KronoszHUN (EUNE)
: Honoring Enemies & Replacing offensive words
With honor rank being a thing re-implementing the enemy team honors would be a great incentive to have more friendly games. You'd want the enemy to honor you, to increase your honor rank faster, so you'd be cordial with them. After spending so many games being friendly to your enemy you'll eventually get max honor rank, but part of being friendly should become more natural so that shouldn't matter.
: So hear me out...
Personally I prefer Santa/Krampus for Shadow/Rhaast, but it'll never happen because it is too much of a meme by now and Rito doesn't care to make meme-y skins let alone community suggestions.
: Lets Talk About Twisted Treeline Removal and Riot Games As A Whole!
You forgot: 10b. Relieves other gamemodes of those pesky leveling bots that always plagued low-elo 3v3. 3s gave the most experience for leveling up in any allotted amount of time, so bots would always choose it to level up their accounts, but now with TT removed those bots have invaded low-elo 5s and ARAM. What happens when 1-3 bots are present in every low-elo game you ask? New players dip out. Would you wanna continue playing a game that seems to have random bots EVERY SINGLE game forcing one team to lose horribly? Probably not, I don't blame you.
: League Of Legends Map Editor??!
Main problem with this is how League is set up, with their client and then the game being separate but heavily connected. With WC3 map editor (which I've used a lot) it doesn't really matter what you pick beforehand, as it is just a race/mouse cursor, but League has most of its intrinsic data set up within the client. So more or less it'd be EXTREMELY difficult to know WHAT you are choosing when you are in champion select because champions would have to appear the same as always until you get inside the game(because the client can't update every minute with EVERY new map changing champ skins or names), meaning you'd have to basically have entire wikipedias for each new map someone makes. All-in-all if League actually invested into this I'd LOVE to use it. AND they could EVEN make it so that champion skins(for new custom abilities and whatnot, even ward skins and emotes included) would ONLY be available in the editor if you OWN that skin, which in turn would SKY ROCKET their skin sales. And they could even come out with NEW prop skins(bundles only, as buying a single prop would be stupid) for people to buy and decorate their maps with, and maybe terrain paint to work with, tower skins, lots of options to make money. It'd cut into the queue times pretty heavily, but Rito would make a killing and I think ranked would stay fairly populated. Riot could be very intelligent about implementing this, but I just want someone to make an All-Random-Abilities mode, or at the least Ability Draft.
Beedrill (NA)
: 'Ah Mar the beastmaster
**Flashback** {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:38}} ... Yeeaahhh I'ma stay support with my poor little immobile squishy Vel'Koz. People also flame you for not roaming when you lane against a {{champion:91}} or {{champion:4}}, even though they should know you can't keep up with them and will lose farm. Right now mid lane is a nightmare for Vel.
Reksee (NA)
: High Skill Marksman Concept
Should be a new challenge "make an ACTUAL complicated ADC champion, like they teased Aphelios to be". Would be cool to see different concepts centered around high skill floor, yet balanced, champions. Though being reliant only on skill-shots would make him almost perma-banned, since you wouldn't want an inexperienced person to choose him and cost you the game by being literally useless. But it'd be cool to avoid the "good job right clicking" treatment ADC's always get.
RB Kronos (EUNE)
: Kled needs this skin (2k upvotes and counting on reddit)
Alternatively a "Red Kled Redemption" skin would be pretty cool, to go with the high noon skin line.
: Rail Road Baron Ornn
He needs something at this point, I don't a Rek'Sai v2.0 I don't think his personality allows stealing though, he is more of the "I build railroads for people to use, and if I build enough then hopefully they'll leave me alone". Maybe he could be the conductor? You don't normally see the conductor so I'm sure he'd be safe from socialization. I love his "Leave me alone personality, so relatable.
: Elderwood Ivern is literally just Ivern but a slightly different color
Nah fam, elderwood would be like "full power Ivern", instead of looking like a weak little bush he'd ACTUALLY look powerful, and Daisy would look pretty epic. Plus Elderwood Ahri is basically just Ahri dressed slightly differently, sooooo... Rito doesn't have high standards. REGARDLESS I'm sure Ivern mains would rather have chromas for his base skin instead of Dunkmaster, so either way it is a win. Not giving dunkmaster to Illaoi was the dumbest thing ever, literally a champion who dunks, holds a ball, and talks about staying in motion(all the freaking time). Let us have her along with Ultimate Frisbee Sivir, Golfer Jhin, and Dodgeball Syndra. (Any other sports skins that we need?)
