Meddler (NA)
: Quick LoL Thoughts: January 17
Will there ever be a retrospective put out on recent design decisions and champs that have caused so many problems in high elo? It feels like this space has gotten worse and not better over the past few years with more and more resources needing to be put towards champs like Akali, Sylas, and Zoe (as well as others) due to pro-play warping kits. Perhaps this is just perception, but it does feel like a very large portion of the balance changes are dedicated to fixing issues most prevalent in pro play. Are the percentage of changes focused on different levels of play tracked at all? Or on a champion basis? I.E. x% of changes were pro-play focused changes? And whether there need to be changes on the design side if high elo/pro play is representing too large proportion of changes and team time?
: > [{quoted}](name=MrryZ,realm=NA,application-id=6WpmgL9O,discussion-id=bm6MAFgU,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-25T00:17:37.277+0000) > > Ideally before clash tonight if possible. What ping increases? You didn't give much information to go off on...
My ping has gone up 45-50 the last few days. Used to be high 20’s and is now consistently around 75.
Bazerka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nefas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mHLG0fYa,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-08-20T19:11:49.037+0000) > > Related question that I’m hopeful you can help with since I just get ignored everywhere else. > > Can you please pass on an ask to have an option to disable all emotes, not just enemy emotes? I don’t want to have to deal with even emotes in my team since they are just a waste of screen space and continued VFX overload. Manually having to mute them all at the start of every game is such a chore. I can share, but I do wanna let you know that it doesn't mean the post will have action taken on it. I'm pretty far from the core dev teams on League and the decision making process that happens over there :X
No worries at all - just appreciate someone responding to the request! Not sure if there is any internal Riot boards for these type of things or what, but it would be a meaningful improvement to truly every single one of my games.
Bazerka (NA)
: yea! there is a setting you can disable. You can choose to disable all chat, team chat, or both. You can also use /fullmute all but this resets every match so you'd have to do it every time. However, the one advantage of /fullmute is that it mutes pings too :)
Related question that I’m hopeful you can help with since I just get ignored everywhere else. Can you please pass on an ask to have an option to disable all emotes, not just enemy emotes? I don’t want to have to deal with even emotes in my team since they are just a waste of screen space and continued VFX overload. Manually having to mute them all at the start of every game is such a chore.
Meddler (NA)
: We're actually trying having both team chat and All chat disabled for new accounts to see what the impact of that is. I don't think we should be removing chat for those who do want to engage with it given LoL's a team based game. Things like having it default off, letting people set it to auto mute each game etc feel like good options to offer for those who just want out of it though.
On a related note (though I know it isn’t your area) - could you pass along a request for a “Mute All Emotes” option instead of just “Mute Enemy Emotes”? Manually having to mute each teammate’s emotes at the start of the game is time consuming and annoying and emotes aren’t something I want to have to interact with or have screen share.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 2
Thank you for adding Legacy Cursor back in. I find the new cursor to be very difficult to use, the angle of the cursor relative to the click is extremely off from the old cursor and it blends in to teamfights and I lose track of it.
: Patch 9.15 notes
No reasons given for removing the old (better) cursor, completely out of the blue. Classic Riot.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 19
Would be nice to get some thoughts on the balance framework post about Jhin and Viktor, if you or others have read it
shofaz (NA)
: Using Riot's Balance Framework on Viktor and Jhin
Riot creating rules and then immediately abandoning them is classic Riot.
: Patch 9.14 notes
Can we get the ability to mute all emotes - not just enemy emotes - as a global setting as well, please? I’m so tired of having to manually go through and mute each allied emotes at the start of every game. I don’t want to have to deal such completely unnecessary and distracting visuals.
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
Thanks for posting this - I wish you had also included the graphs you shared on Twitter. Those were very interesting and informative. Those win rate / ban rate / play rate graphs tend to reinforce my belief that there should be a ban rate that is just unacceptable when coupled with some level of win rate. There is a clear grouping where almost all champs fall and then there are a handful of ban outliers. Somewhere around Vladimir (I assume Top is the higher win rate?) seems to be roughly the boundary of “normality” to me.
: Yeah, you are misreading it. Reav3 said "**THIS** player pain" He was specifically referring to a certain type of player pain (the "My favorite champ is being drastically changed to something I don't like" pain). There are different types of player pain out there.
