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Saezio (EUNE)
: I never said it's the same as SKT beating splyce. I think G2 vs DWG is like 55% chance for G2 to win by the showing the teams have had so far, and maybe 65% chance for G2 if their bad players stop underperforming. Nuclear is a weak ass adc you aren't convincing me otherwise. Especially compared to perkz atm. And their group ON PAPER was the weakest group. IG and DWG both 3rd seeds, no EU team and an NA team that can't flex almost any champion in a Flex defined meta. I don't think DWG is comparable to Griffin or SKT in terms of strength.
Excuse me? WEAKEST group? Maybe 2nd weakest but holy shit you must be delusional if you thought group B was stronger, even on paper. #1 china is strong on paper, yes, but #1 LMS and #1 VCS are nowhere NEAR the level of KR, CN, or EU, which is why people believe Splyce got a free pass to quarters (yes, even after week 1). Nuclear is NOT a weak ass adc. You're blind. He's a mid-tier LCK adc and one of the better ones that play weakside (as opposed to Uzi who plays strongside all the time). Perkz is having a great tournament but if Nuclear can hold his own vs Doublelift, Jackeylove (and Deft and Ruler) then he can certainly hold his own vs Perkz.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Why are people overhyping DWG that much? Lol. Their team just had an easy group. Their bot lane is really bad. They are rellying on nuguri canyon and showmaker 3v5ing and thats not gonna work vs G2. Especially if Jankos gets his shit together and stops inting every game. Also, G2 have always been a Bo5 team and not a Bo1 team.
People are undervaluing DWG so much now it's disgusting. Easy group? IG? Say what you want about TL but TL imo is better than Splyce, worse than Fnatic. DWG topped their group with 2 wins against IG and their topside. Also, I fucking HATE the narrative that DWG's botlane is awful. Do you honestly think DWG wins every game 3v5? Did you even WATCH the 2nd week of groups? Or any LCK games? DWG's bot held their own against Deft/Tusin Ruler/Life and played basically weakside every game until group stage, and yet they go even in CS at 15. BerYL's Alistar is probably the best in the world and he's terrific with other engage supports like Nautilus, Leona, Gragas and Poppy. Nuclear is NOT a Kai'sa one trick and can play Yasuo, Xayah and Ezreal at a high level. G2 has their own fair share of weaknesses, it's not crazy to think Damwon has a shot against G2. These are people's individual predictions, just because he picked Damwon to win over G2 does NOT mean he's "overhyping" Damwon. Jankos Wunder and Miky have all played terribly and if they don't step up or if Caps/Perkz start to have dips in their performance DWG can most certainly beat G2. Stop acting like DWG beating G2 is like Splyce beating SKT. There's a definite shot of it happening, it's not like G2 are some unfallible giants.
: The Problem with Group Draws for Western Teams
??? I don't see the problem here. If Eastern teams are such a problem, then all the West (yes 4head moment right here) has to do is git gud. EU is arguably getting better, enough to compete with China. However, if NA continues to stink it up, then in no way should the format be changed just so an NA team can advance.
Zardo (NA)
: As a Gen G fan, I am glad their sacrifice regionally didn't go to waste! Every lck team got out of groups :D
Man I am also a Gen. G fan and I'm really sad CoreJJ didn't get out of Group D
Jewemy (NA)
: Worlds Format Ideas
Fnatic being pool 1 over SKT is ridiculous and asinine, considering SKT was the LCK winner and Fnatic was 2nd place EDIT: AND SKT finished over Fnatic in group C
Saezio (EUNE)
: I think not even considering someone a rival, or a worthy opponent is way worse than trashtalking them. But that's just me. I don't believe KR fans ever said amongst themselves "Gee, DWG got drawn in TL group, they need to keep an eye out or they might be surprised" I think they would be like "Ez Quarters GG" For example, I think what IG did in MSI was very degrading towards TL (at least it came back to bite them) they didn't even consider they needed to prepare for TL so they just went for it yolo style. That's way worse than someone saying NA is bad. It's the same as when a parent lets their kid win but if the kid understands it feels like shit.
