Mit (NA)
: B2P Live looking for Silver/Gold teams for League Split!! (Limited spots)
Also looking for casters too, if anyone is interested in doing that :D.
: Playing all day today. Looking for people to climb with
Would heavily reccomend avoiding playing with this person. Constant griefing/ff votes combined with active trolling in runes made the one game I played with them pretty unbearable.
Stone766 (NA)
: You arent letting karthus stay like this right?
Much like the browns having a franchise QB, I never thought I'd be alive to see the day where people would be calling for karthus nerfs.
Keyru (NA)
: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
So, are the players able to acquire that honor level in any mode or is it specifically tied to ranked?
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
HawkSh0t (NA)
: The Invite link appears to be expired. I can't join.
: > [{quoted}](name=Machine King,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QEnK0A5E,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-01T12:28:23.659+0000) > > One person not watching worlds won't make them care (as there are 8B people in this world, and you have to think more than 99.9% of them don't watch it as well), as in this day and age loyalty is a lost artform. If you're serious about hating rito, then use your rage and disappointent to create your own game, have that game get a larger audience than league, and copy/paste this whole thing and send it to tencent and their shareholders. Only then will they care about this. Okay. I'm gonna put you to that same challenge. Create a game that surpasses any of the titan games in their respective genres. Can't just do that, can you? That's the fallacy of your argument and it's why everyone needs to stop giving out passes because "It didn't really affect me."
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QEnK0A5E,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2018-10-01T13:32:09.012+0000) > > Okay. I'm gonna put you to that same challenge. Create a game that surpasses any of the titan games in their respective genres. > > Can't just do that, can you? > > That's the fallacy of your argument and it's why everyone needs to stop giving out passes because "It didn't really affect me." And the problem is what exactly? If the original poster really cares about this, he won't stop at just making a post on their forums and will go out of their way to make sure everyone knows how bad rito is of a company (as a post is literally the easiest form of protest), especially since noone will give a crap about this a few days from now. I used the most extreme example as life as a whole tends to be based on actions and not words. Few people pay attention to german politics until "one guy" gets elected. Few people pay attention to airline safety until one "incident" in NYC happens. Few people pay attention to racial segregation until one african american man "has a dream". You can sit here and continue to type trying to get people to care about something like this, getting miniscule amounts of support. If the original poster truly takes offense to this, they will get their butt away from the computer and out into the protest line, as actions speak far louder than words and so far both of theirs have been minimal at best.
: On your left you'll see World's approaching on your right is me not watching for the first time
One person not watching worlds won't make them care (as there are 8B people in this world, and you have to think more than 99.9% of them don't watch it as well), as in this day and age loyalty is a lost artform. If you're serious about hating rito, then use your rage and disappointent to create your own game, have that game get a larger audience than league, and copy/paste this whole thing and send it to tencent and their shareholders. Only then will they care about this.
: Looking for gold capped mid or adc for tournement prize pool is 200 dollars a person for first
Added, only to have the person immediately remove me 5 seconds later.
IGN: ^^^ Highest Achieved Rank: Gold 5 Main Position (choose 2): Mid, but can go pretty much anywhere 3 champs per position: Can play pretty much all playstyles (supportive, carry) Have you ever been on a team before?: Was a sub for a few teams, started about 10 games when the support had flu issues Time zone and availability: PST, usually on after 3pm Why you want to join the team: Fix crappy mechanical stuff. Biggest Strength: Shotcalling, overall knowledge of the game Biggest Weakness: Crappy mechanical skill (don't react fast enough to skillshots)
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Seised (NA)
: Odyssey Onlsaught 4 augments (Made it to last phase kayn)
Yeah, there's a stupidly easy trick to doing it that people are slowly figuring out. If you wanted me to show you, I already have most of the missions done.
: I honestly just feel like, as of late, this game has becoming a swimming pool of toxicity, as per if you even speak your mind against a toxic player, telling them that they're being toxic, and asking them to actually stop it, through somewhat harsh but non-harassing language, then you're also flagged as a toxic player yourself. It really feels demotivating to play, since most of the games are nice, and once in a while you get games like these, which really tick you off and make you want to say something. It feels as though you aren't even allowed to be frustrated in League, or voice your frustration, without being harshly punished for it.
