Bots don't get banned, everyone knows that.
Reya8888 (NA)
: Another automated permaban off 1 report
You are a D3 smurf playing in sliver, play in your normal rank, unless you are banned on that one... No sympathy ban deserved.
skylly (NA)
: a password is required to enter this room keeps apearing on my screen and never going away
: My shop has given me one single skin for champions I play, and I don't like the skin.
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: Hey look, Sett is Simple, can you guys give the design team a break now?
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: previously I had a suspension for being toxic, but since then I have reformed and haven't had an incident for a long time. Unlocked honor and everything. Took regular breaks from the game and rarely get tilted.
Well, the "duo" are not a duo, don't appear they ever played a single game together before, or after. But none the less i don't think you should be banned of just that https://imgur.com/g7SOxxL May want to add that to your post, might help others see. Anyhow good luck reverting it.
: It is a word for word copy/paste from the client. The problem was, a duo queue was mad that I wouldn't play inside them as yuumi, and then proceeded to harass me the entire game because of it. It baffled me because it was only an ARAM, I wasn't trolling, I have played less than 15 Yuumi games ever.
You banned before for what? I know this can not be your only ban, had to have other priors.
: Apparently me asking people over and over to not be toxic is perma-bannable. Plat Account gone
Well based on the chat logs, i don't see it being ban. Looking at the game that is from, not like you feed, and it was ARAM, your items however are questionable. If that is the full chat log, i don't see much there, its rare i ever see one these that i kinda agree, but ya i don't think you really deserve the ban IF this is all that you said. I would send a support ticket. I suggest next time rather then the empty threat of muting someone just mute them, and maybe not play into the trolling, that clearly did not help your case. Personally i would just shut up, and only say stuff that has to do with the game if not, then better to say nothing that can be misconstrued. Edit: I suggest you post a screen cap of the ban report, then we can see that that was all to it.
Kuponya (NA)
: Not sure if in the right section but...
Should not, unless you reported that player before. So could be a glitch, or someone you reported once before.
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CJXander (EUNE)
: We've produced a Snowdown 2019 login screen, meet the team.
wait... another lux? I mean... i like it (Because its one the champion i play) but it makes no sense, she already has a winter skin, not to mention has quite a few skins, why not give it to other champions who has not gotten a skin in years?
cuprehan (NA)
: God skin lines beyond lee sin and jax
KingYusa (NA)
: I think Riot is way too strict when it comes to punishments
What did you say? Edit; Nvm, totally missed the buttons.
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SÎke (NA)
: Hi
How does this not get deleted for "lack of effort" but other posts do for no reason? It even has a mod who commented..
SmolKat (NA)
: Bots in Coop vs AI
If i find a real player in CO vs AI its rare, i say about 95% of all them games are bots. I used to report them all but, after countless matches of them, its just useless nothing will happen to them, and Riot will never address it. Thankfully its vs AI, and not against real players, though i heard people saying they starting to migrate into normal ques.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Support gold generation getting hit is one thing
I am a support main, and i got to say, i get wards about the same time i would with the old items (10min mark at rough) you just got to play a bit more aggressive to push for that gold, can be troublesome depending on the champ, and with the mana regen gone, it can be as well hard, for casters. Though play it right and you get it just about the same time, so dont really see that as a issue at all. Before you downvote this i don't like the new items at all, i prefer the old ones compared to these, for various reasons, mostly the stats, and the late game.
Dynikus (NA)
: I don't really care for tesla or elon personally, but this is a concept not meant to be released for atleast 2-3 years. It would obviously be adjusted for production to meet government regulation
> [{quoted}](name=Dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JQw4QRH0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-28T02:14:52.131+0000) > > I don't really care for tesla or elon personally, but this is a concept not meant to be released for atleast 2-3 years. It would obviously be adjusted for production to meet government regulation Thing is, you can't really change the design (If you watch the video you see why) and this truck is being sold as of now. (for sale, but yes you are right wont be distributed till 2-3 years)
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: I want to play the game, that's not the problem. The problem is two fold : unable to ff before 3 if a player dc and players who hold others hostages of a game (if they are a duo, they can troll for a solid 45 min). That's why opening mid is a thing btw
I won games with Dc people its not impossible, that Ekko was trying and doing well. Maybe if you helped rather then give up you might won, but who knows.
I am, just confused at what you are saying. It just does not make to much sense.