??? If you even looked at Inven forums Koreans were worried about getting out of Group D, and they weren't even sure if Griffin would perform well enough to get 1st in group A. The only team they were sure would get first was SKT and rightfully so.
Saezio (EUNE)
: So, what about the KR fans? Because I haven't heard an eu interview where the player or coach said anything toxic towards NA. (sure some banter here and there like "I hope we draw NA in worlds") I bet KR and CN chat from fans is way more degrading for NA. Eu chat is just shit talking.
You're comparing fans and pros - mistake #1 KR chat is not degrading at all. I saw so many "Let's go C9!" or "Huni 힘내라!" (Don't give up Huni!) as well as support for TL (only when they were playing against other teams. Ofc Koreans would root for DWG). Meanwhile EU Chat just spams "NA LUL" or constantly memes about sending NA home (or spams EU > NA, which is true, but they don't need to shove it in). You bet KR/CN chat from fans is way more degrading for NA? How can you say that with confidence if you don't understand Korean or Chinese? I have very rudimentary knowledge of Chinese so I can barely understand anything but if anything China is way more harsh towards their own teams, they don't care about the west. Korean fans are somewhat harsh in the post game commentary but that's because they root for teams with koreans on them (hence, the NA teams. Even C9 has Reapered)
: NA has lost any enthusiasm for competitiveness that they barely had left for this game
Some of the problems can be solved by the simple act of the entire EU region just fucking off Seriously, some people have nothing better to do than to spam twitch chat/discussion boards with comments saying "NA LUL" or "NA SO BAD"
: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=rEFuG4sK,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-10-20T17:11:46.608+0000) > > G2 was supposed to go 6-0 and then threw to griffin. NA was not supposed to leave groups and thats exactly what happened lmao
>"Man NA fans just constantly bash EU, how salty" >Your comment Fking hypocrite
: Korea can’t beat EU in a BO5. 3 EU teams and 1 Korean team confirmed.
What makes you say that? Korea literally lost only ONE bo5 to an EU team in the past 2 years when they've been perceived as "weak", and that was the incredibly close G2 vs SKT bo5 at MSI I know you hate the East but this is ridiculous, Damwon and Griffin looked scary in week 2 and IG looked better with Ning than Leyan. Writing off Korean teams because "oh they can't beat EU in a bo5" is the most ridiculous thing I've heard all week.
: I think we can be sure at this point that getting talent from other regions does not work.
Really? Are we pulling this bullshit out again? Imports have always been a part of the most successful NA/EU teams until recently. On the 2017 G2 roster that made MSI finals, there was Expect/Trick. 2017 Misfits had IgNar (and honestly, he and Hans Sama popped off hard at that worlds). 2015 Fnatic, regarded as the best EU team in history until 2018 FNC happened, had Huni/Reignover as their 2 best players. Impact, Ssumday, Rush, Bjerg (he's from EU btw and was considered an import until 2016), Jensen (similar) were all integral parts of their teams as much as Doublelift and Xmithie were. Don't blame imports. Blame the piss poor talent pool that can't beat out imports for those starting spots. If Damonte is the best native mid laner NA can get then does NA really deserve to get out of groups?
Im Cat Lul (EUNE)
: EU > NA
This is the entire reason I don't like EU teams or their fans
: So what you are telling me is that the only reason you don't root for EU it is because you don't speak Korean. Why don't you look a bit of interviews translated where koreans coaches talk about NA and EU. Then you ll see how much respect they have in general toward the west.
???? Koreans are nothing but respectful towards the west, I speak Korean. I AM Korean and I've never heard of a single interview of an eastern player/coach dissing a western team. Every interview is "we can do better, we hope to show a better performance. Also, we want to play G2" That's it.
: Some kits that could use updates this year
{{champion:254}} could really use an Ezreal level update. Her w passive is useful but her kit is getting outdated
: It aint over yet. TL and CG are confirmed to make it out of groups! Keep the faith!