: [Champion Concept] - Xel'airy, The Fang of the Void
Reminds me of [Phorexil]( (a concept of mine), and [Var'Dil](,h_1642,q_75,strp/var_dil_by_daemonstar-d9ezh7i.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwic3ViIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl0sIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiIvZi9iYmIyNTU5Yi03MGU4LTQ1ZTktODQ5MS1lMTlhMGIzZWRkZjYvZDllemg3aS0xY2MyODg2YS1jZmIyLTRmZDItYWRmYy1jMDRkODIzZDg1MWYuanBnIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTEwMjQiLCJoZWlnaHQiOiI8PTE2NDIifV1dfQ.7Q4A42JfovIeyrYkTm2PEJSmdT4u9Ul1yaTiu_QiD0E) a champion concept that I found after I made my concept. Primary difference is that due to the long length me and whoever made the art of Var'Dil decided to give the champion natural damage reduction per body part. Head/Body/Tail, for me I went 75/50/25%, meanwhile Var'Dil went 100/70/50%, meaning mine could take 150% damage from AOE and his/hers could take 220% damage from AOE. I specifically tried to balance mine to be good against single target damage but weak against AOE, I don't think Var'Dil thought about AOE damage at all to be fair. We both had our champ move around like Ekko with his R trail(though staying stretched out when not moving, only difficulty was incorporating flash). Both are interesting concepts to check out. So all in all I am curious as to how exactly this champ moves, whether he receives damage normally, and if he can body-block(how long IS he? Does he block enemy movement?). He is a LITTLE bit like Aphelios with the over-loaded kit(9 abilities and an ever-changing passive), and I agree about Neurotoxin being a bit too much(though interesting, weird semi-silence) and I'd add in that Penetrating Bite is... too much. The MR reduction is the problem, why does getting more AP = more MR reduction? You already deal more damage by getting AP so why double down on it? Make it flat or change the ratio over to something else. MR decreasing enemy MR is kinda cool, AP decreasing MR is not. I do really like the % Health heal for his passive though, making him tanky even against True Damage is very nice in this meta. And his R is pretty interesting, very much an Alien vibe, though the 30s window is a bit too long(maybe 10s?). Do they still get kill gold if you revive? Or only AFTER you "fully" die? Nice work on the concept. Hope to see more in the future. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aOzfYpj2,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-06T08:37:17.163+0000) > > What do you mean by a bug with "ally bots"? Was it an attempt at satire regarding the leveling bots? Putting that in Report a Bug is taking it too far. Not just report a bug, but **TFT bug report**. A mode where, as far as I'm aware, **bots don't even exist**.
Eh, I don't think anybody in TFT would even mind facing off against bots, since you don't worry about anyone ruining your team of 1. So it is even less relevant. BRING ON THE BOTS.
iBwErica (EUW)
: Make star guardian syndras thighs great agian!
It is really disturbing how many people automatically go "eww, you're such a pervert" to posts like this. Is there a difference between wanting a champ to have a larger (or smaller) top/bot vs wanting softer (or harsher) facial features? Only if you **make** there be a difference. It's just physical characteristics of a fictional character, and there's nothing wrong with wanting the character to be more in line with the original artwork/depiction(as OP pointed out in the linked past post). Wanting stuff to be consistent is NOT part of being a pervert, if you think it IS then YOU need to fix yourself. Though in all honesty I think the SG artwork is fine? It is not nearly as skinny as the left side of the photo indicates, at least not on her wiki or official Riot page. But if it WAS as skinny as suggested then I'd be agreeing with OP as consistency is important. I checked side-by-side comparisons though, her thighs seem to be on point.
: An Appreciation post to the Herald "The Djinn"
Djinn has always been a cool mod, too bad he gets thrown together with other "bad mods" by people who haven't seen much of his posts. I typically stay in the Concepts & Creations board, so maybe mods aren't as popular there? I haven't experienced any bad mods this year, just a lot of bad ideas... A lot of really bad ideas.
: Can you please revert the dragon buffs?
Hasn't happened to me yet, but I imagine getting filled jungle is... well... as stated above: torture. You are basically forced by Riot to have a disadvantage and lose LP unless the enemy also has a fill. Playing top mostly right now and it feels like one side gets WAY ahead which forces jungle to go top which opens up dragon to the other jungler. This means better top = more dragons. If filled jungle or even queued as jungle then PLEASE gank top early to get him ahead and then focus dragons. Snowballing is HUGE right now, because denying exp with kills or forcing them to back puts them SUPER far behind. Don't soak up exp by staying in lanes or taxing, you are just there to get mid/top snowballing. I know it's a sucky job, but it is what it is. Your priority is Top > Mid > Drag > Camps > Bot. (From what I've seen work best) Played support a few times, hate it now, being level 6 while top & mid are level 9 is stupid. As top/mid if you get killed early and lose a wave of minions then you're basically screwed for the rest of the game. As bot/sup, you basically don't matter anymore outside of CC and vision. Late-game you are relevant though. I used to carry games as Vel support(usually highest damage) but now I don't get exp or gold to do anything. Feels bad. Also hate being level 7-8 top with a level 5 jungler, like what is that microscopic exp they're getting?
: Put Nexus Blitz in permanent mode or I jump out of my building
The lack of short game-modes is very disappointing. Loved how Nexus Blitz/Siege had time restraints to make them viable for people with tight schedules. Not a lot of people have time for a potentially 30-40min game. We're getting Poro King next by the looks of it (random champs unlike last time iirc), so no luck there, that game gets old REALLY quick. And that 3 month period with it as the only alternate game-mode didn't help. Honestly I would LOVE to have the Dark Star mode come out semi-frequently, that was super fun and super quick(and easy to learn even if you don't use Thresh? Maybe?).
