: so why is the thing I mentioned in the title allowed to effortlessly kill anything that doesn't have 300 armor in under a second? while having so much durability.. (khazix)
Okay if it's a Kha'Zix, why are you alone? For him to be that stat-heavy, your entire team is either complete garbage and fed the fucking hell out of him in early or it's massively lategame with full build and you're still wandering out alone for some reason.
: yeah but late game adcs/mages won't oneshot things with over 2000 health; pretend you deal magic damage, then it's aids ALSO, by oneshot, I mean literally sneeze on them. you can kill something with 2k health easily but it'd require more than a few button presses... if you're an ADC, that is
ADCs aren't supposed to oneshot things. Mages aren't supposed to oneshot anything except glass cannons.
: Death's Dance isn't OP and doesn't benefit carries.
LOL. Is this a fucking joke thread? Death's Dance was balanced. BEFORE the buffs. Key word. BEFORE. Right now, it's broken on every single person buying it.
Qzply76 (NA)
: Yi will always dominate in low elo and be bad in high elo.
bad in high elo* You mean?
: Master Yi Discussion (Civil)
In trash-tier ELOs or in normal games, he dominates usually outside of heavy CC teamcomps. In any sort of higher ELO, he's steaming garbage because he's literally one of the laughably easiest champions to shit on in the entire game. He's fine.
: Fiora nerfs are inevitable. Not today, not tomorrow, but it'll happen.
Yeah it's inevitable balanced champions will get nerfed. *facepalm*
: > Today I learned being good is the same thing as being broken. > Who knew. Sometimes, but not always. In Fiora's case, it's true. Good sarcasm by the way. I'm sure you're popular at parties.
Fiora has both clear counterplay and statistics to back it up. She is strong but fine. Death's Dance buff is just overbearing on all of its users. Oh and thanks for the compliment.
: Fiora is maintaining a 51% win rate (with a 16% play rate) in Korea and her win rate to play rate ratio has been like this for months. She's broken and either she needs to get nerfed or Fervor of Battle does. You can't have your cake _and_ eat it every time.
Today I learned being good is the same thing as being broken. Who knew.
What a stupid trollpost.
: she has a 52% winrate
http://www.gamesoflegends.com/champion/stats.php?id=23&season=S7 Or 35.9%, if you use this one, for Spring 2017 across all regions: http://oracleselixir.com/statistics/champions/2017-spring-champion-statistics/
Eedat (NA)
: Are they doing class updates anymore? I could of sworn I heard something about Riot saying something about class updates not going as they planned
Class updates tend to be a massive failure so I'd rather Riot would not do it again.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Its cancerous because u cant oneshot them anymore?
: Fiora is being played in LCS now
And a 42.4% winrate but you know who cares about that one teensy-weensy little important detail that would ruin your QQ thread.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1oxUNQ2jX0&feature=youtu.be
Bellows (NA)
: Meddler, What is your reason for the new Chaos and Order emotes temporary, not permanently on icons?
The existence of the emotes makes me sad Riven's emote-animation combo got removed.
Zelorxon (EUW)
: The automated system uses virtually no context whatsoever, so although the punishment may be "deserved" according to Riots rules, in reality it usually isn't.
Comentários de Rioters
: but for some reasons the mistwalkers apply bandit.
: So? "nerf" the outlier, so to speak.
You don't punish people for being good just because everyone else is fucking trash lmao.
: That's actually disgusting. Also, crying? Excuse me for wanting an actual reason to get invested into esports. Not the train wreck it is now.
Yeah I guess they should apologize the rest of the pro players are shit.
: Fiz needs a change to his E
: > [{quoted}](name=Bôôsted Bonobo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HT7Mq9u5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-23T03:58:30.784+0000) > > #He just had his base damage nerfed hard and ratios tweaked _slightly_ up > > He's actually overall nerfed for both tank fizz and AP fizz **until you reach 375 ap**, which now means (with the reduced base damage nerfs), you need around 3 or 4 items to break even, pushing fizz's "power spike" further into late, late, late game. Hence why I said, he needs more ratios but lower base damage
You realize nerfing bases hurts AP Fizz too right. Increasing ratios only helps with scaling, not with the early where AP Fizz is already weak against any non fucking idiot.
: If I can outduel a late game ADC, or even a Yi, as Trundle, Fiora can do it without her AS slow. She has more enough to win duels without it, especially when she's at full build. Riposte is what lets her win most trades, along with that crazy healing. She eventually reaches a point where, she does so much damage, that the AS slow no longer matters.
