: Missing out on the 10 year anniversary :(
Yep. For anyone else wondering it's mission chain, with one mission added per day for ten days. You've then got until mid November to finish the 10 games needed to get all the rewards.
Quęs (EUW)
: Will {{champion:24}} or {{champion:58}} be compensated after Shojin removal/Conqueror changes? For example Jax right now with all taht at around 50% wr
We'll see how they're doing with alternate build paths and preseason changes then figure out whether to do anything. When we've buffed champs in the past because we've removed an item they use it's often lead to overbuffing as other build paths proved to be nearly as strong (e.g. Deathfire Grasp removal and preemptive Ahri buffs).
: Hello Meddler! Maybe launch the last time Hexakill in TT? TT will be removed from game, can at least say goodbye to him? in this way)
While we won't have Hexakill on TT this year before TT's removal as a regular mode we're certainly open to having Hexakill TT as an event mode sometime next year. It's one of the candidates we've been discussing already (no promises, but definitely under consideration).
Peglaa (EUNE)
: Hey Meddler, just a quick question. I read that you wanted to make the Rift Herald spawn twice per game now, why not make it one Rift Herald and then Vilemaw before Baron, if you are already looking to use it. I think one Rift Herald is perfectly fine and Vilemaw could be really interesting on the SR. Cheers! EDIT: or it could be the other way around, make Vilemaw spawn first, then the void comes and chases him away and takes over the pit(Herald then Baron).
Moving Vilemaw to another map would involve quite a bit of work, so it's not something we can do for preseason at least. Art's the largest thing there, with work needed on both the location Vilemaw would go into and potentially Vilemaw's anims, VFX as well to work well in a new location. Gameplay wise I don't think Vilemaw's a good fit for an early game boss that can be killed by one or two champions. Rift Herald does fit that role well, which is what we're looking to deliver from the Baron pit early game. Vilemaw by contrast reads more as a full team fight boss at, or potentially beyond, the threat level of Baron, at least as currently presented. Would be more inclined to look at things like a super late game replacement for Baron instead (e.g. post 45 minutes as a rare occurence).
: Hey meddles any plan for seju in this parcht ?{{champion:113}}
We'll likely add some power to Sejuani soon. Not sure which patch yet. We're not going to be doing much balance work to individual champs in 9.22 since preseason's just about to hit and we need to reassess everyone after that anyway. Possible we do do a few changes in 9.22 though and Sej would be one of the more likely candidates if so, given she's noticeably underperforming in solo queue and not meaningfully present in Worlds either.
: Are you guys still planning to not change the game come mid-season? I was expecting more systematic changes to items, runes (reduce damage and CDR), new runes/keystones. The rune system could use another re work, it needs more depth. Also why are you guys adding jungle timers for normal camps? Why dumb down the role more?
We don't have any plans for large midseason changes next year no. While some players liked them sentiment was overall that it introduced both too much change per year and was disruptive during a period where players wanted stability from a competitive experience (both ranked and ESports). Regarding jungle timers for normal camps from what we've seen lack of timers there doesn't add meaningful skill for experienced players but does add significant barrier of entry for new players. Jungle's already a hard role for many to get into so making that harder doesn't seem useful. Additionally, while we're not currently changing respawn timers, it's something we expect we'll do at some point. The relearning that creates has been a frequently called out pain point from junglers, so we'd like to be able to tune when needed but with less friction created. Preseason's a good time to add functionality like this, given we're doing some UI work anyway so have the needed people temporarily on team.
: Hi Meddler. Love preseason changes spoiled so far. Umbral Hydra looks super cool. That being said, no mention of AP bruiser items discussed earlier this year. Chance we could still see them in 9.23? Also, any champs seeing balance changes ?
