: I'm so confused. OP, please clear things up for us.
> [{quoted}](name=14daysuspensionk,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EGeZJyeo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-15T00:11:21.607+0000) > > I'm so confused. OP, please clear things u p for us. Pretty much exactly what I said before My sister works in Hospitality in Hong Kong and right after hosting Bentley she had the opportunity to host Riot Games So during the Riot Games event she told one of the Rioters that I was a huge fan of League and played it a lot Then when the event was done she yeeted about 1928712983 messages at me asking for my Summoner Name and Region And then a 3000 RP gift dropped in my account from Riot Games shortly after
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: Noticed this as well. Basically it only appears when it's at 100% and you can pick an element, and then disappears again. Kinda annoying - after all, I want to be able to see the progress.
Maybe it's only in this patch, it hasn't done that to me before now. Hopefully it gets fixed, I'd like to know how close I am to being a cute Sneaky cosplay before the game ends.
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: I have the same issue and have windows insider as well and I have also paid for items in games. It really sucks that we can't play and use the latest version of windows.
Yeah, I had to use my old x1 carbon that didn't have insider on it just so I could mess around with cosmic ashe chromas TnT
: Game wont load on my Windows 10 after i got a update a couple of days ago.......help?
It has to do with the Windows Insider Build. 17738, 17746, no difference. It's still not fixed by microsoft or riot yet, so it looks like us insiders are screwed til then.
072118 (EUW)
: Can't connect to a game
It's a windows thing, has to do with the insider build. Fraid we're screwed til' either riot or windows figures out how to fix it.
: Windows 10 Pro (Build: 17735.rs5_release.180807-1451) Breaks League of Legends.exe
Having this issue too, it's a windows specific thing cause of some http thing they're doing that's messing with league. dunno when they'll fix but I hope it's soon, I've been leagueless for almost 2 weeks and I'm already binge playing wartune, league of angels and more online mmorpgs to fill the void T-T
: I'll save you the trouble and let you know that uninstalling won't fix it. I've tried every facet of the HRT and had no luck. Am currently under the impression it may be due to a recent Win10 update, but I can't confirm as I hadn't played League for 2 cycles of Win10 updates.
Yeah from what I've heard it has to do with Win10 The insider build Which sucks cause I can't get rid of it so now I'm stuck leagueless til it fixes T-T
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: Tristana's Old VOs are back?
(Apparently still the wrong link damnit, here's the correct one) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/305155249235034112/444193264552378368/League_of_Legends_5_10_2018_1_44_30_PM.mp4
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: Your Shop is open!
{{sticker:sg-jinx}} waitin for dem skinz
: Eclipse Fever Bundle
Leona: I think I chipped a nail. Good thing it wa- Diana: *Lunar Rushes in front of her and screams* ECLIIIIIIPSE
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: Academy Adventures Series 2!
Now I wonder, where is Anivia in the midst of all this? Or Camille? lol I can imagine their reactions
: Patch 7.5 notes
Fixed a bug where Riot spelled Festival Queen Anivia as Festival Queen Aivia Patch 7.5.5 maybe?
Broloft (NA)
: Got hextech annie shard on my first chest
I got Soulstealer Vayne on my first reroll :/
: These bots have been on Twisted treeline for like a few months now, no one bats an eye.
dude ikr I played anivia back in the day and had to keep it stretched for over an hour with one bot and another afk bot against entirely humans who were in silver and I'm not even ranked kms
: Ascension is now live
*shrugs* all these people complaining about a lack of urf meh just deal with it it's like playing aram buuuut you probably don't do that do you
cluvie (NA)
: PSA: Scams making the rounds again!
I can't believe I fell for one of these last year but now I'm doing my damnedest to get all these scams tf out {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Pokeobi (NA)
: Silly Summoner, No one can understand Bard (but Karthus now can for some reason) his secrets are too powerful for any mortals to hear therefore they are jumbled into his musical sounds. (canon info)
I mean, Karthus IS the Deathsinger, so... Musical sense anyone?
: jhin needs a golf skin. just hear him scream "FORE" instead of "four". his ult could be like he pulls out a driver and its like hes on the driving range, while for his other attacks he just hits golf balls instead of shoots.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
We need One for Urf. Just sayin
: I just wanna know what inspired the idea. This skin is incredible. Life changing or something. I might have to rob a bank to make sure I have the RP for release.
: Check out Elementalist Lux!
: Farsight Alteration is the most disgustingly OP ward ever ... and people still dont use it.
I completely agree with this - I've stolen two barons, an elder dragon, an ocean drake and a blue buff (which was at point-blank) thanks to these. Our jg warded the bush outside of the dragon pit and I tp'd there as Anivia (not a blue ward) after our support blue warded drag, so I could steal it with Q. What a great day. These are definitely broken, especially in urf. (I literally blue-warded the entire jungle so nobody could get past our jg without attacking them or letting us see them. People reported me after that. It was great.)
Soireal (NA)
: i would get the game icon, but i cant get a single minion in the pot as whenever i click it nothing happens
try using phone, blame spaghetti code lol
: Why can't I sacrifice minions? Button doesn't do anything...
try using a phone or hitting inspect element on computer, I ran into this as well
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Been playing all day and I haven't won, I really wanna But I'm DOO-OO-OOOOMED hon I'm 13 and won 10 teemoings and a lvl 50 gauntlet, what else can I ask for? :3
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
DOOM BOTS I BEG OF YOU that or like freakinnnnnn like one for urf or somethin
: Players Design World-Saving Champs
I have my regrets of creating an excessively large LoL OC xD But it's still a WIP. And before you ask...don't ask xD http://theviolingal12.deviantart.com/journal/Malia-League-of-Legends-Update-9-21-635737758
: Thank You
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOMG I'm finally getting riot kayle ;u; Oh I'm gonna cry happy
: Champion Insights: Kled, the Noxian Meme
Wait, this guy can say "Holy Sh*t" and yet Graves still can't have a cigar? ...seems legit
: Riot Pls: Dev priorities and the League client
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
I say Diana because she's more agile and her attack speed passive will also cleave. Plus she has that shield and the moonlight debuff which means a free ult. Meanwhile, Diana just has.... uh.... a stun.
: Black Market Brawlers and Doombots In Rotating Game Mode
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: Rotating game mode queue now live!
*casually waits for doom bots* {{champion:34}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:163}} moar freljord urf
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
**screams because I seriously want doom bots because I never got it**

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