: How big of an adjustment would learning how to deny minions and manage build be? I've considered getting into Dota, but it seems significantly more confusing then league.
It's not too bad. It took me about 100 hours or so to feel really comfortable with the game, but you can learn the basics pretty easily by playing some bot games. Denying minions is just as easy as killing minions so it's not too hard just depends on how good you are at last hitting. The hard part is forcing your opponent to let you get your own creeps since he'll be trying to deny your creeps too. There is also no blue pill in dota, instead you can purchase town portal scrolls that allow you to teleport to allied towers/fountain for 50 gold. But the cool thing is there is a shop in the side lanes so you can purchase some things there, and if not the courier can deliver items to you. You should make your own courier keybindings to fit your preferences. I would go into a bot game and take a look at all the keybindings to start off, it will give you a really good idea of what to expect.
: no problem :) If i can make someones life better by steering them clear of league im happy to I tried dota2 for a bit. the game feels a bit too... stiff for me. the champions dont feel as if they have anywhere near the level of detail or love applied to them as in league, and theyre almost always extremely simple to grasp with a few exceptions. perhaps i just didnt give it the time it needed to register with me. any ideas on how i might get started? i NEED to get away from league.
Well first I would determine which role you want to cover. The main roles are offlane, support, mid and carry. Occasionally you might find a jungler but it's fairly uncommon. Then I would pick a single character or two in that role that look cool to you. My favorite supports are Crystal Maiden (Rylai, the Crystal Maiden is where Rylai's crystal scepter gets its name) and Winter Wyvern and they are considered Position 5 supports, or supports that need no gold to function. Position 1 (most gold dependent) is usually the carry or mid laner and goes down to 5 from there. Carries spend most of the early to mid game farming up items and avoiding the ganks from the enemy supports, by the end game they are the main source of a teams damage. Only a few of the carries are able to do a lot of damage early such as juggernaut, but are usually tanky enough to survive by themselves for the short time the supports are away ganking. Mid laners are early to mid game powerhouses and are usually more level dependent then gold dependent. The supports are most likely to gank mid since the mid laner that wins is going to generally decide how the mid game goes. Off Laners are generally tanks or characters that have a way of protecting themselves, they are build to be able to survive against multiple enemies while doing a good amount of damage. The current lane meta is 2-1-2 so the offlaner will likely have a support to help them, but sometimes its 1-1-3 so you could be by yourself. if you can survive and get some levels and gold you can be pretty dominant in the midlane/lategame. Supports are the early game powerhouses, and will usually have the most impact on which lanes win. They will usually be either ganking or controlling the lane to protect their carry or put the lane in an advantageous state. Unlike League the supports have a lot they need to do, such as stacking camps, pulling waves, ganking, counterganking, and lane control. Supports are mostly squishy so bad positioning can get you killed pretty easily. Most of the heroes are pretty easy to understand conceptually like you said, but most are very complicated to play in practice because Dota has a lot more hard counters to heroes than League does. It's also very difficult to use some of the abilities correctly since they can sometimes screw over your own team. For instance Winter Wyvern's ult causes all enemies in a radius to attack a targeted enemy hero, but be immune to damage from her own allies. So you could get a great ult and cause all the enemies to kill their own support or you could save all the enemies from a huge ult from one of your allies if it's timed wrong. One thing I had trouble with early in my Dota career was item knowledge. Most of the powerful heroes such as Phantom Assassin, a crit based carry, have an item that partially counters them. It took me a long time to realize that I could rush Ghost Scepter to prevent myself from being killed by her, Ghost Scepter makes you immune to physical damage for 5 seconds but makes you take 40% more magic damage, so it's a perfect counter to a physical based carry. So if you find yourself thinking that a certain hero is overpowered think about which heroes and items counter what there good at.
: Only thing that needs to be said Your not required to babysit your adc no matter how many people may ping you. If leaving lane for 30 seconds is safe and gets mid a kill do it. If your favorite idiot runs it down because he doesn’t know how to 1v2 as a ranged champ(justlol) then it’s on him not you
Thanks for the advice, I'm going to give it a try with a caster support like Lux and Zyra and see how that goes. I tried in a few of my matches but like you said even with me informing them that I was ganking my ADCs seem to love walking in and dying Lol.