No current plans for AP Bruiser items in preseason, though it's still a part of the item system we're interested in improving. 9.22 is likely to be very light on balance changes for individual champs as is 9.23. We've found that trying to pre-emptively buff/nerf in response to systemic change can introduce as many problems as it solves so would prefer to ship preseason then adjust as need be, whether that's in hotfixes if really out of line, or in 9.24.
: You can use Vilemaw for a Halloween event for example
Yeah, something like that could be the right way to do it. That's a good example of why, even if we had Vilemaw adjusted to work/look good in other modes it might be a while until the right timing came along.
: Hey meddler could you comment on Senna PBE timing and ship date, since it was mentioned she goes to PBE on the 29th so when would she ship since it seems unlikely she'd go out with 9.22
Plan is that Senna goes out in 9.22. Most 9.22 content hits PBE next week, it's possible there's some reason Champions team might be putting her there a bit later that I'm unaware of though.
: I know this is a reach as far as info you have access to/can share, but I’m just curious about that Zilean skin that was mentioned back in... April? Whenever that skin video that was made that talked about Shaco, Nunu, Ivern, and Zilean skins. The other three have long since come out but I’m curious if something happened with the Zilster. Not asking for a release date or what it is or anything like that, just wanted to know if something came up that threw a wrench in that original video’s plan or if that originally planned skin is still happening and was just always planned to be a later thing.
We've got a Zilean skin in the works. Lemme see if there's anything about timeframe the team feel comfortable sharing.
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Madjack01 (EUW)
: Are the designs in LoR based on different moments in time.
Yep, some of the characters in Legends of Runeterra will be in different time periods to where they're up to in League of Legends. Senna and Lucian are the perfect example of that. In LoR they're still hunting side by side, with Senna yet to be trapped in the lantern. In LoL by contrast Senna's been trapped and released, so uses a different appearance, somewhat different themes/gameplay than what you'd expect from the earlier version shown in LoR. As a side note I wouldn't normally comment on LoR or the other games (we're leaving that to the teams working on them!). This one's an exception though given it covers a crossover between multiple games AND is something we can talk about publicly :).
: 10 year anniversary in game?
> [{quoted}](name=BrettTheHitman,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tOs3Ao8d,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-15T19:23:16.864+0000) > > So today is the 10 year anniversary but I sadly am working a double lol. I will watch the stream as I am a big fan but i was wondering what's happening in game. There was rumored missions and I'm just wondering as i wont be able to log on today what's happening on the rift for the B-day There's nothing exclusive to playing today specifically - we figure there are a lot of folks in a similar position who on any random day, a weekday especially, won't necessarily be able to play.
Caenen (EUW)
: Since you're bombarded with sooo many requests right now, I'll just post a really small one: --- **Type of bug:** Gameplay, specific to champion: **Sion** **Bug history:** Simply been there since Sion's VGU, however disabling minimap-casting on Sion R (godsend) in early 2018 at least made this bug a rare occurence ever since. **Description:** When R is cast beyond 7500 range, Sion will attempt to 'walk into range' first, with his unique cast indicators visible. This causes a few related bugs (unable to issue attack commands while having the indicators out after canceling the pathing, or instantly canceling ultimate when pressing it again). **Video example:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV01a--usqo **Suggested fix:** Change cast range from 7500 to 25000 (like the majority of these types of spells have for this particular reason. See Yasuo Q fix earlier this year). Leave the displayed cast range at 7500, however, because that is a really good indicator for the ult's distance when stanting at base movespeed and running for 8s in about a straight line! [**Suggested fix, visualized:**](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/312258593347076096/633715114066837515/unknown.png) **Further information:** Xenogenic fixed this same bug for Nunu W (minus the indicator, which just got removed in Nunu's case), but it's still there for Sion. ---
We're not going to respond to individual bugs we're fixing generally just to keep more time on the actual fixing. Did want to call this report as really helpful though - clear description of issue, video and accompanying context. Many thanks!
WoefulMe (NA)
: I thought TT wasn't getting a chroma this year... are you telling me I have to grind out ranked 3v3s again?