: The biggest problem of the LP/MMR System
Honestly, I don't see why most people can't see how stupid the current system is. The only fair way to have a ranked system is basically to have it how you mention. Number from 0-XXXX determines your rank, and winning/losing games increases/decreases your number depending on the average number of the enemy team compared to your team. Meaning you have a few different scenarios: Enemy team avg. of 2,000, ally team avg. of 2,000: Win = +40 | Lose = -40 Enemy team avg. of 1,800, ally team avg. of 2,000: Win = +36 | Lose = -44 Enemy team avg. of 2,000, ally team avg. of 1,800: Win = +44 | Lose = -36 This is just my interpretation of how it would work. Basically for every 50 points difference you lose/gain 1 more point (this makes a bigger difference once you reach higher levels). Matchmaking could be as simple as your number +/-100 +\-10%. So a 2k could go against 1.7-2.3k players, but a 5k can get matched up with 4.4-5.6k players. **(technically only 1,727-2.3k and 4,455-5.6k since you must also meet the requirements of the lower rank players)** Anything exceeding that would drastically change the amount you gain/lose, so a team of 2k avg. against a team of 3k avg. would gain/lose the normal max of +46/-34 and then +1/-1 for every 25 avg. difference thereafter(basically x2) for a total of +74/-6. We'll just cap that out at +80/-10 or +10/-80 max, so you always have to lose something for losing and can't gain too much for winning(max of double). I mean, you shouldn't get matched with people outside the limit in the first place, but just in case it manages to happen a fallback is nice. And winning against higher skilled players should be REWARDING. In this case I imagine 2k to represent a starting silver player and 3k to be a starting gold player. (0-999 = Iron | 1k = Bronze | 2k = Silver | 3k = Gold | Etc.) Every 200 points could place you in the next bracket, I II III IV V (I still like 5 brackets), brackets are good because they incentivize climbing as getting 1k points would take like 25 straight wins (or 50-ish+ games) so players would lose interest and just settle. I do like the idea of placements, that's a good way to stop better players from over-running low level games while climbing(or smurfing), so 10 games for placements and 1-3 games won = Iron, 4-5 = Bronze, 6-7 = Silver, 8-9 = Gold, 10 = Plat. So yeah, that's how I would run a ranked system. It would also show the total avg. of each team during the loading screen and after the game, so nothing is hidden. I chose higher numbers so I could fit in 1k point divisions without it being TOO grindy, but smaller numbers (like 15 per win) can work too if properly adjusted. *** No clue why Rito changed over to a dual system involving MMR and LP, it just makes everything seem unfair/unbalanced.
Comentários de Rioters
: Where do black people like Lucian, Ekko, Pyke and Senna originate from on Runeterra?
Would make sense for a company/person who is creating a world to follow simple rules found in biology such as northern climate = lighter skin tones, southern climate = darker skin tones, but I find that companies often overlook the simple things that really make a world/universe feel real/possible. Example A - Diablo II: You have a desert area with people closely related to Persians/Egyptians, and you have a northern mountain area with very pale white people. The other middle climate areas are somewhat random. Example B - Diablo IV: So far the poster-child or baseline Barbarian is shown as being black(it sounds like alternative skins are a thing but that's not the point here), whereas we've already seen from D2 that Barbarians hail from the north and are obviously pale in skin. This makes a disconnect from the player to the world because it doesn't feel right. Hopefully they just say he is from a desert and not Mount Arreat but I doubt they'd do that. But uh, yeah, if I were to take a jab at where darker toned persons mainly reside... I'd say not on the map at all. Farther south, some land not yet depicted. Anything else doesn't make a whole heap of sense with what Riot has given us. Maybe the darker toned peoples are more passive/peaceful? They just avoid contention by staying out of sight? That's my head-cannon for now, they are far south and stay separated from everyone else to remain in peace.
: Why are there suddenly so many Kog'Maw bots vs. AI?!
Everybody knew this would happen once TT went goodbye. Everybody except rito. I'm just gonna stick in Ranked games to hopefully avoid the bots. Only place I'm fine with bots/afk is TFT, as it doesn't affect you at all(unless you wanna lose a battle to get first pick...). TT was a fairly dead game-mode, and people knew it had bots since they leveled faster there, but Riot didn't listen to the players and now we get this. Good luck to any newcomers, doubt they'll stay long in a game that appears to be full of bots.
: Are We Really Going To Start Another Season Without Addressing Damage Creep?
Idk I just had a game as Ornn with 475 Armor and like 200-ish MR, only 1 earth drake and then like 3 ocean drakes, I was almost unkillable, mitigated like 146k damage. Given, Ornn is like the only champ I actually feel tanky on, and that's only AFTER I get my 2 forged items at level 12. And I deal way too much damage for a tank.
: It's not so much the fact she has a 51.6% It's the fact she's new and is the 2nd highest pick rate as well, so that's pretty high considering the situation
And typically when a champ is new that means people are still figuring them out. Remember Yuumi everyone? Super low winrate at first and then it started getting out of control. Rito will probably nerf her once the True Damage hype wears off though.
: If it's anything like the last one we had it wont be based on the champions being played. You pick a side and it gives you missions to do. The side with the most completed is the winner.
Pretty sure people wanting to play the Chaos champs are gonna pick the Chaos side though, for the most part. Why would you pick a side that has champs you don't like as much? Not to mention Vlad is currently in TFT, so anybody drifting over from there (hasn't played LOL before for some reason) is likely gonna pick Vlad's side.(Nid wasn't the greatest in TFT, Vlad is highly contested though). There's just a lot of stuff pushing in favor of Chaos, outside of angsty teens in general trying to be edgy.
