: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=7Zmn3Jst,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-12T15:19:32.406+0000) > > Hi folks, > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > **Usual Disclaimers** > > These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: https://twitter.com/RiotMeddler > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > **Patch schedule for the rest of the year** > > Haven't done one of these in a bit so figured it was a good time to talk about our approach to patches through 2019. (For those who haven't seen, we have a schedule of this year's patch dates published on the support site: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018987893-League-of-Legends-patch-schedule) First up, the standard LoL side of things (SR etc). This is all from the perspective of balance/widespread meta impacting work. New content like skins, champs etc will continue to release as usual. > > 9.14 - A pretty large patch with a lot of different champs getting work. Expectation is we'll probably do a small follow up micropatch a few days after 9.14 releases since with around 30 champs getting changed odds are there'll be at least one who needs some quick correction afterwards. > > 9.15 - 9.18 - Smaller patches, focused on stability and lower scope balance work. We'll be looking to avoid things with big systemic impacts here in particular (e.g. reworking items, changing strength of different positions significantly relative to each other, changes to objectives etc). > > 9.19 - Worlds patch. Focus here is on stable, reliable. > > 9.20 - 9.22 - Patches between Worlds and Preseason. Some work, including some behind the scenes technical stuff that's a bit risky to put in the Worlds patch, goes here. Generally we try not to get the Worlds patch and the state of the regular game get too out of sync though, so large work will be usually held for preseason. > > 9.23 - Preseason. This should be mid November. We'll start talking details about what's in it before though, probably sometime late September or early October. > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > **TFT Patching** > > On the TFT side of things by contrast we've got a lot of plans for both balance and ongoing feature development in the 9.15-9.19 sort of range (and onwards of course). During the mode's initial release we've been doing a lot of balance through micropatches as we get things generally into an ok state. Going forward plan is to do more balance through regular patches, including with patch notes so it's much easier to track what's going on. Still expecting we'll hotfix extremely out of line things quickly though of course, especially where they're warping the whole meta around themselves. > > As a quick recap in terms of TFT in 9.14 we’re expecting we’ll ship: > > * DPS meters > * A new unit (Twisted Fate, 2 cost Pirate Sorcerer with Pick a Card) > * A lot more visible stats when you inspect a unit > * A lot of balance changes > * A lot of bug fixes > * Changes to how PVE rounds drop rewards > * Reworks of some items > * Win/loss streak UI improvements > * And more > > > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > **Looking at Irelia in 9.15** > > We're putting most of our 9.15 time aside for follow up on 9.14 and longer term work on preseason projects. It's likely we'll at least look at Irelia from the angle of her being too dominant in pro play in particular. Not sure yet what changes that might or might not result in though. > > http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/6.24.1/img/champion/Ziggs.png Where are the Teemo quality of life changes! Don't ignore him just because he'll never be meta!
Current plan is to ship a few QoL things around 9.17 or 9.18.
shofaz (NA)
: Also when is the next champion roadmap?
Instead of a regular champion roadmap our next couple of blogs will be detailed dives into how the Fiddle and Voli VGUs are progression as followup to the recent VGU voting. Will be a while until the next standard roadmap as a result. First Voli/Fiddle update should be pretty soon though.
Ritjan (EUNE)
: Hello! Not sure if you can tell us this but will the new Pantheon be playable in Worlds? :)
Current plan is any champ or VGU that's in the game by 9.17 at the latest will be playable at Worlds. If Panth's in 9.17 or before, he'd be eligible. Not gonna comment on when his VGU release is though, that you'll have to wait and see on!
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=X5txM1wn,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-07T16:15:41.906+0000) > > **Non SR Game Modes** > > And finally also seeing quite a few questions or suggestions crop up about non SR game modes recently, particularly Nexus Blitz, ARURF, ARAM and TT. We should have some details to share next month on how we'll be approaching those modes late next month, including when the non permanent ones will next be available. > > Still waiting
Draft of the blog got written this week. Not certain on exact release date yet, still aiming for late July as per that quoted post though.
: Been requesting that info for a few weeks now along with a few other things I think he just doesn't care enough about champions like WW and Shyvana to acknowledge it. I know it sucks that you have to, but there are ways to play around a few of the bugs you need to make sure no unit is between you and the hunted target with W. Starting with Q instead of AA Q will grant you the atkspd bonus properly 90% of the time. Don't try to latch to Kass if immediately when you hear the sound of his rift walk, when he first inhales it will not latch 80% of the time. IDK about EZ and Ekko just luck I guess.