YuNvMe (NA)
: Alright none of you actually play the game any real amount of time so this conversation is done I spose. Good luck :)
You are lvl 193, the two person you replying to is lvl 273, they played much more then you
YuNvMe (NA)
: 14-day suspension
Your last game was 0/19/0, your team members hardly even feed, they looked like they all tried to win, even with your actions. That type of actions is not at all called for, there no reason for you to do that, and i bet there more to the chat logs then you want to mention, else why would you randomly start to feed on purpose?
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SirEnds (NA)
: What is Your Favorite Champion Lore?
Sukishoo (NA)
: Is she the realest in the game now?
Who made this? You all focused on 6 fingered Akali, when i am here looking at Senna, the newest member of the California raisins.
: I've taken a look, and I agree with you: your thread wasn't super in-depth, but the issue you pointed out is clear and doesn't *require* a lot of depth. I've restored the thread.
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: Can we Please fixe camille interaction with yummi ? it Doesnt make any sence
I assume no one ever noticed it , because hardly anyone plays yuumi
: Do people actually activate their skin shards for 7 day rentals?
The 7 day rental, is crap design. No one uses it, or if they have, it was once simply to see.
: Because it's physically impossible for us to do so. The tools we have don't allow it, and we don't have the indepth ability to change that.
So why censor, the opinions of people? It can't be done, by you, ok if enough people collectively voice an opinion its possible that something is done, yes unlikely, but dosint mean its impossible, hell it has happen before. It be most beneficial to you as well as the community to not delete post like this, and simply look past it, its not in the wrong section, its not harming no one. If you deprive people of the option to voice there opinion you get backlash, this is backlash, i think mostly deserved. As long as people remain civil i don't see why anything needs to be deleted. Unfortunately now this thread turned from gameplay talk, into moderators, and this is none other then your own doing, consequences. Nothing against you, though your comments, will be heavily scrutinized.
: Death Threats holding substance
What was the link he posted? Also should never open any files someone links, unless you know the site it's linking to.
: Per your removal message: > This content has been removed as not being appropriate to the Gameplay sub-board. We expect posts here to be relevant to League of Legends and ##be generally constructive in nature. This would include builds, matchups, tactics and the like. ##Posts that are largely complaining should be directed to either RANT or General Discussion. Emphasis added to the relevant parts. While there may have been discussion happening in the comments, the main post itself did not meet those qualifications. You are welcome to either re-post your exact content in **General Discussion**, which does not have those requirements, or you can expand on your original post, and re-post to Gameplay.
Way to go... you changed the talk about gameplay, into a rant about moderators on forums. Just went and looked at gameplay... and there a mod there not talking about gameplay ...
Tolinar (NA)
: The argument against Omnistone - a pointless rune.
Ya i thought it was some type of joke. Only reason i could ever see this being somewhat useful is the enemy never know what you using, though even still kinda of pointless for a unreliable rune. I don't think even a fresh (new) player would even use it let alone a pro or anyone who played the game for quite some time. Riots been kind of fucking up in its "creative" department, i must say, this as a new rune, the recent amount of backlash relating to skins, the honor system, and these boat load of "new" games, which i really don't see anyone ever playing, like TFT its a pretty fun thing, i'll give them that, but all these new "Diablo" type games, "Fighting" games, and something now with a first person shooter? I don't think Riot is really heading the right direction with League.
: Riot can you comment on why the winners of Worlds can no longer pick the champ their skin goes to?
: PSA: Riot Support has a category for behavior tickets, but now discards them
You can still report a player manually (via support ticket) Yes it does say that above but its still possible to get hold of a real person, i done this before and personally, my experience with it, was pretty good. I got a real person in a reasonable and timely manner (despite what many say). I think Riot get a lot of bad rep that i truly think they don't deserve, but this is just my own experience can not speak for everyone, i assume though most these players who contact support via behavior are banned players venting there rage. But again i can only speak for myself.