: To be honest, being a Superman archetype isn't really all that compelling in the first place since superman always seemed so bland himself. Maybe I'd have to blame the lame superman films being my first impression of the character but in general, classic Superman isn't at all relatable, especially in this day and age. It feels like his problems are far removed from the human condition, ironic, I know, since his story is all about a hero that tries to find a balance between being a god and living as human. I always much rather read sups brawling it out DBZ style rather than taking a swing at being a dramatic protagonist. It always feels forced, I've never been able to project my worries and problems on this hero simply because he's not human in a deep sense. Take a character like Goku for example. His power is also out of this world, but at least he has to strive and go through excruciating pain to mature and -literally and figuratively- become stronger. Superman has more of a doctor Manhattan vibe to him. He's more of his own character indeed, but at the same time he feels more like a force of nature, a plot point, when compared to more human characters like batman and his ensemble, spider-man and his everyday struggles.
The Spider-Man movies (the original 3) really showed a superhero who has normal struggles. Like his job, relationship, friendship, living situation, they all sucked. He went through a lot of actually relatable stuff to a lot of people. Miss the OG movie Spider-Man.
: Thoughts on Aphelios Design (and Skin Concerns)
Well CertainlyT is designing the champion, so... imagine a Yasuo-esque champ NOT getting skins. Champ is going to be overloaded and overplayed, and ADC's get a lot of skins already so I can't imagine him being ignored. Though honestly I prefer champs that get somewhat ignored, as you get less random buffs/nerfs. My favorite champs right now are Ornn and Vel'Koz, new skins are nice but I don't want to deal with the new skin = buff, and then after 2 weeks = immediate nerf. As long as the champion gets a post-release skin and some chromas that should be good enough for about 2 years or so.
: Aurora, The Forerunner {Champion Concept}
Honestly I'd say this is a huge improvement from your last concept you posted. I take it you took a lot of that feedback into consideration? Though I am still puzzled exactly why someone would decide to play as this champ over other champions. As stated above this is why a gimmick is usually a REALLY nice touch. As it stands the most reason I can see people picking her is the E, but that is only IF it works like I'm thinking? Can you dash INTO an ability? Or does the spell shield start AFTER you dash? This is EXTREMELY important, as it completely changes how you play her. If you can E into an ability and then guarantee your next dash then it is a pretty strong ability. Otherwise it has a lot of counter-play. Her R is... questionable. The 1st cast is only really good to use at the beginning of a fight, as it gives little resistances and a pretty small shield every second, outside of needing to be activated for a long time in order to deal notable damage. The numbers in general don't increase much per level and I think leaving it at rank 1 isn't a bad idea right now? Usually any numbers(damage/shielding/healing) are at least doubled at max rank. So yeah I think you'd put 1 level into it and then focus your other skills, which always feels bad for an ultimate ability(looking at you Morde R). Also the R seems more fit for a bruiser champion but her pre-6 kit doesn't really reflect that? She has damage, damage/mobility, damage/mobility/spellshield/stun, and effectively an increase damage passive. She doesn't really have any sustain, so I can only see her getting bullied out of lane every time. And going jungle makes her E pretty useless. I'd try to add some form of sustain pre-6, if she is intended for top lane, since she is melee, and increase the damage on her R to at least 700 total base damage at rank 3(you ARE charging this up for the big damage after all). Gunblade will give her healing but it shouldn't be REQUIRED to make the champion work. Overall not a bad concept just needs polished up.
: I dare you to come with a champion concept that has 5 brand new, fully original abilities and isn't completely batshit broken. League has 146 champions, with over 700 abilities between them. With that in mind, new abilities are bound to be similar in some regard to already existing ones.
To be fair this is actually pretty easy, and many people have done it in the boards. You also have to remember that some of those 700 abilities are functionally duplicates, like Ez Q and Ryze Q or any auto attack enhancement/reset. So maybe closer to 500-ish abilities(most passives aren't fully fledged abilities, so I'm not counting them as avoiding similar ones is SUPER easy), since there are a decent amount of duplicates. Riot gets to work on champions for (sometimes) years, so they can definitely stand to make them a little more unique. That being said, I don't think Senna is too copy-cat heavy, the W/E/R are all FAIRLY unique. The shroud being the most original as it adds a unique camouflage to the game. But the passive is stupid and very much just a buffed up Thresh passive(passives should be the MOST unique imo) adding AD, Crit, Range, and eventually Lifesteal as well? Stat check much.
: [Fanmade Champion Concept] Trigge, the Paladin of Targon
Uhh... W is broken lol. Especially when combined with E and his passive. Think about it... 250 attack range(which is weird, 125 is usually fist range, 150 is sword and 175 is pole-arm range, he should have 150 base range), 4.8% of his Max Health as bonus AD, and he will deal 175% +170 damage on his attack. *** Calculated out with 4 {{item:3083}}, 1 {{item:1401}}, and 1 {{item:3053}} (you get MS from your passive, using W gives you 24% movement speed, so screw boots) you will have a total of 6,642 Health and 204 AD. Using W gives a 1,594 shield and increases your AD to 522(With runes this can be like 583-ish). Your E deals 1,083(1,190) damage with a FULL TANK build. Even full damage build with 4 IE's, 1 DD, and Sterak's you gain like 124 Damage from the shield(791 total AD with runes), meaning you can deal 2,542 damage in one auto. This is excluding the bonus 20% AD from Q dealt as magic damage, increasing the damage to 1,187(1,306) and 2,700. No infernals or anything. This is 1 quick attack mind you. I'd probs remove 1 item for boots so I can use predator and deal 1,457 in 1-hit and be full tank build jungle. *** The main problem with all of this is that he gets a lot of free stats on top of everything. Attack Speed, Movement speed, Healing, Armor, Magic Resist, Attack Range. All except the attack speed are just from his innate passive. I'd dial it back on all the passive stat buffs.