I understand the frustration bugs create and how it's disappointing to not get responses about them. I apologize that I'm not answering those questions. I'm not the right person to handle specific bug responses at this point though, my day to day's just not involved in that part of the game dev workflow at all and I can't justify the time to go chasing individual bugs down. Feels bad having to say that, but hope it's a bit more helpful than silence.
Felfire (NA)
: Bug fixes are still a priority I hope. She seems to have (had) an absurd amount of game impacting bugs compared to other new releases.
Definitely, wouldn't hold off on those on power grounds.
Wendígo (NA)
: Any context on why 9.14 was decided to be so big?
Combination of: * 3 week patch cycle, so more stuff just ends up being ready * Last patch before we enter a low change/stable period for the year * A number of champs who needed larger work in addition to usual balance changes
: You promised you'd share some thoughts on Ryze in a previous quick gameplay thoughts, did you forget? he's already getting changes on the PBE and us Ryze mains are really divisive on the rework, particularly having gripes with how ''brainless'' it feels no longer having any incentive to EEQ & WEQ being nerfed so he's so simplistic, alongside him being way too squishy for his range Oh and also, any reasons why you avoided changing his ult? :C {{champion:13}}
Fair, should be a good point to talk about him now. I'll get some stuff together for a post next week (need to talk with some folks on the SR team to get additional context first).
: Hi Meddler, You (or a different rioter) mentioned some work that might be being done on support items. Can you share what this could involve i.e. changing item gold generation? Also are there any plans to improve tank runes/buffing the resolve tree? Thanks
Support items are still a likely part of preseason. Details aren't solid enough yet to get into though. I don't believe we've got any plans for Resolve right now.
: Hey Meddler I've noticed you've been less active with your gameplay thoughts recently, any reasons for this? Not complaining, just asking out of interest
Oh, no worries, fair question. I've dropped down to one post a week since I got back from paternity leave instead of the two I used to do. That's a combination of: * New baby = less time in general for everything else * Mid year tends to be somewhat quieter in some respects, so sometimes less to talk about/more work to find stuff to fill posts * My role at work's expanded somewhat this year as well (getting more involved in some non game design stuff too) which also takes additional time
: Hello Meddler, do you think one day we will have a mod kit for creating game modes like Dota is giving or just like Overwatch does. Autochess is born from mods but you are not giving player opportunity to create content for League which is sad.
It's not something we've got any plans for at present. For one thing the way our internal tools are set up means it'd be a really large job to get some form of them that could be player facing. Wouldn't rule out the possibility of it some day of course, never say never and all that, but think it's very unlikely for quite a while at least.
swansie (NA)
: Do you know when the wukong rework that was in the PBE is going to launch, or was that shelved? I personally thought it was taking him in a really good direction
We're planning on doing it. Not sure when though, needs some work on visual effects, audio and other art. The folks who'll do that work are currently busy however.
: Hi meddler. Pretty excited for the coming patch, for both SR and TFT changes. Curious about your thoughts or the balance teams thoughts about Qiyana's state, as we haven't heard much since her hotfixes went out.
Qiyana wise: * We expected her to have a significant learning curve and so look weak initially. That does seem to have been the case. * Her performance is improving as we'd expected pre launch. * No balance changes planned at present as a result.
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: any reason why ahri's being buffed? She's been S tier for like 2 seasons now.
She's been strong in average skill solo queue and weak in higher skill/pro play. Hope is that giving her a bit more of a niche makes her more viable in high skill/pro making it easier to have her in a decent spot for both categories, with balance adjustments afterwards if needs be if she's then just a bit strong everywhere.
Arkaidan (EUW)
: This highly surpasses my definition of "soft counter", it seems more like a "i picked this champion and unless you are 3 leagues down i win". You are literally adding SPECIFIC features which aim to shut down a certain category of champions. Thats not a soft counter, thats a champion entirely designed to fuck a specific butthole You are just enforcing a counterpick meta that already exists, and it sucks.
Can understand the concern. If that ends up being the result of some of these changes then yeah, we'll need to correct that. In some cases we're especially confident these won't result in hard counters given we've seen similar or identical effects in the past. E.g. Ahri charm stopping dashes is a mechanic that used to be on her kit which didn't hard counter mobile champs, Akali's still less vulernable in her shroud than she used to be back when it was pink ward able.