Making that distinction doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. Player pain is player pain.
Reav3 (NA)
: I want to take a minute to answer this from my perspective. First of all our intentions of doing less VGUs and more New Champs was actually based on caring for the playerbase as well as from player feedback we have gotten over the years as we have done New Champs and VGUs. Let me go into a bit more detail though. First when I said less VGUs I didnt mean we would stop doing them, I just meant we would slow down. Expect to still see plenty of VGUs in the future, just not as many as we have been doing last year. The reason why I feel that his is coming from a caring place is this. There are many players that share your perspective, that they want their main updated, and changed. But you have to understand there are also many other players that love their Champion, and find it very frustrating when they are updated even if many other players think the update makes them way better. We have to care about these players as well, and whenever we do VGUs we also cause a lot of disruption and frustration from players over their Champion being changed. New Champions generally don't cause this player pain. Last year we actually saw a lot higher player frustration over change, partly due to how many old Champions we were updating and changing, with many older players feeling alienated by the changes. At this point, after Morde, many of the Champions we would consider for a VGU have much higher players bases then the Champions we were doing VGUs on in the past. This isn't to say there isn't value in doing them, but if we were doing them at the rate we were doing them last year, on Champions with bigger player bases, then that is many more players that would feel frustrated or alienated by the changes, even if many other players like them. This isn't to say we want to stop doing them as we feel there is value in the game feeling modern and up to date, which means we value updating the things that are getting old and dated. The Champions on the list just aren't as dated as some of the ones we did over the last couple years, and as a result the value in updating them isn't as high, and also has a higher disruption and player pain cost since the Champions have bigger player bases.
New champions generally don’t cause player pain? Not sure if I’m misreading or what but it would seem to be pretty revisionist history to claim that Zoe didn’t cause massive player pain. I’ve been playing since 2012 - my alienation was all about the extremely poorly implemented mid season update, not the champs changes per se (though not all the changes were balanced or felt fair to play against). I’m pretty deeply disappointed myself about the decision to do fewer VGUs and do more new champs. League doesn’t need more new champs - it feels very much right now that new champ designs are just in search of game rules to break - Zoe and Sylas - which seems like scrapping the bottom of the barrel. There are plenty of old looking champs with kits that could be improved and modernized.
: Pantheon is the next VGU, Roadmap would be live within minutes
Pretty disappointing to hear that they are moving away from VGUs back to new champs. I already think there are too many champs in the game and recent releases have all been about forcing gimmicky mechanics that ‘break the rules’ just to ‘break the rules’.
BayoNX19 (NA)
: literally everything in the launcher gave an error? tf riot?
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 3/14 - 3/20
I'm getting an error right now that doesn't let me join queues and says something along the lines of "trouble fetching information". Is that what you are referring to in the server section?
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: Upcoming Bounty Changes
Thanks for removing the base gold from the scoreboard - definitely think that was causing a fair bit of confusion and perhaps even some of the continued complaints over bounties. Also good to see you are sticking to your guns on keeping (though modifiying in positive ways) CS bounties. Some tweaks were needed but as a core concept it makes sense and should be in the game.
: Banrate is a measure of frustration, not power. Yasuo and Zed are always going to have high banrates, even when they're not high tier champions. We know this since we can see those stats this whenever Yasuo and Zed are not high tier, such as pretty much all of season 8 with Zed. Not a competitively viable pick whatsoever (mages are better), but still a high banrate. You shouldn't use banrate as a justification for nerfing or buffing anything, since it doesn't measure power.
Strongly disagree. If a champ has a very high ban rate over time, then they should be nerfed until reworked in order to reduce frustration.
: I do think it could be. That's why I asked that final question. If we should strike a ban rate line of some sort, I'm open to hearing what that line is and what other conditionals should be considered around it.
If a champion has a significant ban rate, substantially higher than other champs and sustained over a period of time, that champ needs to be nerfed. Riot has the data to go back and examine what average ban rates are over long periods of time and what true outliers there are for bans. Kassadin probably still has the all-time crown, but that really shouldn’t have been a situational allowed to persist. A high sustained ban rate should be viewed as a balance failure. I’m sure you will do it based on standard deviations or other statistical metrics. As a rough, gut-based rule of thumb, a 10% ban rate is fine. Perhaps even a 15-20% ban rate. Some level of balance slack should be taken up by the ban system. But a 25% ban rate or more? That feels like nerf territory, or at least nerf until reworked. Especially if that champ has a high pick rate (but not exclusively).