I really hope CG can manage to force a 3-way tie between them, Fnatic and RNG, but SKT/RNG seem just so much stronger As for TL, I hope they knock out IG for my pick'ems, let's hope Leyan/Baolan continue to be weaknesses
: Group B is a joke
The standard of play for Group B has been way below the other groups for sure. FPX has been disappointing for LPL's #1 seed (mainly their bot lane) and it really feels like Splyce got a free pass to quarters. I think J-Team is a decent team (I thought they were on the level of past iterations of Flash Wolves) but GAM is wildcard level. I fully expect Splyce to get rolled by whoever they draw, they have way too many weaknesses and the only players that are world class imo are Kobbe and Xerxe.
: G2 losing 2 games to Griffin is the end of my interest to Worlds 2019
Azca33 (NA)
: There is 0 reason for C9 to even play the last two games. They put themselves in a massive disadvantage by playing blabber for two losses. Now they can’t even recover if they win the next two games, which is unlikely anyways. TL take my energy as C9 and Clutch have been embarrassing to watch.
Blaber played better than Sven and outjungled Tarzan and Jankos at points
: NA is actually not better than eu in CS:GO NA overall isn't good at any game or sport internationally that isn't mainly played only in NA.
? ? ? ? ? Have you ever heard of a game called Super Smash Brothers? People all over the world (Japan, Europe, Australia) play it and a lot of the best overall players - MkLeo, Nairo, Tweek, Marss - are from NA
Raiyza (NA)
: C9 needs to get rid of repeared. Period.
??? Reapered was their coach last year when they got to semis and also their coach when they got out of groups in 2017. The drafts were mostly fine, the main problems were from players being underwhelming (Sven, Nisqy, Sneaky, Licorice all hard underperformed at one point or another)
: > [{quoted}](name=KnifeCat,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=exRVU5Ro,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-16T05:30:25.452+0000) > > I can’t help but feel a little disappointed that Damage/snowball meta is still not being addressed. Was really hoping that they’d finally do something about it this preseason. Instead we’re getting another fancy gimmick added to summoners rift. > > No change to resistances, damage keystones not touched (apart from Conq) and mage itemisation not being touched.. Towers still useless past 14 min and Baron buff will still end the game in a single push most games. > > I’m excited as hell for all of the new stuff, but barely anything happening balance/gameplay wise is rather disappointing. The mountain drake will give resistances instead of bonus damages Conqueror will not deal true damages anymore So tanks will probably be more played, so it will lower the damages in the game.
Wow, tanks might be viable 1/4 matches!
: G2 vs C9's game (rant)
I don't think Blaber performed much worse than Sven would have. Him and Licorice were the 2 bright spots on the team that game (they outperformed their counterparts Wunder and Jankos at least). I agree that Sneaky should be on picks like Xayah though, he's not the best on mages, especially the immobile ones like Cass that have no tools to self-peel. That being said, I think this iteration of C9 is just overall worse than that of last year's and I wasn't expecting much when I saw them drawn into this group.
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: Why is Nemesis last place and especially behind reckless and caps, im a huge reckless fan, but imo , Nemesis is much better player mechanically, this guy is by far the only one who have adapted so fast to his team for such a short period of time. It cost caps 1 year to adapt and he became this level his 2nd year with fnatic and now looks weaker with g2. Nemesis don't have even 1 year with fnc yet , and he outplayed caps couple of times solo, so I think he is better than caps, just give him a little bit more time.
Why is Nemesis last place? This is a top 20 list, these are the top 20 players of the entire tournament. Caps has been overall better than Nemesis - when Febiven solo killed Faker in lane, was Febiven better than Faker? No - the same logic applies here. Caps has his turbo-int moments but he's dominated LEC for the past 2 years. The reason why I didn't put Nemesis higher was exactly as you said - he hasn't even played for a year. I'm impressed by Nemesis (enough to put him over mids like Chovy, Xiaohu, and Rookie) but in summer I got the feeling that the mid lane meta really favored him.
