: What We Heard on Ranked 2019
Hi, I have a little bit of concern about the ranked rewards. I see that this has been brought up before in this thread, and that a new reward type that reflects our end-rank this season is being developed to go alongside the changes to the border system. However, I still feel like there might be some issues with the new border system that should be brought up regardless. This change obviously feels good for people that reach new peak ranks next season, but it feels sort of bad for people that reach peak ranks in this current season. For example, I just hit Master tier for the first time, after ending last season in Diamond 5. I don't play ranked as much as some people so it feels like it took a lot of time, and a lot of emotional investment as well. Knowing that I will probably not have a Master tier border going into next season makes me a little sad. This is particularly an issue for people that reach any peak ranks this season that are higher than whatever the Placement cap will be next season. It'll take longer for these people to "reacquire" their loading screen border. In the name of giving solid feedback, I've tried to come up with some potential solutions to this issue. 1) You could make it so that the rank displayed in loading screen is your end rank from last season, until you reach an even higher rank, at which case it will update dynamically as originally planned. Basically, this version is that your loading screen border will never be lower than your previous end rank, but can be higher. This rewards people who pushed themselves this current season, and it rewards people for pushing further in the next season. 2) Apply the previous solution, but only in Unranked queues. Ranked queues go forward with using the border system that Riot proposed. This allows borders in Ranked to keep their theoretical use as a completely accurate representation of a user's current rank, which is a feature of the system that my first proposal neglects. Arguably, Normal queues are far less serious and thus the border being an accurate representation of current rank isn't as necessary, and it should be fine for borders to be a bragging rights thing in these queues, rather than using the "higher of two options" system. 3) Keep the currently active system in Normals, use the Riot-proposed fully dynamic updating system in ranked. Similar to my second proposal, this keeps the idea that the borders in Normals are for show, while the borders in Ranked are an actual display of current rank. Unlike the other two proposals, this option removes the need to invest time into engineering the "higher of two" system. Drawback is obviously that reaching a rank higher than the border displayed in Normals might feel bad as you have to wait until next season to see it updated. These are just three ideas I had to make the border changes possibly feel a little better. It's entirely true that if the new reward is cool enough then further changing the border system isn't "necessary", but even still if there is room for improvement in a system then it should at least be considered.
: Act 3: Questions about the Bilgewater Event? We got you covered! [COMPLETED]
: Sion Champion Update Q&A [COMPLETED]
Why the name "Unstoppable Onslaught" for his ultimate? I hear "onslaught" and associate it with "Onslaught of Shadows" (Hec's ult) and thus think about a constant barrage of attacks. Sion just slams them once and he's done. Wouldn't a name like "Engine of War" be more fitting, considering he's basically the League's personification of war?
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: I suggest that the ship appears on that river where you see a dragon flying (Top left corner on the top lane) and whenever GP signaled ulti the ship would flash while sending in the cannon balls. It would be fun to see that, no need to have a giant ship model hanging around the bot lane. EDIT: An image to show everyone how it would work.
Perhaps it floats in when the ult is available for casting, then floats away until it's off CD again.
: I'll have to try that Korean build. How does it work exactly? And it focuses on maintaining passive, not getting off lots of damage with Q and basic attacks? I knew the passive was very valuable but not that a good build revolves around it.
I'll give you a quick run down, then post a link to it. So, you max R>W>E>Q in lane. First items are Statikk or Wit's End, the order depending on your match up. Build full tank after you get those items. You use your attack speed to quickly proc your passive, and use W to sustain forever. You don't really want to use Q to last hit because the mana is better spent on your W. Q should be used to reset Autos. Can also be used for harass once Statikk is finished, but not before. That's the gist of it. http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/58202-gangplank-build-guide-by-coffeesoldier
: for supp GP what do you recommend me maxing? i usually max Q first for poke and extra gold here and there, then i max E for that buff. would you recommend maxing E first then W?
I occasionally play Support GP as well. Funny thing is, he can build tanky or AP, and benefits from all three support starting items! I mainly play tanky supp GP and max W first so I can tank a lot for my adc, and max E second. Maxing E second gives you bonus damage on your Q so that Q doesn't need to be rushed. The damage from E is obviously useful for your ADC. I tend to build Sunfire first, then Iceborn. If you feel like you don't need too much health, build Iceborn first. The Sheen procs on Q, and the slow stacks with your passive. the CDR and Mana are also great. GP benefits from every stat on the item basically, even the AP. After you have those you can build to conform to the enemy team's strengths and weaknesses basically. You should theoretically be able to engage onto the enemy bot lane anytime your Ult is available. Try to run up to their faces and use W to clear their large slow or stun if they have one. Once you reach them, ult and target their ADC. Remember to buy Sightstone! I might have to make my own series of complete GP guides sometime. :P
: Whoa, wall of text. I don't really have the energy to read that all right now; Could you format it a little? Or, I'll get to it later, if I remember.
Added TL;DR. Even though I kinda dislike writing it. Loses a bit of credibility when I can't display facts to back up my claims.
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