: With the Leona changes, why are her empowered autos after she ults being removed? It seems very random
I believe it's to free up power budget for the flat damage reduction being tested on her W which is a really powerful effect. To be clear though that's an assumption on my part and the right people to ask aren't around at present.
Sir Nope (NA)
: Hey Meddler, How has {{champion:246}} Circle Throw Jones been faring? I haven't heard anything about her since her release.
We think she's a lot stronger than her current statistics suggest. Last I checked bug fixes were all we had in progress. We'll reassess power again as 9.14 gets close, see if anything's needed there or not. Are there particular quality of life changes you feel are needed?
: Any thoughts on the malphite changes?
We think they're in a pretty good spot overall so are putting them in 9.14. Can discuss how they land once that's out. As an aside 9.13 to 9.14's a 3 week gap instead of the usual 2 weeks to make some other scheduling line up.
: I really love the changes you’re testing, it seems a lot better than straight buffing champs with number changes, please do more if successful! Maybe some for adc’s :)
If it goes well we'll look at using this approach again certainly, though I wouldn't expect it to be a really widespread thing, given a lot of champions have sufficient weaknesses already.
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: So does riot not care about the wukong bug?
Should be fixed today. I pulled the Wukong update off the PBE build late last week but missed some stuff so there were some buggy interactions between old and new data in yesterday's build. For anyone wondering we are going ahead with the update, doesn't need further PBE testing at present though. Timeframe is dependent on when artists are available in particular which isn't clear yet.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: But where is the Teamfight Tactics tab that was on the PBE but not implemented on live servers? Was the few cosmetic rewards it gave out really decided to be pulled when TFT was shipped to live?
The tab and the unlockable rewards are still coming for TFT. They'll arrive once it's stable enough to switch on the mission system for TFT on all regions. Looking at the number of people trying to play we concluded it was best to get the mode itself stable before switching on meta systems like that as well. Hoping to do that soon, potentially early next week.
dv77772 (NA)
: Is it so bad that Diana feels a little more powerful? She’s been seriously lacking the past couple of patches.
A bit more powerful could be ok, spiking up a lot's concerning though. Looks like there's a bug at present where her passive's getting triggered when it shouldn't. Plan is to hotfix that then see how she's looking.
: Hey meddler! I know I keep spamming these posts but Is there anything coming for MF? She’s one of the worst adc’s Currently with a less 48-49% winrate, I know usually a few adcs are deemed viable but she hasn’t felt great all season since the DH nerfs which cut a lot of power from her, the pta build that came in recently does not feel fun to play either unfortunately.
Nothing planned at present. We're seeing her pretty middle of the pack ADC power wise. Not seeing average stats of 48-49% either, though I'd imagine there probably are some subsets of play where that could be true.
: Just a question, is there any chance that you guys are looking at changing the random items from minions in TFT? It feels really bad when you beat a PVE round and get absolutely nothing to show for it, and sometimes people get lucky and snowball the whole game with 3 full items from the get go. Is there any chance that can get changed? Maybe guaranteed random items even if you lose, or a choice of items if you win so that you can have a chance to build towards a certain build if you win, and have more control over itemization as long as you're winning the PVE rounds?
We're talking about possible tweaks to TFT item distribution. We do believe though that significant randomness, including variation in early power, is pretty valuable for the longeivity of the game. Examples of that in other genres are things like starting hand in Magic/Hearthstone, what you draw in poker, early loot in a Battle Royale etc. Playing from positions of strength or weakness result in a wider variety of experiences. Having said that there are some things that feel off to us at present that we're highly likely to change, likely (but not guaranteed) in 9.14. Those are: * Players should never finish the first 3 rounds without at least one item component dropping * Players should never have 6 item components from PVE after the first 3 rounds * Players should never get zero items from a later PVE round (Krugs onwards) if they kill everything
: I really enjoyed Life of a Patch, and hope it becomes a standard feature. Don't know how much it takes away from actually working on the patch, but as someone who is fascinated by design, and always hungry for the latest changes (I was tantalized by the Swain ideation specifically, that's my boi) I gave me a great daily contact point with league when I don't have time to get a game in. Also love TFT, the announcement of TFT made me look into what auto-chess even was, and now I'm hooked. Hoping for shorter q times so when I'm short on time I don't have to switch to other software to get my fix. League's version is superior imo
Great to hear you enjoyed Life of a Patch. It's a pretty meaningful amount of extra time needed from the folks doing the work on said patch so it's not something we can do too often unfortunately without scaling back how much we can get done in a patch. Would be great to do it occasionally though and also find other ways to expose some more of our ideation on stuff. Glad TFT is treating you well!