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floo (EUW)
: Who needs tanks when you can have {{item:3047}} /{{item:3111}} {{item:3813}} {{item:3053}} as a bruiser, tank as much if not more and also kill anybody way faster than any tank could.
Who needs bruisers when when you can have {{item:3157}} {{item:3026}} {{item:2420}} as a Kai'sa? Pull aggro and live for 2x as much as a tank or bruiser, while killing anybody way faster than a bruiser could
: Zhonya’s isn’t broken.
Zhonya isn't broken, the ability to build multiple stopwatches is I had a game against a Kai'sa who had Zhonyas + GA + another stopwatch, she was tankier than the 5k hp Sion with 300 armor. Sion lasted 6 seconds, Kai'sa lasted 12
: My opinions shall be in the form of thoughts and reactions I had in sequential order. ##Day 1 * CG vs UOL: Group A is gonna be the end of me if Mammoth actually shows up * DFM vs SPY: Just a Splyce Game...poor Japan * MMM vs UOL: Mammoth showed up. Alright I'm proud of this group in the end. * DFM vs ISG: How did Japan lose this exactly? * MMM vs CG: Now I'm really proud of this group. Clutch can get 3rd and I'll be fine with it now * SPY vs ISG: Just another Splyce game...I've already written Splyce for Group Stage at this point. ##Day 2 * RYL vs DWG: Time to make my prediction come true.....and you gave Vlad. That's basically a timed game now...and it's over * MG vs HKA: This was actually....How did MEGA fail this? * DWG vs FLA: Okay I expected Brazil to do worse than this. Not bad. Bad for Damwon though. * MG vs LK: [ Insert Megaman sprite here ] * ... > [{quoted}](name=GeminiRune,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=WgxNcg6t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-29T19:15:38.982+0000) > Group D....Royal Youth **then** Damwon! I want straight up fire to burn with Damwon facing a like major region! Because then....spice! * RYL vs FLA: ...damnit.... * HKA vs LK: Huh...guess I went 2-4 on the day today. That was awful....
Honestly both RY and FLA gave Damwon a good run, its just sololane difference is too high (seriously, Showmaker and Nuguri are probably yawning right now) So you're rooting for Royal and HKA? I'm sorry ... Royal had bad luck being drawn into this group, HKA genuinely seems like they're at the level of the other teams in theirs. Royal should be able to pull out if they can put Chaser on a playmaker rather than a passive scaling pick like Karthus and stop first picking the Renekton, although from today I've become a fan of Flamengo so I'll be praying that doesn't happen.
: 2. When Oddie missed his {{champion:64}} Q at bot to potentially get 3 kills I was like, "DONE". XD 5. The thing about Damwon is they look like a better version of Team Liquid, right. They are much better than TL is when behind but they'll get down 1-2 kills but still be focused on objectives more than anything and that can hurt teams around this meta(fast paced, fight 24/7 meta). Look at IG and how they won Worlds and overall 1st in the Group stage at MSI. {{champion:18}} seems to be the priority pick for ADC at the moment but honestly it beats {{champion:145}} {{champion:498}}
I think Damwon should be fine. I saw it as nerves/arrogance (seriously, in that Royal game I was dying when Nuguri built coin and Showmaker built mejais and both took klepto) more than anything, sure the pace of wildcard regions is faster but Damwon were also the fastest and bloodiest team in the LCK, for what that's worth. Oddie and Isurus, though... I'm generally worried. Seiya imo has been underperforming, and Slow has looked pretty terrible. I'm sure they'll get out of group B but at this point I think they'll lose in the bo5. Tristana is priority because she can be flexed mid or top. She's safe, still has tons of damage and takes towers with ease. I think Kai'sa is still the #1 adc with Trist/Xayah being close 2nds.
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Salron88 (EUW)
: does heimerdinger have any weakneses that melee champs can abuse toplane?