: Inigma, the phantasmal Thief [ Champion concept.]
So the thematic of the champion is interesting but the execution seems pretty lackluster. His R is extremely weird for a jungler as he is a rather squishy champion and it makes him VERY vulnerable. Kind of like trying to jungle as Xerath? It'd be a great R to roam with as a mid-laner or use as a support though. His passive on the other hand basically forces him to go into the jungle otherwise it is almost useless. W Cooldown is 8 meaning at 45% CDR this becomes 4.4, and likely has the cooldown begin immediately after casting giving him 2.4 seconds of an actual cooldown? Either way, 4.4 second cooldown for a damaging invisibility spell is super strong. And the base damage of 360 at rank 5 is really high compared to his scaling, meaning he is best early when champions haven't been able to itemize against him yet, but falls off late-game. He has 230% total scaling and 1,225 base damage, so his numbers reflect more of a support role rather than assassin? I feel like he'd end up a weird Pyke/Kassadin mixture going support. The overloaded kit makes him very hard to balance and very unreliable, as somethings would need nerfed and that would constantly be changing his role preferences. In order to fix him I would try to go one of 2 directions, basically like one of these: *** **Assassin:** [ability numbers increase/decrease linearly, always the same amount per level, not +20 damage and then +40 damage like you made Q, so I'll keep that constant] Passive: Same. Maybe specify how it works? Like... when near walls out of combat a crevice forms at the closest area and after channeling on the crevice for 0.5 seconds he jumps through it(closer to a blink/teleport) and then it disappears after 2 seconds. Meaning there is a small delay for enemies to run away after seeing the crevice form, or enemies can see the crevice after you jump through knowing which direction you ran. And it gives it a small 2 second cooldown. Personally I'd remove the out of combat requirement and just give a 1 second channel and a 4-10 second cooldown, more like a Talon skill? Q: applies a short(400 unit) tether(instead of charm) that if not broken in 2 seconds fears enemies for 0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9/1 second(50% slow). Damage changed to 80/105/130/155/180 (+45% Ability Power) less base and more scaling. Cooldown changed to 11/10.5/10/9.5/9, Cost changed to 50/55/60/65/70. W: Shorten invisibility to 1.5 seconds. Damage changed to 50/70/90/110/130 (+30% Ability Power) less base and more scaling. Cooldown changed to 21/20/19/18/17, Cost changed to 80/85/90/95/100. E: Q tether makes applying E much easier, as a result E is static direction and makes you strafe like Lucian R(300 range). Damage changed to 30/45/60/75/90 (+20% Ability Power) per 0.5 seconds and then 40/65/90/115/140 (+55% Ability Power) on the CC damage, more base and more scaling. No snare. Made the per second have higher base damage and the final burst have better scaling. Cooldown is fine, Cost changed to 75 static. R: Works more like an Urgot R, fires out and pierces an enemy champion, can be recast within 2 seconds after hitting a champion to fire out at their position and hit another champion. If you miss hitting a champion or don't recast then the ability ends and performs the pull + 2nd damage. Damage changed to 100/180/260 (+15% Ability Power) and then 80/130/180 (+40% Ability Power) +50% damage against enemies below 40% Health, higher damage in general but with a requirement for the highest damage along with being a skill shot now. Less risky for a squishy assassin. Still pretty weak if not below 40% Health but the pull adds in helpful utility so damage doesn't have to be high. Cooldown changed to 140/130/120 (20 was waaaaay too low). Cost changed to 100 static, or 50 per cast/recast. New total damage numbers : 1,225 + 230% > 1,290-1,380 + 275-295% | Slightly more base damage and a lot more scaling power. *** **Support:** [Cooldowns and Costs are the same as above unless mentioned otherwise] Passive: Change to something entirely different? Doesn't help him support. Maybe it'd work if applied like above and people can follow you through? It'd need a longer cooldown though. Q: Still prefer the tether just like above(increased to 500 range), but increase fear duration to 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8/2 seconds. Damage changed to 80/105/130/155/180 (+40% Ability Power) as the CC is really good now. W: Damage changed to 70/100/130/160/190 (+30% Ability Power), and 2 second invisibility is changed to stealth(less versatile), only damages when reappearing. Speed boost lowered to 15% static, but damage applies a 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% slow for 1.25 seconds. Cooldown changed to 18/17.5/17/16.5/16. Cost changed to 75 Static. E: (400 range strafe). Damage changed to 25/40/55/70/85 (+20% Ability Power) per 0.5 seconds, lengthened to 2 seconds, and then 60/85/110/135/160 (+40% Ability Power) on the CC damage, instead of snaring it reduces their Armor by 20/25/30/35/40% for 3 seconds(workable since this won't increase his magic damage, it is utility for the ADC to deal more damage). Cost changed to 70/75/80/85/90. R: Same function as original R but with fixed cooldown and cost numbers. Damage changed to 50/100/150 (+15% Ability Power) and then 70/140/210 (+40% Ability Power) +8/10/12% Missing Health. New total damage numbers : 1,225 + 230% > 1,230 + 245% | Sliiiightly more base damage and a little more scaling power(pushed more into sustained damage like his E rather than burst damage). *** There are probably better ways to change him(like giving him hybrid scaling on Assassin), but this is what I got. Reducing his crazy utility. Overall though great work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Firesnakefrozen,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oKnPIFQp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-15T21:31:14.076+0000) > > Alright so I disagree I have played this game for quite a bit and I havent ever though felt the same. Runes and items offer a lot of stupid and really fun things. One of my favorite times was trying hail of blades top the best being with cho gath where he just annihilates the health bar with AP as build. It might be a little fight focus right now but that doesnt make hit homogeneous. And league still plays with objectives and comebacks still come but the hardest part is actually strategizing and playing with your teammates. I had one of the funnest games in my life was one where my friends and I had a terrible early game but we got serious and strategized what to do and we ended up winning. Also next season is gonna have an extra focus on river objectives and changing the map to make more unique experiences. Finally if you are looking for some competitive strategy game play clash is coming out next year. You're absolutely right that there are a lot of options in terms of champs and builds. In the OP I noted that those are things Riot has done well. What I'm referring to is the very narrow options in terms of win conditions and overall team strategies. Siege comps? Nope. Poke comps? Nope. Hard split push comps? Nope. Support style jungling? Immediately nerfed into nothing after a single split every time it becomes good. Control style jungling over agressive style? Also nerfed into nothing. 4 protect 1 comps that neutralize lane phase and scale up into team fights? Nerfed into nothing. Every time a play style pops up that allows a team to say, "You know what enemies? We're not going to play your game, we're gonna play our game" It gets freaking nuked into oblivion.
