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Fludgeey (NA)
: Mid Looking for a team
Recruiting for a high level gold team. Goals to end diamond. If your more interested i added you in game.
Myz (NA)
: Plat ADC looking for team / duos
Recruiting for a high Gold level team with a goal to end diamond. Added you in game if your more interested.
: Gold 3 ADC Main Looking for group/duo
Recruiting a serious team together (High Gold) hoping to end low diamond. We are here to win, but aslong as we have fun its not the worst to lose. Sent you a friend request in game.
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: Upcoming Event Finder Tool Changes
I feel like I need to get my word in to this. I have only ever competed in these tournaments once, however as an outside probably not considered in this "<1%" I can say that I have always been proud of your rewarding system. It created so many great communities and even more important to you guys I could brag that this game was actually F2P. If you were good enough, or cared enough you could compete in these tournaments every chance and get some RP for skins etc. And now you have Hextech crafting for that, however that still has a purchase portion attached to it, and is more a technicality for entirely F2P. I really love you Rito, and i just want you to know how much this tourney system meant to me, even though i never really used it. Please keep this system in place, atleast in some capacity.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
At first I loved this change. However, after the Q times went up to 8 - 13 minutes unless i pick support I have debated quitting the game. It now eats up 25% more of my life if i want to get the same enjoyment out of my games. I'm honestly tilted before i get into a game because i am not a patient person. I have nothing against playing support, but i don't want to do it more than my fair share and anytime i pick fill we all know it just means support. This system may tailor to those who want to climb in packs, but as it is, it simply ruins the game to anyone that just wants to hop on for a quick game. Please change something, this used to be my favorite game. :'(
: Gold [All Roles] Player looking for Team
Just added you. Looking for someone that can fill 2 roles.
Ubic (NA)
DistortedGods is a semi serious ranked 5 teams hoping to end high end of plat this season. we are made up of gold and plat players so far, excluding myself and we are mostly eastern time. I added you in game. :)
NotZelda (NA)
: Team Distorted Recruiting! ADC, Jungle, Support (Gold+ Level)
Juunn (NA)
: Plat 5 ADC looking for SERIOUS RANKED 5'S TEAM
Gold-ish averaging solo q ranking team looking for a solid ADC hoping to end high this reason and work hard for it. But its not the end of the world to lose one game. Added you.
klat6101 (NA)
: ADC main silver 1 Looking for a team any rank
Gold averaged team looking for a good adc to build up with. I added you
EQ Kira (EUW)
: ADC D5 looking for serious team
Gold range team looking for a possible ADC. We want to grind to a high ranking by the end of the season but having fun is also important to us considering how much time we will be putting into this. If your interested let me know, i added you in game.
: Silver player lf team play any role
Sent you a friend request in game. We currently picked up an ADC so its still your choice between JG or Support. Welcome to the team
: Diamond 2 Support LFT
Sent you a friend request in game. You might be a little high ranked for us but its worth a shot. Some times its fun to play like TSM and get 1 person fed to win. We are a low gold averaging team hoping to reach atleast plat by the end of the season. Looking for a Support, ADC, and Jungle.
: Looking for 18+ Gaming Community
Sent you a friend request in game. I am the leader of a group looking for a ADC, support and jungle. Mostly as described in your request. We are a team that is aiming for a high ranking at the end of the season and will work hard. But at the end of the day we are here for some fun. as long as your a decent guy your in. :)
: Silver player lf team play any role
DistortedGaming is looking for an ADC, Support and Jungle. We are eastern time, and are looking to get a high end ranking at the end of the season. If your interested let me know.
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