No TT unique chroma but it's still a way to get the skin if you don't want to play SR and do want to play TT.
: Hey Meddler! What are thoughts on Spear of Shojin? Its a rather frustrating single powerspike item for champs like Jax and Riven that makes their URF mode feel rather unfair at times with their windows of weakness dramatically shortened.
We agree it's got problems. We've got a significant change to it coming in preseason as a result.
: The Garen Rework is great , he is truly a Jaggernaut now. Do u consider nerfing Garen even when conqueror is getting changed and preseason coming up? Isn't it better to balance him in preseason with the changes. U might overnerf him
We'll take preseason changes into account, he's looking sufficiently out of line though that we can't just leave him until 9.23. Would rather put a bit of power back in if he ends up too weak post preseason than just let him sit that long.
Larriet (NA)
: Since it's been awhile now, how do you feel the Taliyah changes from last year have landed?
I feel they've made her more balanceable, though at the expense of playstyle changes that still leave some Taliyah players, or former Taliyah players, disappointed with her. I think that's better than her persisting in a non balanceable state and just being kept extremely weak for most players. It's not an example of an ideal solution though certainly.
Illutik (EUW)
: Are players with gold+ on TFT eligible for the victorious skin?
We'll be doing different ranked rewards for TFT than SR/TT. Don't have details ready to share on those just yet though.
Tantarboy (EUNE)
: Hey Meddler, opinion about Galio's current state? OT: Playing any new non-League game lately?
Seems to be in a better state than he's been for a while, including ability to perform reasonably mid lane without invalidating a lot of other champs. Are there specifics you're particularly interested in? OT: Just played through Untitled Goose Game. A lot of the time single player games and/or puzzle games don't really do it for me. That I really enjoyed though.
: Are there any other champions who will see their VFX updated?
We've got a group of artists who are doing VFX updates when they've got gaps between larger projects. There'll be some more updates coming, tends not to be on a regular cadence though because other work can mean more or less time available any given patch for older VFX updates.
Quinterro (EUW)
: Hi Meddler, Can you say anything about preseason as you stated in Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 20? I mean point 1. "Around October 10th we'll start by talking through our goals for the preseason". I haven't seen anything anywhere yet.
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/10/preseason-gameplay-goals/ Just went up a little earlier this morning
: Hey Meddler, about the Diana art changes, can you elaborate on them a bit more? Are they base splash update, VFX update or texture update?
Small art changes to anims/VFX support gameplay modifications.
Gitarin (NA)
: Any stats on Viktor and how his changes have effected him at all MMRs?
I haven't seen post hotfix only data yet, we'll be looking at that today.
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RuDoKa (EUW)
: Where is the music ???
Music's generally handled by a different part of the org that I have only very limited involvement with. I'm not the right person to try and discuss it as a result, apologies.
: Hey Ziggs man, could I ask for your thoughts Inn ekko jg so far at worlds?
Watching it, not acting on anything immediately. Hasn't performed well, so waiting to see if performance improves, if play rate falls off, if solo queue starts trying it too with more success etc.
Kazekiba (NA)
: I'm not likely the only person in this thread asking, but related to your response here; Does that include Wukong then? Haven't heard anything about him in I think 10 patches.
That's just referring to full VGUs and doesn't impact smaller updates like Wukongs. We should have artists freeing up from preseason work to work on that quite soon, along with some similar scoped work on Diana that also needs some art changes.
: Hey Meddler, With Volibear and Fiddlesticks confirmed for VGUs next year, which champions are still in high priority to recieve VGUs in the near future? Also, how do you feel about Ezreal and Morgana's minor VGUs? Were they a success? Is it something that might return in the future?
I'll leave short lists of VGU candidates to the champion team, that's something they like to time the messaging on themselves. I think Ez and Morg's updates made them better characters. The amount of work involved ended up being pretty close to what a VGU with larger gameplay changes takes though so until we're done all the old champions with bigger kit problems I'm not sure they're generally worth prioritizing.