I like to think league is a lot like a hot blonde you meet at a bar: while it looks ridiculously attractive at first, you oftentimes don't really want to "date" her with her relatives being pretty annoying and her personality being about as dull as a doorknob. It's why I've had a rotation of games to play, so that I don't feel "forced" into sticking around if an 0-15-0 veigar calls me sh't and threatens to get rito to ban me for not being nice to him.
: I'm leaving my permanently banned report card here, as I feel this is way too harsh.
Next time just call them a sea lion, as they'll be more likely to offer you a job than ban your account.
: "I hate Riot for politicizing League of Legends" - Community
The key word in this is "poorly executed", as instead of fixing their massive blunder of creating an excluded event for people who want everyone to be "brought together" so to speak they chose to double down. It's like they accidentally set fire to a rug, and instead of getting water they got lighter fluid in the hopes that their bravery will make more people like them.
: Championship contender looking for GOLD mid laner
Joining the discord will apparently not give a very fast response either, as the admins are quite rude. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Th3B3ar (NA)
: Their top laner doesn't understand the game and that's ok but when they flame me for their mistakes its not enjoyable. especially when I ganked and helped them quite a few times. So if you want to get flamed feel free to play with these kids. Unfortunate that the rest played well but 1 apple can ruin the bunch. good luck yall, thanks for removing when I said I didn't want to play with the top, save me a few mouse clicks I guess instead of talking it out or something.
Tanyss (NA)
: Looking For ADC Tonight
If you absolutely needed someone, I used to be a mordy botlane player and have occasionally pulled out things like jhin/ashe. Wouldn't consider myself a 'main', but am more experienced than most.
: In my opinion Infinity Edge is now a noob trap and is ridiculously underpowered
I've been building it a ton on my quinn builds alongside stormrazer, to buff the crit procs from that (normally skipping zeal items unless they're like 5-6th). The actual zeal item+IE feels impractical on anything not named tryn for me, as it takes too long to ramp up in this era of 20-25min games.
: I'm a mid main also, I know a duo wont work out, but maybe if you can play anything else you can send me a friend request. J/s
Riyotous (NA)
: Nerf Quinns E so there's some counter play for any melee top lane.
Quinn's kit is built to specifically shit on things who lack reliable cc or ways to quickly kill her. She's decent in this meta where everything wants to 1-shot eachother, but not deserving of any sort of nerfs.
Miror B (NA)
: -Bzzt!- Command Protocal Set: Looking for people to play with. -Bzzt!-
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Miror B (NA)
: Looking for people to play with
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: > [{quoted}](name=Machine King,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Akb6NkAv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-03T03:45:50.877+0000) > > (as she falls off massively lategame) Are we talking about the same champion?
Unless you consider decent CC as "massive" then yes. There's a reason that her/jhin are lumped into the title of "utility botlaners", most of which comes from the fact that they can't really deal with tanks once they get a few items.
: Climbing with ashe
The big trick with her is positioning, and abusing the early/mid game (as she falls off massively lategame). Try to get your support to play something with poke, and be trigger-happy with arrows. A shot not fired is the same as a miss.
: Most likely what Machine King (great name btw) said. Whenever I pop the ult, my comets usually end up hitting the enemy middle laner, which makes sense since the two of us are usually in that lane for most of the game and that's where I tend to use it.
In my case, it was in a few games. In the first one I used comet and popped my ulti at the dragon pit while there were a bunch of people scattered around baron, with my aerie thingy hitting the guy at the river bush instead of the sub-500HP ones north of the pit. In the second one, I used it in the middle of the lane with the enemy mid dead and it hit the full-hp jg at red instead of the sub-200hp botlaners (this being when I learned of the comet thing as it was 2s away from being recharged after using it). If OP needs confirmation I can always play karthus in an ai game tomorrow, as I do 1 per day for the free win bonus and don't really care who I play.
: How does karthus ult work with...
From what I can understand it's closest proximity for all of them, and the comet passive where you get cdr on it when you hit enemies applies to all 5 shots.
: call 2 all nini MAINS
Don't do drugs, kids.
