: > this is what he said to me tho lol > > https://www.pinterest.com/pin/803400021002651204/ It doesn't matter what he said to you though. His behaviour doesn't justify yours. Just mute him if you don't like what he said to you instead of arguing with him.
i know thats why i wasnt trippin about the restriction they gave me just wanted to show what he said lol {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Lari (EUNE)
: Wait what are you talking about? So his team is trying to make him mad,and lose the game and is supposed to sit back quietly and lose? As i said in another comment there is toxic behavior that we face everyday and it is not being noticed by Riot, and lead us to say what we say. So you are actually saying this: You see a man in the road hitting a dog you yell at the man to stop and how horrible he is and in the end you are the one who is getting arrested for yelling and harassing the man, while he is going away free. Hmmm.. that can not be right. Riot logic
lol i have played games ranging from world of warcraft to dota 2 and there was never a problem with calling someone a kid or cry baby or even trash but only in league can you get chat restricted for a lil thing like that lol might as well remove chat from the game to be honest lol
Lari (EUNE)
: Yeah i know but the thing is you are getting reported for such things even though you are not trying to be mean, you are trying to be helpful. About the logs i believe that my ban now was well deserved because i was a bit off these days and i took things a bit too far for NA. But the thing is that i am facing this problem every day. People blackmailing me with bans, thinking they have power over me, and the sad thing is that they do cause Riot does not see the whole picture they care about words not general behavior. So if someone is trying to make you mad with his gameplay by not listening to your pings or by taking your farm or by feeding it is not considered toxic behavior for Riot, but call someone a feeder and you will baned for life.
this is what he said to me tho lol https://www.pinterest.com/pin/803400021002651204/
Lari (EUNE)
: About chat restrictions
This got me chat restricted for 25 games lol i was playing with a couple teamates that were being so toxic to me calling me way more worse things than me but i got chat restriced im not tripping tho cuz i was being a lil over the top i guess **Game 1 Pre-Game MindlessMotiv: first time nidalee MindlessMotiv: this norms right In-Game MindlessMotiv: this gunna be hard MindlessMotiv: there team comp late game is horrible MindlessMotiv: thx MindlessMotiv: damn lol MindlessMotiv: lol MindlessMotiv: nice MindlessMotiv: thought my heaal was up lol MindlessMotiv: i didnt wanna ks for you to cry later brah chill MindlessMotiv: well i like my joke better cuz you crying right now lol MindlessMotiv: yo know what fuck you all im done trying MindlessMotiv: k cool MindlessMotiv: nice sounds good MindlessMotiv: maybe next time instead of flaming someone you just shut up MindlessMotiv: bruh chill and stop feeding mid k MindlessMotiv: yea report me for them, being toxic af MindlessMotiv: you guys are so trash you cry every time lol just uninstall MindlessMotiv: lol dont cry in ranked and try to ff so early MindlessMotiv: lol ass kids MindlessMotiv: idc MindlessMotiv: lol diana fed all early game MindlessMotiv: and you flame me over 1 play MindlessMotiv: you not gunna get past silver like that lol MindlessMotiv: oof reported MindlessMotiv: screeenshoted and gunna send to riot MindlessMotiv: lol these kids flame me over 1 play when diana fed the whole game lol MindlessMotiv: bruh yall trash forreaal i dont know how to post pictures but i got a picture of the other guy saying things way worse than me lol


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