: Hi Meddler, hope you're doing well! In reference to the new VU and Champions over this past season, I do feel personally that this is one of the stronger ones an agree with most of what you said. Yuumi, in particular, is very polarizing and I do find myself some what sad with the direction that she is going. I would have liked to see her pushed to be rewarded more for interacting with her laning opponents by giving her a lower CD on her bop and block and a higher mana cost on her heal and attached Q instead of seeing the mana portion of her passive removed all together and her heal being buffed. In general, I would have just liked to see more experimentation with making her interactive by giving her reasons to be aggressive in lane off her laning partner. Maybe even a little bonus damage on her AA that's impowered by Bop and Block.
We've got some Yuumi work being done at the moment though it's not stable enough yet to be worth sharing details on (pretty experimental). Does include a somewhat shorter passive CD so with you there at least. Certainly agree with the need for a more interactive lane experience for both sides too of course.
: Hey Meddler Is the team planning anything regarding mid lane Tristana, I've never quite seen it myself but hear from other people it is rather unfun to play against. Also when could be a possible timeframe when Pre Season talk begins?
No immediate plans at least for Trist. First thing for preseason will be a dev blog talking about some gameplay goals. Tentative date for that from memory is next Friday.
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: Hello Meddler! Very soon preseason,and there are a few questions. 1. Ranked for Aram ? You have entered ranks for tft, but for example, not everyone plays this mode. 2. Update for Co-op vs. AI? Are there any ideas or thoughts to update? 3. Zyra. Any news, updates, buffs or changes for solo lane (midlane,bottom,jungle)?
ARAM - the large majority of players engaging with ARAM tell us they're doing so because they're looking for something lower stress, less competitive, a less negative experience with their teammates etc. We don't think a ranked queue makes sense as a result, given presence of a ranked queue changes expectations and play even in normals. Secondary issues with likely queue health being poor in lower population regions. TFT by contrast we've seen very clear desire from most TFT players for a at least somewhat competitive experience and ranked TFT gets much more play than normal TFT at this point. Co-op versus AI - we've got some small work underway, though no ship date at present. It's aimed at things like re-enabling a few bots that have been disabled due to bugs, making it so bots buy items a little more intelligently etc. Not a major overhaul of anything though, more a polish pass. Zyra - nothing underway at present.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Hi Meddler! Can {{champion:72}} get some QoL changes?
Do you have specific quality in life changes in mind or are you thinking minor buffs?
: Hey Meddler, I’m just curious about QGT. What are they for? Why do they exist? You seem to take no pleasure in doing them, more of a “I must do this and answer a few questions by tradition not obligation” vs actually interacting with player because you want to. I was under the impression that they were here so that players could divulge feedback, ideas, and discuss champion related issues and changes with an actual Rioter in addition to learning about some future potential changes. It was for making the community feel like they could be involved and have a direct impact on the game and see what Riot thinks. If this is not the case, please be blunt about it. I understand a lot (and I mean A LOT) of the board's ideas are bad, poorly thought out, or crazy, this board is hyper toxic, Reddit really is not that much better as well. But some post exist even here that are well done, thought out, genuine, positive, and nothing too restrictive or simply bug fixes that have been afflicting champions for a long time expressed in very constructive manners. None of these ever seem to be addressed except a few rare exceptions. For instance, Aug 2 a Sona ammo bar was asked for and it seemed to actually get enough traction with you to be worked on. However, you also said you’d let Shyvana scale with elder in 9.3. QGT normally consist of the following... The status of changes to the game announced, like TFT updates etc. What Riot is planning on doing with X champion, disregarding all additional feedback. Future plans Riot will do, usually no matter what. Teemo changes are one of those exceptions. And lastly What do you think of X situation or X champion and its state. If their question doesn’t fall into one of these bland categories, it’s usually ignored. While as I stated exceptions exist, I feel like this is not what players