: Can we get a five-pointed star on the Valoran City Park skin instead of a four pointed star?
The Star Guardian star only has 4 points.
: Talking about Zyra's plants. There is been a lot of talk about the plants not targeting champions and instead focusing on the minions most of the time. Is this a feature??
They changed it a while back to not target champions unless you hit them with the spell that summons the plants.
: Do you get all the honor wards for honor 5? Or just the one for your level of honor?
That would be pretty cool to get each one with every level of honor. I'm a huge collected so it'd be neat to have the full set.
PIuvius (NA)
: No way to differentiate players who played during the old system since 10 honors should be something everyone has, and players who have around 100+ which shows people actually enjoyed playing with you instead of 10. So if you had around 400+ and never got a ribbon you are bundled up with the rest of players who have at least gotten 10.
Yeah, that number feels a little low.
tencups (NA)
: ***
How is this unfair? It's a trophy for players who took part in the old system. New players get a chance to use this new honor system just like everyone else.
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: Can't Use Team Builder Anymore?
Why wasn't this mentioned in the patch notes? I had no idea it was happening either.


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