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Critty92 (EUNE)
: Please nerf Sona a bit
Just play Nami into her and you win every trade.
: supports
Since all of these are still viable; {{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:80}} I'm NOT worried...
MrZnne (OCE)
: Receive free legendary?
I felt like riot f'd me with skin shards, 3 of 4 I already had and one for a champ I never play. Rerolled the three I owned and got PJ Soraka, I don't play her but it's a nice skin and hey free is free. Then Riot showed me love with High Noon Ashe for my free legendary!!!!! The only place where RIot has to do better is with the personal shops, there has to be a better algorithm for that.
: Yuumi barely feels fun to play, and it is a massive pain in the ass to lane against.
I want to lane against Yuumi, kill the carry and she runs... take tower take lane.
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Comentários de Rioters
: So you want bruisers to take over the botlane again? Because that’s what will happen.
They can be kited and punished for being too aggressive.
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Sínpai (NA)
: Lack of Keyfragments/Keys
I have 27 keys, I get 2-3 fragments almost every time I log in. What I have is my honor maxed and a positive team first positive attitude. What I need are more champs that I can get an S on.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Does jungler need to ward?
You ward more than bushes how about path and intersections.
: Sounds like League isn't the game for you
You missed the point, there is no list...
: ADC is the most unbalanced role in League
ADCs are Item dependent and useless w/o them. Every other role can still contribute while behind, but the ADC just becomes a large minion. ADC's are also the easiest to one shot, there's a reason they are backline, learn how to get to them and you'll see it's not a big deal.
: To normal tryharders
Be abnormal in blind pick, why troll draft?
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Good for him Useless
{{item:3033}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3115}} On hit build?
Bugog (NA)
: MF support is legit against immobile champions that long range poke. Rush {{item:3151}} and watch as hp bars burn in sieges.
I will play MF into {{champion:74}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:143}}
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Yummi has no real counterplay when tethered to a juggernaut
OMG there's a Yuumi... {{champion:143}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:136}} This is the short list of what to play in the support role to punish that cat.
Xavanic (NA)
: Why can't ppl just say GG and leave
They can't flex on you in real life, so the do it here...
Smurfmo666 (EUNE)
: Im a plat player with s+ on every champ in the game and i get S on more than 70% of my games idk wtf your talking about and cs in the enemy jungle has 2x the value of normal cs but i told you the exact minimum requirements also no vision controll has nothing to do with it if you want to i can persoanlly get an S on warwick for you with 0 vision controll 0 cs in the enemy jg 0 drakes nothing idc if you think you know everyting cause you oviously don't stop acting like you know whats going on behind the scenes without confirming things something i fucking have now want me to show you just to prove you wrong and embarrase you or do you want to stop acting all high and mighty because if you can't even get an S on warwick how are you Mr. Perfect?
Evidence of you confirming anything would be appreciated. I can only go by what Riot has stated, so yeah, show me your evidence of anything to the contrary... Never played WW except for an ARAM or two. I just followed the recipe for an S according to Riot on JGs I do play, and it works.
Smurfmo666 (EUNE)
: 1 vision doesent matter too much bcz you should passivly get the wards needed 2. i did say cs read properly this time 3. objectives you don't need any just end with 120 cs 10+ wards u get that normally and a 4-5 kda and counter jng has nothing to do with your stats im not going to explain the entire game to you im not a super predicter either i just told you exacly what you need for an S
1. You get scored for your Vision control. 2. You get Scored for your damaged to non champions (Structures and Monsters) 3. You get scored for CS in the enemy jg. 4. Please don't try to explain things to me when you don't understand that the above matters. You could be 12-0-18 with 170 CS, but if your have -zero dragons -no RH or BN -not taxed the enemy jg -low vision you aren't getting an S-, S, or S+
Jkuhn (NA)
: Is an S on Warwick possible?
Vision/CS/Objectives/Counter Jungling You are missing some things.
pryda022 (NA)
: panth ult to weak currently
One of two fixes make sense; 1) Speed up the jump or 2) Make Pantheon untargetable until animation ends.
Kai Guy (NA)
: I already did yuumi on this account. Climbed in flex silver to gold as a solo. Some impossible games but only took 80 ish matches to go up 3-4 divisions. And I had prior games so my k variable was reduced. Also was still learning her kit.
Most low level ADCs don't play well with a Yuumi, although get yourself on a quality tank or bruiser....
Okword45 (NA)
: Jungle Onetricks
{{champion:113}} {{champion:79}}
Kai Guy (NA)
: What supports do you think are to team reliant to climb?
{{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:44}} I'm sure there another one or two that I'm not recalling, but these rely on a good team.
Inignok (NA)
: Honor Level not increasing
Get honored, make sure you honor, and hope that your teammates honor. If all three don't happen, then you growth is slow.
: Does anyone think that Glacial Augment Active Slows need a little tuning down?