Yi doesn't lose to Trundle. Nor do most lategame ADCs unless they're enough of a dumbass to not kite/not have Mortal Reminder by that point. Fiora doesn't win against lategame attack speed carries without it. Parry doesn't matter when they just autoattack blitz you to death.
Ralanr (NA)
: Strangely they do not proc frozen mallet.
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Yorick#Shepherd_of_Souls "Unlike other pets, the Mist Walker is not prioritized by turrets over Siege Minions, though it's prioritized over the Maiden of the Mist, and its attacks apply Corrupting Potion item.png Corrupting Potion's Touch of Corruption, though they do not trigger life steal, Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter's Slow icon slow or apply on-hit effects." Hence they do not apply Frozen Mallet. Frozen Mallet is on basic attacks and on-hit. Mistwalkers are neither. Executioner/Reminder applies on any physical damage.
: The small krugs dont count towards ivern's cs and that's like 8-10 cs in that camp
It's intended. He gets a much faster clear time on a camp specifically designed to take longer but reward more gold. Therefore he loses said bonus.
Traust (NA)
: Yorick's Mistwalkers apply grievous wounds
Mistwalkers deal physical damage. Executioner/Reminder triggers on physical damage. Therefore, Mistwalkers trigger Executioner/Reminder.
Anidan (NA)
: Seeing SKT be just about the only team that really wins whatever they're involved in kinda killed League eSports for me, so there's that. I liked not knowing who could possibly be the in the grand finals of the tournament in question. With SKT, that doesn't really happen because unless something huge happens they're pretty much a shoo-in for a grand finals spot, so the rest of the tournament is there to find out who gets to lose to SKT, like MSI was. Don't mistake this with a lack of respect for SKT, because I do respect players that consistently good and don't want them to 322, but it's hard to find it fun when the winner seems pre-determined most of the time. At least with DotA eSports I don't know who's going to be in any given International grand finals, because competition there just seems... closer, than League.
: Like that'll happen. My only hope is Faker finally gets his mandatory military service to boot him out of esports for a long while.
Except pro players like him are absolved of said draft. So you can keep crying.
: Darius in team fights
Or C, you CC him and beat the shit out of him with Mortal Reminder + DPS?
: Fiora has a ravenous hydra, GA and death's dance
Grievous stops draintanking. She's immune to CC for 0.75 seconds for about the length of an entire teamfight. You can literally just force her Riposte out lmao. There's multiple abilities that are Riposte-worthy in a teamfight. And then you realize when she's full glass cannon, said heal reduction is drastically harmful because she has a lot less total health meaning she relies a lot more on said lifesteal to keep her that full? To your nerfs: No. No. No. Maybe, but not really needed. Not needed. Not needed. No. No. No. "fiora mains get out ur bias is not appreciated in this thread where we discuss how hard fiora should get nerfed" And then proceeds to make a saltmine of a shitpost crying about Fiora and demanding nerfs. Okay then. Setting standards, are we?
: How I believe Kindred's new kit should operate
No. Just no. The whole point of W thematically is for Wolf to go into a frenzy. Not him just constantly attacking everything Lamb attacks. Which is why there's an AoE in which he viciously attacks targets inside at the moment for a certain duration only. Your W manages to somehow make Wolf even LESS of a presence than he is in Kindred's kit already. Just no. Mounting Dread immediately puts the slow which leads up to said dread because if they get the third auto off on you, it's going to hurt like hell, and each autoattack is one step closer to it, hence said 'mounting' (increasing). The E amplification idea is just awful and terrible for balance both. There's also nothing "Mounting" or increasing about it at all in the slightest. All that's going to happen is they just get slowed and they get bombarded with autoattacks. That's it. There's no build up or lead up or goal at all. What part of your idea of the new ultimate is a "Respite"? Do you know what Respite means? The whole thematic of Kindred is that they are death incarnate. They decide who lives and who doesn't, and they don't want anyone else interfering in that. Respite means a break from some sort of stress/problem/danger/threat. That's why no one on either team can die and everyone gets equally healed.
: Honor is less valuable from premades
People in premades shouldn't be able to honor each other at all if it gives even 1 IP bonus.
: Advice to Riot: Make new Client be prepared for 12+ bans when we will need it in the future
: Taliyah is Op with Skill
Against idiots who don't know when to trade or engage, sure. She's one of the easiest to take advantage of and shit on.