Jayyster (NA)
: Still need someone, everyone ive added is either not NA or in game LEL
> [{quoted}](name=Jayyster,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=wlfLhlUT,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-02-01T23:25:48.476+0000) > > Still need someone, everyone ive added is either not NA or in game LEL Or too low rank :D
Jayyster (NA)
: Need a mid Fill In/Sub for a Team. Playing Now
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: lissandra
Yeah, I've tried her a few times since the rune rework (using different runesets) and she seems quite terrible. Short range makes her laning phase quite hard, if you're running comet/aerie then you're incredibly frail, and if you run aftershock then you do little to no actual damage and become effectively a weaker version of annie.
Miror B (NA)
: LFG Norms/Silver duo
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Miror B (NA)
: Bzzt! Looking to play Norms. Bzzt!
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Kei143 (NA)
: Right now, a chunk of the inting punishments are dealt manually. Manual reviews are time consuming and the reviewers are severely back logged. What it really takes improve this is the community to take it easy on feeding reports, instead of calling everyone intentional feeding. This way Riot would have proper data to work with and can develop better automated measures to catch the real inting behavior.
I agree, because as we all know the solution to most problems is to ignore them and hope they go away. It's why global warming doesn't exist, why all diseases are cured, and why Bill Cosby is a well respected actor right now. In all seriousness though, if they wanted to make things better then I'd really like to see them "tighten things up" on the whole suspension/report issue. Start handing out perma-mutes to people who grief and talk sh't, be more aggressive with the inting bans (as trust me, the problem is getting worse and not better), and start using an iron fist on things. If people don't want to play the game in a respectable fashion, then make them.
Thareapz (NA)
: wasn't this about having fun? why turn it into a competition
Because they wanted to make worlds meaningless? Not sure why they made all-stars a serious event, as if anything things like this allowed for the audience to see pros playing things out of their comfort zone with nothing on the line, hence why viewership was down quite a bit for this one (I remember seeing as many as 60k viewers on the final day of it, compared to last year where the audience was nearly double). Whether this is because they're out of touch with their audience remains to be seen, but facts are that people watch worlds to see who the best teams/region are, and watch all-stars to see guys like faker pull out AP yi mid or on-hit ekko.
: Pre-Season NA new roster top 5 list.
Top-lane wise, I kinda have to disagree if we're looking at situations presented to us. Assuming echo fox's roster is "as advertised" and there are no switches, Huni/ssumday should be swapped as Huni will be going into a team that benefits him quite massively (self-sufficient, hyper-aggressive, and the ability to potentially give him giant leads over his opponent) while ssumday is almost going to be forced to carry with ryu looking ridiculously bad in 2017 (benched for pirean). While 100T does have what might be the best botlane in NA, Ssumday's situation on this team is reminiscent of the one he had on dignitas, making me favor Huni more. I also find it mildly amusing that you decided to rank TL so highly. Not going to criticize it at all (even though I could do a giant rant about how steve is literally doing the george steinbrenner yankees approach sans quality coaching/management), just amused.
Xyzx (NA)
: What's even funnier is the severe disappoint tsm gets after tsm fails to do anything in groups everytime, but swear up and down tsm will win worlds
Not just that, but every year their roster gets massively overhyped as some sort of "korean killing machine" capable of going 6-0 in groups with 20min victories and bjerg being the best midlaner there. Truth be told, if they pushed for more realistic expectations (3-4 wins, being able to use a strategy that works against international competition, beating a korean team) the massive disappointment post-worlds wouldn't exist.
Arammus (EUW)
: tsm got the strongest roster ever
Isn't this said literally every year, only for them to become a massive disappointment? If we're looking at it, then on paper the current roster is the safest one they've had in a while where they should be able to win games without taking too many risks (zven/mithy being the "anti-DL"). That being said, if bjerg doesn't step up massively this year and actually "do" something with these players then many people other than me will be calling him a froggen clone due to not being able to carry outside of niche circumstances.
: I can kinda see why Mike was taken over LirA or others. He had some flashy carry games as a rookie. Teams and fans always tend to focus on that, or the vets they know well. This time though, Olleh was even talked about as MVP, was voted first team Support by a landslide...but not all Star? Kinda goes to underscore how crappy casual fans suck and ruin it for hardcore fans.