: Ranked 2019 — /dev Update #3
Even though there isn’t much in the way of clear action here, thanks for doing the write-up and laying out the time table. It is much better than the communication during DynamicQ. I still hope that positional ranks are fully removed. If you want to keep the matchmaking since you see improvements there, I’m indifferent, but the ranks are really sapping my desire to play Ranked. When all I need is 18 LP to get into mid promos (or whatever the LP equivalent of 1 win is for me at the time) , getting off role multiple games in a row ends with me dodging and quitting League for the day. The only “splashing” that would solve that is 100% splashing which breaks the point of separating the ranks at all. Do you have any additional details or solves for those of us queued Mid/Supp or Mid/Fill? I gave up on doing that weeks ago
: RP update: Cost and refunds
Thanks for updating the refund policy! Really good to see. Pricing changes are always inevitable with internet tax changes and inflation.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 8
How is Yorick doing after the changes?
Kadexe (NA)
: The big difference between Yasuo and these other champions is that he has counterplay. His mobility is limited by how many targets he has to dash through, he can only use his ultimate under specific conditions, wind wall only works against projectiles, he doesn't get to control when he uses his shield, he can't farm from a safe distance, he can't dash away from danger, etc. He has sufficient weaknesses and assassins, tanks, and fighters have no difficulty with him.
Most of what you said applies much more to top-lane Yasuo than mid lane. The lack of minions limiting his defensive mobility isn’t as much of a problem in the shorter midlane and he can easily dodge skill shots. Windwall being effective against projectiles isn’t a downside when playing against kits that are entirely projectile based. He does get control over when someone can pop his shield from his mobility - dictating positioning by zone of threat counts. You can’t go too far up in the minion wave to try and pop it without him being able to easily overrun you with your minions. He can farm to some degree from ranged with Q and his defensive/mobility options means that his safety level is decently high. Only 1 of the 3 classes you listed is regularly played in mid. And he is a flex pick between mid and top. Going on Reddit to complain about Boards is nice though.
: Yasuo has a lot of tools but actually doesn't suffer from this problem as a whole. His winrate actually goes down in higher ELO play as opponents learn to exploit him. The core combo of being a squishy melee without strong burst leaves a lot of opportunity for opponents to stop him.
Can you please explain further? Because it feels like you are hand waving here about high ELO and ignoring much of the post you just made. Of your list of strengths that champions should be limited to a few, Yasuo has a very large number. For just about any skill shot dependent champion in the mid lane, he feels completely unfair and like he has all of power to dictate any action in the lane.
: So what you're basically saying is that 'ranked should never ever ever change' You have to experiment in ranked ni order to make a change in ranked because no other environment is quite like it.
I don’t think Ranked really should change, no. I think the core concept of what Ranked is - the competitive atmosphere that draws so many people in to league - is a fairly fragile thing that Riot has messed around with and broken in the past with DynamicQ and I don’t trust them to make any changes that can affect the underlying reason behind why people play ranked. Changes to things like structure of bans or queuing for specific positions are pretty minor changes, almost cosmetic, at the end of the day. Changes to premades (DynamicQ) or positional ranking change the fundamental motivations behind people playing. In the case of DynamicQ: “I’m not playing to win I’m playing to have fun with friends”. In the case of positional ranking: “I don’t really care if I win or lose because this isn’t my main rank anyways”.
Spiçy (NA)
: I'm really worried about this being to grindy.. Riot has said many times that they put splash LP to fix it so it's not to grindy, but I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this: - I don't want to be a Plat ADC, Support, but a gold top because I play the the less, I feel that the lowest rank is your rank. I'm almost done my 40 games to finish my provisional games in each role, and, it's frustrating, my attitude has felt weak and in some cases not so positive, my solo queue is my try hard, but here I have myself playing Sylas JG for the first time only out of a practice game. Honestly makes me have a don't care attitude, when my team is, not so good. Which never used to affect my in game very much. Not sure what I'm trying to say really, I'm just worried that it's still to grindy because there is no clear definition of your rank anymore because of the possibility to have 5 different ranks now.
