Teh Song (NA)
: Font of life isn't for the tank who uses it, it's a support mechanic for your team. That health over 2 seconds isn't meant for your sustain, it's meant for your carry to stack over a multitude of auto attacks.
Font of Life doesn't stack, it resets, meaning that each auto attack will only be granting 40% of the total value since the other 60% comes over the duration, thus making it worse.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: I take it on Ashe support and build Ardent Censer.
See I would like to do that if not for the fact that Ashe has only one AP scaling... on her ult. If Riot could slap a 15% AP scaling on her W then I'd be all for an off meta build like that.
Eedat (NA)
: > remove the self exclusion and at least let the user get someuse out of it too? make it 2% max health. We really dont need yet another lane sustain rune. They're problematic as is
1.5% would be better, and honestly nothing is wrong with having simple sustain that can only be granted by interacting with CCed targets, especially when it means the one taking it has no Demolish to do 1/3 of a turret on its own
: You do realize this would be a nightmare on {{champion:36}} ...... He'd get Second Wind + Font + all his already on board heals which are hard to deal with..... after being buffed to hell and back....
5000 HP = 55 over 1.75 seconds How many Mundos can even break 3000 during lane phase without meme builds?
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