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Vanra (NA)
: Traditional supports are pointless now
IKR, you're better off not playing support and instead playing a kill lane or atleast a heavy int'ing comp like {{champion:89}} {{champion:53}} or {{champion:412}}. After a point gold gen is crap so the only way to supplement that is kills and assists! I feel like this change was meant to force dumb teamfighting rather than smart macro play via lane freezing or slow pushing.
Elohaven (NA)
: Sanguine Blade has no place as an item
Its the new {{item:3161}} its busted af, and needs to be removed.
: Support Items are a big mistake.
If your ADC DCs, sell gold income item, it removes the stupid gold penalty. If they come back tell them they have to share because of their shitty internet.
: New supp items suck ass on Braum
The healing on what was relic shield needs to come back.
MickuPgBz (EUW)
: Please don't keep support items this way.
Just revert the gold poaching mechanic imo, if your ADC is trash teir then you should be able to pick up the slack and win for your team, not be fked because of some dumb internal mechanic. With the current system, if your ADC sucks you're effectively down 2 players.
Tolinar (NA)
: I -HATE- the current Support Items.
Its compounded by the fact if you're even slightly behind because of a bad ADC ur basically fked the rest of the game. The catch-up possibilities with farm is non-existent.
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: Hot take: Triumph is one of the biggest factors to the snowballing problem in League
Yeah I think this rune has needed a nerf for awhile, it is in the so-called Precision tree but hit throws out gold and hp like crazy in teamfights which is anything but precise. Furthermore, it invalidates the power DoT-focused champions like {{champion:90}} {{champion:69}} and {{champion:17}} possess by negating the potential finisher damage they can output to kill their target (nevermind the summoner spell Ignite). I think to balance there needs to be a delay on its healing, either 1 second after not taking damage (would make DoT effects still effective as finishers) or a static 5 seconds after a kill, as most DoTs only last 4 seconds generally.
: Dmg is really a big problem
I've suggested these solutions in the past to no avail, but maybe this time they won't be hated as much: 1. **Rework Armor and Magic resist to block only bonus damage but block damage on a 1 to 1 ratio.** Example: 50 Armor will block 50 points of bonus physical damage; If say Zed, has 100 base AD and +60 bonus AD then he'll deal 110 damage to his target as the 50 Armor reduces only the bonus damage which is +60. 2. **Make penetration items role-specific:** Marksman would be the only class that could buy the {{item:3035}} line, and {{item:3071}} would have its armor penetration converted to a flat armor value instead (say -7 per stack with a max of -35 armor). Mages would be the only class that could buy the {{item:3135}} item as an AP version. The only roles that should have penetration items should be carry roles, not bruisers, not juggernauts, not assassins, not supports, not tanks, not anyone but carrys; AP carrys ie. Mages and AD carrys ie. ADCs. Resistances need to matter both in small and large quantities, when everyone has penetration items to counter what is suppose to be a counter to high damage, this is when you have a proverbial nuclear arms race of damage. The reason resistances would only apply to bonus damage is because we must preserve the value of poke and harass in order to prevent lanes from stagnating.
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: Rengar’s Jump should be global
I feel like if you have an area warded Rengar should not be able to jump, and maybe he gets an indicator when hes revealed via wards or other effects. This would not be awful because wards are only short term, and therefore would deter but not stop him.