{{champion:14}} {{champion:39}} for top lane. Otherwise, just try to play safe and wait it out
: Who is Damwon?
"barely beat KZ" has no context to it. Kingzone placed 7th in summer split but did so with a 9-9 record, and were the best team in Korea before Rift Rivals and especially before their team owners started being assholes to coaching staff and players. KZ made one last hurrah in regional finals and honestly looked scary going into the Damwon series because they handled Afreeca (another team that people thought was dangerous) and Sandbox with ease. Damwon is easily top 8 at worlds, top 5 might be a stretch. But they're definitely a dark horse with insane mechanical players, which is why so many teams don't want them in their group coming in from the play-in stage.
: Who Advances from Play-in?
My power rankings for play ins are 1. Damwon 2. Splyce 3. Clutch 4. Hong Kong Attitude 5. Royal Youth 6. Unicorns of Love 7. Isurus Gaming 8. Lowkey Esports 9. Detonation FocusMe 10. Flamengo Esports 11. MEGA 12. Mammoth That being said, matchups need to be taken into consideration. Group A: Despite what people say, Clutch is not a coinflip team - they beat the teams weaker than them consistently and lose to better teams. UOL might be able to pose a threat to Clutch, but I don't see it happening since CG has the lategame insurance of Cody Sun and also Damonte feasts on weaker mid laners that aren't able to punish his laning. Top difference should be huge here, as Huni is probably the 2nd (at worst 3rd) best top laner in play in stage. As for UOL vs Mammoth, I expect UOL to win handily - OPL has consistently been a weaker region and while I think Mammoth's bot lane is decent, they're nowhere near the level of the better play-in teams. Clutch 1st, UOL 2nd, Mammoth 3rd. Group B: Just by team strength alone, Splyce should be able to get out of this group. Here's where problems start to arise though. Splyce is probably the slowest LEC team, not getting many early advantages and having really stagnant midgames (a la LCK but with more mistakes added in). Isurus and DFM have holes that Splyce can exploit (for Isurus, their side lanes, and for DFM, it's beating their one-dimensional playstyle). We saw in LEC playoffs that a fast early-game oriented team like Rogue can crush Splyce, and Isurus is an early-oriented team with a strong mid/jg duo. I expect Isurus to upset Splyce once and split the series. As for DFM, I expect to split games with Isurus since Ceros/Steal can neutralize Seiya/Oddie and then DFM's stronger side lanes can carry them to a win, but lose against Splyce because they don't have the same early pressure that Isurus do. Overall, Splyce 1st (3-1), Isurus 2nd (2-2), DFM 3rd (1-3) Group C: Hong Kong Attitude, imo, has one of the easier groups in the play-in stage. Lowkey E-sports do have the potential to surprise, however. LKE are really really aggressive and will always leave a high amount of kills on the scoreboard, whether it be their team or the enemy getting the kills. HKA, who play a slower, more controlled style centered around their bot lane, will probably have to adapt quickly. I haven't watched a lot of MEGA but I think they're fairly weak, Lloyd was a former adc and his jungling is pretty mediocre for the play-in stage, G4 is probably the best in the region but even then I'd rate him as average at play-ins. HKA 1st, Lowkey 2nd, and MEGA 3rd. Group D: Damwon shouldn't have problems with Royal Youth, as their strengths (top/jg with a stable bot) are the same, and the mid difference between Showmaker and Cyeol is huge. Flamengo might be more of a problem for them because they play for BrTT, who's one of the better adcs in play-ins but even then I believe Damwon's topside just hard outclasses Flamengo's. If Damwon doesn't have terrible games, they should easily exit group D in first. Next, for RY and Flamengo, I give Royal Youth the advantage. Flamengo doesn't have the firepower mid to overpower Royal's weakness at the position and Royal's top/jg should edge out Flamengo's. BrTT's advantage botside is nullified here as well because Pilot is a stable bot laner - he won't cede huge advantages to Flamengo (or, at least, I won't expect him to). So Damwon 1st, Royal Youth 2nd, Flamengo 3rd. As for which teams get matched, if Splyce get matched with Lowkey, I think they have a high probability to lose. If HKA match with Isurus, I also see them having a high probability of losing (honestly, I can see them losing to any of the 2nd place teams). As for Clutch, I can maybe see them having problems with Isurus since they have a strong mid/jg pair and CG's is on the weaker side. Damwon should probably not have problems with any of the 2nd seeds. Prediction? I'm going to be boring here and say Damwon Clutch Splyce and HKA make it out :P What I want? Damwon Clutch Isurus and Unicorns of Love
Antenora (EUW)
: Challenger 595 LP. Season 8 Gold Uhm ???????????
