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: chat restriction? what a joke
Hum... being toxic to solve... someone supposedly being toxic... it's almost as if... both of you should've been in trouble? Hum... who knows? As for the JG not ganking... well... that's tough. But... maybe they had a reason for it? You didn't say what jungler each team had, or any of the other champions. I mean, certain champions it's better if they build themselves up as fast as possible. Like eveline trying to gank before stealth is available usually ends up feeding the other team. Karthus before getting ult can be good or bad as they might just die without being able to secure a kill and then can't even use ultimate. There's good and bad reasons for not ganking as either a jungler or laner, we can't possibly decide based on the info you gave me. So I can only vote based on you being toxic. Lanes only matter during laning phase. After laning phase, it isn't your lane anymore. It's the team's lane. Someone should be sent there or removed from there based on what the team needs. Oftentimes, a lane swap will be needed. The winning side from a lane will be sent to a losing lane while the losing lane is sent to the lane with a newly opened tower. It's battlefield tactics. -1 to the overall discussion from me for toxic. However, I will give you a +1 to the comment down below for saying the language filter is there for a reason. While cussing in a way that specifically goes around the language filter is bad, I see no reason for not to be cussing that isn't censored by the filter. That's simply logic.
Zethro (NA)
: nice job but a bit cucklordish. not very alphamale is it
lol, alphamale is for the ADC to do. FOR IT IS THE LEAGUE OF DRAAAAVEN! Or did you forget ;)
: > [{quoted}](name=Andys wife,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XkRr0i1B,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-10T12:54:13.099+0000) > > Just muting toxic people isn't enough. You get the game after game after game. You have a bad day, cannot help but to type back, and since they're so damn salty they report you for talking back. You talking back, without being toxic, is seen as "negative" and you get punished when you really shouldn't in the first place. > > I would like to get an option where I can remove the chat completely, so I can't type, so I can't see what others type etc. > I feel like this is really easy to implement and no one loses anything by implementing this. There's no point communicating with toxic people anyways, and since most people are toxic now I'd rather just not have the chat at all > > How often do you actually get a team, or any teammate for that matter, that say anything constructive in the chat? Nothing bm, no salt, no toxicity?! That happens maybe 1/100 games at most. Just give me the option to remove the chat, I'm tired of getting punished for talking to toxic players. type /mute all ive beein doing this since months. only way left for havin fun in this fiesta {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
> [{quoted}](name=Muhschie lover,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XkRr0i1B,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-05-10T21:47:31.212+0000) > > type /mute all > > ive beein doing this since months. only way left for havin fun in this fiesta > {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} I second this. While it's a bad idea to block yourself off entirely, it's a worse idea to know that you are incapable of controlling yourself if a twelve year old on the other side of the country says 'you suck, you're bad at the game' after being killed four times by you and then killing you after one to four of their teammates bring you from 100% to 1% HP without the twelve year old even lifting a finger. Just use the /mute all command if you can't be an adult. You might even be able to type it pre-game and ctrl+V. Not sure if ctrl+V works. Never tried.
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: I'll be frank, I love the bouncing crows too much to give it up.
Darn... I was going to be Frank. Fine... I suppose he's better in jungling than top lane anyway; he's so versatile.
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: Fiddlesticks should be scarier.
1Q. Does he need a rework? 1A. Maybe... mostly for his looks. But I suppose a little extra couldn't hurt him so long as it was applied appropriately. 2Q. Does he have a million Scythes? 2A. No. Fiddle doesn't carry a million scythes. He fires dark magic from his scythe. Probably the same magic he uses for all of his spells. The same magic that animates him. 3Q. Why does Fiddle use a scythe? 3A. Because he's a scarecrow. Scarecrows have been standing in fields to scare away crows for hundreds of years, not always to great effect, and are sometimes armed with whatever happens to be on hand. Scythes are the deadliest and scariest amongst the possible weapons you'd find on a farm. By his lore, they probably gave him a scythe to hold when they strung him up as a scarecrow as 'retribution for bringing famine to the town'. Btw, out of curiosity, does anyone know if poor Fiddle actually did it? The 'Corrupted Soul' part suggests that he was innocent, sound very sad. Maybe {{champion:9}} and {{champion:32}} should both go to therapy. 4Q. Do I think it would be interesting if he was able to use that wicked scythe for a melee attack on opponents within 150-200 that does something extra? 4A. Yes. That would be awesome. Maybe reduce MR. Or maybe able to apply fear, then the Q could be changed to something else. How about a leap or something by way of stretching his arms out and carrying him the distance. Then when he lands, something else could happen. Example: Dark Flight: Fiddlesticks throws his arms out straight and is lifted up and flown a short distance away. A pulse of dark energy blasts out from him upon landing. It's AOE, to complement his E and R, and enables him a bit of movement once in a while. Best used either after channeling his R to help extend the engage range, to reengage on leap champions, or to disengage if he doesn't want a fight. 5Q Do I think your champion idea could be worth adding to the game with a champion connected in lore to Fiddle? 5A Yes. That might be very interesting. They could update Fiddlestick's looks and add the new champion in at the same time. I'm very curious what exactly the lore behind such a character might be. A child maybe? A love interest returned to town, only to be horrified what happened to his or her beloved? A disciple that was blamed for something and ran away from home... then found the field near the abandoned town and accidentally reignited something within Fiddle with their cries of 'I didn't do it... it wasn't me... it's not my fault... why don't they believe me...'? So much possibility for lore there.
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