High damage/mobility meta is super annoying, I actually really enjoyed 30-40min games(that don't feel super 1-sided) but with the current meta games are basically forced 10-20min. And it seems to make more AFK/griefers mid-game? People who just give up because they think you can't win and then sit at fountain are pretty common in my experience. I miss crazy team comps that actually worked. I can understand balancing unexpected things, but nerfing them to be completely unviable is too far. Like........ where does {{champion:223}} go now? And why is {{champion:555}}'s *passive* healing better?(No cooldown, and starts 25% heal instead of 13.5%)
: Quit banning Senna in Normals.
One downvote = 20 future downvotes, you don't get a second chance on the boards. Counter-wise 2 upvotes = like 8 future upvotes, regardless of content. I've seen pretty garbage posts get upvote locked and decent posts get downvote locked, pretty random honestly. I've even seen a REPOST go from like -6(before repost) to +24(after), later pointed out in comments to be a garbage champion concept(imagine Jax+Fiora+Irelia combined into 1 champion, **and then buffed**). To answer you question, sometimes people play **normals** to **untilt**(I play ARAM or swap to TFT), meaning you want a generally relaxing game and any "new" champions won't allow this to happen. Or you get jerks (ChickenWrap described one of these) who ban who you are trying to pick for various stupid reasons(enemy might also pick them, they want them, low winrate, doesn't fit THEIR team comp they want, etc). RARELY a teammate will actually accidentally ban your champ, or if you're as dumb as me then YOU accidentally ban your champ... {{sticker:sg-janna}} Not sure what all the Chicken hate is about.
iSpiRiTz (NA)
: Twisted Treeline: One Last Shot Into the Void
Just a thought for everyone saying that removing TT is a good idea. First off: They obviously don't use as big of servers for TT since it isn't as popular, hence it isn't as expensive as TFT or 5v5s. Second: Some people still enjoy it. **Third:** As stated above, Robots. Lots of bots are used in TT for leveling accounts, you'll see one guaranteed if you play, and this means LESS bots in 5v5s, if you remove TT then unranked/low-elo 5v5s become unbearable with bots on either team ruining the game. TT helps relieve most normal games of bots, and it does that job VERY well. I can't imagine a lot of newcomers being interested in a game that seems to have 20-40% of the "players" be bots. Before I ever played a ranked game I played mostly ARAM for like 1-2 years, I probs would've left LOL if I encountered bots every game. If anything, I'd rather they at least replace it with a permanent game-mode like Nexus Blitz, good for people who have strict 20-min time limits to jump into a game not drawn out for 40 mins. Or even Dark Star, that game-mode was super fun.
: Thoughts on reducing homogenization of gameplay?
One of the reasons why I really liked the Herald being added, giving top or jungle another objective to secure. Either fighting as a team or securing secretly by yourself(top became a little more fun and less Farmville). Unlike Baron the Herald gives the option of splitting power without commitment, and is more of a guaranteed advantage. I don't care for the added tower-plating, as it gives more gold for tower-focusing, which was already a huge thing prior. I like the added defenses to keep you safe from 3-4 man bot invades, but I don't like the extra gold especially since Herald is used primarily to secure that extra gold(turning the active into a gold boost and not a pressure/split tool). Would love for more strategy to be employed. Maybe next **next** season they'll add Day/Night, that'd be interesting.
: New champion with big cleavage
More champions like {{champion:40}} please. Ya know, mature looking women, not angsty 12yr olds {{champion:145}}.
Heroboy10 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Voidling,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=F0EQEMEf,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-11-06T00:30:05.091+0000) > > They need to balance some elements to be viable late-game, like Mountain which is only somewhat good for like 3 rounds(RNG hope it doesn't go on a 1 star unit). I prefer to not do this. I like units & synergies migration. I hate the boring idea "after Krugs you have to decide what you'll build for late game" like a robot.