really think about when it comes to QGT as reflected in the comments. This may as well be an announcement page vs a discussion. You are just informing people of the status of things. Perhaps you think I’m wrong but looking at the history of QGT for the past 4 months, that’s mostly what it is. With that said, I just want to ask two more questions. Is there somewhere we can go to actually talk balance, should we even do that, or is that just a luck thing? Maybe a Rioter that cares will see it. Or is the communities' feedback in this regard essentially futile? Where can members talk about bugs that are hurting or even destroying certain champions? WW/Syndra/Poppy/Diana etc. Maybe you are wondering why? Why would you care? We’ll I’ve seen these boards for a while now, true I’m mostly talking about Shyvana, but some people are pouring out genuine thought’s just to be overshadowed with pure Riot hatred since that gets the upvotes. You’ve seen it already; all you have to do is look at the Hot section to see the hatred. I just thought that over time it was, fixable, should Riot focus on the players that are genuine. I made this massive Shyvana rework post, it’s hyper detailed full of many ideas even an ultimate skin. I was having a blast, but I ice boxed it, because why put 10 more hours into it, when Riot won’t even acknowledge it, when I could be doing other fun stuff? Personally, I just feel like Riot doesn’t care about anything a player says anymore, I’d hope that’s still not true. But I don’t see it even here. I mean look at the last week of red post. So I genuinely ask you Meddler, not as the voice for necessarily all of Riot, but at least yourself. What are QGT for?
Fair question. Before I started doing these posts I'd instead wait until someone was asking about a topic we had something to share info on and post there. That did feel more responsive and organic which was great. Had a couple of major downsides though. The largest was that it ended up only reaching a really narrow audience (these get translated to other languages). Also would often run into situations where I figured we had something of interest to share but there wasn't a relevant thread someone had already started to post it in. These days I still read boards, Reddit etc as much but spend time writing these generally more than responding to other threads. There's downside to that, but I've felt it's a reasonable trade off overall. In terms of why these are posted here it's because it's an easy to post on official location. The Boards community though is a tiny fraction of even the english speaking part of the playerbase, let alone the global playerbase. Opinions here are also pretty non representative relative to what we see from survey data (things like strong preferences for specific less popular champions, more interest in narrative overall, low engagement with ESports and strong negativity towards it etc). I try and put some time aside to respond to what I can after putting a post up, but communicating back and forth specifically with Boards posters isn't a primary goal. I do worry somewhat that having an open comments section but then not responding to a lot of it implies a lack of caring, rather than a need to spend time elsewhere. I've considered either shifting to another venue, or just not allowing comments to at least make things clearer, but have felt those are worse than responding some of the time at least. Would welcome people's thoughts on that though. In terms of what I cover these have drifted towards what we're working on more over time. I used to spend more words digging into specific projects, including a range of specific balance calls or individual champs. That's got a lot harder given my role has changed since I started these posts though. I don't get to spend much time each week directly with the balance or champion team devs any more for example, so I don't have the context on a lot of the specific decisions. I'll hunt some of it down when I can to respond to particularly common questions (or see if there is a useful answer at least). My role's more focused on long term planning, trade offs between different projects (resoucring), management etc though. Those are both harder to talk about externally and generally not what people are as interested in anyway versus the state of a particular champion or whatever.
: When will the garen Changes Go Live? I just want to play garen top again and not lose all matchups
Still aiming for 9.20 at present. Shaco changes and Viktor changes will hopefully be in there too.
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: What happened to the Viktor changes? I thought they were planned for 9.19, no?
Definitely not in 9.19, not sure beyond that, depends on whether testing of current direction shows promise or not.
: Is it planned to be implemented as something only the Sona player can see?