: hey man! first of all I wanna say, if you successfully made it away from league, please fucking stay away for your own sake. the game has legitimately just been getting worse and worse recently. but to answer your questions: 1. Yes, as of late it's fairly normal to get one-combod by Lucian at level 3. He's fairly disgusting right now, and has been for a little while. It makes no comprehensible sense for an ADC to literally kill someone in a combo at level 3 but hey, he usually can. 2. If you can, I would absolutely recommend playing a snowball champion. The game is in a massive snowball meta right now, with things like turret plating and league of Dark Harvest. (BY THE WAY: IF YOU CAN, PLAY A CHAMPION THAT CAN ABUSE DARK HARVEST. I legitimately see dark harvest on 3-8 people in every game; I saw it on 9 people in a recent one, though that was an extreme.) It's god tier right now, I've been taking it on Lissandra mid for about 30 games and it's the strongest I've EVER felt on her. An early lead can end a game before 20 minutes right now, so that's what I'd play for. 3. It is 100% absolutely the most viable option to pick a burst champion. Damage is king in league, but that's not really a recent thing. Picking anything but a burst champion has been kind of stupid since preseason 8. For instance; look at the newly added stat shards which replaced tree bonuses. You can start the game with either a total of 20 ad/20 ap, or a total of 10 armor/magic resist. Damage has just been inflated to such a disgusting degree, legitimately every champion has become a burst champion (with some doing it waaaay better. Again, go dark harvest.) Burst is essentially a rule of league right now that we've kind of had to live with. 4. This one made me laugh. I haven't had a game of League feel "close" in weeks, maybe a few months. That's simply just League. The only possibility you'll have of getting a close game where one side doesn't crush by 20 minutes is if NEITHER team picks a real ADC. Those are the only games where I've truly felt both sides had a chance, but that's very rare for people to do. (I'm talking like... Swain bot on one team and Rengar bot on the other; where you don't feel like it's a ticking time bomb as to who's carry will hit 1-shot auto attack god mode first.) Don't expect even games in league. You will ALWAYS be dissapointed. again, if you enjoy dota then stick with it. I personally hate it, and have been searching for literally anything to fill the void I'll have once I finally quit league. If you've found that, I'd recommend staying with it. Good Luck man
Thanks for the detailed reply! I'm definitely going to try a few other champions like Lux and Zyra with Dark Havest and see how they work out. To be honest Dota is definitely going to stay my main MOBA but I do enjoy coming back to League and seeing what's changed. It took me a long time, probably over 100 hours before I really "got" Dota. It's a fundamentally different game then League is, but I really enjoy how unique and interesting the characters are, and how diverse the item pool is. There is a ton of strategy that goes into team building and you can just as easily go for an early game stomp team or a late game team that has a few heroes that can delay the game so your cores can get online. I can completely understand why it would be hard to get into though, it took a buddy of mine prodding me along until I finally started loving it's complexity.
: I can put this simply: If you enjoy the way DotA is balanced, you will NOT enjoy the way League is. The opposite is true as well. The two games have completely different methodologies that are largely incompatible. You're probably wasting your time on League, since you feel DotA is well balanced.
You're probably right, Dota is definitely my main game, but I do occasionally enjoy coming back to League and seeing what changed. The main reason for the post was because I wanted to make sure I was giving League's current form a fair judgement so I wanted other peoples opinions. I think the main problem I have with League after playing a few more games since the OP is just that there seems to be little beyond the early game, you either win fast or lose fast and it seems smarter to just play very safely since risks don't seem worth it when a single one can irrepairable end the game. Thanks for the reply though!
: They have no idea how to balance this game, forget it and go play Dota. League isn't even worth it anymore. This coming from someone who has played this game almost religiously over the past 4 years, not to mention spent 1k+ plus on it. Game is shit now. Wish I could learn Dota
I would definitely give Dota a try! It has a lot in common with league, with a few major differences. The biggest ones are map mobility, character design, and items. Everyone has high map mobility in Dota because of town portal scrolls so it's easy to counter gank if you are paying attention since you can port to any allied tower every 60 seconds. The characters are all very impactful in their own unique way, supports especially are the most powerful characters early game and have a huge impact, they fall off later, but it's a great feeling being able to impact all of the lanes in a meaningful way.
: In Dota you usually get CC chained until you die, and in League CC is a lot shorter but damage is higher.
It actually doesn't happen as often as you think it Dota, and usually it only happens when you are severely out of position. As a support, if they actually waste a long stun ult on you in a teamfight you probably win the teamfight since your cores can just stomp them. Your cores will also buy Black King Bar (active item that makes you immune to magic damage and most forms of CC) so only a few ult only stuns can actually hit them. Stuns in Dota aren't actually that big of a deal past early game since there is so many ways to counter them, in League there is no counter.
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