: Ay, i'm the guy with the giant top comment on the original feedback thread, and i'd like to start by saying i'm not at all happy by this change, and I'd say why: As you said armor would make him look more like justicar, which shows a much bigger mistake in itself: Aatrox was a stupid coice: 1. He has 2 golden skins already, with 1 of them sharing the exact same colour palette as the victorious line (and doing it arguably better) 2. After 5 years of not giving a vic. skin to supports (if you decide to call s4 Morg a sup, also no too clear as she was also big midlane back then) / 4 years for Adcs you decided to give it to a champ, that has been so incredibly broken (not arguable) that he was to tier pick for 3 positions (top, mid and jungle), atleast for high elo and pro play 3. He was only meta defining because you don't tend to nerf anyone who just got an expensive skin (sounds bad, but works) 4. When writing the 3rd point i also noticed that everytime someone bets a random buff, 1 or 2 patches later a skin arives (eg. Blitzcrack, Ashe), i'm not a big fan (also, Blitzcrank feels far too strong, won all games since his buff (10 i think) ) But the most important part: **Before making a skin, you should always ask yourself: 'Why should someone pick this skin over the others?'** I'm personally a giant fan of golden skins (my 2 favorite fantasy themes are Paladins followed by holy/angel stuff) and therefor own mane (might be all, not sure) skins that are even slightly going into this direction. 2 of those are [Justicar Aatrox and Bloodmoon Aatrox prestige edition](https://pasteboard.co/IGpYtC4.png) . Normally i'm insanly hyped for the victorious skins, as they kinda fit in with my style, but Victorious Aatrox has a problem, why should someone choose him instead of justicar, or even the Prestige one when they work much better. Pro * Victorious Aatrox is (at least kinda) free. * Some may totally be into that marble thing (but as i stated in my previous post about his problem, it doesn't fit in with the victorious skin theme of the past) Con * If i like the golden blue theming, justicar is just the way to go, works much better * if i wanna feel like a warrior king, i'll take prestige Aatrox (for those who have it, prestige skins are rediculus) * if i like the Victorious skin aesthetics, i'll take Justicar, as is comes closer to it Some may see it different, but i really don't think there's a reason players will take it above his other skins, atleast people who play Aatrox as they most likely already have atleast one of the above skins if the like the theme. With that said, i'd like to say i see Riots side of things: * Skins are expensive to make, at least the one that aren't kade by interns x) ... oh wait (sry, there had to be one silly joke in here, i'm not serious ) * So... Skins are expensive to make, and remaking them even more. It's not worth for you guys, and therefor if a change isn't that easy to make, it won't be done (vfx are easier and cheaper then a model change to get him in shape) * Riot won't cancel any single skin, no matter how bad/hated it is! (Dunkmaster Ivern) * [Pareto principle](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle), best way to describe a lost of the 2018/19 skin problems * Riot knows exaclty how to spread their resources to get as much money as possible. * Highlights: Prestige Skins for the whales, repeating the same skinlines over and over again because they are an easy cashgrab and the strongest of them all **Dunkmaster Ivern** (you know, that skin that was only made so they could get some cash from sport fans since there aren't enough Iver players to make it worth giving him a skin people would actually enjoy (there are like 100 fanskins, every single one of them better quality and more fitting than Dunkmaster ivern (if someone comes up with a better reason for going with that theme, hit me up (spoiler, he doesn't even dunk)). Ok sry, lost my track there, so lets continue. While these changes are atleast a positive developement and **much** more then i ever expected to get (lost my hope on listening to feedback when i had a discussion with a Rioter, he accidently admited he was wrong and then stoped the conversation. (If someone is interrested : 'we don't change 520rp skins too not confuse our players about our pricing model, that's why 520/750 skins don't receive vfx changes, but 975rp+ do', i then made the argument of Battlborn Kayle and Cookie Morgana beeing the exact opposite and.... still wating for him to answer that one :c) And that's not even the only stupid thing with that Pbe cycle! Ffs, back to Aatrox again! Many problems still aren't fixed, like his body shape, his colour theme, his voice, the sfx (especially ult), rectangle q... (see my last post to get some more. I really don't wanna sound like a dick, but pls consider scraping this one and starting all over. (If you're rly cocky you could even choose another champ). I think that's it, might be a lost of grammar/spelling errors, as i'm writing this at night and a lot of frustration came up while writing this (somebody might have noticed x) ) but if someone from riot reads this and actually would like to listen/answer some questions/criticism, id actually love to write with someone directly since i got a lot of skin related feedback atm (about the current system etc. : ) Katey is sadly unavailable atm (and a lot more busy then in the early days...), so if you may dm me / tell me someone i can give my feedback too that actually reads/responds to it it owuld be really appreciaded!). Tl;Dr Victorious Kog'Maw pls! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
You said it pretty damn good, wish feedback was a thing still.
: I agree with the rest but I don't know why people keep bringing up Justicar when it looks nothing like it(and I've owned the skin on different accounts). The helmet maybe but the rest ? nah. There's even a comparison video on youtube that shows how different the styles are.
> We didn’t feel we could successfully add more armor to his look without coming too close to the Justicar skin (Riot Eggo McLego (NA)Skins Producer) Even said so, in other words its a justicar skin - the armor. That is why people are upset largely with this, its just reused assets from his other skins.
