: me getting perma banned for saying "kys" once and didn't even mean "kill your self"
smh cant even say kys as a joke in the game you will get perma banned.. this bs.
: later wuk hae fun u literally just lost us the game kys i mean good job gj wuk ur really good at this game Yeah, you totally said 'gj' and 'ur really good at this game' in a totally serious, not sarcastic in the least, way .. especially given all the other chat you're not showing. We have a zero tolerance policy about telling people to kill themselves, so you claim it's something else. You were harassing people, so they are all jokes. You sarcastically say 'good job' to people who are doing poorly, so you were doing it sincerely. You paste small, composed, screenshots and selective snippets of chat. You are completely ignoring the other game given in your reform card. The bottom line here is you were given numerous warnings, more than you should have IMHO. You were told the next penalty would be a perma-ban. You continued this behavior. You got banned. Player support already looked into this, review it, found the penalty to be appropriate, and said the penalty will stand. I looked into this, reviewed it, and find that you have been dishonest in your presentation of this and are deserving of your penalty. Please, feel free to post your chat logs in their ENTIRETY if you'd like to get other peoples' opinions of this.
your right i was being rude in the chat logs but also how do you know that i was being sarcastic you can't type sarcasm because those good jobs were actually serious do you ever when you play when someone gets a kill or makes a good play your "gj" them r say there really good what i don't get is i got banned for saying kys as a joke. Yes i type alot which was a bad Tabitha but i wasn't toxic i was also nice i would always congratulate someone making a good play or say there good at the game or something. you cant really assume that i was being sarcastic because you weren't in the game and couldn't see... I just want riot to know "kys" was a joke maybe my other toxic wasnt but if you guys understand that was a joke it should be unbanned because multiple riot employees said i was banned specifically for kys bc u guys dont tolerate it. I was toxic without saying that though but not perma ban worthy i feel. sorry about this long paragraph lol.
: Even though that isn't what they asked for, it is still edited chat logs. There are 134 lines of in-game chat and 15 games of post-game chat in the game you are posting in this screenshot. > screenshot of the spot where i was suspended for. That isn't the spot you were suspended for. The system looks at your logs in their entirety. It does not do a line-by-line analysis. Therefore, you were suspended for the entire log.
Oh well the email said i was perma banned for telling someone to "kys" and that is why i was perma banned that is what about the 4 emails i sent to riot about they all said the same thing they didnt say anything else also what about right after i said "kys" kinda wierd how you guys didn't notice it was a joke i literally said "i mean good job" thats what i dont get either and then what about all the positive things also you guys never noticed that im guessing...
: Giving your history of fudging details, misleading narrative, and outright manipulated facts via incomplete chatlog, I will have to ask for a FULL UNEDITED transcript of the rito employee telling you that the ONLY reason you are permed
https://gyazo.com/7d1f95fe8800a4961489ef037ffb2010 here is a screenshot if i copy and pasted it here it would be way to long and big so here the screenshot of the spot where i was suspended for.
: hang on, this can't be Trick2G right? He doesn't sound like a person who'd get banned, or rage about a ban. But I know for sure Mini Doge is one of his accounts. Inactive name change or something?
just a fan account i liked his name its MinL Doge his account is mini D0ge
: > [{quoted}](name=mlm olo mlm,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xfl0teU4,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2018-10-08T16:34:54.942+0000) > > You are making assumptions about my argument. I simply showed that the entire world is not up to speed on video game lingo. FACT: Not EVERYONE knows what "kys" means. FACT: "kys" has multiple meanings. The F word has multiple meanings too in the UK, as does an American slang word for Chinese people, and certain other words that are used in hate speech. Those words are not excused because multiple meanings exist, because in 99.9% of any case where these words are used in videogames, it's to be used as hate speech. Multiple definitions of words and expressions mean nothing if the more widely understood definitions are hateful and horrible.
Your completly right but "kys" has 0 defintion in the webster dictionary it is a slang term for short typeing for many terms. Where im from we use it as "know your style" and "kill your self" many slang words have many meanings and 3 letters in a order and shouldn't be perma banned after i typed that i also said "I mean good job" but riot never looked at that. They didnt get it was a joke or anything or different meaning what if i accdently typed it literally the sentence after i typed I mean good job. smh riot became kinda soft lately banning the wrong people banning the people reacting to trolls and feeders and not just people having bad games people actually running it down.,
: This is your 13th penalty, and you just came off a 14-day ban recently where you were told the next penalty would be a perma-ban. You only posted a few lines out of your very long, very bad chatlog .. and multiple logs were given. Even without KYS .. which most certainly does not mean 'know your style' you would have been banned. If you want to post the chat log in its entirety I'm happy to discuss further.
your right about that but i messaged a riot employee and the reason i was banned for was "kys" he said thats the only reason iw as perma banned because they dont tollerate it at all. What if instead giving such a harsh ban where i cant play since i was banned for typing and abusing i just dont understand why im not just perma chat banned not perma banned so i cant play the game...? I wasnt one of the feeders and trolls running it down feeding where they deserve perma bans but instead i re acted to them and got banned i feel i should be perma chat banned not banned from playing a game i supported so much spending over $2000 on and getting no sympathy or a chance? Just a thought i would actually enjoy getting perma chat banned so i cant be toxic because it would probably help my games way more.
: Zero tolerance means zero tolerance.
your right about that but riot also unbanned many "zero tolerance" things for example tyler1 everyone knows and 2 of my friends i have played with before got perma banned for being racist and violent but they both got unbanned from things way worse
: me getting perma banned for saying "kys" once and didn't even mean "kill your self"
https://gyazo.com/7d1f95fe8800a4961489ef037ffb2010 alot of you dont belive that copy and paste was real so heres a screenshot of the part i said "kys" i know alot of you dont belive when i meant "kys" but i can see that from your guys side but also gotta think in my shoes i did mess up but all the money and all the time ive spent on this game and no chances from riot for how long ive supported them is heart breaking bc of one time i was very heated and mad and i get perma banned and 2 two feeders never got any ban or anything im just sick and tired of trolls dont get banned or aanyhting then a normal player like me respond back in flame and gets perma when they are ruining rank games just something i hope that the game switches around ban the trolls that are starting this not the people being affected by these terrible acts. :/
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