: {{champion:223}} has one Job. Negate Chain CC. TBH, I think the huge issue for the game Is CC, And chain CC. With so much communication in Proplay. they look to stack that as effectively as possible. Which is non existent in solo Q, and therefore Tahm is just Trash Support. A lot of champions are good at some keeping alive, But nobody can do it like {{champion:223}} and as safely. With HUge base stats, a Enchanced QSS On W. And a "Cant kill me On his E" Because if they have any knock ups, no Qss can save you, but tahm can. No amount of Chain CC can keep an Ally alive better than Tahm. How can you burst what you cant Click. So. IF you Kill how chain CC works, This will be a huge Indirect nerf to Support Kench. Specially In proplay. IF you Change how Tenacity works For Knocks up and displacements. This will also Be a pretty good nerf to support kench in proplay. Change the way how all CC cannot go below a thresh-Hold of 0.5. (like seriously... Irelia stun lasts for 0.75 seconds. and no matter how much Tenacity you stacked. The stun cannot get below 0.5. Because this will all make Tahm as a support (dare I say)**less appetizing**. Specially when you close the gaps a player can act between chained CC. You can look to make more Offensive plays, you can make other Defense supports look better as they offer so MUCH more then a free get away card that tahm has. And listen, Nothing is more worse to see your favorite player just get flashed-knocked up, to pull to stun to death with nothing for them to do. Nothing is more worse then getting Stun locked from full hp as a tank, to death before you can even use a summoner as a tank in Soloq. Nothing is a shittier feeling then Being the solo Q Top laner and doing great, for the entire enemy team Chain CC, and peel you like a mad man, while the adc sits in place autoing you down as if you're just a red buff. So, Please just change the way Chain CC is handled. Please Change tenacity to effect all CC like displacements and Knockups. **As for kench for top lane, thats a whole different basket of issues**. Tl;Dr: Chain CC needs some refurbishing and it will nerf Tahm
>To suggest a possibility, the MMO swtor has a mechanic called resolve (with a built in CC break for all classes). Resolve is a bar that fills up as you are affected by continuous or "chain-CC", once that bar maxes out you activate your CC break and become immune to CC for like 5 seconds. Note that the bar decays after not having CC applied to you for a short time. I may have had a lot of issues with SWTOR, but certain mechanics like that was just smart. I suggest maybe we implement some sort of anti-chain CC mechanics that punishes enemy teams that overuse on one target and give that 1 target some sort of boost. Maybe something powerful like a {{item:3157}} active effect coupled with a 30% max hp heal; this would occur if say 5 seconds or more on constant CC is applied to a single target. The one issue I forsee is cetain CC heavy champions like {{champion:412}}, {{champion:12}} or {{champion:89}} may have to be adjusted since that have so much CC avaliable to them
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atorelle (NA)
: (Your) Experience VS/Being Aftershock Lux Support
Yet another example of how the new rune system is utter chaos and likely to get many viable champions dumpstered. Meanwhile the old rune system was perfectly balanced with only the masteries ever being an issue.
Ephixus (EUW)
: So you want to give tanks more damage to deal with? No thanks.
Well since their durability is being severely nerfed all the time, they do need something that makes them worth having. Otherwise they're just another support with a few CC and no damage.
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: Look at Fiddlesticks for actual damage numbers. R BASE damage at rank 3 is 1,625. That's with no AP at all. Add in the total 225% AP ratio and it obliterates(400 AP = 900 more damage). Not to mention it is AOE damage.
They've said Fiddlesticks is an old champion thus why he seems cheap.
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: Why does armor feel useless
**My solution to armor scaling issues is simple:** Armor would be changed to block 0.5 points of **bonus** physical damage per point of armor. This would still make it useful at lower levels but it would have some serious power at higher levels. It would only scale off bonus damage because otherwise it could be made to render early game poke irrelevant if it applied to all damage. If someone like {{champion:54}} manages to hit 600 armor that reduces bonus physical damage by 300 points; powerful for burst damage, but if you can apply continuous damage by way of attack speed or phantom hit, eventually an ADC's dps will outscale the defense. This is how AD was suppose to work orginially before they buffed the numbers through the roof; an ADC was never suppose to 100-0 a tank rather serve a steady and powerful barrage of damage that wears down the toughness of tanks. The issue of mobility creep and displacement creep lead to this method becoming less feasible because ADCs found themselves with even less time to act as needed. With these issues in mind, maybe instead of making armor useless we instead need to develop counters to mobility (like the grounded effect) and displacement effect.