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: In regards to the Little Legends appearing outside of TFT you could do something similar to the clash banners, where the little legends can appear outside of the field of battle to cheer your team on, or have them hanging around the spawn platform. That would let them venture out of TFT without interfering with gameplay
We think alike! Swain ravens is another reference point we've been considering, with the way they perch on terrain near him seeming like a good blend of clarity and satisfaction. Could also potentially be a mixture of some degree of following you and some degree of getting out of the way onto terrain during combat, or other similar approaches.
Elyika (NA)
: Thoughts on selling region and holiday themed TFT maps like Shurima, the Dark Isles, etc. but also xmas n halloween themed ones. Im sorry but Im one of those people who still has their xmas and halloween dectorationd up and its june. and id spend a premium buck for all of em.
Definitely interested in trying map skins like that at some point, focus right now though is on getting the core game ready for wider consumption. Once that's done, and needed features like some of the stuff above are in place too, we'll be able to put more time into new stuff like that (or at least try it).
: Why Shurima hasn't been included in TFT? {{champion:75}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:58}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
We'll get more champs into TFT in the future. Definitely got plans to use champs from regions not currently represented like Shurima, Piltover/Zaun etc :)
: What are your plans for {{champion:134}}?
From memory we're looking to buff her mana per level (40 instead of 30), letting her cast a bit more and likely adding a bit more power in average skill games than really high MMR/pro since mana management tends to be more optimized there.
Yejmo (NA)
: Hey Meddler hope all is well, off topic question I've had on my mind for awhile; awhile back there was talk of adding more Elemental Dragons, has that been Iceboxed for the moderate future or scrapped all together?
Iceboxed for now, not expecting a new dragon type this year at least.
Zhadar (EUW)
: **Regarding TFT** Ive played several hundres hours of DAC and Autochess Mobile and now 2 days of TFT. 1. - TFT definetly needs a bigger board. 3x7 feels super unnatural and limits game depth a lot 2. - items are OP in TFT + the droprate is super inconsistent 3. - we need board overflow with autosell feature just like every other Auto chess 4. - i want to see how much gold and which lvl every enemy has on the sidebar 5. - several classes/origins feel super lackluster and their synergy combinations is underwhelming (esp. Gunslinger and Blademaster) 6. - we need way better visual upgrades for 2* and 3* units (i want a "wow, that upgrade was really worth it" feeling | it feels so awesome in DAC (thats also one of the main complaints in Autochess Mobile and why people dont like it that much) Bugs i encountered so far: 1. Lulu Ult still not working after the fix 2. several ranged units stop autoattacking and just stay still 3. items from carousel units disappear, when they get autocombined 4. and the biggest bug of all: If you sell a unit from the carousel while still in the special arena, you get the unit again after backporting and therefore get free gold
Feedback much appreciated! As above we're at least talking about most of those issues right now. Bug list appreciated too, right now we're burning through a lot each day and details on more are always help :)
: what is the team's thoughts on Ryze? seems like the prevailing opinion isn't that he's bad no so much as it is just a far more boring playstyle than what he had and kind of a different identity entirely. Doesn't mean that necessarily lines up with your data though so I'm curious of your thoughts.
Will get some thoughts on Ryze in an upcoming post. Want to give changes more time than usual to settle though, given how problematic he's been, and make sure we've seen enough pro play on them before drawing any initial conclusions about him there too.
Flemman (EUW)
: Is the riot Pls that was released today the article you mentionned some time ago (about alternative mode like TT and the future) or is it another one? Also, any chance for klepto fonctionnality change during preseason (breaking the range vs melee bias) Finaly, what are the plan for yuumi. One of the initial concern was balancing her so she will not end up to safe, but as of now she seems like she lose nothing from taking no flash no boots ("free" item slot and quicker powerspyke).
No, the article I mentioned on the future of modes is one planned for sometime mid July or so. We want to wait and see how TFT looks initially and let that inform some of it, hence it's then not now.
: Hey meddler, Seeing the experimental changelist for akali from riot's repetoire twitter. I think its a step in the right direction, however the w feels so clunky after all the nerfs it received for having the obscurity effect,wouldnt it be easier to turn it back to giving normal invisibility and revert some of the many nerfs It had to suffer from in order for it to maintain that broken for the game mechanic? Are you guys considering removing it?
It's a point under discussion yeah, don't think we're currently trending towards it but not ruling it out.