Well, it isn't just that, but a few of the all-stars don't even make sense. Although Hauntzer did things that made him look good at worlds, he'd often put himself at a massive disadvantage doing so (I remember seeing an interview, think it may have been thorin and LS discussing TSM where LS talked about a play where Hauntzer TP's to a lane to get 15 cs, overextends and get collapsed on/dies only to see his team take a baron in the meantime, where if he had just waited like 30 seconds he could've saved his TP/not died/still had the same CS). It's stuff like this that makes me wish they'd do two ballots: one for the casual/"non-intelligent" viewers, and another for the people like me who enjoy analytics and digging through the raw data.
: Xpeke Destroyed people when he played at All Stars last time. Rekkles signed with Fnatic for three more years and is easily the best ADC in eu. So, sorry sir. you're wrong on both counts there. You are correct that people value name recognition over quality, But xPeke is the best mid laner EU has ever, or is ever likely to, produce.
Xpeke played maokai mid into faker's zed, and was taken so non-seriously that faker literally let him farm near him in full vision before killing him as zed. If your idea of "destroyed" is playing like a bottom-tier LCS player, then yes, he definitely did that. Also, Rekkles signed with Fnatic AFTER the all star votes were tallied up, not before, so I'm right on both accounts.
: All I want to know is how the hell Aphromoo is the "All Star" NA support over Olleh.
Because people take name recognition over quality of player. It's why Mike was taken over Lira, why "potential retirees" are constantly taken (xpeke, dyrus, rekkles this year), and why the competition itself is hard to take seriously. If you want to watch the best players in the world compete against eachother, watch worlds. If you don't, then watch this.
: I don't understand the hate behind TSM's roster changes.
Not sure where you're seeing all this "hate", as I have yet to really see any. I will definitely say that the pressure is on bjerg more than it has been before, as with a ridiculously consistent botlane and one of the best rookie NA junglers any and all failure will most likely be tied to him now.
: I wish we could discuss politics here but have a daily thread limit per topic
The problem is that some people think that there isn't such thing as "civil political discussion", much the way there isn't such thing as "civil racial discussion". To that I say there's a place for feelings and a place for intelligence, where if you incorporate one you can't really do the other.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mye,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=KWzu1hqf,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-11-28T18:00:10.234+0000) > > See, I kinda beg to differ. For the longest time TSM has had top-tier (not the best in the world, but some of the best in their region) junglers only to turn them into the same arbitrary wardbots who get flamed year after year after year. Not only that, but these junglers haven't really been able to prove their skills within their own region afterwards (with amazing moving to origen and santorin being in challenger). While I'm not saying that Sven can and should be a god-tier jungler on C9 now, if he shows the same passive tendencies that he did on TSM with roughly the same circumstances (meh-tier toplaner, top-tier-for-NA mid, top-tier botlane) then we can definitively say that he didn't know how to play in his environment as opposed to the general belief of many that TSM just doesn't know how to effectively use their junglers properly. I don't think the forum coaches that we are will ever fully know what calls are made behind the scenes. The vast majority of the time that sven was on tsm his problem wasn't that he was too passive it was that he was too aggressive. In spring during his first year on tsm he had the most deaths of any jungler because of constant botched invades. This got fixed during summer 2016 tsm, but then started coming back during 2017 spring/msi/summer. It's possible that in trying to fix his bad invades the coaching staff went too far in getting him to play passive. I'd argue that this happened to wildturtle when they tried to tone down his flash forward play style. Members of tsm have commented while streaming that they would often tell sven to pick more aggressive jungle picks and that the decision to stick to tank junglers was his own call. I think for sven to be successful he needs his solo laners to be dominant. Sven looks lost when playing from behind. jensen is a good fit for that play style, but c9's rookie top laner is a massive unknown at this point.
I tend to agree with that comparison to wildturtle, and will also add that perhaps TSM as a whole just doesn't know how to play around having aggressive players in general (hence why a few of DL's plays in which he's deep in enemy territory trying to make a 2v3 outplay look weird on the outside). One good thing that C9 has going for them is that they're at least on par roster-wise with the rest of the league, as quite a few teams are starting rookie and/or "new" toplaners (new in the sense that they recently acquired them), and their mid/botlane core has shown an ability to carry in the past. In a way, he's gone from a team where the jg is/has always been the "first to blame" to one where being average is okay and anything beyond that is a giant positive. It's why their match vs Echo Fox (the team I'm "technically" rooting for only because of the way their roster is built and not because I'm a fan of players or anything like that) will be telling, as we'll be getting a so called "Litmus test" of what to expect out of him.
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