XcomegaX (NA)
Lets be honest, certain Champions are flat out cancer in ARAM. You can bet people will make accounts that exist only to play ARAM with those cancer champions. Bans serve as a way to make ARAM more random by preventing the ARAM accounts from being less random. Bans serve as a simple QoL system that would help make the experience more enjoyable for people in general, which will help boost player counts and retention in gameplay.
: Thornmail Too Restrictive
I'd change {{item:3075}} to instead apply a super grevious wounds that blocks ALL lifesteal gained for 2 seconds after damaging the Thornmail wearer. This would be the buff {{item:3075}} needs and would deter better than armor ever could.
: Yi highlander changes.
I'd ask they remove the 70% cooldown reduction passive on his ult whenever gets an kill or assist because the Cooldown of his Q is already from autos and phantom hits. Because {{item:3124}} exists he has 2 phantom hit sources plus autos, he doesn't need even more CDR mechanics on top of what he gets from his Q. This would also put some meaningful downtime on his E, which basically a free {{item:1038}} at max rank.
: Healing and Sustain Creep is a Neglected Discussion that has Caused Huge Balance Issues
Concerning the Triumph Rune, I think the healing should have a short delay to it that is extended every time the player takes damage, The reason for this is simple, this rune has effectively counteracted Champions that make use of periodic damage to kill other Champions. Champions screwed over by this rune: {{champion:17}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:91}} I'd remove Legend: Bloodline because its free lifesteal and lifesteal is a very important stat that affects how you build you're character. Making it in-built with runes is a problem. There is already a ton of in-built healing effects, and this rune is too much.
: You gotta give it to the balance team
Even though true balance leaves everyone unhappy, this is not a balance. To my eyes there is a huge AD bias, nevermind releasing busted items like {{item:3124}} phantom hit, or {{item:3161}}, but the fact AD has both Lethality and not 1 but 2 sources of %-armor penetration ({{item:3035}} and {{item:3071}}), tells me that AD has too many ways to counter defense; which armor penetration is a counter-countermeasure in this case. The Runes in Precision and Domination tree are tailor-made to auto attack champions, two rune categories meanwhile mages have barely 1, two sort of with the inspiration tree. --------------------------------- By comparison, AP has base magic pen, and 1 %-magic penetration ({{item:3135}}). This coupled with the fact there are multiple mechanics that exist to counter burst from magic damage or other sources: {{item:3155}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3091}} {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:5}} , nevermind the Rune Nullifying Orb. Certain champions exist to counteract mages and burst in general, they may look familiar as they all tend to use stuff like "untargetable" to be an anti-skillshot. Skillshots are the backbone of casters, and are a fair measurement of "skill" hence the name. Some of the anti-skillshot champions: {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:11}}
Raiyza (NA)
: {{champion:99}} and {{champion:119}} : *Try to fight the enemy {{champion:22}} and {{champion:63}} but end up losing the trade* {{champion:99}} : *Keeps going in the fight despite the river brushes are NOT warded, and Lux dies* {{champion:99}}: "Omg draven we could have had that why did you back off???" {{champion:119}}: "Because the jungle isn't warded, and we lost the trade. We both would have died" {{champion:99}} : "gl have fun in lane solo" *Goes off to another lane* {{champion:119}}: "{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
> [{quoted}](name=Raiyza,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IMT5i3AA,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-04-09T16:50:00.631+0000) > > {{champion:99}} and {{champion:119}} : *Try to fight the enemy {{champion:22}} and {{champion:63}} but end up losing the trade* > > {{champion:99}} : *Keeps going in the fight despite the river brushes are NOT warded, and Lux dies* > > {{champion:99}}: "Omg draven we could have had that why did you back off???" > > {{champion:119}}: "Because the jungle isn't warded, and we lost the trade. We both would have died" > > {{champion:99}} : "gl have fun in lane solo" *Goes off to another lane* > > {{champion:119}}: "{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I'm the Draven there, only instead I'm the support spamming the ping to fall back since my ADC is at like 20% hp and still trying to go all in tower dive. I might be {{champion:44}} but they'll still focus you even after the stun, I'd rather you fall back get farm, and maybe heal up then trying the lottery at the enemy tower and still get ganked by the enemy jungler that is probably paying attention.