That's the plan yes. It's a spammable enough effect that there's not really much play for others around it in most circumstances. Doesn't pass that bar for adding additional visual noise to the screen as a result.
: Hey Meddler please answer what you can. {{champion:19}} was recently touched on his W, the bonuses are still dropping due to targets being between him and his hunted target. To me this bug is too game breaking for WW to justify leaving him in this state. do you know if the team was unable to deal with the W at least? WW also suffers from other issues, but maybe a small buff to survivability would help him. Buffing his E or making his Q instantly heal vs with a delay could help him a lot. {{champion:102}} Can she have a QOL buff where she gains fury while dead? And scale with Elder dragon? These are not huge, but will make Shyvana feel a lot better. {{champion:50}}s Q spread is still too much, can we narrow it by 10 units or so, it can be compensated by a decreased % for additional Qs, but targets 150 units away will only get hit buy 2 maybe 3. Jungle EXP is in a horrible place. Red side is clearly too valuable, and ganking / leeching is too rewarding. Do you think reducing the re-spawn timers and moving some EXP to blue side would assist in increasing the overall EXP and punish gankers a bit without changing too much? Thanks
Red side jungle - agreed, we'll be moving some XP around in preseason to even the sides out, likely combined with some other similar sized changes.
: Hey Meddler o/ Any news about the Sona ammo bar? Did you manage to ping someone? What did they say?
Yep, we've got it as a learning task for a new designer who's just started. We'll put it in for testing and, unless it feels poor to Sona players for some reason, get it into an upcoming patch.
: About Shaco, is possible have any buff on E before 9.23/9.24? His state is pretty a joke right now, and since Lee can be buffed every 14 days, dont get why for shaco we must wait 4 months more.
Shaco changes are still being worked on and likely close to PBE. 9.20 is still a possible ship date, though can't promise anything yet.
: How's the Annie change in terms of winrate? I'm still mixed on the change because it's potentially too strong for her to be given free mobility.
Her average win rate dropped a bit in both average and high MMR post patch. As usual with these sorts of changes though her playrate also spiked. Between less experienced Annie players playing her and need for people to learn the changes hard to say exactly where her balance currently is. Seems likely it's not dramatically higher or lower at the very least though.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Probably don't want to say incase it doesn't go through. Since we haven't heard anything on anyone else lately.
: > [{quoted}](name=DerMangoJoghurt,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ME2TcV99,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-06T14:35:55.947+0000) > > Riot has a minor rework ready in concept which was met with positive feedback, but it will be a while until it get's released. They need artist time to create it and those are currently busy with other stuff. Tft stuff*
Preseason stuff is the limiter on this one. Once some assets for that are finished we'll be able to get some folks back onto this and another smaller rework that's also currently on hold.
: Hi @meddler any word on wukong ?? And Aatrox mechanical change a few word on it cuz im bit curious about this change will we see the change next week or today on the PBE
Once we've got some concrete timing on Wukong I'll definitely be sharing it. I'm sorry I can't offer more than that at present. Aatrox wise for now at least I believe we're just going to be cutting some power off, aimed at hitting pro play more than regular if possible. Mechanics changes are much more likely to need follow up so thinking about those for post 9.19 instead.
: Hey Meddler can I ask if you can share thoughts on Spear of Shojin given how it warps Riven, Renekton and Jax, Scruffy mentioned you guys were planning some stuff for preseason
I know the team want to try some stuff on it for Preseason. I'm not familiar with the details of where they're up to though, given much less of my time's spent working with/near the SR team these days.
: What do you think of Galio's current state post buffs?
They've added meaningful power to him. Mid seems to be performing better than support in solo queue at least which was the direction we were leaning (think he brings more that's unique as a mid laner than a support). Hoping he'll now be in a stable state, not confident yet though that'll be the case.
: What about Garen rework? Are you guys happy with how he plays on PBE?
Work's showing good promise though isn't final yet. Still thinking 9.20 ish for a release for it.
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