Aneirin (OCE)
: Read through your chat and count the lines that aren't you complaining to your jungler though. As far as your teammates are concerned you just spent the whole game whining at the jungler; I'd have muted you after about the 3rd line. Yeah it sucks if your jungle isn't helping, but if he hasn't helped after asking a few times he's never going to change - continuing to harass him is just going to tilt your team and drive him to become toxic and troll, which it did. All you achieve is encouraging him troll and forcing your team to pay the price for it.
But last I checked complaining and passive aggressiveness isn't punishable. Being toxic is. This is not toxic, it is passive aggressive at worst. There's a huge difference between "uninstall the game" vs "uninstall the fucking game you're garbage" and "you're making yasuo relevant being useless" vs "you're fucking useless" and "when are you going to participate" vs "fun fucking 4vs5 we have here with our nonexistent jg" If a little bit of passive aggressiveness is going to make a person troll, perhaps that person should be the punished one. (Fun fact: Xin was NOT punished! Yay! Non-broken system!)
Chermorg (NA)
: It wasn't passive. That was active aggression and flaming.
It was passive. I didn't use profanity. Aggressive: "uninstall the fucking game, you're trash" vs passive-aggressive "uninstall the game" Aggressive: "you're fucking useless and making this shitty yasuo relevant cuz of it" vs passive-aggressive "[you're] making this yasuo became relevant because of uselessness"
Aneirin (OCE)
: Chat restricted for **literally **spending the entire game harassing your jungler, seems about right
No, the jungler was flaming and harassing me. I was just asking him to do something. It was a 40 min game, these messages were spread out. I wasn't just badgering on and on in one go. Like I wrote, he was even trolling: we were both ok and he hit the blast cone to get me killed purposely.
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