Hadriel (NA)
: To be honest, I'm disappointed with the decision you made on Sona. Pro play is convulsing against Sona because teams refuse to acknowledge that they must go out of their comfort zone to beat her. Isn't Sona doing exactly what you guys hoped to accomplish RE: opening up botlane for champions other than marksmen without the heavy-handed measures you took last year which simply suppressed ADCs? You can say the goal isn't to take Sona out of botlane, but you can't seriously believe that the changes on PBE won't do just that. This was a great opportunity of letting pro play evolve around a pick without it coming at the price distortions in casual play and instead you're caving to an extremely resistant pro environment that will always thwart your efforts to diversify botlane simply because of establishment.
Glad to see bot lane getting some variety yeah. We don't feel that means we should just ignore Sona's power level though and we're convinced she's either strong enough she has to be nerfed or extremely close in a range of skill levels, not just pro.
: You don't think Draven is a little too strong in TFT ?
He's definitely too strong and we'll be nerfing him today. Didn't want to get into individual balance changes for a mode that's still on the PBE though since I figure people are expecting we'll do balance work. Figure it's less clear what we're thinking features wise by contrast :)
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: Is their a reason you are always ignoring the Shyvana post? Do you just dislike that champion the most?
I'm not involved in the details of individual champion work at this point to be able to talk about specifics when it comes to bugs. I'll occasionally have context on something and be able to respond, or the right person will be really nearby, but generally I don't have the details. In terms of non bug stuff related to Shyv I'll share stuff if we've got anything to mention.
: Off topic but did you watch this year's e3? If so, what are you most excited/hyped for? I am very excited for breath of the wild 2, fire emblem three houses, and the Smash bros ultimate dlc characters. However I became very frustrated/disappointed when Gamefreak announced that Pokemon Sword and Shield will not have all 800 plus pokemon in the game and that Mega evolutions and z moves won't be in there either.
BotW2, no contest for me. Elden Ring as clear second.
Sir Nope (NA)
: Good Morning, Meddler. Is jungle Mordekaiser a healthy position for him?
I suspect it probably will be once he's in a balanced state. Not sure he'll necessarily be that effective though once his kit's been tuned so it's not overbearing in lane.
: Been curious for a while, actually surprised it hasn't been mentioned, but what are you guys' thoughts on Sona+Taric/Other Relic support botlane, and/or on Sona's current state as a whole?
Oh, yeah, that's a good one. I don't want to just share my personal opinion, lemme talk with a few folks and get something into a post next week.
Tioym (EUW)
: What's the Plan for Akali. It's pretty rude to gut a champion and then not even respond to the people who play it.
We're not happy with the current state of Akali either. Don't have plans ready to share just yet, do have some stuff being tested though. Timeframe of possible release uncertain.
: How will TFT be supported by out-of-game mechanics? For example, do you earn any champion mastery, how much XP would you get for win/loss, and would you earn tokens for events? Would there be any TFT exclusive missions, and would TFT games count towards other kinds of missions like "play as Sona" or "get 10 kills" stuff?
Current thinking is we'll generally be keeping TFT systems separate from those of other game modes. You won't earn champion mastery for example because you're not playing as a specific champion. Missions wise TFT will probably have its own unique sets of missions, rather than overlapping with regular ones, though can imagine might do some at some point that could be completed in either context.
Iloonio (EUNE)
: Any changes for Swain in the works?
Possibly. We've got someone testing out potential ult changes where Soul collection's more about long term permanent increases to ult power than large modifications to damage of the next cast, plus the ult draining 4 targets and 11 and 5 at 16. Not sure how those are working out, haven't personally seen them in game (my playtesting time's been heavy focused on TFT recently).
: VERY weird question: Can you explain how the name **Teamfight Tactics** was chosen? I see a lot of potential for confusion on whether or not a discussion of "Teamfight Tactics" is relevant to *League of Legends* teamfighting strategies or this new game (and, in fact, we're already seeing this on the Teamfight Tactics board here).
We wanted something that suggested a focus on decision making (tactics) and implied combat between groups. Possible confusion was something we talked about, but figured after an brief adaptation period probably wouldn't be an issue, especially since we're assuming longer term it'll just be TFT to most people in the same way SR, TT, ARAM are used as shorthands.
Red Fr0st (EUW)
: Zac is having lowest winrate in plat + among all of the junglers for 16 days already after this genious revert
He was in a pretty weak spot there pre 9.12, agreed. Looking a lot stronger from what we've seen post patch though.
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