Pretty annoying to see everybody completely swap their teams around that time. Like, suddenly there are mages and assassins, were they building that team? Nope, just rerolled into it.
: Forgotten Champions: Which champions have you not seen in months?
{{champion:421}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:421}} But I've mostly been playing URF so some unpopular picks like {{champion:429}} and {{champion:136}} are actually common, otherwise I'd include them and {{champion:163}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:268}}. I see Xerath quite a bit in ARAM where he is strong.
: Set 2 vs Set 1
3 star {{champion:45}} with {{item:3040}} {{item:3040}} and 6 mage buff is really fun, he does insane damage even to 3 star units. The mage buff is super crazy in set 2. Veigar and Kha'Zix are my go-to units. Though I did once get a 3 star {{champion:29}} with {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3085}}, that was insane... 16k damage rounds. Really wanna try to get a 3 star Mage {{champion:1}} :P Overall it feels a bit more fun imo, but is also a bit less diverse in viable builds. You get like 3 good early builds(Predator, Woodland, Summoner), and then a handful of late-game builds. They need to balance some elements to be viable late-game, like Mountain which is only somewhat good for like 3 rounds(RNG hope it doesn't go on a 1 star unit).
BBKong (NA)
: Sona was a part of Pentakill and there's a really, really low chance you ever see a Sona penta in-game. The name's just supposed to sound cool and I don't see a problem with it tbh, but to each their own.
Idk, if you count ARAM then it is pretty possible to get that penta on a Lichbane Sona. **"Perma-ban"** would've been a better name imo. Matches the backstreet/gang style.
: In Galio's case, I think he gained MORE of an identity while Mordekaiser improved on what he was always intended to be. It'll be more like Morde from what I can tell, improving on the design and reaching closer to their original intentions for the champion. The idea will be to make Fiddlesticks scarier while keeping his abilities fun but similar to his original design.
Well by identity I mean (more or less) their kit, not character. Morde didn't keep his renowned 3rd hit 1-shot, or incredible sustain/unique tankiness(sustained shield instead of Health, made CC kill him super quick), or his ghosts. Galio didn't keep his Anti-Magic heal, or MR = AP passive, or speed up, and his taunt is more or less a joke now(with the constant nerfs). Warwick on the other hand basically just got an updated kit and fresh look, that was my favorite rework by far. I think new Morde and Galio are both fine champions in their own ways, but the things I loved about the old ones are gone forever, and that sucks. Should be interesting to see how they try to make Fiddle actually "scary" to play against though.
Xphineas (NA)
: Hes fine, really doesn't need a rework. Plus, this is a big nerf...
If anything, just buff his Heal a bit so it seems to actually do something. Especially since it can be destroyed by enemies. Like... slightly higher heal when fully charged(at least 2x the minimum heal, since it takes 10 seconds to charge). Would love to see more Bard being played.
PeeNPoop (NA)
: Ornn needs a skin!
Given that it is more or less **mandatory** for champs to be released with a skin, it might as well be said that Ornn has received 0 skins. He will be the next Rek'Sai(oldest champ with only 1 skin since release, and no hope for a skin any time soon). Ornn is pretty fun to play though, and not weak, and has a great "Leave me alone" personality, so idk why they haven't made one for him. Maybe for April Fools he can get a Ron Swanson skin, lol.
: I don't think anybody would care either way. Besides, it's not out of place at all; It's Halloween. It's also The Harrowing. Lucian's fighting Thresh, Senna's released and Fiddlesticks is getting a rework.
Fiddle rework sounds like it is gonna be really good, but he is probably gonna lose a lot of his identity... Hope it is more like Warwick and not Morde/Galio rework.
: Actually can't believe that you don't have {{champion:38}} vs {{champion:90}} on this list, then again of course you and Riot both seem to forget that Malzahar is the reason that Kassadin lost his daughter who returned as Kai'Sa and Kassadin still hasn't gotten an update.
Well it'd seem pretty out of place with Kai'Sa doing just fine and dandy. Just like Thresh Vs Lucian seems pretty out of place now(regardless of her still being "cursed"). I think it'd be SUPER cool if Riot did a versus event that decided whether a character would be evil or good or something like that. Like if they did Lucian Vs Thresh and depending on who won would change if Senna was corrupt/evil or still good. Missed opportunities.
: Vel'Koz skin when
{{champion:161}} main here. He is pretty balanced between counter-play, mobility, and damage. IMO the best damage dealer in the game due to his passive/R dealing True Damage(not unhealthy like Vayne dealing max % hp true damage, impossible to itemize against that stupidity). Just... well most mid-lane champions squish him like a bug since he is weak to mobile champs(hence why he is a strong support right now). Rito just needs to stop making more super mobile champs. But yeah, Vel'Koz sees pretty decent play-rate imo. I prefer him being this semi-niche pick, **just** under the radar enough so that Riot doesn't nerf/buff him or anything stupid. And people don't ban/pick him when I'm in champ select. He's in a good spot. As much as I want a new skin, first {{champion:421}} and {{champion:516}} need new skins. Vel can get a skin with {{champion:203}} and {{champion:136}}. And I guess {{champion:72}} should get one too, maybe with Rek and Ornn(maybe with a small rework as well).