: I don't know what changes might have happened between your post and mine but mid lane Taliyah is definitely overpowered. She 1v2'd me (Yasuo) and Rengar level 3 with starting items. Broken.
You two misplayed fucking horribly then.
: did you see that this is M&G, this is all sarcasm
: Cass e reduced to 20 without poison
How about you just learn to play her and stop asking for a stupid strong buff?
: People Hate it when agressive carries keep overextending and dying...
I'd rather be cautious and not feeding than a reckless feeding idiot.
: > [{quoted}](name=MissingKayo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5raiFuNB,comment-id=0013000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-26T20:21:00.682+0000) > > You realize by pushing the wave, it means subsequent waves will also be pushed up? And any competent laner will simply freeze it once they get back? > > Which means if they are a dangerous matchup for their enemy, said laner can force said enemy to either miss CS or have to be pushed up to get it? Freezing these days against anyone good will earn you the prize of a nice 4-5 man party in the lane from the other team.
: If you just killed their top laner, and your top laner is not yet at his turret, you push, whether he pings you to hell or not. If he is approaching, then don't bother doing anything. If you're against a dangerous matchup, you want to make them as weak as possible, so if they aren't there, push the living hell out of it, back off. and then let him push it back to you. freeze it until you get another gank. It really isn't that hard. People don't take advantage of free stuff when they should because they are too hesitant or don't know what to do.
You realize by pushing the wave, it means subsequent waves will also be pushed up? And any competent laner will simply freeze it once they get back? Which means if they are a dangerous matchup for their enemy, said laner can force said enemy to either miss CS or have to be pushed up to get it?
: But I do know. Do you ever take the time to actually watch videos and read articles on this stuff? You even said it below. The goal of the jungler is to put the enemy laners behind. AKA, ganking Top, forcing him back, shove the wave so he misses out on creeps/exp. Whether your Top laner is there or not. The only time you don't shove wave out is if your top laner is about to get into lane. Otherwise, letting it sit in the middle of the wave is bad.
Okay, so you didn't say the last part which I agree with. If they are there in lane, then they can either A, do it themselves, or B, not do it if they're against a dangerous matchup that they'd rather not have a pushed in wave against and freeze properly instead.
: To all the League Players
Oh, this is the guy who literally didn't know what the difference between CC and crit was. LMAO
StigtriX (EUW)
: Please Disable Normal Blind Pick and add a Normal Quick Match
: I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?
No. You don't deserve it. Learn from your mistakes and change unless you want a permanent ban the next time around.
: Don't gank my lane when you're below half health
Or vice versa, if the laner is low on health, don't engage and then spam "?" ping and ask why they didn't go in xddd
: That is how it is supposed to be. People down in this elo don't understand basic thing like that.
lul when people who are completely ignorant talk about others not understanding and talk about ranks while being hard stuck Silver as if they're any better
: I never understrood this, In D5, most of the time, my laners want me to push the lane asap so they can recall, or take control over wave.
If the laner doesn't need to back after the gank and doesn't want to fuck the wave management up, no, it's not appreciated, and no, it doesn't give them control. It does the complete opposite. If you are against a dangerous matchup, the last fucking thing you want is your wave to be pushed up to their tower which will ALSO happen with subsequent waves and makes it harder to reset back to normal to freeze. Which is what fucking happens when you immediately clear the wave. And even if it's a good matchup and they DO want to shove the wave, the jungler has already done their part. They should not be the one stealing the entire wave. And before you ask, I play jungle frequently as well.
Alleo (NA)
: Then don't complain. If I spend time away from my jungle to gank and I only get an assist YOU do not get to say how much my time was worth.
Um the whole point of the jungle ganks to put the laner ahead of their enemy laner since they will be IN the same lane against the SAID LANER for a lot longer continuously than you will (obviously). An assist gives them less gold. The kill gives them more gold to gain a bigger lead over their enemy which they can utilize better. You are not continuously dueling anyone. You don't need as much gold when the only chance of someone contesting you is the enemy jungler which is infrequent. Otherwise, the jungle farm you do and you getting Dragons/other objectives is enough. All of the earlygame jungler either have CC or high early damage regardless of gold. All the damage carry junglers scale incredibly well in damage in lategame regardless of gold as long as they do decent. The point is to put the enemy laners behind so your laners CAN do carrying. You should learn what you're talking about.
QaznGod (NA)
: Just rage quit first time ever because Yorick
qq resists health dodging the fucking skillshot learning to trade around the fucking ghouls
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