZinKal (NA)
: I keep gettting banned for leaving games when im not the one leaving.
Either you are leaving out information here or there is a bug. If you truly believe it's a bug, submit a support ticket.
: Why isn't there a better System for handling Player Behavior yet?
So, you cover a lot of ground here. 1. While you may feel it's more toxic now than years ago, the reverse is actually true. Toxicity consistently gets less frequent. 2. There may be a specific reason you can't report someone twice or report then after you leave the lobby, but if you just report the person once at the end of game, that is sufficient. 3. Replays have nothing to do with reporting, but the main reason they gave years ago when they were first trying to implement it was that the hardware required primarily for storing all the replays was...really fairly unfeasible. But there are some new replay files on the pbe, so who knows? It may be just around the corner. 4. I know they have plans to improve the honor system, but there are other things they feel they need to work on first. 5. It's already possible to receive a notification when someone you report has been punished. But, despite what the forums would have you believe, people don't get punished after receiving just one report. And there are escalating levels of punishment they can receive. So you may not get a notification unless it hits a certain level. Anyway, you CAN currently receive a notification.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, Zed's a good example of this principle. When his ult's down his kill potential drops dramatically, both in terms of damage output and mobility/slipperiness.
What do you guys think about Assassins that do a lot of AoE (Like Talon and, I'd say, Fiddles). Is that something you guys are ok with as long as it's rare, or is it something you think you'll look at for the eventual assassin update?
: "We believe assassins are healthiest when a proportion of their burst's gated behind a long CD" {{champion:238}} hurhurhurhurhurhur
After this nerf Talon's ult...is still on a shorter cooldown than Zed's ult. By 20 seconds each rank.
: > [{quoted}](name=Desiderium,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=JNiQRWEp,comment-id=001d,timestamp=2016-02-25T19:05:51.219+0000) > > I hope his evolved skin isn't brown because that looks like a downgrade from the purple and blue. :/ > > Fun fact: Purple and blue is my favorite color combination. My favoite color in itself is black, but my favorite colors to see together are purple and blue. They complement each other SO well. > > I don't see how it makes sense for him to evolve from an ephemeral dragonfly creature into a brown tree. Maybe switch it around? But I wouldn't want to spend the majority of games looking that ugly brown color :| I'm rather conflicted The evolved is brown, and it's not something we'll be changing at this point. The base color is the white/pink, and the brown/red will be the evolved (R) form.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=JNiQRWEp,comment-id=001d0000,timestamp=2016-02-25T19:34:21.438+0000) > > The evolved is brown, and it's not something we'll be changing at this point. > > The base color is the white/pink, and the brown/red will be the evolved (R) form. I think the evolved might be better if it's a bit more white than brown.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R7KIQtLZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-24T07:02:22.111+0000) > > Nothing currently underway. I expect we'll take a look at Shaco to see what can be done if we end up picking assassins as the end of year class update. He's got a lot of game health and counterplay issues, he does some really cool and distincitve stuff too though that matches his thematic extremely well so I think he's potentially a really high value project. > > Even if we do look at assassins at the end of year though (far from guaranteed yet) there's some risk that he turns out to be too big a project to be done properly within the small to medium sized changes of a class update. Would you mind briefly going over his game health and counterplay issues? I've heard a lot of varying opinions on Shaco in that regard so I'm interested in hearing your take on him.
As a guy who just hates Shaco, here are my opinions: One of the biggest problems with him is that Shaco dictates almost everything in an encounter (if played right). If you run from him he has a ranged slow, a gap closer and does bonus damage. If you stay and fight he has a stealth flash and a a fear that does a good chunk of consistent damage. If you try and chase him you should never be able to catch him. Basically, the opponent's level of play is almost irrelevant versus how well the Shaco plays.
: How do they limit caster and crowd feed back on the microphones? A loud crowd reaction like a gasp or laugh could more or less give away information, being that the people playing actively rely on the power of deduction. Unless the mics really just don't pick up noise that isn't right in front of them. Though, in one of the Mic Checks a team asks "If it's normal to here the crowd go "Steve!" in the EU lcs.
I think it's just an unavoidable fact. They do what they can to mitigate it, and the crowd being really loud doesn't necessarily tell you WHAT is about to happen, just that SOMETHING is happening (and it could just be a ward clear).
: Taking headset off early is an offense?! LMAO
My assumption is that the headsets are primarily there for noise canceling. Taking it off early could let you hear things that give you an advantage.
devomp (NA)
: How Do You Measure Your Success/Skill Level in LOL?
Once you're 30 a good way to know how you're doing is to, in the end game lobby, look at the rankings of your opponents. Do this for a while and you'll start to get a feel for how good Bronze, Silver, Gold etc. are and how well you do against them. Pre-30, try and focus on what mistakes you used to make and don't make as much anymore. Do you miss out on a lot of CS trying to harass your opponent? Do you face check a lot of bushes and get killed? Do you ward much or at all? Do you land your skillshots? How many of them? Comparing how you used to do, and how much you've improved is the best way to asses your skills for now.
: Futanari yordle pron incoming... >_< You should see the size of _her_ other "hammer".
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