: Yeah sound like mine! I do like the part if you press for example q then the other abilities change i definitely would like to add that in. i don't really like her passive as well but i was having a hard time coming up with one that could match the elements but i defiantly wanted it to be a light and dark ability (Elementalist lux inspired me for this part). defiantly a mid mage but i also wanted to maybe do APC, Support, and/or jungle as well which is why light had healing and dark had life steal and water + earth = mud so it could track the enemy champion like Nocturne Q i don't play DOTA and only heard about invoker when you mentioned it but i really like the concept of your abilities changing in the game (Gnar inspired me for this part) i'm relatively new to league and PC games becuase i got my first computer in February Updated my Creation {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} thank you!
I only heard mentions of Invoker prior to making my concept, so afterwards I decided to check him out on the DOTA wiki for comparison. Honestly don't remember much about him, just that his abilities are weird since they aren't exactly element based, and the execution is done all wrong. Looks like the changes you made are pretty nice. Very nice to add in the difference between mid/jungle and support play with the passive change. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I've had a computer pretty much ever since I was like 8 (though at one point I had like a 1990's computer... couldn't play much on that), the freedom on pc is rather great, especially with controllers being able to connect for playing originally console games. I also play using a **marble trackball mouse** though, so I'm a fairly low percentage. Only trackball/mouse I'll use for gaming, other trackballs and mouses suck imo, I don't wanna move my hand all over the place while playing and I don't wanna use my thumb to move the ball. Fun challenge to try using one if you aren't accustomed to it, only downside is no scrolling wheel(never knew how useful those were until like 2 years ago).
: THEY'RE MAKING A SERIES!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS THEY'RE MAKING A SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just hope they don't go and ruin good characters. I can easily see them trying to force things to be "politically correct" and screwing everything up, though maybe not as likely as other companies since they're China owned. Stay... umm... cautiously optimistic for now.
: Should riot remove auto-fill?
It should just be an option, as sometimes you just don't care which role you get and its nice to have auto-fill. Or at LEAST an option to be disabled completely in ranked, as trying to display skill shouldn't force you to play something that disables your entire team. Pro players don't have to randomly go other roles they don't want to while in tournaments, so we should have that same privilege in ranked(regardless of pre-mades). Hate getting that guy on my team who basically goes "mid or feed" when he got Jungle and I don't really jungle much(and my usual jungle champ is most likely banned before he says that). Then I'm stuck in a 30min game that usually ends up as a loss, due to mr lane changer feeding or whatnot. I'd rather wait 30mins for a good game then play a 30min bad game. IMO the best solution would be having a semi-auto-fill. You queue up with your role/roles and then games can can pop up saying "Needs: Support" or "Needs: Jungle", allowing you to join in that position but not forcing it, just giving you options in case you don't wanna wait any longer. Solving the long queue times without forcing bad games.
Angrød (EUW)
: He has more skins than Ornn >:3
And Rek'Sai. Ornn skin is meh, so he DEFINITELY needs a new one. Rek'Sai should've grabbed a dark star or arclight skin imo. Kindred, well she should've got the elderwood instead of Ahri. Xerath is in the same boat as Zilean, they need a new skin but not AS bad as other champs who only have 2-3 skins.
Arakadia (NA)
: Maybe we shouldn't make a fun game mode centered around a condition that causes horrific suffering and death. Its the second leading cause of death and roughly 40% of people will be diagnosed with this shitty thing in their lives. I know calling things that are bad 'cancer' is normalized, but maybe we shouldn't be inspired by the suffering cancer causes to make an unfun gamemode. Besides, why would you make a game mode that is _intentionally not enjoyable_ and become a drawn out waste of time?
Nemesis draft is more or less intended to be unfun, having the enemy team pick a horrible champion for you to play as... or worse 5 supports. And people love that gamemode. It's about the challenge I guess, overcoming odds. Be a pretty suck endgame for Viktor though, stuck with a useless item. And jungle would be weird.
: Time to prove I'm better at this than Riot-- I mean, fish for downvotes and flames!
I'm confused, what exactly is intended to be done better than Riot? Last I checked they don't try to adapt characters from other games into champions? If it is just CREATING champion concepts, regardless of whether adapting or creating completely from scratch, then I'd suggest a different method? When I was posting concepts on the boards I posted a total of like 61(61 legit +3 parody concepts), even though I have since increased my total from 61 all the way to 132(71 unposted) I posted the 61 over the course of 6 months which is pretty decent(that's a champion every 3 days, which working a full-time job takes a lot of time away from posting). I started it off with the goal of creating 20 champions in 1 month, which I feel something closer to that would demonstrate your point better. Kind of like a "hey, you create like 2-4 champs a year now? I can make 10x as much in 1 month". This may or may not be me just trying to get more concepts posted...
Rewrz (NA)
: Petition for Star Guardian Trundle
{{champion:48}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:223}} Are all wonderful options. I would personally go with: {{champion:6}} ADC {{champion:79}} JNG {{champion:48}} TOP {{champion:14}} SUP {{champion:36}} MID PINK ----------- RED -------- PURPLE ---- GREEN -------- BLUE Urgot is the leader because he is the OG. Mundo is blue because they seem to be rather talkative champs and he can't shut up. Red seem to be sassy champions so why not Gragas? Purple are usually pretty reserved, so Trundle can fit decently. Sion is green because... well they're always a support I guess(Rakan, Lulu, Soraka, not sure what else is shared between them). Alternatively {{champion:27}} / {{champion:223}} could be GREEN, or {{champion:83}} could be PURPLE.
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