Yea, I looked further into it and it's definitely at least a shared account. The dude was a hardstuck gold support main that played enchanters and now all of the sudden he's hard carrying on Vlad, TF and Zed. Hmmmm....
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: U might be joking svenskeren > Broxah , Xerxe and Ning??? Since when? :D::D:D
Svenskeren carried the C9 team and was summer split MVP, Broxah is very good but made so many mistakes and kinda went mental boom in the G2 series, Xerxe is good but Splyce's early and mid game woes really detract from his performance, Ning has been garbage in summer and isn't even the starting jungler for IG anymore, Leyan is. Of course, this is all my opinion, but I'm not joking.
: Umm what, Nemesis, Caps , Jankos, Broxah, Faker, Teddy are not in the list but bwipo is ??? Bwipo is mostly known for his aatrox ornn and jax and is still coinflip. Im a huge fan of fnatic but I wont agree with that list, I don't even remember if bwipo have ever been mvp for fnatic.
This is a top laner ranking, none of the players you listed are top laners.
: If League was a Gacha Game...
J4 a starter unit? Dude that man is a king, put some respek on his name
: I think Nuclear is consistent at what he does but he's not anything special. I'm actually surprised you placed him #10 when more times than not most place higher because **Damwon/Korean** being the only thing people see. Kobbe - Gotta work on his lane phase but other than that he's a solid ADC. I personally think Sneaky and Kobbe are the same person but think Kobbe does what Sneaky is bad at but a bit worse. BrTT > Doublelift: They are 1-1 and this could be the year that they end this rivalry once and for all! JK Keep up the good work
Thank you. I ranked Kobbe where he is because while his laning is bad, he also has Norskeren, who I believe to be one of the worse supports at worlds (he was pretty bad even in the LEC) and he brings good damage to teamfights. He's as low as he is because he comes online after 4 items, whereas the adcs above him really only need 2.
: The World's Group Draw Was Motivation... For Clutch
RNG-sus Uzi: "I have heard your prayers, Huni. Now go, say the Lord's prayer 5 times and eliminate one of SKT or FNC for us"
: ok then implement ban system for normal games
n o r m a l d r a f t You're in NA there's no reason you don't have access to draft mode
: Worst patch ever?
*Worlds patch ever? (FTFY) Riot does this before every worlds. Remember 2017 ardent meta and 2015 juggernaut meta (and right before that the Fiora rework). Riot constantly tries to dictate what they feel what we should watch, not what we should play. I try to never play ranked during these worlds patches, they're really unfun and unbalanced and it really sucks for people making pushes in ranked to jump a tier.
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: Riot logic: - Pyke is a better hook champ than blitz - Dont nerf Pyke even though he's horribly overpowered and toxic to play against - Buff blitz instead even though he was perfectly fine. - ???? - Now blitz is op too
Blitz needed some QoL buffs, such as reducing the slow from his w so he's not useless for 5 seconds after he uses the ability, cleaner AA animations so E can better be used as an AA reset, etc but let's give him the change that will make him toxic to play against too! Riot logic at its finest.