This is exactly the sort of thing that makes me worried and dislike this system. There are plenty of motivation issues that Riot can’t possibly measure (or they could do a lot more banning for inting) that this system affects. Making people care less about the game - even slightly - is a deep deep problem. The major difference between Ranked and Normals is how people treat them. There isn’t behavior that is a bannable offense in Ranked that is acceptable in Normals - it all comes down to motivation and attitude. If this queue narrows the gap between the two and how seriously players take Ranked, it is a complete failure.
: What's your position combination? In general we haven't noticed really any changes in position assignment rates except for some issues for Mid/Support and Top/Support.
I was doing Mid / Supp. In the pre-season (and most of last season), my breakdown was ~80% mid, ~10% Supp, ~10% Top. I wouldn’t dodge unless someone was trolling in champ select. I was having to play Supp every other game for a stretch in the past week (and I started dodging out of sheer frustration). I’ve switched to Mid / Top since.
: Ranked 2019 — /dev Update #1
What rates have you seen around autofilling and getting secondary over primary compared to the past? I noticed my rate of getting my main role has decreased significantly, to the point of getting my off role every other game for significant stretches. This feels awful and you making penalties for off-roles worse makes me want to stop playing for a while, to be entirely honest. I still strongly dislike this new system and believe it is a detriment to the competitive queue that is ranked. The sooner it is removed the better. Ranked is not and should not be the place for experimenting.
: I'm pretty sure you download the application "". If you go into it's settings and disable "auto import runes", it shouldn't happen anymore. It's a pain because you can't edit the runes they input when that's active. If you do what I said, your problem should be solved.
Ah thank you! I’ll take a look at that - i thought it was some sort of thing with Nexus Blitz.
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DyQuill (NA)
: AMA with the Sylas team! (x-post from r/leagueoflegends)
Can you speakers to his matchups (especially in mid lane) and what you see as his primary weaknesses?
Meddler (NA)
: No immediate plans for Viktor nerfs. If we did hit him it would be targeting top lane play specifically which is where we think power's potentially a problem. Might mean targeting something that mainly affects top (e.g. Q augment), might mean shifting power from something top uses better to something more neutral.
All of the changes to weaken toplane Victor (which were needed) generally also weakened midlane Viktor (who if anything needs help right now). What winrates do you see on mid Viktor internally?
: Home page loads once I enter Champ Select
I've also had this happen multiple times. Incredibly frustrating.
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 1/10 - 1/16
Anything on the blank screens in champ select that are now plaguing my games? I hear the music and the timers but can’t see anything until I get kicked out
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: I can see why it might look like we're not paying attention to feedback or being open-minded if you're looking at feedback through the lens of Reddit/boards comments. I want explain why that might not be the entire picture: - Reddit and boards are communities that tend to bias toward certain qualities (mostly western, etc), so they don't provide a clear picture of our entire player base even though they're large. As a result, we have to look at additional data from surveys to understand how players feel about things we're working on - Players are significantly less likely to post about how they like a feature. As a result, oftentimes neutral-to-positive sentiment gets under-represented compared to negative sentiment to a large degree - Hopefully we've shown through posts like [/dev: Addressing Your Feedback on Ranked for 2019]( that we're definitely listening and making changes All that aside, we want to test out position ranks because we really think we're onto something. Right now, it's super frustrating to play off-positions because those games feel less winnable. As a result, even if you otherwise _want_ to play multiple positions competitively, you feel like you can't because the games won't be fair and your rank will suffer. When we look at win rates for off-positions and how frequently players play off-positions in Ranked compared to other queues, we can see those are real problems. Positional matchmaking and position ranks gives us a shot at fixing those and giving players a lot more transparency and insight into how good they are at different positions. We totally agree there's a chance it won't work out as intended, which is why we're testing the ability to revert position ranks in case of any major issue, technical or otherwise. We're not afraid to scrap work if we make something that's genuinely bad, but we believe position ranks is a legitimate upgrade to matchmaking and the Ranked experience. We're open to being wrong, but we plan to see how the previews go before concluding it's not feasible. Thanks for your feedback, really appreciate you taking the time to write it up.