: i got permabanned and i dont know if i deserve it or not
So a "hacker" stole your account during you playing a game and inted... These hackers these days..(If by the slightest chance this is true, unless you have any real proof then ya you wont get unbanned)
: Victorious Aatrox Ult Form Wing Updates
Well it does look better, i must admit that, though still unhappy with it's lack of armor, or how he has three golden skins now. Or that fact he looks pretty close to Justicar, a fact you even acknowledged. Must also say... he kinda looks like a fairy.
: Tactical/Strategy RPG players: What is one class you've always wanted to see?
KingVagus (EUW)
: I want my mutes to persist post-game chat.
Good idea, Riot should respond to this.
: In my experience, zero-tolerance policies are harmful and should be reserved for the most extreme things. "KYS" may seem extreme, but that's from a (what should be banned in regards to chat?) point of view. Persistent verbal abuse from one person to another individual should be zero-tolerance, not an off-handed "kys". Forget for a moment that we're talking about League. An off-handed use of "kill yourself" is equivalent in severity of meaning as "go F yourself". It is obvious that the speaker does not intend to persuade the person to go masturbate, nor kill themselves. Instances where people are considered for manslaughter with "kill yourself" are in persistent, honest abuse with clear intent to persuade the person to actually kill themselves. It would be the same with "F yourself"- only if the person were actually being abusive in an attempt to have them masturbate. Back to League and Zero Tolerance. In what way do off-handed comments actually threaten the profit of Riot? In this case, the ban clearly is going to cost Riot more. It has been a year since this individual received any punishment and is getting perma-banned from a black-and-white ZERO TOLERANCE rule. That means it is Riot's stance that this ONE INSTANCE ... ONE. INSTANCE. That's what Zero Tolerance means. ...is going to cost them more to let it slide than to punish it with a permanent ban. Sorry. That is wrong.
Mate, you are really destroying your own platform you standing on.... You said it best "In this case, the ban clearly is going to cost Riot more." Yea.. you right it will, and they doing it, not for themselves, but for the community, to try and keep these hateful, negative people out. Riots biggest issue, some may say bugs... Which can be true... But is the players, they gave him chances, as i responded to you before. Riot clearly did not want to flat out perma ban him, but they had to, he used up all is chances and never learned. Riot is not some evil mastermind, they are people following there own rules set by the company, and honestly these rules are not that hard to follow, they basic thing people should not do.
: Yet he said he had been scott-free for a year, does this not matter?
No, it does not in the slightest. Take this as an example animals can grasp the understanding of punishment and rewards, they do something bad (eg. bite someone) they get punished, and they do something good (come to you when called) they get rewarded. This so basic they can understand that, in this case (Aatrox Eichmann) did something bad he was punished for it, he did it again, and what you know he was punished again, he then did it again, and again, he was punished, and what do you know he did it again, and punished again.... If a animal can understand this logic, a person who has a much higher learning capability can. It dosint matter if it was a year ago, he did it enough to know its bad, not only that but he as a human being should know it is never acceptable in society to ever say that to anyone. Btw there is no proof he has given that says he was banned last a year ago, you can only take his word.
: No, but I think the punishment is bogus. Personally, I see this "kys" as a terrible reason for us as a community to spit on this person and say "Don't come back, you're a terrible person for this community." Talk about entitled. This isn't some pristine field of calm tranquility, it's a _game about killing_.
Let us put aside League the game, lets think of this on a real world setting. People who tell others to do this is rare in a real world setting, but it does happen and the majority of the time nothing ever comes from it, but on some occasions, and this has happens in real life, the person actually does.. And ya this it is unfortunate but it really does happen. It might not and likely is no often the case that they did this because of one person told them to, but do to many reason in there own life. None the less that person telling them to is a tipping point for someone who is already mentally unstable, and under court of law it is even punishable (If you do not believe me feel free to look it up, there been people jailed for involuntary manslaughter). In other words telling someone this is not acceptable by any means you have no idea who you are speaking to and there mental state, or what they are dealing with. This person (Aatrox Eichmann) done this not once but by his reports past many times, and riot been forgiving for the most, giving not a perma ban right away but a chat restriction, but he kept doing it, and riot had no other choice, he was warned. I dont like perma bans myself but i can see the need for them, these actions are not acceptable in society. Think and agree with what you want but any person with a basic moral compass can understand that, I dont think he is a bad person, i think he is merely ignorant, it is a damn shame he never learned, but maybe now he seen the consequences of actions he will.
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