: Looks like a lame Sivir skin tbh. This champ is visually the most boring bland bowl of boiled water yet.
Thats what i actually like about it. Kit isnt super difficult. No game breaking mechanics. Just another champion. And im excited for it
: Now hopefully Ezreals stop building MANA in URF
Nah. Sheen still gives mana and needs to be built in urf. Ludens also gives mana... If you count ap
paisy (NA)
: It's releasing on Wednesday
Yeah I was wrong. They've never just released something so early. My bad.
Futagami (NA)
: Why release a rework of a popular champion in the middle of worlds? Won't that affect solo q practice for the pros?
Pretty sure hes only released into pbe right now. Which means solo q wouldnt be affected at all for another 2 weeks. Closer towards the time worlds ends.
: same. I left the team because I wanted to take out my ticket, cause I didn't want to lose it. I was in a 5 man team but I didn't want to lose my tickets.
The 3 man team wont get any compensation, Leaving the 5 man team.. you might get compensation depending on how early you left it.
: Well, then say goodbye to basically the only Zoe counter that isn't Akali.
: I can't wait to start Kai'Sa spotting!
Im more excited to watch the epic Synapse videos and what people can do on her.
Foncy (NA)
: Hey, I was just thinking that maybe you could fix your death recap, and or fix when Zac E's the animation bugs out makes him look like he is flying across the screen on his feet. Also same thing happens when Shyvana ults. -thanks
Never seen the Shyv ult one. Bet thats hilarious to see
: I'm RiotMEMEMEMEMEME AMA about Champion/VGU Development!
What Champion do you hate the most? How would you like to see him or her reworked?
: Wait, so only 25% of purchases THAT ARE MADE DURING THE 3 weeks of Worlds, will be donated to charitable causes?Which means all money spent on this Ashe skin from release to around October will go straight to Riot's wallet?
Its a free game. Riot needs to make money to keep up for worlds. And the money that goes to charity from those 3 weeks are still going to be insane.
: I was actually hoping this would be benefiting hurricane victims as well
: > [{quoted}](name=Dodecahedragram,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=Xj8xEIyy,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2017-09-19T01:46:24.192+0000) > > if only it was kindred{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} She literally made 0 appearance in all competitive matches, so giving her the Championship skin is meaningless.
No im pretty sure kindred got played 1 match in the LCS. Though i forget if it was NA or EU. And the kindred did not win..
: Dawnbringer riven has some amazing animations! Too bad the only ones who wont feed with her are going to be canceling said animations...
But the animation cancelling on her looks amazing.
: Doran's Ring nerf calls out Nautilus, rito, you misspelled Galio.
Comentários de Rioters
: The only hard cc is the stun that does not deal damage, its less ap than veigar that can stack 2 every q. But thanks for the insights, it would be nice to work together to balance him!
I would say to at least have the Cd higher at early levels, and as you level up, make it lower. That might be more fair.
: I had a nightmare - MALRUK The Possessor - New Champion Concept
1 ap every soft cc? Only 3 second Cd? 3 for hard cc? Thats WAY too broken.
: Jesus fuck. Go post this shitpost in the gameplay boards. Look. Lux needed buffs, just maybe not where they gave her them. Galio is better in every way and all you "mains" need to stfu. His kit was shit, his lore was shit, his overall look and feel was shit. He needed a MASSIVE overhaul and he got one. It will never be reversed, you might as well play Nunu for all I care, he does the same shit but better. They try to deal with scripts as best they can, but if you were constantly attacked by hackers, would you be able to? The answer is no you insensitive prick. There are third party item set creator tools the Riot THEMSELVES have supported and want you to use for now. This post is a painful reminder that people like you are unsatisfied with everything. Riot tries to do their best with coding, but it takes time. There will always be ONE person who complains about the good things Riot does, and your voice will be head the loudest because the people who are satisfied say nothing, but the butt-hurt people are the ones the flood the boards.
I bet youre one of those toxic people he is complaining about in the games. Hm..
TSBGhost (NA)
: No tanks are played mid. Mid Galio is shit, mid malphite is only a low elo pick because people don't itemize against him and no one plays mid nautalis
Ghost you cant be bronze and tell people whats meta and whats not.
: fighters are supposed to kill tanks. fighters get all up in that tanks face and ignore their crowd control. they're basic attack oriented and theyre usually not too squishy like marksmen and have regen built into their kits. marksmen kill turrets supports heal and/or shield everyone junglers clear jungle camps quickly tanks prevent skillshots and targeted spells by being annoying assassins flank and kill wounded champs mages deal lots of aoe damage --- anything else is just abuse of the system or trying to counter the norm.