radetari (EUNE)
: I can only avoid tilt in normals, but never in ranked
The problem with ranked is the prestige of being diamond or plat or challenger attracts all kinds, there is really not a proper system to weed out the good from the bad. And with the abundance of cheese champions in the game, overpowered runes and items, means that bad players can ascend upwards against good players purely through overtuned mechanics. When I used to play Ranked, I imagine it was a final exam, or end-of-the-year project presentation; I'd bring my A-game, no bullshit, no screwing around, DERP FACE ENGAGED, etc. What I found was a bunch of people screwing around, feeding out of their minds and being like toxic 12 year-olds. This kept happening and hilariously, playing normals felt more competitive and more "real" than ranked. It seems ranked attracts all the bad players like flies to a damn lightbulb. I eventually got fed up by the sheer volume of players with incompetence, stupidity, and ego. So nowadays, I don't play ranked at all. Unless Riot can magically fix the behavior of people in ranked, I'm never coming back, and as a result I don't give a damn about the competitive scene; Game is not worth taking seriously, if you cannot play competitive seriously.
TheGrot (NA)
: Mid Laners Getting Nerfed
I thought you where talking about the {{item:3091}} changes. Because yeah, that's a mage nerf right there.
: ARAM Bans
I just realized, Teemo is basically now gone from ARAM, I'm sad. He is actually fun there and because or Oracles not that bad to deal with either.
: What if we removed runes and masteries?
The old runes where NEVER a balance issue, it was the Masteries that where a problem. I'd love if we had the old rune system back where we could tweak are base stats or give our champions extra speed, more XP gained, gold per 5, or just throw a stack stick of 5 AP at level 1 times 3
Naalith (NA)
: I've been playing since season 1, runes and masteries are a garbage system. They seem like interesting choices until everyone minmaxes their character, then the characters' stats are adjusted to include runes. Basically, runes are just a part of champion kits after they are optimized for and usually cover weaknesses champions have. Imagine if Kayle couldn't play safe in lane with klepto or fleet. Imagine if mid assassins couldn't take extra burst to go from dealing lots of damage to killing you instantly.
For champions that where perfectly balanced with no issues, yes there are cookie cutter rune builds. Where runes really shined was you could take champion that wasn't viable or was suboptimal and "fill in their holes" with runes allowing them to be competitive with meta picks. The current system doesn't do that, it just makes what is meta more dominant.
: And is it bad why? Btw. Do you have any proof aram accounts owners play only for these champs or are you just talking with no proof
I never said it was bad, but just like when they gave everyone a ban in Summoner's Roft, certain champions like {{champion:157}} had over 100% ban rate at the start indicating, that they are worse than normal for many. I doubt Riot will balance for ARAM, but certain champions will be perma-banned as a result of the changes
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: The unpopular opinion about tanks..
I wish tanks had a way to punish teams that stack pure AD. {{item:3075}} is too weak for this, we need a proverbial middle finger item screws over AD but maybe makes magic taken, true damage. Then have a polar opposite item that applies to magic damage. Pure AD teams are abusing the fact that there are too many sources of armor penetration and thus armor is mostly useless.
No, slightly... If Riot did go bankrupt they'd file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We'd see the warning signs long before it happened :3
: Plays first game of April fools to realize the chat has turned into shit.
That would be hilarious, if all curse words in chat got replaced with the poop emoji. MISSED OPPORTUNITY!