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Why is Sylas allowed to deal more damage with the Ult he stole more than the owner of the ult?
Better question; Why can he steal an ult that hasn't been learned yet?
TK576 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=NoPaxt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jx2c6K2g,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-09T16:35:48.728+0000) > > I remember when the community thought 3 bans wasn't enough... > Now your asking for how many? How about we learn yo play into match ups instead of whining.... "Whining"... Jesus that word, when used wrong, it sounds like your so high and mighty. There are many problems when it comes to who you ban, hell, I can admit that three might be much, but two is perfect. For example, if you hate cheesing champions you can ban Teemo and Twitch, or if you hate tanks, ban Vladimir and Mundo.
Or actually learn how to play into champs that you don't like or watch this backfire and have your favorite champs always banned, then what will you whine about?
: Rito pls buff the ban system
I remember when the community thought 3 bans wasn't enough... Now your asking for how many? How about we learn yo play into match ups instead of whining....
: Discussion for some ARAM Changes (Come, let us discuss!)
Aram deleted is the only way to improve it.
: Morg is useless against Yuumi bar landing a binding on Yuumi's ADC, which can be avoided by simply playing in creeps or playing.....Ezreal, Kai'sa, Sivir or Lucian (all ADCs who synergise well with Yuumi). Oh, and Black Shield I guess, but that only comes into play outside of lane tbh. Brand's ult just doesn't function in the way he wants thanks to your aforementioned statement of Yuumi cutting the bot lane numbers in half, and Yuumi can help her ADC sustain through his harass. Zyra is countered by Yuumi+her ADC hugging tower for 10-15 minutes, at which point Yuumi outscales Zyra in terms of usefulness, and in lane Yuumi can poke Zyra down.
it's about their non targeted AOE. Morgs W, Brand Q, any of Zyra's spells. You use it to safe poke the ADC from behind minions, negating Yuumi's q, and you drain her mana as she has trouble keeping up with the damage. You're only dealing with half the HP, you can push people out of lane real quick.
: Yuumi is just an awful concept (and the reasons why)
Yuumi cuts the number bot lane HPs in half. If you pick appropriately morg/brand/zyra Yuumi becomes useless.
You average just over 4 deaths in your wins and over 9 deaths in your loses. Those 9+ deaths in your loses is on par with your team. Correlation my just be causation here...
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: Yuumi is still disgusting riot
Yuumi is weak in non pro play. All she does is cut the HP in lane in half and turn laning phase into a 2v1.5
: Why not make dragons not random
they should just tell us the dragons in champ select, see if we can make good use of that info...
: Janna will never be nerfed and we know it
: High costs isn't the problem. The problem is low stats. The items simply need to give more armor/MR/health/passive bonuses/active strength.
^^in other words, undo the tank item update...
: Why does people go into queue if they are not going to accept it
Sometimes I'm in queue and there are a lot of dodges. I decline the next queue to get a new group of players.
: It's time to remove stealth
You don't need to remove it, just make wards actually work.
datfatguy (OCE)
: Yeah but if I'm leading in both farm and kills a couple of minions really shouldn't make a difference
it does, because he's getting the xp even if he's not getting the CS.
datfatguy (OCE)
: None, we're both mid lane
right but if your jg crossed lane or tried to set up a gank, then you lost xp
datfatguy (OCE)
: Honestly the champion level up system confuses me
How much xp did you or he share with another player?
: What is Your Fantasy Champion?
Simple... {{champion:98}} Reverted, still worst update ever.
: How long will
Freeze wave Farm it out Wait for positive trades Let him get ganked He rages, starts inting and feeds If I'm silver 2 and can do this. So can you!
: Nothing wrong the fact TF Blade lost lane to a silver tahm kench player.
He lost to another Smurf... but that's what he gets for smurfing and ruining other peoples games...
Bexyyy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NoPaxt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEWMhhih,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-30T11:23:51.419+0000) > > Kench isn't broken in pro play or solo q. > > People's mindsets are broken, the refuse to improvise, adapt, and overcome. > Theu'd rather whine, cry, and blame Riot instead of themselves... bro, please explain what you are meant to do when a tahm Q's you and you cannot run away and he just eats you in 1 second. why should 1 champion have the ability to give ytou a death sentence just because you got in range of his Q. I was an aatrox i had 16 kills it wa s late game he has like 2 and i have full build and he beat me 1v1 when all he had was tank items. and 2 supp items please explain how this cancer peice of shit is allowed
You average 12 deaths per game, you probably feel most champs are broken...
Barkley (NA)
: they say that judgement is a projection of the true self...
look at my games I don't carry much, no penis issues here. With that being said when I do it's cold out, I carry to compensate for the shrinkage...
: I don't play her, so I am genuinely asking: does her brush empowered Q not serve as her escape?
Yes, sort of, it turns you invisible for 1 second, but doesn't allow you to dash out. You have to home for no AOE.
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