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: Similar to the Poppy!
Ill chip in as a poppy main myself. First you I wouldn't worry about poppy being banned. Her ban rate is very low and so is her pick rates. I play poppy in the jungle so my builds are probably slightly different than yours but i don't like building poppy full tank. Especially in low elo where you cannot rely on your team to carry you, you really need to be able do some damage yourself. My build consist of: Enchanment cinderhulk, Titanic Hydra, iceborn gaunlet, boots of your choice, and into full tank items. Typically deadmans and spirit vistage. Makes you super tanky but also deal crazy damage. Cheers and good luck. Edit: to awnser your question about poppys role: you are a vangaurd meaning you protect your carrys. But poppy can also look to really nice plays by wall-stunning people. So in team fights keep the enemy off your backline and then try and wall slam their backline.
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: Learning Jungle Help please
Best tips I can give you to climb in jungle: 1. Pick a champion that you are comfortable with. Learning how to play a difficult champion such as Elise can be overwhelming. She might even be outside of your skill range. Try picking something easier and learn the basic flow of the jungle position before taking on learning a new champion. 2. Have 2-3 champions in your pool that you can reliably play well. Always play these champions. Being comfortable on your champion will go a lot further than trying to counter pick the enemy team comp. 3. Do NOT try and gank a lane that is hard feeding. You don't do this for multiple reasons: first that laner will not carry the game. If they can't stop hard feeding the enemy they will not be any better because you gave them a kill. Second reason is it is a big risk. With the nerfs to jungle xp you are weaker than solo laners. If you go in for a gank on a risky lane it might even result in the death of both you and your ally. 4. Consider watching some jungle youtubers such as foxdrop. He is good to understand some of the basic flows of the jungle position and what you should look out for. 5. Lastly is: pick a champion that you enjoy playing. I personally play poppy jungle even though she is not a "Meta" pick. Poppy also cannot really hard carry either. But she is a really good enabler to allow her team to succeed. If you choose to pick someone a more carry type jungler, you need to be able to carry. That means your have to be very good at that champion. Carry type picks are little more high risk because if you fail to snowball you might become next to useless. Keep in mind that with xp and spawn timer nerfs junglers are on much more like a support type budget. Big items that {{champion:120}} buys like triforce will take a very long time to complete. It is still possible but have a plan in place in case you don't start to snowball.
: Give junglers exp back
This community has absolutely no idea what they want. The post about junglers go from: "nerf junglers" "Better jungler wins the games" "I feel that jungler decides if i win my lane or not" to "Buff junglers" "They are just totally shitting on my main role" "jungle isn't fun to play anymore". Make up your minds, do you want junglers to be strong or not? If you give junglers more experience and levels, the ganks will be even stronger than they are right now. Im going to give a very unpopular opinion and say: I am completely fine with the way the jungle works right now. And you know what I am a jungle main. The experience nerf is fine. Junglers already have the most impactful role in the entire game, it is okay for it be slightly weaker than solo lanes.
: How do you win against a riven
play poppy and just w her third q. Wait for jungle pressure then murder her. You can also just pressure her in and then push her into her own turret and 1 shot her with the jungler.
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: For those who hate the Windwall, what would you do for Yasuo instead?
I like the windwall concept but it is to powerful of an ability. Make it a damage reduction rather than a just stopping any "projectile". I put that in quotes because it stops some things that isn't a projectile like poppys ult. Its a hammer moving through the ground. What about that can be stopped by a wall of wind? Like update some interactions that don't make any sense and make it a ranged damage reduction.
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: Font of Life is Still Underpowered
I agree. As a nunu (tank) jungler font of life doesn't seem to have any impact during the game. I could take shield bash but my ult is the only thing that gives a shield. So that isn't helpful and the tower demolish is not helpful as I normally am not in a lane to do damage. Seems like there is really no good option in the resolve tree for tank junglers without shields.
: > [{quoted}](name=BST Jin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=qNwoExzL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-17T22:09:56.387+0000) > > Im having the same exact issue. I talked to Riot Tech Support and they gave me a list of requests. The requests were: Uninstall and Reinstall the League Client, Flush your DNS, download and run the Hextech Repair Tool as administrator and run it. So far i have done all of those and still the problem persists. Im glad i'm not the only one experiencing this problem. When I search my own name using the Summoner Search bar, the "ranked" tab is greyed out and when i hover over it, it states i have not been placed yet, when clearly the overview shows my rank. I hope the Tech Support can find a fix for this. Damn... I'll try doing the things you listed and get back to you in case I find a fix
> [{quoted}](name=Projectile Vomit,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=qNwoExzL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-18T05:31:37.504+0000) > > Damn... > > I'll try doing the things you listed and get back to you in case I find a fix I am also having the same problem. I tried most of these yet nothing has worked. hope it gets fixed soon as this is annoying.


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