: The boards: "Riot doesn't let us innovate or do creative stuff"
Let's not try to defend the balance team like they have EVER done anything right. Everything is either so far overboard that the same 12 champions are picked and another 8 permabanned, or they are so bad that they are literally unplayable except by 1 tricks. Please don't be that guy. No one agrees with you that the balance team has done a good job.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Ban Rate shows something is unhealthy for the game/champ, not how powerful they are.
: Please allow me to select a "Random" option when selecting a ward skin - Crucial Gameplay
or maybe we could just play the game and stop worrying about silly emotes and skins?
: For a game that is ruined it seems like Riot has done a good job making people want to keep playing
It's just pure gaming addiction, this game sucks and the liberal company running it (and balance team who wears leather helmets and has to wear seat belts to play league) is the epitome of trash. Hopefully they go bankrupt!
: Scuttles HATE Him, See how Kled Jungle could be meta with just one change
Cmon, you would just take smite top and use red smite to dominate top even harder. Everyone sees what you are doing.
: Literally every other Energy-based Champ:
: Looking for a coach willing to help me
Im Iron 2 I should be able to point out all your mistakes
: Why do people get away with trolling several games in a row before any bans?
LMFAO, that dude is straight inting for like 15 games in a row. Watch out though, there is an offended liberal on the way who will say you named and shamed here and remove your post!
: This game has the worst f*cking people in it which is why this game sucks f*cking *ss
The worst part is the peopel who run the company and these boards, a bunch of offended liberals. They got their participation trophies and Obama taught them that if they want anything in life they could either call someone homophobic & racist, act super offended, or beg for handouts. Look at what it has done.
bokimane (NA)
: Just played a game with Morg Top Trolling and went bot after 1 death, a Swain that DC'd becaus of it
Has to be a sad life to spend your day removing "naming and shaming" posts. Literally encouraging trolls to keep doing what they are doing and they don't have to take any responsibility for it. This liberal company and boards LMFAO.
Kei143 (NA)
: Very possible. I'd recommend the following; Stay positive in your games and away from minor infractions (such as asking / threatening for reports, having a defeatist attitude, and sarcasm). Make sure you honor and encourage people to honor others so you get the team honor bonus. Play at least 25 games. Preferably 50 games. If you can do all that, you should be able to get to the next checkpoint.
When sarcasm is reportable, you know this entire community is offended liberals and pansified to the max.
: I had my permanently banned account reinstated, and here's how it turned out.
Negatif (NA)
: Really? 14 day for this?
You know, its funny. The mods removing my posts showing how people intentionally fed their games and are still playing just shows how Riot supports the intentionally feeding community, but bans someone for calling someone "poopoohead." On a side note, I literally straight soft inted a game with 13 deaths in 20 minutes to test, 9 reports and nothing happened LOL! Hilarious. I think I might get someone banned too for raging at me. This is how I am going to play this game from now on.
rujitra (NA)
: Go ahead, see how quickly you get banned for intentionally feeding. Or you could accept you're wrong here and stop being a jerkbag to others.
You don't get banned for "soft-inting." These kids just feed their ass off and don't type in chat and riot rewards them with banning others whose games they ruin.
Comentários de Rioters
Comentários de Rioters
: To be fair, you could just not say anything heh...
If the offended liberals would actually take responsibility and apologize to me for ruining my ELO and game, then I wouldnt say anything. However, Obama and companies like this who adopt liberal policies are the same people teaching kids that whenever something goes wrong in their lives, they should try to act really offended, call someone racist, or act super entitled. That's why everytime you ask someone to stop feeding they say "STFU REPORTED!" because Riot has enabled this type of behavior and made the game about who you can report to feel better about yourself.
Eyesack (NA)
: Is there a reason why leblancs ethereal chains range is 865 with a tether of 925?
Sounds like another LeBlanc hater who needs to gitgud and learn the champ. All you have to do is build a banshees or some MR and not feed and don't let her combo you. Get vision, ez game.
: Where Harassment Starts [A Simple Guide]
Be serious, this game caters to the participation trophy babies. If that dude on your team is basically inting and dies 7 times in the first 10 minutes.. if you get frustrated that this guy is costing you LP, and you say anything besides "Great Job! Keep up the hard work summoner!" you will get a chat ban and he will get off without any punishment because "he's trying." When did the competitive scene start to cater to offended libs? I guess cause its a highly liberal company.
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: Exact quote of game loading "Tip" -- "If someone makes you feel uncomfortable in game, report them"
This game, especially ranked, is not about winning. It's about trying to go positive, AND IF YOU DO FEED, the rest of the game is spent on seeing who on your team you can report to make yourself feel better instead of taking responsibility that you suck and inted. This is Riot's liberal philosophy that they have instilled in these offended liberal kids.
: Riot - Program Nami and LeBlanc need to have some design modifications. They're too weird.
"You have to keep consistent design through the line." Why? They aren't the same champions why do they have to be so similar?
: Isn't the point of shields to reduce burst damage?
Please don't even start on this, there's already way too many shields... karma + janna + lockets is absurd and anti-fun. They had their shielding meta and everyone hated it except the ADC's that they stacked shields on. Good riddance.
: Tyler 1 was right- Inadvertently confirms soft inting > constructive criticism
If you don't tell the person who goes 0-10 "GREAT JOB YOU ARE AN AWESOME PLAYER, KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!", they will report you and you will get punished. -Riot's Philosophy from the Summoner's Code


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