Riot consistently counts neutral sentiment with whichever side is favorable to Riot’s planned changes, instead of treating it as actually neutral. Don’t see any reason to trust what you say about sentiment or about being “not afraid to scrap work”. Riot ruined an entire season the last time they screwed around with ranked. That’s not being open to being wrong at all.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
Leveling beyond 18 just sounds like a bad idea. More complexity, more burden of knowledge, more basic rule-breaking doesn’t particularly feel fair, all for something that I don’t really see substantial benefit to. How many games even hit that length? How many times would those champs even be in those games? How much benefit could really be in there for something that is so rare? It’s hard enough to have a champ these days that doesn’t break fundamental rules of the game. Please stop doing that.
: I watched this video this morning - pretty grim viewing :/ Folks here (and the OP, Noies) seem to be be the kind of players who have thought about this deeply - what do you all suggest for the future? Of course, we cannot change the past, and flip-flopping back would likely be the worst of all possible worlds. What do folks here think would be the best path ahead? I know this will probably turn into a "Yeah but I want to talk about how bad the past was!" discussion, but there is literally no time machine available (not even for poor Zilean or Ekko) - so what's your solution-orientated future? If you just want to rant at someone at Riot, I'm happy to take that on the chin though :) {{sticker:galio-happy}} Totally cool if you don't have suggestions - it's not incumbent on you to do so, after all, but I wanted to hear from folks who might have opinions and want to share them.
Hello Bio, You may not remember me - but we had some good conversations on this topic of the lore retcon and player pain in past years, and you even added me in-game. At this point, for me, I don’t have much of an answer. I’ve unfortunately given up on LoL lore entirely. The only reason I’m really posting is because you are one of the few Rioters I like and feel does actually care, and so you deserve engagement even from someone who has given up (All of which is more difficult/more important with everything going on with Riot these days). Riot tore up the lore without a replacement plan and promised the world to us all for all of the additional creative freedoms it would give them. I’ve seen little to nothing of this. There’s been marginal at best improvement in quantity. To me, there has been a marked decrease in quality. After the third or fourth possession-background story - Pantheon, Karma, Varus, plenty of others I’m forgetting - I rolled my eyes, stopped caring, and stopped reading. The stories Riot has chosen to tell with their creative freedom are just bad cliches, repeated over and over. The writers continue to treat the existing stories with contempt, treating characters who have existed for years as blank slates to be changed to their whim - Nautlius, Varus, so many more. I honestly don’t even find the writing itself to be all that good. ‘Write better stories’ isn’t much of a suggestion, but that’s where I’m at, truly. I’m pretty sorry to be at this point. And perhaps to some extent I have rose-tinted glasses about the old lore, the journal of justice, etc. The quality of the writing probably doesn’t hold up as well. But the stories felt better. They felt organic and real, not the artificial, boring, sanitized trite that is put out now. There is no overarching plan, nothing that pulls all of this together, gives it a purpose. There’s nothing to give me a reason to care, which ought to be more important than ever when the lore has been retconned, since that fundamentally undermines the desire to get invested in something which may just change again (and has changed again). I never got the feeling that Riot cared all that much either, even now. People shuffled in and out of the Narrative discipline and mouthed platitudes without really making up for or fixing what I viewed as the mistakes of the past. And what’s more, they all continued to make them. Maybe this is helpful to you, maybe it isn’t. But that’s the opinion of someone who gave up on Riot lore a while back and doesn’t plan to try and get reinvested.
Reav3 (NA)
: It's still a design pillar, and one I pointed out she didn't do great on. A champions success or failure isn't solely based on doing poorly in one specific area, and that makes the entire Champion unsuccessful. If that was the case we would think of Yasuo as a failure, which we don't, we think he is overall a great Champion even if he isn't great at all aspects. We actually currently have a designer working on some small changes to reduce frustration playing against Zoe targeted for sometime after worlds. When I said I think she is overall successful I was referring to the sum of everything about Zoe, Design, Art, and Narrative. Frustrating to play against is just one aspect of her design and even then it is only one of many design pillars. She generally does pretty well in many other design pillars.