Junglers clear jungle camps quickly... hmmm Fiddle would like to have a word with you.
: As long as this update doesn't plunge us into a year of tanks-only meta, I think it will be a huge success.
Year of tanks only? S5 wasnt THAT long ago!
iGoPlaid (NA)
: Or play a champion that struggles to farm early or be a jungler that comes in for a gank and then picks up some free sustain/gold from the wave. A lot depends on how early the free skill point can be reached.
Of course the skill point is going to be reached later in the game. the only way you would get it quicky is if you went top and supported a GP who afk farmed for 20 minutes(oh wait)
If nothing else is working you can just uninstall and then redownload league. It should fix your problem for sure.
: I just logged into the client and got a gift from Riot
Ive had the same thing happen. I randomly received a chest and 2 icons. I have absolutely no clue why. And it wasnt a repeat notification. I just got gifted by riot after a game was over.
: y rework warwick compared to any other champions like galio? or nasus or something?
Galio is literally the next champ to get reworked if im right
dflint4 (NA)
: Is WW still going to be jungle or move to other positions like top or mid assassin?
I would assume still in the jungle. Most of the popular top laners right now would beat him too hard
: ok so im extremely confused... is this a rework???? because it seems like they are releasing a whole new champ but warwick is already in game?
Yes its a rework. It has been stated on everything. His looks and abilities will be changed. Sometimes, like this case, their lore is changed as well.
Harosama (NA)
: His ult is no longer pure perfect hatred... but how long is it's potential range... assuming, say Ghost, Mobility boots, Deadman's plate, and Warwick's own maximum w speed?
The Video looked like it threw him really far. id say his max range with homeguards and everything is a touch past tower to tower
Surveil (NA)
: Do you think that the build path of Bloodrazor, Mercury's Treads, Titanic Hydra, Deadman's Plate, Spirit Visage, and Guardian Angel will be his main build now?
: There's that one guy who says ban "X" but you don't bane "X" you ban "y". Then you tell him you didn't ban "X" because there are too many broken champs to ban. As many have said this kinda doesn't fix longer queue times. This fixes the fact that LoL has a lot of champs that quite frankly snowball and/or just broken and six bans are no longer adequate to control them.
Champions that snowball? Jesus, wouldnt that just add another element to league. What horror.
: If there was anything I was to change, they would be: - Being able to close the friends list - Being able to change club tag in champ select / in game - Being able to see more than just 3 of someone's top champs - DON'T YOU DARE REMOVE DRAFT MODE I WILL CRY - Bring back the tab to spectate high ELO games On a side note- There is a bug happening where my chat filter is still on even though I have turned it off; does anyone know how to fix this?
Same thing kept happening to my chat filter. Between that and champ select freezing every other game resulting in long wait timers, im back to using the legacy client lol.
FennaHD (NA)
: I'll let you have your rengar when they stop making my Anivia unplayable.
I know the feeling... anivia is my best champ lol. I think she might be playable still with q max.
: I was honestly expecting a Rengar nerf. Surprised to not see one. :/
NOOOOOOO dont nerf my bb yet. Let me have another week of fun first
: They stil haven't fixed the bug where shen's CS starts going up before the minions spawn?
Ive had this happen a lot with opponent junglers. Ill check their cs and itll be going up 2 cs a second, despite them being out of view.
: Gonna make a bet when they rework him. They are gonna pull a rengar. Where they will actually make him stronger and actually balance him and not a Shyvana/cas/kindred/quinn where they just hobble together a punishmnt.
Please dont remind me of quinn. The nerfs to her were so rough
: So basically nerfs all over the place. Cripple her extra resistances.. shorter ult range. Passive that is entirely reliant on having a decent team to actually make it not garbage. Thanks riot. Big fan.
Not the first champion thats reliant on a good team, not the last. Probably more of a buff for competitive play.
: Really no one noticed? That it says "I drop an Acceleration Gate and blast ‘em with a Hyper Charge" Jayce's Q is shock blast not hyper charge. XD Rito doesn't even know their own champions.
You definitely arent alone. Though uh, that hyper charge does stupid damage
: Bronze 2, yes you are right you need longer windows to react to assassins. We are not playing the same game here bro.
If you keep making excuses its going to be harder to climb out of plat. Surely you have realized this? I mean you are absolutely right, the people you play against are much better than the ones they do. But i see lb as being a counter pick type champ. If you pick it into a winning matchup you wont just win it, youll control the game with it. Makes me think of riven or something like that.
: anyone else notice the secret alistar rework?
