KoKoboto (NA)
: Evelynn Art Work points
I also dislike that the splash simplified and smoothed out Eve. In the original details were more sharply defined, particularly on her hands.
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: Dota 2 is older and its viability rates on heroes literally makes this game look like a joke thats still in beta. Age of the game is not an excuse for being slow to make changes and leaving large portions of the cast on the bench for extended periods.
Agreed. You can pick any hero in Dota 2 and do well with them if you understand their kit and you haven't picked into a lineup with strong counters to that hero. In LoL you have to pick from a pretty limited pool of meta heroes.
: Really? Lets look this up... https://www.dotabuff.com/heroes/played https://www.op.gg/statistics/champion/ * Dota2 has a champion with a 1.17% pickrate (Chen) and League has a champion with a .61% pickrate (Udyr). * Dota2 has a champion with a 33.7% pickrate (Pudge) and League has a champion with a 29.15% pickrate (Thresh) * Dota2 has a champion with a 36% winrate (Io) and League has a champion with a 41.59% winrate (Ryze) * Dota2 has a champion with a 56.75% winrate (Zeus) and League has a champion with a 53.83% winrate (Malz). TL;DR - Dota2 is worse in terms of balance for high pickrate, high winrate, and low winrate champions. League is worse for low pickrate champions.
The reason that Io has such a low winrate is that a lot of people don't play the little glowy blob very well, and he requires a competent carry to pocket.
: why has kayle not been treated like old yorick and poppy?
I hate her because she's really damn boring to play.
: When Lux roams top and casually one shots Renekton
The end of that .gif reminded me of SCP-682.
: When the two hyper carries on the team both get Quadra's
Somnitsu (NA)
: One day.....
At least my dad gets it, since I managed to get him addicted to Hearthstone, which he plays every day several times a day. It's gotten to the point where I have to wait for _him_ to finish matches. Just the other day I asked him if I could show him some videos, and he was like "yeah let me finish here". He had some spreadsheets open, so I assumed it was work. He stood up a few minutes later and I ask him if he's ready, "hang on let me finish this match" he says "I thought you were working." "I as playing Hearthstone".
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: New free champion rotation: Akali, Ezreal, Leona and more!
: Champion and skin sale: 03.21 - 03.24
When ya' have to guess which prehistoric skin it is before you click on the announcement.
: March sales schedule
I've been waiting like a year for Pool Party Rek'Sai to go on sale.
: Patch 7.1 notes
So Zz'rot critters will now live for 1.25 seconds?
: ***
Not xPeke (EUW)
: ahh thanks, I'm trying to think of the scene/episode as well but I can't remember, feelsbadman.
Actually they were discussing what hunt to take on next and one of them said that someone shot themselves in the head, twice.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: I'd shoot myself in the head. _Twice._
Unintentional Supernatural reference.
: If i had two bullets...
Well Hitler and Osama are already dead, so I don't think that you'd benefit from shooting a corpse, so go ahead and shoot Yas once windwall is on cooldown.
: Riot you have a problem with the ...
: Who?
Yas is banned really often so even if you like him you probably wouldn't get to play him much. Haven't played Jhin in a while, but he's good I think. Riven flips a few times and then you die.
Porocles (NA)
: That's an interesting issue and I'd like to help. Are you able to see your friend in your friends list? Do you have any errors? Any screenshots can help me understand what may be happening as well. Let me know!
I was on the updated client and they were on the older version. I couldn't invite anyone from my friends list and neither could they. They were able to invite me after they "created a game" on the old client, and we played a beginners bot match.
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TeutzuNaiky (EUNE)
: Please help me fix bug Logging onto chat service..
: Summary of Gnar Design
I guess I should stop building damage items on Gnar...
: Ryze bot disconnected
Did he go to different lanes?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Want to play urf mode all the time?
Rivuo (NA)
: Have you ever banned a champion not because they are broken but because you hate fighting them?
{{champion:157}} Oh wait, did you say not because they're broken? Well then: {{champion:150}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:22}}
: or a {{champion:37}} youknowwhatimean
Yeah I get you bro, a Sona toothbrush and cookbook combo pack.
: If You Could Change a Champions Lore or The World Lore, What Would You Do?
{{champion:30}} And {{champion:236}} meet each other at some point. Instead of Lucian trying to kill Karthus on the spot they start talking. One of them brings up Thresh, and the decide to go after him together, to free Lucian's wife and the other tortured souls within Thresh's lantern.
: What growing with feast stacks feels like
Yeah I noticed that when I saw Nostalgia Critic's review for Spawn.
: http://i.imgur.com/GoF1joK.jpg
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: Zed has a shadow that he can swap places with at any time which you cant damage but can damage you without you having the ability to do anything back to, more than 3 seconds of invincibility on an ult that works as a assassination and doesnt even have to stick around, he can just press R again the moment he activates it to leave after hitting you once and escape without a consequence but yeah, Leblancs the problem.
I can complain about whoever I want.
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Demonsbook (EUNE)
: [Client] - Syndra as Master YI in profile champion listing
Happened to me too: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-fD4Zd2MgCBk/V5pMlxzgiTI/AAAAAAAAAMY/5jqhBIJNJmUQ42VSHz5ydIAXNXh1KO_BQCLcB/s1600/Screenshot%2B%25282%2529.png Sivir is Dr. Mundo and Syndra is Cho'Gath.
: After three seasons of hard work and dedication...
I got put in Silver V after my placement games.
: No need to be butthurt man
Maybe a butt smack too?
: I really hope Morde's VGU's more like Ryze/Taric and less like Sion
All I want is for him to keep his Q. I only like his Q and E, the rest of his kit could be replaced for all I care.
: Pearl Harbour Gaming looking for Support, Top, and Mid
But what does Pearl Harbor have to do with any of this?
Miker19 (NA)
: do you think yasuo would be good to carry games with?
Yasuo is really OP right now. So yes he can carry games.
: I'm halfway through Season 3 in my latest run through this show. It's still amazing. Is that possibly a scene from Isaac's loft? I'm not at all sure with the background being so blurry. https://i.imgur.com/1HvNiEO.png?noredirect
Someone has downvoted all your comments. I upvoted most of them to rebalance them.
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: When are you going to fix Nasus ?
You realize that pretty much all Nasus can do is deal good damage every few seconds and slow like one person?
Amachy (NA)
: When you post on board and kids are jelly
What could you possibly post that makes people jealous?
: Mundo is an independent woman who don't need no man to tell her where she can and can't go! Cho'Gath agrees. {{champion:15}} Mundo: "MUNDO GO ACROSS GENDER BORDERS WHEN HE.. SHE.. MUNDO PLEASES!" {{champion:134}} Cho'Gath: "MmmmHMMMMM!" https://media2.giphy.com/media/l3V0wdlNxmmjBhqE0/giphy.gif
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: What powers would you like to have?
The ability to heal myself and others. Then I could make myself and others immortal.
Fritterz (NA)
: TFW you realize where the DJ Sona dance came from....
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