Shouldn’t time-spent-by-the-Balance-Team be a fairly large factor as to whether or not a Champ is successful? If a champ has been a problem for years, even if they are newer, why should they not (Azir, Ryze, Kallista) be viewed as a failure? Massive resource sinks are fundamentally a problem. That question does set up for Zoe though, since she has already basically been a massive balance problem since release. Maybe not long enough yet, but what if these next set of changes don’t reduce her frustration? Or the set after that?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 5
Can you provide some more context on general feeing about Viktor? Recently there was the W range increase as well, which feels pretty nice, but never (to what I saw) got a whole lot of discussion from you on purpose and outcome.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nefas,realm=NA,application-id=ELUpwER8,discussion-id=28nNMfnH,comment-id=00180005,timestamp=2018-09-04T14:43:39.883+0000) > > Very much appreciate the acknowledgment that not everyone wants or even enjoys playing extremely high mechanical intensity champs. The main problem OP doesn’t recognize with everyone of those champ designs is just how hard counter they are for certain class matchups. No, I clearly do, and that's a good thing. One major concern I've seen about the game is that strategy is being emphasized less (lol). Well, how do you integrate more strategy in the game? By having champion choices that are strong in some situations and weaker in others. Like, for example, the occasional **Poppy jg** has been seen in pro games. It's won twice, lost once. The one time it lost? The enemy team had only 1 or 2 dashes. When it won? When the enemy team was full of dashes...and one of those times it was a drafting mistake. I love how Riot quietly brought Poppy back to a useful spot in balancing, and when she's picked in pro games, she does well *when it makes sense, which is when the enemy has a ton of dashes.* Coolest thing about it is that Poppy's a simpler design that still follows the points I listed here. All her buttons are important to her game play, her E gives her something to constantly work towards (aim towards walls), and her overall game play isn't super front-loaded and leaves room for varying styles as she shifts from early game fighting to later stage warden-style game play. Poppy isn't a CT champ, but her design fits like a glove for what I'm talking about here (and she's my favorite tank in the game after her rework). Now, to a team of super mobile champs, Poppy's freaking unfair. Poppy into Camille isn't fun for Camille because Cam's main glue for her kit (her E) is now completely useless since it makes it INCREDIBLY easy for Poppy to W her, E her, and combo her for a good deal of free damage. Poppy into Trundle, however, sucks for Poppy, since her W is now useless on him and he can just run her down with AAs and drain tank off her regardless of how long she's trying to tank it. Strong and weak match-ups are important to have in strategic games of any kind, and League is fun when it's a strategic game. Thus, I fully support the notion that some champs will struggle to fight CT champs and others will shimmy and two-step right on over them.
I’ll try and remember to come back to this and post later because I don’t have the time now. But I don’t think hard counters are good for the game, especially in lane. At least hard counters the way CertainlyT champs can be, which puts all of the initiative in their players hands and makes the other player feel like they aren’t even getting to play the same game. You can time a Poppy anti-dash, you can’t harass down Yasuo as a skillshot mages because he has too many tools to avoid your damage.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: When you mention "other designs don't have these traits" it reminded me of a conversation I used to have with Xypherous Xypherous used to lament that Riven would have been a MUCH better design if League was a game where EVERYONE WAS RIVEN. The point he was making is that Riven matchups vs. characters with similar tools to her tend to be be dynamic and exciting. On the flip side, Riven matchups into characters like Nasus are much more likely to feel awful for one side to play. Nasus either outstats Riven and wins with Q (despite all her gameplays) or he does not outstat her and loses (while feeling helpless as she dashes circles around him). We could say here "oh well why not just give Nasus more tools," but we have to remember that there are a lot of players out there who DON'T WANT THAT MANY TOOLS. I believe one of League's strengths is the sheer amount of variety we've managed to express in our champion roster. Some players want a high mechanic high octance experience (like Riven or Yasuo) whereas others would prefer to chill and manage one or two important spell casts (Like Nasus or Annie). It's important that we find ways to make champs with varying levels of mechanical complexity and "outplay" potential able to fit into the same game. (As a side note, I agree that a number CertainlyT champs are awesome, IMO Yasuo and Thresh are two of the best champions ever made. It's interesting when examining regional differences for "the Yasuo problem." NA players find Yasuo incredibly frustrating, but Chinese players think he's fine, despite his playrate being WAY higher over there.)