Yup! Hes so strong with the new mastery its not even funny
: They've stated that Akali is getting a full VGU at some point _relatively_ soon, so the assassin rework changes were more bandaid fixes until the VGU is finished and released!
Yea the update for akali was honestly just an excuse to say they reworked more champions lol. Shes going to get a big time update sometime
Squìshy (NA)
: > Do you feel like your changes actually helped to balance assassins in the long run? One word. **Talon**
Did you read the part right after it? They said that it makes them easier to balance if needed. IF talon is dealing too much damage right now, then they can tweak his numbers without making him useless.
: Show me an instance when her RR gets your team a kill. Please. I have saved my allies with it once. But that's it. I just wish it would stick around for maybe 3 or 4 seconds after casting so it could really dupe them. And let me point out that there's no point in slamming your face into the keyboard when at lvl 18 your E does 998 damage + 190% AP. The problem, of course, is getting to lvl 18.
I got a kill from it the first game i played her. I used rr to walk it over a pink ward near top. (they called me being top) and then i ganked bot and got a kill. Use your head, its called deception
: So I'm diamond 5, and I've been testing talon out a lot, and his burst just isn't so delayed that people can get away from it, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. I can 100 to 0 someone easily, and now he has more mobility, and I've found that to be the case with most of the assassins I've played now. The damage output they have is just as reliable, you just have to understand how it works to be able to do it. In other words, the assassin updates made it so that assassins aren't brainless, mash buttons and win champs.
Absolutely agree, im no diamond 5.. But i have no issue 100-0 people with talon. qw,aa,r and leave while invis. Im just glad they finally give others a chance to counterplay. One shotting 3 people at the same time gets so boring.
: You must be bronze or unranked to think LeBlanc is good. She is a complete failure. Her passive is way too obvious, takes too long to be able to be popped, her old passive being taken away cuts her survivability by AT LEAST HALF, late game you won't be able to kill anyone because ADC's will get 3 shots by the time your passive procs.
You honestly think shse a failure? You are ranked silver. You have no room to talk someone down at all lol. Her passive scales stupidly hard to make up for being harder to proc. Shes a high skill champ, thats how they work. Sorry they are too hard for you lol
CSDragon (NA)
: As a Twitch main, I love these, but why did Twitch have to be nerfed 4 ways in one patch... Ghosblade: Gone Q: Useless W: A mess Fervor: Gutted I'd be surprised if Twitch's winrate is above 40%
I think twitch is going to be okay. I dont know exactly what they did to him, but i played a game where a twitch was being destroyed, he proceeded to get exactly 1 second of free fire and destroyed our entire team. Sounds a bit like regular twitch, so he should be ok
: For Colossus, how are "nearby enemies" determined? If I Leona Ult 4 enemies from max cast range, what kind of shield would I get? Compare that to a Malphite or Alistar engage, where they move towards the enemy.
If you leona ult 4 people. As long as you are in about pull range it should give you the shield. Feels like the shield on alistar is going to be really strong though. 3 sets of cc and 3 sets of shields
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: "Camouflaged enemies in the area are also revealed, but Invisible enemies are not." So there are no ways to counter: Akali’s W - Twilight Shroud Kha’Zix’s R - Void Assault LeBlanc’s R - Mimic Shaco’s Q - Deceive Talon’s R - Shadow Assault Teemo’s Passive - Guerilla Warfare (formerly “Camouflage”) Vayne’s R - Final Hour Wukong’s W - Decoy And {{item:2043}} is getting removed
Sweeper works on them just fine from what i know. But the invis on almost all of those champs are literally their only counterplay. How fair is it that 75 gold denies a champion?
: preseason bro, if its truly terrible they can scrap the whole thing in a month and simply go "WHOOPSIES! That is what preseason is for!!" No need to have strong negative feedback so early one and without any significant time for gameplay and the like.
They want to keep league changing, so players dont get so adapted to it. Keeps more people interested
: Anyone else fear the end result of this upgrade? Another game that will update beyond the abilities of my computer. Ah well that's progress. We'll see when it finally goes public how many people will need hardware upgrades.
My PC isnt that great, and i can use the new client without troubles. Its actually a lot smoother for me
Msatie (NA)
: IMO the best way to play/build ivern (its mid)
So. Tank ivern mid without a combat summoner and potentially no escapes at all. Uh... How does he keep an assassin from killing him at all? He has poor waveclear, so pushing champs get huge advantages on him. lane bullies like syndra and cassiopia can kill him at will tbh. And as already stated assassins can do the same as well. I dont think there is a single common mid laner that ivern could survive against to keep himself useful. also that means he is taking away huge damage from the team since they wont have a damage dealer as their tank is mid.
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