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: Yeah, and I originally had a pool of 4 champs besides Sylas. Aatrox got gutted pending rework, Kayle's been a mixed result, the only two that haven't had too many issues is Vlad and some cases Olaf. The issue is how passive toplane balance is right now. The champs I put effort into learning for the second year in a row have gotten heavily nerfed after something unintentionally breaks them or breaks things that destroy their core principles. Speaks true for Sylas and Aatrox. And with normals being not helpful when trying to learn new champs, how else am I gonna fix the gaping hole?
I honestly miss old Aatrox, I guess I'm the only buy he was legitimately fun and definitely had a role to play. The new version feels slow and clunky. The old one was designed to be mobile with good gank potential.
qss0 (EUW)
: Spear of shojin, how to make your game even more frustrating
1st, today is a bad day to post this as Riot will certainly not take you seriously. 2nd, Riot will take you seriously regardless because they only care about the LC$. I think most people would agree the Spear of Sho'jhin is badly thought out item. My only complaint is there are all AD items and I'm looking for some OP, broken AP items; like wtf Riot!
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Anyone realized that Jinx has 55% win rate and 18% pick rate?
She's less cancerous compared to certain ADCs that abuse a *certain* item {{item:3124}}. to do insane amounts of damage. She is strong but infinitely manageable compared to {{champion:67}}
IAmTheLego (EUNE)
: Riot is finally reworking Yasuo...
The changes to Yasuo's W is not a rework, its a graphical update. Its a long standing bug that incorrectly displays the hitbox of Yasuo's W. With this change everyone can now see what to avoid.
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Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
The one thing that has always kind of irked me about Teemo is the fact he always has to buy {{item:3151}} if he wants his ultimate do deal significant damage. Nevermind the fact that once this item is bought, his shrooms become a nightmare to deal with unless you stack MR. Also as an aside, with the introduction of the Precision rune "Triumph of Victory", its almost impossible for Teemo to score a post fight killing blow as this rune provides a ton of healing. **I'd like to see Teemo's reliance on Liandra's Torment as a core item be "unhooked" as that item is meant to tank bust and is an odd item to be core to a champion build. Also I'd like to see his ultimate have kill power added back in to somewhat counteract the healing from "Triumph of Victory". ** What I'd suggest is turning his ultimate's mushrooms into a pure aoe nuke instead of a Dot; So at level 1 it would be 150 magic damage right away not over 4 seconds. As an added bonus, the damage would be increased much like the rest of his kit whenever a target is affected by poisons. This would give his ultimate the kill power it needs, and we could adjust base damage to be lower but give it a bigger boost from poisons to make it weaker as a harass but more potent when used in a fight (maybe a 100% bonus but weak base damage, 150 base but 300 if target is poisoned). Also because it is no longer a DoT effect, the need to buy {{item:3151}} is gone and will enable Teemo players to build in a more flexible manner depending on who they are facing.
: i can see it avoiding a yasuo ult here and there.
it wouldn't stop the damage, but it would take you well out of followup range.
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Velgam (NA)
: Tanks are screwed
**How to fix:** - extreme damage from everything - tanks being worthless or immortal {{champion:36}} - armor and magic resist being worthless at lower levels - snowballing out of control (early kills and advantage is fine, but out of control scaling is the issue) **-Remove True Damage from the game and convert any previous sources of true damage based on the type of damage each champion might do. ** **-From now on, all base damage from basic attacks and abilities will ignore armor magic resist, but bonus damage gained from items, runes, and ratios will be affected by armor and magic resist respectively. ** **-Armor and magic resist now will absorb their respective damage on a 1 to 1 ratio; 50 armor will absorb 50 bonus physical damage, and 30 magic resist will absorb 30 bonus magic damage. Bonus damage effects would also include %-damage affects like the damage from {{item:3151}} and {{item:3153}}. ** The reason armor and magic resist only affects bonus damage is twofold: first, it means damage dealt by supports and tanks will still relevant even into the late game, and second, snowballing will mean more levels and therefore higher base damage, but the gold element of snowballing can be somewhat mitigated by building defense as the bonus damage from abilities is very efficiently affected even for non-tanks by armor and magic resist.
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