Very much appreciate the acknowledgment that not everyone wants or even enjoys playing extremely high mechanical intensity champs. The main problem OP doesn’t recognize with everyone of those champ designs is just how hard counter they are for certain class matchups. They tend to be in the Riven vs Nasus vein - playing skillshot mages against a Yasuo is wildly frustrating. It’s not just windwall - to me that’s honesty one of the least annoying issues. He has far too many dashes in lane to dodge the skillshots and just get on top of you, when you do hit a skillshot it often enough will be cancelled out by the free shield, and *then* he also has windwall. CertainlyT champs tend to dictate everything about how a lane goes - very interactive for them, very uninteractive for the other player. And they get away with it by being so mobile and having so many options and tools that it is just chalked up to “that’s their design”.
: The first two events of room 613 will be only open to women and nonbinary folks.(there might be some exceptions. I will try and post on Twitter the sechedule everyday) However, all the activities of the room will be open to all after 3pm, including the "Ask a Rito" time. :D
You are a pretty awful person. Men are banned from all of the interesting panel discussions and topics but get to go for the ‘meditation session’ and meme-fest. That definitely merits as “:D”
: Like the many cases where champs are missing our current high bar for gameplay, we are getting to everything in time. We both want to make sure that when we do change champs or other aspects of the game, we do them right and hopefully we end up fixing the issue and bringing the current mains with us in the process. We're going through VGUs as fast as we can while at a rate that we think lets us have a very high hit rate (really dont want to make the game worse). I think it's still worth expressing what we think is good (even if we're not working on it right now) and in the future, you will see work from us that matches our design values.
Hard to take that very seriously when even today champions like Zoe are released which blatantly disregard past stated design values. That may be snippy, but it is kinda difficult to both know what Riot design values are and whether those values will just be ignored or exchanged for other design values.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, we certainly overbuffed Aatrox in retrospect. Being much more cautious with Akali to try and avoid that. Expect we'll do some balance work on Aatrox pretty soon (possibly 8.16).
Is there a champion rework or release this year that you’d say hasn’t been strongly overbuffed in short order? Some level of over buff is going to happen, but what releases and follow ups have been considered good internally at Riot? Most have felt like they were way over buffed to me.
: There's a couple options: Either, "Shift to show simple info" (showing the basic tooltips with a total) or "Shift to show totals", which just flips out the ratios and values into the final amounts but leaves the advanced tooltips in place. We're still getting a grasp on how people consume this type of information so we don't have a decision yet.
Why is there not an option that shows both ratios and amount added by ratios, all at the same time? I don’t want to have to press shift, ever, to get the information I need.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 22
Can you share anything on the general type of buffs you would be looking at for weak mages?
Bazerka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MkNAelF2,comment-id=0001000300000001,timestamp=2018-06-14T06:41:21.317+0000) > > Here's the thing: **You're a Rioter.** It takes a damn fool to int right in front of your face. Even if you use the same reporting mechanisms as the rest of us, it's like stealing from the cookie jar with your mom looking dead at you. Who on Earth would be so brazen about doing something they know they aren't supposed to? > > For normal players, the minute someone even says something slightly disrespectful in chat, the whole game turns into an e-peen contest over who can intentionally lose the game the hardest or not care about losing the game the most. The experience is *miserable* and it traps people in certain elo ranges when perfectly winnable games are lost because two other randoms on your team are fighting. That's the worst part about it. I don't even say or do negative shit most of the time, but *my teammates* will get into it with themselves and then int and lose the game with me going along for the ride, regardless of my play in bot lane. Hell, the most recent time was when my mid laner got into a spat with my jungler over something that *didn't even concern my mid laner.* This shit sucks for the rest of us. I don't think Rioters get how shitty inters are for the regular player base, especially in ranked. I actually don't have Riot in my name, so unless someone recognizes me from elsewhere I get treated (and yes flamed) just like anyone else in the game.
I had a Rioter in a game a few months ago (at least I assume - they had “Riot” [something] as their name). I also had a raging person on our team who was just heaping abuse on other teammates and doing some minor trolling/griefing. Having a Rioter with the Riot tag doesn’t even necessarily help.
: Ok, good for the people who enjoy these. When do I get a setting that lets me start with all Emotes muted at the start of each match?
This. So sick of having to click through muting individually at the start of each match. I don’t want these things on my screen at all
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