: Here's my thoughts: #20 Corejj - The only NA representative on the list which is **FINE** however, once again TOP #20 doesn't include Sneaky when placing an NA representative after so many years of being NA's last hope year after year after year is a bit disrespectful. But yeah, each NA representative that gets placed on the list doesn't make it out of groups(D-Lift/Aphromoo/Bjergsen) meanwhile C9 makes it out of #1 Jankos ahead of Caps and Perkz? Maybe ahead of Perkz but not #1 and not ahead of Caps. #18 Mikyx {{champion:2}} {{champion:497}} ban them... it's really not that hard. #11 I thought I was being risky placing Faker at #7 but 4 spots lower....interesting. No love for top laners in which with the new meta of top laners {{champion:92}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:114}} in which it wasn't long ago everyone was head over heels with TheShy and Khan in the top #20 and now, NOW with these super carries it just makes it even more interesting in the top lane. #8 Wunder is a FANTASTIC PLAYER but my god can we stop...... #8 and the best top laner..........{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} So the dude played {{champion:555}} at MSI and pressed R... Why no love for LWX? He's been playing champions other than {{champion:145}} and {{champion:498}} like {{champion:236}} and {{champion:51}} that weren't really meta picks winning with such and those picks will be factors at Worlds. Overall, to each of their own. I have not seen LS' top #20 is it a video?
LS top 20 is a tweet, I don't have the link but it should be easy to find. He basically has Griffin really high (KR in general really high) and europe really low I think Jankos #1 is somewhat justified seeing as he won LEC summer MVP, but I can see the case for Perkz/Caps being placed over him, although I hesitate on Caps because he just sometimes unleashes Craps and goes 1/8.
: Worlds Top 20
ESPN top 20 just came out. My take: it's trash - they overrate IG, underrate Griffin, FPX and DWG. It's clear they don't watch the matches and just rely on narrative. I'll be releasing a top 20 list just to respond to this, this list isn't as bad as LS' but my god it looked like someone who only looked at final results wrote this
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: I think Jungle is one of the hardest positions( Giggity Giggity Goo) to judge because it's so dependent on their laners. Look at Svenskeren when he had to babysit Bjergsen and look at him now. Day n' Night. Oddie should do some incredible plays but the problem is Isurus Gaming are in a tough a$$ group! I expect {{champion:245}} to be the main champ for such team/Oddie. I love GAM but I just don't see it from them this year. People are saying FPX will go 6-0 or auto-locked 1st in their group but I honestly see J Team really giving them a show( 1-1) in groups as of right now for me. J Team are Team Liquid "lite" personally where they have strong objective focus but tend to be passive early more times than not. If they can work on their aggressive early game it could mean making it out of Groups as a potential 1st seed. Many teams play aggressive and while some(Griffin, Team Liquid, J Team) are slower than others this isn't 2017 where GAM will surprise teams with LV 6. {{champion:56}}. I still have 2 weeks to study them but that's just my opinion on GAM and Group B currently. What's your opinion on Group A/ Griffin? Are they "free food"-Kelsey Moser said or what?
From what I've seen from GAM, they're hyper aggressive and play at a really really fast pace. They have bad macro mid-late but their philosophy is "fuck it. If we crush 'em in the early game we win. If we don't, we lose". So with slow teams like J-Team and potentially Splyce, I see GAM being a surprise pick to make it out since Splyce hates teams like GAM (see: Rogue) and I'm expecting J-Team to fall behind early too. The only team I see just outright winning against GAM is FPX since they can match them early and have much better macro late. Group A is tough. Imo, G2 > Griffin > C9 but C9 somehow always make it out and they can beat Griffin in the mid game where Griffin usually falter. Griffin is in no way "free food" like Kelsey said (maybe she only watched their matches vs SKT), but they do have weaknesses and C9 can exploit them. For instance, their top lane is pretty unstable (Doran/Sword are decent, but Doran makes a lot of mistakes as a rookie and Sword is just too passive in lane), they like to prioritize getting leads through lane (i.e having cs advantage) and sometimes just have bad drafts. Their strong points, however, are their individual players outside of top and how it's practically impossible to comeback against them (think SKT 2016)
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