: what i think about riot
Thank you for being a generally wholesome person, may your soul never be corrupted like the others. Cheers to riot! For making a game great enough to carry on for years to come!{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: shojin isn't gone, it's placed onto the cloud drake, after a team kills their 4th drake (20 mins into game) and the cloud drake dominates all other drakes (ex. 2 cloud, 1 ocean, 1 mtn or 3 cloud, 1 ocean) the entire team will have a shojin effect which last until the end of the game this will make cloud drakes more important than infernals cuz extra cdr on ult and abilities means champs like jax and fiora will always be broken
Honestly It's even worse (for the other team) than shojin. Because they: A: Don't need to ult to gain the effects and B: Gain Ult CDR as well, meaning champs like riven will be ESPECIALLY nightmarish. I honestly expect riven{{champion:92}} to pass yasuo's current ban rate with how this preseason looks.
: ??? You're winrate is higher than 50%???
Play a support who can switch to a carry build on the fly (Lux, Swain, veigar) so if you notice your team is doing terribly you can switch to those items, problem solved.
Sιmoη (EUW)
: Idea for the people that spent a lot of money
Honestly if I saw a skin that was only accessible via spending ludicrous amounts of money over time *cough* Prestige *cough* *cough* I'd probably bitch that riot is too greedy. But if you want something like that go for it, just don't expect the rest of us to be happy.
Slade25 (NA)
: The Boards are completely delusional
You are the only sane person here on these boards, thank you for bringing this up when no one did.
Slade25 (NA)
: Why Toplane is currently the worst role in League
I'm sorry, but I have to disagree on your "meta-slave" argument (Though the other points are still valid) as I have found more success playing a build I originally did for sh*ts and giggles (specifically TOP AD THRESH{{champion:412}} ) than I have with meta Champs like kench. Top lane simply has more emphasis on wave control in my opinion (which thresh happens to do well at while bullying the enemy laner at the same time).


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